Unbelievable Homeless Animal Rescue Transformations! 🐶 w/ Azzyland

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Kindness goes a long way in an animals life. In the past few weeks a lot of animal news has been making me sad so today Azzyland and I (Gloom) are looking at animals whose owners are heroes in our eyes. These before and afters are so amazing! Hope it makes you happy too!
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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 2 333
RR D 3 hours ago
all the dogs was so cute i love dogs
Iris Macias
Iris Macias 10 hours ago
Today I found a puppy in the streets all alone so I brought it to my home and now it's my!
Maria-Jose Lozano
Maria-Jose Lozano 14 hours ago
I have a black cat too and his name is Bat-Man
Maria-Jose Lozano
Maria-Jose Lozano 14 hours ago
if a dog stays too long in a pound and nobody wants him they put him to sleep forever.
RandomUnicorn 21 hour ago
Why is my eyes wet
Gruby Ja
Gruby Ja 22 hours ago
I have a puppy jerman shephard
Kristy McGill
My dog used to be abused and put down but know he is with us and has a dog friend
Leire’s Arts
The 1 dog living better than me
Angie Kustard
I rescued a stray kitten from the beach once! She was eating grass cause she was so hungry and she was scared to come near me and my cousin. I sat down and she slowly came up and poked my hand so I went to go get bread and then we took her home. Sadly she died though a couple months later because my cousins dog played with her until she died and no one noticed what happened until it was done.
Makayla and Ashley
My bunny died
Strawberry Studios
I have a dog with no tongue named Rafa
Manjari grover
Manjari grover 2 days ago
I just cryed🐶
Galaxy_ potatoez
Galaxy_ potatoez 4 days ago
when you get a notification 1:00
Sarah Lammaface
Sarah Lammaface 5 days ago
You should react to the dodo! Their videos are SO sweet!
Pickle :3
Pickle :3 6 days ago
“Especially big dog cuz like... they cuddle you” Me:what do you think about that bowser? Bowser (my dog): *Literally on top of me*
Johnny Hawkins
Johnny Hawkins 7 days ago
My dog sun tans
Melisa Robinson
Melisa Robinson 8 days ago
I'm only 10 dont swear in ur vid s so I can wach wit my mommy and pap pap
The True Ravenclaw Heir
One of my neighbours dogs had his tail cut off when he was a puppy. His tail!!
Debora Bobadilla
Debora Bobadilla 11 days ago
Dddddooooooggggggeeeeeeeeeee awawaw
Maddie Vidal
Maddie Vidal 14 days ago
1st doggo has a blue blanky Me saying out loud (“ hey you stole my blanky “)🙈🙉
Ashley Robertson
Ashley Robertson 15 days ago
Missing :(((
Ashley Robertson
Ashley Robertson 15 days ago
My kitty is miss for like 8 weeks 😭😢😞
Olivia Schaefer
Olivia Schaefer 16 days ago
If I ever get a male dog, I will name him Aslan after Aslan in Narnia. I think that is the perfect name for a German Shepard or Australian Shepard.
Olivia Schaefer
Olivia Schaefer 16 days ago
I legit started to cry when I saw the poor little dog with the cropped ears. I WILL NOT EVER do that to a dog. I don't care about what a dog looks like. Just as long as they are happy.
Giulianna Semidey
Giulianna Semidey 16 days ago
I love gloom
Heidi Sellars
Heidi Sellars 17 days ago
My dog was rescued from a abuse if home. She was food poised but she is better with a few shots.
