Tyga Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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Check out SoCal rapper Tyga's crazy $250,000 chain.
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Tyga Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


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Oct 4, 2018

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Comments 2 473
Dr. Officer
Dr. Officer 2 days ago
New chain every hour
Julio's World
Julio's World 2 days ago
Tyga’s too fresh.
James Punting
James Punting 2 days ago
Wasn't 50cent g unit spinning chain fake lol
Bipolar potato
Bipolar potato 5 days ago
Floyd may weather
Cindy Jean
Cindy Jean 6 days ago
I love the way he says Jewelry.... Jew-ry
Dav Dav
Dav Dav 6 days ago
quarter million,? just say 250k bro😂 it doesnt make it more expensive 🤣
Zaz Grey
Zaz Grey 6 days ago
Into learning about Africa but with no regard for the horrendous conditions of gold and diamond mining...
VsR 8 days ago
“Garfield chain”
Cameron HR
Cameron HR 8 days ago
Tyga is a good rapper I in joy his songs
Daniel 9 days ago
He does seem like a pretty chill guy
Warren Bangaroo
Warren Bangaroo 9 days ago
you must do a video with 6ix9ine
Mohammed Uddin
Mohammed Uddin 10 days ago
This is the amout of times he said you know what I mean 👇
Eugenio Mandiola
Eugenio Mandiola 11 days ago
Not my type of hype but he is a smart guy.
TheGem Dropper
TheGem Dropper 11 days ago
Si1 G color Round natural diamond Best bang for your buck
Trumps Right hand
Trumps Right hand 11 days ago
TYGGGAAA STILL WINNING... Soulja Boy ..aka Littke kid.. L.. stay in Jail.. you toxic kid.. 6-14-19
Mary Brock
Mary Brock 11 days ago
Me: no jewelry Tyga: I just throw on a $20,000 ring and go on with my day
lovelive serve
lovelive serve 11 days ago
every time this dide says lady, women, or girls he giggles
Vegana Marley
Vegana Marley 11 days ago
The new GQ vid of Tyga was..!! You know what I'm sayin'
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin 10 days ago
Honestly tho he says that every other sentence.
Atomic Blaze
Atomic Blaze 14 days ago
Anyone else think he’s got the perfect voice?
Hezekiah Foster
Hezekiah Foster 14 days ago
I not even revelant dude..lmao
Jake 15 days ago
What pants are they
rac3r5 15 days ago
Dont tell 2Chainz about your two chains. Neat idea though.
Thoro28 28
Thoro28 28 16 days ago
All this jewelry but he can’t pay his rent😂😂
Ondoy The Healer
Ondoy The Healer 17 days ago
I like Tyga because he is nice in real life and we have the same shaped of nose
jermaine jones
jermaine jones 19 days ago
Y'all need Soulja boy on here.. When he gets out of jail
Angel Savage
Angel Savage 20 days ago
No Floyd Mayweather will have a vid 15 hrs long
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 16 days ago
Try a whole day
dude! thatsmycar
dude! thatsmycar 22 days ago
I like his fashion sense. But that hair style is crap. Most rappers have the same hairstyle now. Its crap.
CJ Jacobs
CJ Jacobs 25 days ago
But he can’t pay his rent or car notes.... 😂
Tre Napier
Tre Napier 25 days ago
He gotta be missing Kylie now...
Smokedship 26 days ago
He looks better without the shades.
Anas Luffy
Anas Luffy 26 days ago
now get travis scott on here
Adriana Mitchell
Adriana Mitchell 28 days ago
You are fly
Ivy King
Ivy King Month ago
Jewelry, cars, women. 🙄
TacoShotgun Month ago
e x m m
e x m m Month ago
drag Travis Scott here
SPIN X0 88
SPIN X0 88 Month ago
Lil uzi vert next
The Roma that works 40 hrs
Those are phat
Tiger Masters
Tiger Masters Month ago
I’m jealous, I wish I could make money for nothing
grey goose you tube dj roebuck
Haha aleo vera GQ jewelery collection
J.R. Elgran
J.R. Elgran Month ago
Tyga come on we know sisqo inspired the mic
Jordan King
Jordan King Month ago
He should do a part two
Fried Sosij
Fried Sosij Month ago
No offense. But Tyga has been popular since way long, why does Google says He only worths 2M$ ? I'm not saying 2M$ is broke asf but I kinda felt like He has to be at least on top 2 Digits Millions
Tom C
Tom C Month ago
Yep he going broke soon...
mo.dons55 Month ago
2:48 I thought it said fortnite 😂😂😂
tam phan
tam phan Month ago
How does the repo guy comes for unpaid jewelry? Heard he got put in the car trunk
Dan V
Dan V Month ago
This guy got 3 of his cars repossessed LOL
Sean Barnes
Sean Barnes Month ago
His new chain goes stupid too, glad to see this guy comeback son he was always nice
DamionGoated YT
DamionGoated YT Month ago
Do nba youngboy
Karina Carpio
Karina Carpio Month ago
so decked out
ER World
ER World Month ago
Tyga's video took five minutes Mayweather's probably would take an hour
HT Vacation
HT Vacation Month ago
Tap in with dizzy wright #thegoldenage
Benjamin Giddens
He’s a very humble person I can tell
Asian Plugs
Asian Plugs Month ago
Meek mill
Justino The Dominican Dragon
None of these mfs can say jewellery . Lmao why
Ted Bagger
Ted Bagger Month ago
2019... When a kid can sit there with 2 illegal drugs on his pant legs and Noone blinks an eye lol Welcome to uhh... Whatever you wanna call this broken thing.
