Unboxing 10 of the WORST RATED Products on Amazon!

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Amazon is a wonderful site that offers so many DOPE products (and it's actually where we buy a lot of the products for our videos), and we could spend days looking at all the cool things we could buy on there (...and we actually do 😂). But we also know that while there's tons of awesome products on there, there are just as many horrible ones - products that were so badly reviewed by people who purchased them, that those products should never see the light of day... or should they??
Today we're unboxing and reviewing some of the WORST reviewed products on Amazon, in order to find out if they truly deserve all the negative reviews they got. Sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing some of the worst that Amazon has to offer!
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Apr 12, 2019

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Comments 7 139
Zeprobros 31 minute ago
Sorry Matt I can only like the video once
•Dino Cat•
•Dino Cat• 4 hours ago
that ufo detector would be good for the area 51 raid😂
Ariel h47
Ariel h47 7 hours ago
I don’t see the join button
It’s ya boi, TheSquishy1
Michael is the super gorgeous friend, that’s why.
Brayden Newton
Brayden Newton 13 hours ago
Tell me why Matt looked like the older sister from bobs burgers when he put the wig on!
Brayden Whitehead
Brayden Whitehead 14 hours ago
I coild use a nap, cuz ots 2 am rn
Heart&Pastel Gaming
Heart&Pastel Gaming 16 hours ago
He kinda looks like pat with the teeth
Pamela Laws Ordonez
Pamela Laws Ordonez 20 hours ago
Hahaha okay buddy
Dary W
Dary W 21 hour ago
I seriously don’t know why I stopped watching these guys they’re hilarious and amazing. They deserve all the subscribers they’ve had, because they’re just so entertaining.
Erica O'Neal
Erica O'Neal 21 hour ago
Honestly, they picked the worst picture of JHope and I was laughing so hard that I rewinded it so many times. I ended up posting it on my snap...
Engineer Coffin
You know slime has glue in it I’m sure your not spost to eat glue
Lolll rip mac miller
Ivan Gg
Ivan Gg Day ago
It is just a phase
anyone else remember when jackspeticeye and mathias did a vid together
Lps Sugar
Lps Sugar Day ago
gacha_Cassie yay
Tanner did you get it stuck in your hair? 21:48
Nicolas Marron
Tanner is just a giant baby over one freckin toy
Ms Anthrope
Ms Anthrope Day ago
I own the hair wax and I love it. I do have short hair, though
TIEN VU Day ago
The slime looks like oobleck
Keira gymquesrian
Tanner looks like Patrick with the denture/teeth in
Troy Miller
Troy Miller Day ago
The teath tanner had in looks like conners teath
Kartecaveman 05
Kartecaveman 05 2 days ago
For all the men and boys on this chat I feel pain in someplace during this video
Lisa Tully
Lisa Tully 2 days ago
My cousin got that ping pong ball thing for Christmas and it was soooooooooooo confusing. When I saw it in the video I was like “who gave him that because they should have read the reviews before they bought it.”
FBI pro
FBI pro 2 days ago
😂😂😂 abt 20:40 *shakey voice* tan man: "risky toss liz¡!"
Keep it cool Harley
I have the scruff a loves and it it’s really cool and good not what you said
Weirdos World
Weirdos World 2 days ago
Nobody: Literally nothing: Matt: *TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA!!*
Jeffrey Mikan
Jeffrey Mikan 2 days ago
dont like tanners nails keep them normal
joshua pranzetti
joshua pranzetti 2 days ago
Why are they so girly? "Omg I'm so afraid of bugs."🤣🤣🤣
Wolfie Ellis
Wolfie Ellis 2 days ago
The slime was not actually slime it was oobleck. With no pressure on it, it is a liquid, however with pressure on it it turns solid. Which is actually the opposite of soap.
Mr Roosterhoff
Mr Roosterhoff 2 days ago
"alright guys its late right now" shows the time on screen, says 03:02 am.
Spencer Abela
Spencer Abela 2 days ago
Freaking jump scare jc
Kats The Panda
Kats The Panda 2 days ago
Matthias is so confused by "dream until your dreams come true" has he never listened to aerosmith?....
Ella Kalnins
Ella Kalnins 2 days ago
the green wig should be s thing that comes out every so often
Paige 1996
Paige 1996 2 days ago
Lol TANNER it’s Star Trek and they were called tribbles 😂
jojostaley 3 days ago
thats all folks
* AubsBaubs3000 *
Blesssssss Youuuuuu Mattttttt! 😂
Alexia Hill
Alexia Hill 3 days ago
Chipsu 3 days ago
Just 84k likes?
Akisha Parker
Akisha Parker 3 days ago
that ikea comment is going to make me real cautious
saffron_ panda
saffron_ panda 3 days ago
Tanner is ninja haha
Ella Kalnins
Ella Kalnins 3 days ago
the green wig needs to be a frequent thing
ImperialChaos 3 days ago
I was about to throw my phone the second the jump scare cams up like if u agree 👇🏻
Latoya Miller
Latoya Miller 3 days ago
I laughed at this part for hours 14:34😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Grace Vonderheide
It’s not slime it’s obleck
Derek Armstrong
Derek Armstrong 4 days ago
Goal Slayin Darlin
Who else saw the dabbing Matthias between tanner and Michael
Heidi Tigges
Heidi Tigges 4 days ago
Dustin Aldridge
Dustin Aldridge 4 days ago
Tribbles! From "The Trouble With Tribbles" episode.
Maitphang Marwein
He look like a girl with blue hair and disgusting teeth plus with that thing in his hair .. he has became an ugly man 😷😷😷😷awkkkk BTW i like the green hare hehehehe 😁😀😀😂 good job bro with the blue hare hope ull lost all your hair and become ball
rainbow gamer FNAF
11:25 im watching this at 3 am and it scared me XD
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