UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Check out what Tony Ferguson and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone had to say after their fight at UFC 238!
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Jun 9, 2019




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Comments 7 660
VIK S Day ago
Cant wait for tony-khabib
Ricardo Castro-Garcia
He knew wtf he was doing. He quit
Dorjee Tsering Gurung
Хабиб, если ты меня слышишь, слушай, это время Тони.
Kajian Sunnah
Kajian Sunnah 5 days ago
Win via sucker punch
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy 6 days ago
Tony the type of guy to get a disciplinary at work and take it as a compliment
Sanchez Garcia
Sanchez Garcia 6 days ago
Tony handled this as a gent
Taylor Music
Taylor Music 6 days ago
respect between both
luka dinuashvili
luka dinuashvili 6 days ago
Whats the song name on 1:35
Tony Fergusonxt
Tony Fergusonxt 6 days ago
Your mum
Ceto Baskan
Ceto Baskan 8 days ago
Khabib ebeni sikecek senin
Худоёр Баротов
Что говорить ? Не понимаю франсускый язык
HulkVahkiin 9 days ago
Tony literally celebrated his last win that happened due to doctors stoppage and here, he is upset that he won that way.
JLDoubleU 3 days ago
Because he hit cowboy after the bell on accident and he really respects Cowboy
knuckle -
knuckle - 12 days ago
I love cowboy he's such an great guy his smile is sooo nice love that guy
Pathmila Kushantha
Pathmila Kushantha 15 days ago
Tony is a f@king legend. If you denying that you're a f@king asshole!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 16 days ago
Tony Fergus the type of a guy who walks up his wife to tell her he is goin to sleep!!
u fc
u fc 18 days ago
tony was great fight amazing 🔥
Tommy 19 days ago
Fans are ruthless, bunch of children. Reminds me of the fans in Rome Gladiator Arena cheering their asses off for people to die
Крутой Чувак
What a fake
Крутой Чувак
Kevin Nye
Kevin Nye 21 day ago
Cowboy the type to get his ass whopped and ask for more
Aimee Nichols
Aimee Nichols 22 days ago
Tony Ferguson will beat khabib
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 23 days ago
I would think cowboy actually won if I only watched Ferguson’s interview
hamraj singh
hamraj singh 23 days ago
Tony is the type of guy who makes a thousand USvid accounts to comment “tony is the type of guy”
Pill Tado
Pill Tado 24 days ago
Tony fugerson is type of guy who wants to win fight as crowd wants...
Pranav Kulkarni
Pranav Kulkarni 25 days ago
Huge respect for both
ty rex
ty rex 26 days ago
Tony will KO khabib
RECON XLOUIS 27 days ago
Tony the type of guy to get and A+ on his math test and later ask for test corrections
Ad e
Ad e 28 days ago
Crowd was disgusting cowboy lost because tony was beating the shit out of him not a late punch
Ad e
Ad e 28 days ago
Love cowboy but he wanted out of there because of what tony was doing to him
Roo Barb
Roo Barb 29 days ago
Fucking hate adverts ruining me look at all the Tony type of guy comments
mr Solomons
mr Solomons Month ago
Are people really stupid ? Tony does this all of the time He did this to both RDA and barboza.... arguably the two biggest fights of his career Now Donald 🥴
Jayden Lewis
Jayden Lewis Month ago
akhil chandra
akhil chandra Month ago
Huge Conor fan but tony is a very sweet human being. Give it up for him!
MISH TAR 26 days ago
How you are still Conor fan?
Ahsan Ahad
Ahsan Ahad Month ago
Tony is a type of guy to protect tooth protection gel with his teeth
Myles Scott
Myles Scott Month ago
Fuck the crowd I like tony Ferguson nice respectful he was
specct Month ago
shitty crowd
maga khaniev
maga khaniev Month ago
Уууууууу лицо
toni feguntson
toni feguntson Month ago
tony ferguson the type of guy to take a dump in a public urinal and then drink it with a straw
Jair Suchite
Jair Suchite Month ago
1:36 Its modelo time
Hamza Daali
Hamza Daali Month ago
Next Khabib and He Will Destroy Tony I Promise .
Atila Beiglari
Atila Beiglari Month ago
Tony will get his ass kicked against knabib. That is a fact.
Mr.Freedom 850
Mr.Freedom 850 Month ago
Tony Ferguson is a Wannabe Conner McGregor. He likes running his dick skinner
Mark Romero
Mark Romero Month ago
Khabibi is a BITCH! Been ducking Tony too long. The eagle will get smashed!!!
It's Dev!
It's Dev! Month ago
Tony the type of guy to go to school and tell them he will be absent.
Pavan Nair
Pavan Nair Month ago
🤣🤣 that's a good one
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Month ago
Tony the type of guy to cry with his opponent after he won the fight.
Dan Ascencio
Dan Ascencio Month ago
Tony the type of guy to choose who gets interviewed after the fight lmao and control the whole situation
Vladimir Ramirez
Tony the type of guy to ask the pilot to let him fly the plane
Chris Miramontes
Tony weird
Spiders, Inc.
Spiders, Inc. Month ago
*Tony watching UFC in Dana's hot tub* - “Who put this thing together? Me, that’s who! Who do I trust? Me!” - (Tony Montana voice)
human memory
human memory Month ago
Tony is a type of guy who use performance decreasing drugs
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam 17 days ago
Christian Vance
Christian Vance Month ago
I fuckin love tony Ferguson
Christian Vance
Christian Vance Month ago
He didn’t wanna win that way.
Tanner Holmes
Tanner Holmes Month ago
Crowds suck. They all get drunk and forget they just watched two men pumble eachother for their entertainment. Have some respect.
YouTube TV
YouTube TV Month ago
Chicago fans are straight up retarded
heera khan
heera khan Month ago
Khabib will kick your boy IN SHA ALLAH
The98xander Month ago
They booing like it was Tony's fault tf 😩😭
Ticklemehomo 17 days ago
They were probably confused, thinking the punch after the bell caused the swollen eye. Tony won decisively, and Cowboy handled the loss with stride, huge props to both of these badasses.
William Robert
William Robert Month ago
It wasn't Tony's fault for sure , he's a great athlete and has a great sportsmanship
"Had nothing to do with the punch" lol I guess his socket just randomly pops throughout the day....lol
T E Winnin
T E Winnin Month ago
Next Eagerly waiting for Khabib vs Tony .It must happen this year
T E Winnin
T E Winnin Month ago
I admire the simplicity of Cowboy Cerrone
Romes Republic
Romes Republic 2 months ago
Tony clearly had the upper hand in the second round, and Cerrone was taking a lot of damage. However this is not a real win, and Tony knows it. This should have been deemed a no contest with an immediate rematch set up.
Ask The Pro DJ
Ask The Pro DJ 2 months ago
Your not a good father, you cuss like a sailor and you're using your kid as a shield for you lose, put him down and face the music like a man! Dana can you ban this silliness of bringing you kid up at Post-fight thanks, I know you think this is stupid too.
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