Rocco Delong
Rocco Delong Month ago
Dope I like Tyga Hella cool cat great collection!!!!!
Kashmir Richardson
Do dababy
Goran Ramovic
Goran Ramovic Month ago
Travis Scott you look good bro that's definitely Travis Scott Wright is that you Travis Travis Scott Travis Scott
Jeremiah Davis
Jeremiah Davis Month ago
I hope he don’t owe none of these jewelry places lols 😂
Cameron Singh
Cameron Singh Month ago
ben baller did the chain
24 savage
24 savage Month ago
Me to dog me to
Amit Upadhya
Amit Upadhya 2 months ago
Into cars , jewellery, fashion and bankruptcy
jose lugo aguilar
jose lugo aguilar 2 months ago
Slick Taste !!!!!!!
NDTV Dominguez
NDTV Dominguez 2 months ago
Do tee grizzley
Luc zap
Luc zap 2 months ago
And funny he has an interest in African cultures and history but have a ton of ice that probably cost a lot of blood in the same exact country Saad.
Luc zap
Luc zap 2 months ago
Expensive things but no taste besides the watch’s
Julio Vlogs
Julio Vlogs 2 months ago
Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown jewelry
Jordan Crowley
Jordan Crowley 2 months ago
I want to see Tyga' my Niga's repo collection.
henzo soares
henzo soares 2 months ago
Tyga you're trash
Binkao 2 months ago
Get Denzel Curry on here!!!
ledzep 369
ledzep 369 2 months ago
Sambo Trinkets.
rachael 2 months ago
the nicest of nice
Bader Bader
Bader Bader 2 months ago
Just pay of staff and restaurants that u keep dukn off
Eric Menezes
Eric Menezes 2 months ago
My New Music: Never Catch Me (Remix) feat Travis Scott ⬇⬇link . usvid.net/video/video-YEMOgm4aG6o.html
Rupert Wilkes
Rupert Wilkes 2 months ago
*hotel California* love that double meaning
sheneque hanse
sheneque hanse 2 months ago
He’s one of the first interviews I’ve seen who isn’t dragging the price and he actually knows about his pieces and seems very humble unlike the others
Tokyo Sounds
Tokyo Sounds 2 months ago
Insanely small
Samy The King
Samy The King 2 months ago
You know what I mean
the one.
the one. 2 months ago
This is the same mothafucka getting cars repossessed? You worth 3 million but you got millions worth of jewelry in this video😅😅😅😭😭😭😭😭😭
aaron bonner
aaron bonner 2 months ago
That goyard chain is hard
Fatumata Kamara
Fatumata Kamara 2 months ago
Is me or tyga eyes are mad pretty
Sarah Sharyan
Sarah Sharyan 2 months ago
get CHRIS BROWN in here
Ellis Fullington
Ellis Fullington 2 months ago
Do a Trippie Redd on the rocks
Rhazael Ancheta
Rhazael Ancheta 2 months ago
he deadass had the biggest comeback frl 💀
Clarkie Plays
Clarkie Plays 2 months ago
Sorry I must have missed the insane jewellery collection part 😑😑
mohamed el mansouri
mohamed el mansouri 2 months ago
Get soulja boy
Sam Guru
Sam Guru 2 months ago
Mayweather Jr
Dazi Playz
Dazi Playz 3 months ago
He changed so much
Daniel Louie
Daniel Louie 3 months ago
I want to see KILLY
YunGWater 3 months ago
TyyyyGA 😂
Sean Gelarden
Sean Gelarden 3 months ago
He wasted his money because cars, women ,and jewelry are the worst investment you can make because when he sells it all he'll get is scrap value
Challenger PKLOWLGJ-world
Lil baby way more Drip
Roman Ali rng-Fresh's biggest fan
That costs more than some rappers total earning
Abishai Vargas
Abishai Vargas 3 months ago
Can u get Travis Scott
I kick life's ass
I kick life's ass 3 months ago
A dead man walking
Drillz pe2 I
Drillz pe2 I 3 months ago
That Goyard is so clean
chaz865 3 months ago
After swish dropped he went out and bought heavy thats why rappers are broke
Fight or Die Boxing
Fight or Die Boxing 3 months ago
Is this stuff real?
LouieDaKing SGV
LouieDaKing SGV 3 months ago
Him and nahmir look sooo much alike
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