Tyga Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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Check out SoCal rapper Tyga's crazy $250,000 chain.
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Tyga Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


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Oct 4, 2018




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Comments 2 484
NDTV Dominguez
Do tee grizzley
Luc zap
Luc zap Day ago
And funny he has an interest in African cultures and history but have a ton of ice that probably cost a lot of blood in the same exact country Saad.
Luc zap
Luc zap Day ago
Expensive things but no taste besides the watch’s
Julio Vlogs
Julio Vlogs Day ago
Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown jewelry
Jordan Crowley
I want to see Tyga' my Niga's repo collection.
henzo soares
henzo soares Day ago
Tyga you're trash
Binkao 2 days ago
Get Denzel Curry on here!!!
ledzep 369
ledzep 369 4 days ago
Sambo Trinkets.
rachael 5 days ago
the nicest of nice
Bader Bader
Bader Bader 6 days ago
Just pay of staff and restaurants that u keep dukn off
Eric Menezes
Eric Menezes 6 days ago
My New Music: Never Catch Me (Remix) feat Travis Scott ⬇⬇link . usvid.net/video/video-YEMOgm4aG6o.html
Rupert Wilkes
Rupert Wilkes 7 days ago
*hotel California* love that double meaning
sheneque hanse
sheneque hanse 7 days ago
He’s one of the first interviews I’ve seen who isn’t dragging the price and he actually knows about his pieces and seems very humble unlike the others
Tokyo Sounds
Tokyo Sounds 8 days ago
Insanely small
Samy The King
Samy The King 9 days ago
You know what I mean
the one.
the one. 16 days ago
This is the same mothafucka getting cars repossessed? You worth 3 million but you got millions worth of jewelry in this video😅😅😅😭😭😭😭😭😭
aaron bonner
aaron bonner 18 days ago
That goyard chain is hard
Fatumata Kamara
Fatumata Kamara 20 days ago
Is me or tyga eyes are mad pretty
Sarah Sharyan
Sarah Sharyan 21 day ago
get CHRIS BROWN in here
Ellis Fullington
Ellis Fullington 21 day ago
Do a Trippie Redd on the rocks
Rhazael Ancheta
Rhazael Ancheta 22 days ago
he deadass had the biggest comeback frl 💀
Beware Gaming
Beware Gaming 24 days ago
Sorry I must have missed the insane jewellery collection part 😑😑
mohamed el mansouri
Get soulja boy
Sam Guru
Sam Guru 25 days ago
Mayweather Jr
Ski Mask
Ski Mask 26 days ago
He changed so much
Daniel Louie
Daniel Louie 27 days ago
I want to see KILLY
YunGWater 27 days ago
TyyyyGA 😂
Sean Gelarden
Sean Gelarden 28 days ago
He wasted his money because cars, women ,and jewelry are the worst investment you can make because when he sells it all he'll get is scrap value
Challenger PKLOWLGJ-world
Lil baby way more Drip
Roman Ali rng-Fresh's biggest fan
That costs more than some rappers total earning
Abishai Vargas
Abishai Vargas Month ago
Can u get Travis Scott
I kick life's ass
A dead man walking
Drillz pe2 I
Drillz pe2 I Month ago
That Goyard is so clean
chaz865 Month ago
After swish dropped he went out and bought heavy thats why rappers are broke
Fight or Die Boxing
Is this stuff real?
LouieDaKing SGV
LouieDaKing SGV Month ago
Him and nahmir look sooo much alike
Lil Uzi
Lil Uzi Month ago
Subscribe To Kevii
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
Tyga talks like a Hollywood house wife. With all them "likes" in his vocab
Suzy Subpar
Suzy Subpar Month ago
I really loved Kylie and Tyga together. Just visually looked good.
seffogames Month ago
Do CJ so cool
InsAne Month ago
Drinking game: take a shot every time he says “like”
Khalil Chattam
Khalil Chattam Month ago
So what happened to the Maybach
Jamie Remble
Jamie Remble Month ago
Please Read This Fool Knees 😂😂😂😂 Tf
Peter Saternus
Peter Saternus Month ago
Onde watch would help a lot any ngo. Giveblingback
Assassinater 50
Assassinater 50 Month ago
Why all rappers pronounce jewelry jewrry
YBI Dante
YBI Dante Month ago
Its prolly their accent
Nikos Sofias
Nikos Sofias Month ago
Get 50' in here
Fluxey Month ago
Where My Broke People At 🙋
Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman Month ago
farid ramadhan
farid ramadhan Month ago
Anying Tyga teh anak XTC gening
brando504 Month ago
Plot Twist: It's all rented
Dylan Rivera
Dylan Rivera Month ago
He has all that jewelry but he can’t pay for his cars
marcel Month ago
He wont...
