UFC 242 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 3

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On Episode 3 of UFC 242 Embedded, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov joins teammates and UFC 242 athletes Islam Makhachev and Zubaira Tukhugov to train under their coaches from two countries. Lightweight Paul Felder enjoys his time with perfect abs, as opponent Edson Barboza does interviews ahead of their rematch. Interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier chats with a fellow Louisianan, UFC 242 flyweight Andrea Lee. UFC 242 Embedded is an all access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the lightweight unification bout taking place Saturday, September 7th at a special time of 2 pm ET/11 am PT. Order the Pay-Per-View at ESPNPlus.com/PPV

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Sep 4, 2019




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Comments 3 479
Taimoor Khan
Taimoor Khan 18 days ago
Sick of cock sucker Tony commentors
cobra don
cobra don 19 days ago
tony the type of guy who gets smash from khabib and asking rematch at the same night
Yaniss MMA
Yaniss MMA 20 days ago
MAkM 22 days ago
*7:28** WTF its a whole entourage lol*
smartie ghost
smartie ghost Month ago
Bob Lopez
Bob Lopez Month ago
5:47 of this clip. Dustin gave away his game plan to win the fight. "Dont let it get you" He had that choke planned for khabib. Just like the knee was planned for Askren, by the same coach. I'm the only one to notice this??
Bidyasagar Angom Pictruban
Khabib poor gay he attempt only submission really really poor guy Khabib
Andrei Spiridon
Andrei Spiridon Month ago
Tony Ferguson type of guy to run and race with the 10-20 g-classes carrying Khabib’s team
Andrei Spiridon
Andrei Spiridon Month ago
Tony Ferguson type of guy to sign autographs with his sunglasses
Videos Chistosos
Tony ferguson is the real champ in the division!!
Cocaine Methgregor
who is the woman at 3:36, i¨ve seen her so many times
gjfjfj rnjrrjr
gjfjfj rnjrrjr Month ago
Kahbib love you
The Wolverine
The Wolverine Month ago
Tony Ferguson the kind of person to smoke a joint and the weed gets high...
damudor Singh
damudor Singh Month ago
Khabib fight is fucking fight
MystiCalBEING89 Month ago
i fucking hate these tony jokes
Jordan laird
Jordan laird Month ago
Felder so relaxed knowing he’s gonna get his jaw broken anyway so he’s just chillin lol
T Reaper
T Reaper Month ago
The Irish dragon is a star in the making
djsoccer30 Month ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to wrestle Khabib wrestling a bear.
Sabo Txge
Sabo Txge Month ago
Paul Felder is so fuckin funny man
Brianstorm Month ago
KGB Lee looking good
Tyler Month ago
bro these Tony comments have me in tears oh my god
Isa Sarimsakov
Isa Sarimsakov Month ago
Умару там передайте кто-нибудь. Лицо по проще пусть сделает, когда лапы держит...🤣🤣🤣
Dru N
Dru N Month ago
STFU dude with red beard... stop acting like an ignorant bostian. you look like a leprechaun. Stop trying to act tuff.
Dru N
Dru N Month ago
Khabibs head trainer looks and sounds like a car salesmen... no joke.
Tom in 't Veld
Tom in 't Veld Month ago
Coach Javier: “he doesn’t let these guys miss Zabit”. Funny man 😂
Rahul Chauhan
Rahul Chauhan Month ago
Tony is the type of guy who likes to b that type of guy who doesnt like to be that type of guy that likes to be that type of guy
Michael Brownleader
I'm the type of guy that comes to an mma video to see at least one thing about the fights.... don't get me wrong, I do find the Tony jokes humorous and all, but it's a little played out now. It's definitely the longest running meme in mma. Kinda ready for it to die down, but everyone hops on the trends, so it'll probably last another 5 months.
Carlos Carmona
Carlos Carmona Month ago
For me, these are some boring characters.
Poor guys gotta keep the same belt now. Meanwhile Anderson Silvas got 10 of them bad boys sittin in his house somewhere.
Michael Tovar
Michael Tovar Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to ankle pick his wife when she’s giving him head lol
TrixSir Month ago
At 8:09 khabib said in Russian,” this is my last fight”
thisismolloy Month ago
What the f....where is Ali Abul Asia? Did he get the boot!?
thisismolloy Month ago
Worst embebbed series ever. Literally skipping through the thing, to find Khabib it Dustin. UFC dropped the ball on this card.
Nathaniel Butler
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to wear the interim belt to hold his pants up
MrShiddy1 Month ago
Khabib should be smellin the canvas... not the gloves.
Xavier B
Xavier B Month ago
Dustin the diamond my favorite fighter by far man, what a dope guy
Frédérick Thibeault
Tony the type of guy to wash his hands before taking a piss
Ritz handles
Ritz handles Month ago
don’t mind me ufc I just came to see what tony Ferguson has been up to
Denisse Gutierrez
we will send u a mailer , so you can put your piece in it. and we'll update it and send it back to you! CHILLS 🙌🏻💎
Jason Trabbold
Jason Trabbold Month ago
tony the type of guy to read word for word during a freestyle
Adam chambers
Adam chambers Month ago
Looking for the one of the first normal comment s on the page here it is.....
Adam chambers
Adam chambers Month ago
Tony Ferguson jokes even though hes a inspiration are boring now just repeating the same shit on the other episodes it s dead now
John Deere
John Deere Month ago
Fuck Tony, is Mike Brown fighting😁😂
Christian Malik
Christian Malik Month ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to say "Tony Ferguson is that type of guy"
Logan Esposito
Logan Esposito Month ago
Andrea Lee is wifey
Rebel Tazz
Rebel Tazz Month ago
Felder is so annoying alway boasting abt himself thinks so highly of himself and thinks he's the best and wants to fight Gaethje.. No way he beats Barbosa, he barely beat Vick except him every other opponent KO'd Vick out cold in first round !
Rebel Tazz
Rebel Tazz Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy who trips off the wires to get stripped of his interim title so his opponent (Khabib) can win the undisputed title
David Tureau
David Tureau Month ago
This fight is gonna be epic. I never thought conor had a chance. Poirier maybe so!
PhamNet Month ago
0:45 Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who would parachute into Abhu Dhabi and strategically place tiramisu cakes to disrupt Khabib’s weight-cut
Ivan Mendoza
Ivan Mendoza Month ago
This is the non-Tony comment you're looking for!
Man Like Sanaan
Man Like Sanaan Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to take sleeping pills to stay awake
Peter Land
Peter Land Month ago
Who's the lady at 2:20? She's gorgeous.
sb studio99
sb studio99 Month ago
Léon Noël
Léon Noël Month ago
How big is the Nurmagomdeov extended family? Is his dad like one of 8 children and they each had like 8 kids themselves or something?
DaSansei Month ago
Islam looked a bit sick.
McRae Voll
McRae Voll Month ago
Tony type of dude to yerk off to his own highlight tape
UK man loves goddesses
Tony Ferguson the type of guy who is a type of guy
Stefan Month ago
jack schofield
jack schofield Month ago
Tony Ferguson wipes back to front
jBird Month ago
Hope Felder dosnt break anything.
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