Kloe Glidden
Kloe Glidden 18 days ago
Cynthia Salmons
Cynthia Salmons 22 days ago
My doggo is underweight and we’re slowly getting him to eat more
Mila Miljević
Mila Miljević 23 days ago
I don't know why but I'm starting to unlike Azzy Land
Natalie Hitchcock
Natalie Hitchcock 24 days ago
i have seen the fat dogs video of how he lost wight and about his life and i loved him so you should care for all animals out there so they won't fell bad about themselves so SAVE THE ANIMALS
J K 25 days ago
Me to
Alyssa Wethington
Alyssa Wethington 25 days ago
I have a German shepherd
Dark Maiden
Dark Maiden 26 days ago
This video should be called animal glow ups
Kiwi Studios
Kiwi Studios 27 days ago
I just realized that zoro means fox in spanish
Taylor Nichols
Taylor Nichols 28 days ago
I have 3 dogs my most recent one was abused and abandoned in California. Someone was about to shoot her when the shelter took her in. We adopted her about four months ago 💕
Taylor Nichols
Taylor Nichols 28 days ago
Azzzzyyy get a doggggyyyy
Taylor Nichols
Taylor Nichols 28 days ago
This is how many people want Azzy to get a doggy: 👇🏻
Amber Fultz
Amber Fultz 28 days ago
Broncos transformation is so cute there ain't no doubt
Ada Feeney
Ada Feeney 29 days ago
My dog had pancreatitis and she almost died. If you want to see cuteness search up miniature schnauzers. They are adorable. Like if you have one or searched one up!
Ada Feeney
Ada Feeney 29 days ago
Originally their ears are floppy but in some countries they clip their ears. Btw. My dog is one too.
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover 29 days ago
This is how many people can’t go to the pound because they want to buy all doggy’s | | \/
Emilee Vazquez
Emilee Vazquez Month ago
1= like =1 dog. For azzy
Yamilet Anaya
Yamilet Anaya Month ago
This is so cute❤.
Stacie leslie
Stacie leslie Month ago
I have a service dog and he is a Corgi.
Jasmina Brumec
Jasmina Brumec Month ago
If you want a dog or a cat here is a tip: never shop, adopt
IMustBEm0 Month ago
i have one of the dogs
Cari Nelson
Cari Nelson Month ago
My friends dog died of throat cancer
Jed Asuncion
Jed Asuncion Month ago
Awwwwww so cute i like the second one😊
Laura Brucciani
Laura Brucciani Month ago
There was a stray cat in Greece at a restaurant so I gave my whole burger to it
michelle rosario
the 1st dog thay was shown looks like my dog but he ran away!! 😭😭😭😭
Bearberry Vlogs
Bearberry Vlogs Month ago
Am I the only one who went and cuddled my dog right after I watched this?
JR Wilks
JR Wilks Month ago
Dog deserve homes like pepole but let's just get the cats out of this world cats have peer circus clown evil
JR Wilks
JR Wilks Month ago
Roses are red Violets are blue If you love dogs like this comment to ⬇️
Renée Martell
Renée Martell Month ago
One of my pups have a 5 degree heart warmer so the softer said to take his brother who didn’t have one. My mom wanted both cause bailey the one that’s sick is Tri-colored His brother Bentley isn’t. So they finally let us have him. By the mom and dad went to Ohio to get them we stayed home with my grandpa. Anyways,there all home now and happy 😊. We can’t fix bailey cause the doctor dosen’t know if he’ll survive.....to the heart surgery.... Anyways I love ur vids guys and all USvidrs out luv u!!! 1👍🏻=1🙏🏻 4 🐶(one like equals one prayer for Bailey)
Mariam Yehia
Mariam Yehia Month ago
How's Bailey doing now?
Tisheda Milsap
Tisheda Milsap Month ago
I love. You
Alexis Hall
Alexis Hall Month ago
I relate azzy I will die from petting a police dog
Ela KACZMAREK Month ago
HE'S A NEW WOMAN -Gloom 2020
Riverdale Fan101
My dog cuddles with me she sleeps by my feet and makes me feel safe 😁♥️🐕
OceanaGamezz77 Month ago
You should react to Hope For Paws rescues!
OceanaGamezz77 Month ago
We also had another cat, Oreo. He was in the shelter and scheduled to be put down the next day. I was in New York at the time so we had to Skype ( I didn't have a device that I could use so I used my sisters laptop) I saw Oreo and I knew we had to take him
OceanaGamezz77 Month ago
One of my cats, Angel was a stray. On my uncles way home from his work as an anesthesiologist, he encountered a small black and white kitten. She had been there for months and it was just becoming winter. My uncle knew little Angel wouldn't survive without a home so, he took her in. She is now a big fat fluffy kitty cat
Benjamin10 Garton
Àaaaaaaaaaaàaaaa oh my goodness
Natia Gulua
Natia Gulua Month ago
i like cassy NOT azzy
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