bises gc
bises gc Month ago
Floyd is the king of ice .. he got nothing infront of him not even 1%
G. WH1TE Month ago
Tyga seems smarter than your average rapper
Santi Jauregui
Santi Jauregui Month ago
Not good enough for mayweathers bday tho
Carlos Meza
Carlos Meza Month ago
Me: Jewelry Tyga: CHEW-LARY
Asguard Rising
Asguard Rising Month ago
All are rented
Rashaad Akil
Rashaad Akil Month ago
Soulja boy who
Dressty Rosario
Dressty Rosario Month ago
Instagram and Snapchat --> @makaveli_savage
Santez Jones
Santez Jones Month ago
Anatole Month ago
Mossy cobblestone ring
Itachi’s Numbnutz
Any “Tyga Tygaaa??!?!” Comments
SOLACE214 Month ago
Never lay a watch on irs side where you wind them up at.
Mazox Month ago
Nicolas00 Month ago
TrillWILL Month ago
Sisqo had the dragon mic first 💯
TrillWILL Month ago
Sisqo had the mic first 💯
Adolf Fuhrer
Adolf Fuhrer Month ago
We all know tyga is worth a lot of money why are cars getting repo’d ? We all know he can lay those bills they’re baby money compared to him that’s only like $6000-12000 a month a piece
River Kiener
River Kiener Month ago
He said he doesn't carry a wallet but was showing his louis wallet earlier
*Determined 2Win*
I don't care about the jewelry. I just came to look at him 😍😍😍😍
Christian Rivera
Tyga looks like Travis Scott!!!!
Christian Rivera
How about Cam’ron
Johnny Beavers
Johnny Beavers Month ago
He said "learning about Africa and Egyptian culture" Lmao, taste go hard tho
Bryce Kuhn
Bryce Kuhn Month ago
repo man watching this like 🧐
J -light
J -light Month ago
Get young thug on here
Варламов Никита
Bro, тоже коменты зашёл почитать?))
Nikolai Stefan
Nikolai Stefan Month ago
How did this dude get so ugly lmao Kylie breakup hit him hard
ralvarezct Month ago
UPDATE: The entire collection has been repo'd and is up for auction
Chris Avent
Chris Avent Month ago
Watch "3:12 #ChrisAvent Hard Oochie Walla Walla remix" on USvid usvid.net/video/video-cCtOI4pfJRw.html
Sarah Aguirre
Sarah Aguirre Month ago
Tyga is such a down to earth person bet his a guy you can talk to all the time his the 🐐 🔥
Alani Rubi Mikell
I love Tyga😍😍☺️
Joonatan Kuula
Joonatan Kuula Month ago
2:11 Woah, can’t believe they sacrificed the rapper 2 Chainz to make this...
Kennedy Kyalo
Kennedy Kyalo Month ago
We need Mayweather on the rocks!!
BMG_ Triz
BMG_ Triz Month ago
I wanna see tygas women collection
Will Rickerson
Will Rickerson Month ago
Tyga you are ignorant and stupid all rolled up in one.
Cristian Gonzalez
U guys should do on the rocks with Offset & Takeoff and one with Lil Uzi Vert
horus heru
horus heru Month ago
We built the pyramids and so much more and now we are portrayed as out of control money spending idiots.. Who always end up broke because we fall into the traps the elite and Satan has set for us..
horus heru
horus heru Month ago
Materialism for the purpose of what? Make the young people aspire to attain an unrealistic goal and for junk you don't even need
Off-White Month ago
tyga looking real ugly
Shirley Tolson
Shirley Tolson Month ago
Tyga could definitely be stormi daddy. Stormi is biracial Asian Caucasian and black. She is not Travis Scott's k8d. Either tyga or tim chung
Edgar Cardenas
Edgar Cardenas Month ago
#$bugsbunny space jam $#911 police phones
bruce pan
bruce pan Month ago
hey , how are you ? we are jewelry hip-pop, can we take cooperation?
Drippy Splashn
Drippy Splashn Month ago
Lil Marco
Lil Marco 2 months ago
Azam 21247123
Azam 21247123 2 months ago
Get Lil skies on here
Adrián Allain
Adrián Allain 2 months ago
Tyga's jeans go hardd
raxy 420
raxy 420 2 months ago
GQ Wiz please!
Topi Syrja
Topi Syrja 2 months ago
Tyga sounds like a great guy
Alfonso Rodriguez
Alfonso Rodriguez 2 months ago
You can pay that to your landlord
borna asi
borna asi 2 months ago
Tyga was the first rapper I liked back in I think it was 2010 or 2011. Been my favourite artist for nearly a decade, he’s the strip club king
Zama Nduli
Zama Nduli 2 months ago
Bring NBA youngboy up in here
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