Tyga - Lightskin Lil Wayne (Official Video)

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Download the album, "Legendary".
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#Tyga #Lightskin #LilWayne
Official Music Video by Tyga - Lightskin Lil Wayne © 2019 Last Kings Music / EMPIRE


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Jul 8, 2019




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Comments 23 323
Darwin Rodrigues cansiones
Vico c el rey del genero
Darwin Rodrigues cansiones
Tarf Hyrf
Tarf Hyrf 7 hours ago
قسما لتغمس في الوجوة مؤكد
HappyGames andMore
HappyGames andMore 8 hours ago
You'll be rich one day, hit the like button if you agree! 👇
Am from indonesian fanz you tyga Ilove tyga😚😚
Lil tyga 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🔥🔥🔥
asdfgh qwerty
asdfgh qwerty 9 hours ago
care esti ba
Steezy Stone
Steezy Stone 14 hours ago
hahaha this shit is awesome bruhhh
psycho konil
psycho konil 16 hours ago
f*ckng awesom
Ricardo da Silva
Ricardo da Silva 20 hours ago
WHO IS SHE??? AT 3:11 min on the left side.. i Need to find her!
Sebastian Krone
Sebastian Krone 23 hours ago
john polaski
john polaski Day ago
thumbs down this dude is a clown diddler
selim arslan
selim arslan Day ago
during the time I listened to the song i'd waited for fucking lil wayne...
Ilham 'Digits_15
Pedaso de cansion i waiting 4 Lil w!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Los invito a escuchar nuestro primer tema promocional en nuestro nuevo canal, Trapz industry.
J mayce
J mayce Day ago
Moussa Kouyaté
DJ4NTI Day ago
"Hello mothafucka what's my name" Uh.. Michael?
Mauro Tolpe
Mauro Tolpe Day ago
the music video is like welcome to the rodeo by lil skies
Alison Rahamefy
Des français ??
BIG KING Day ago
usvid.net/video/video-IV-oen6xXNc.html, лучшее что я видел
jesus ramirez
Damn I thought this dude was done!! He came back hard..
Chelsea Ramroop
I Love you tyga
Mc Estler
Mc Estler Day ago
Dunno why I feel like this flow has been stolen from Poles1469 ??
What’s with the fire truck?
Aivaras Kolosovas
copy lil wayne clip.
Naheen Islam
Naheen Islam Day ago
Is this a diss on lil wayen or what🙄
Arabella Cogburn
Arabella Cogburn 2 days ago
He came back for sure!!!
ad da
ad da 2 days ago
1:50-2:10 😎
Andreas Dm
Andreas Dm 2 days ago
how many lil wayne fans here?
Jhonas B
Jhonas B 2 days ago
You like this song? I have the perfect version you will love, If I reach 50 Subscriptions I will be uploading it to my channel- I hope your support · # Tyga. #Tyga #Lightkin #LilWayne
Jhonas B
Jhonas B 2 days ago
Te gusta esta cancion? Tengo la version perfecta te encantara, Si llego a 50 Suscripciones la estare subiendo a mi canal- Espero tu apoyo ·#Tyga. #Tyga #Lightskin #LilWayne
Simon van Geffen
Simon van Geffen 2 days ago
2:05 i was high on a plane too i went to china and nobody noticed
Alex Aurum
Alex Aurum 2 days ago
[b vfpfafrf z b nen pyf. !!!=)))
Looney Braza
Looney Braza 2 days ago
Super Braza
anga scm anga scm
Tyga is the real rapper no body like him
Matthew Griffin
Matthew Griffin 2 days ago
I bet tyga was thinking to himself.. "self i kinda suck. I need a gimmick" he look to his left see wayne chilling prolly about to drop another legendary mixtape or something. Then a dumpster in the shape of a light bulb pop over his head and he like "i gotta it i can just bite no.. KNAW on this nigga style and basically his highlight reel imma a genius
Tyga is trendsetter
Real life Facts100
Tyga is cool as fuck and underrated and way better than you know who
New _Andrei
New _Andrei 3 days ago
Alguém br? ❤
Seng sixty
Seng sixty 3 days ago
Tyga produce of Vietnam ?
yu6868 zu68
yu6868 zu68 3 days ago
Anyone know the Name of the Girl with the sixpack 😂🔥
Ariminta 3 days ago
This song fkn sucks, and this light skin culture is fkn lame asf
gershwin hendrickse
Ariminta fucku...broke bitch
Andre GT
Andre GT 3 days ago
Туга ты охуел лалипап переснимать!
Slimeyhez 3 days ago
Go sub to me plz
u faka
u faka 3 days ago
So is this a remake of “ a mili”?
Fai Uzu
Fai Uzu 2 days ago
u faka not just a milli, other lil Wayne videos too lol
Alisson Calafati
Alisson Calafati 4 days ago
Very nice... Primeira vez que estou assistindo... achei muito bom
Kamil Abbadi
Kamil Abbadi 4 days ago
Kamil Abbadi
Kamil Abbadi 4 days ago
Neprise. Ent
Neprise. Ent 4 days ago
Seems like Lollypop of LilWayne
Saint Cream TV
Saint Cream TV 4 days ago
fuckin air pod
cwt52888 4 days ago
also me XD
JoKill 4 days ago
M Smith
M Smith 4 days ago
it’s the thought that counts but this song is GARBAGGIO 😂🤣
Exploit Savage
Exploit Savage 2 days ago
seanwhitemusic 5 days ago
☝️Just dropped a new beat,you'll wanna hear this...
alexis carvajal
alexis carvajal 5 days ago
Kevin Inganne
Kevin Inganne 5 days ago
Zmachine6 5 days ago
Xaviahn McClinton
All I can hear is diamonds on my fish fish diamonds on my fish 😂
Melissa Todd
Melissa Todd Day ago
Tyga love this song awesom
CartopHorse 4012
CartopHorse 4012 5 days ago
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