trying to deep fry ice cream

julien solomita
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Jan 12, 2020




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Comments 6 381
Ashley Cammarata
Ashley Cammarata 12 hours ago
My husband and I are going vegan .. slowly but surely we are trying.... and your channel is giving me some inspiration for meal ideas!! Thanks for being a big ol bowl of awesome sauce 😎✌🏼
Emma Rose Patrick
Emma Rose Patrick 14 hours ago
"aqua faba" sounds really cool unless you're a classics major and know that it just means "bean water" in latin
Susan Miller
Susan Miller Day ago
Where are the sprinkles they put on it at the Mexican restaurant. And I do it all the time. Crush cereal (or cookies) in my ice cream. Yummy ❤️
Jessica Oralia Ortiz
Kinda wanna see julien try to make mole poblano
Cloudy Skies
Cloudy Skies Day ago
so.. when are you gonna come out with a cook book.
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor Day ago
Maybe try Italian ice? Here’s my recipe- 2 cups water, 1 tbs sugar, boil till dissolved, let cool, freeze for two hours, stir, freeze another hour, add whatever flavoring and how much you want and boom, Italian ice :/
Rovvs 2 days ago
JULIEN whip the aquafaba
Kennedy Armes
Kennedy Armes 2 days ago
My dad used to do this for me when i was a teenager and he woumd freeze the icecream, coat in cornflakes and then freeze them for another few minutes with the cornflakes and then fry them! It was delicious and so fun to do. I enjoy all your aries kitchen videos!
Dania Torres
Dania Torres 3 days ago
Julien automatically becomes more Aries when Jenna is in the room!!! That's why i love when they cook together!!!
h3rbst_ schm3rz
h3rbst_ schm3rz 3 days ago
maybe you can doubledip then refreeze and then like "fry on demand" so if you have 10 dinner quests make 10 cornflake coated ice cream balls in advance and have them in your freezer until its time for dessert and then quickly fry them and plate them
Lizzy Eschbach
Lizzy Eschbach 4 days ago
juli you needed to crush the corn flakes more 😔
noir 5 days ago
the cornflakes will grab on to if it's so much more powdery... well.. it's a month late😆
Ryan Matthew Reyes
"Fast and dirty recipe" ....this video is 24 minutes long
Ryan Matthew Reyes
Lol "don't blink!" This video is 24 minutes long...
Ryan Matthew Reyes
Sitcom episodes are 2 minutes shorter than this.
jellygirl 8 days ago
I'm genuinely appalled
Lily Doellinger
Lily Doellinger 8 days ago
When he used his hands to mould the ice cream instead of putting it in cling wrap and spinning the end to make a ball shape💀💀💀
Diamond Ross
Diamond Ross 8 days ago
Love ur videos, next time use a ziplock bag for crushing the corn flakes, thank me later
Tohru Marie
Tohru Marie 8 days ago
The bean juice!
ladebrouillarde 8 days ago
FFS Julien it's a Mexican dessert!
Hana Lawson
Hana Lawson 9 days ago
Next time, scoop the ice cream onto cling wrap, wrap the ice cream fully and shape from there with your hands. Less messy and the shape stays the same.
floofybunnyz 9 days ago
maybe covering the icecream in a gluten free fliur or cornstarch would have helped the aquafaba stick?
floofybunnyz 9 days ago
i really think he should have crushed the corn flakes smaller so they could adhere easier and also cover the entire surface without leaving gaps
Kyann -
Kyann - 10 days ago
Jenna still in her e-girl make up is wonderful she be looking fly
Karla Nevarez
Karla Nevarez 10 days ago
Mexican fried ice cream is bomb af 😍
Graciela 10 days ago
love the vid but I will say this is a traditionally Mexican recipe, not an american one :)
After Hours
After Hours 11 days ago
17:12 Julie: *pulls ice cream out of fryer* Jenna: :o
Bluestrike 11 days ago
My weird thing as a kid was hotdogs with ketchup chips instead of actual ketchup
Rebekah Ann
Rebekah Ann 11 days ago
My fam uses sugar free cornflakes to fry chicken! You should do a Kentucky Fried Tofu!!!
Kayleigh Dezwaan
Kayleigh Dezwaan 12 days ago
It’s Tuesday feburary 11 I’m a Sagittarius but it Aquarius season
Shannon Staley
Shannon Staley 13 days ago
I’m a cancer and I am equally as big of a mess in the kitchen if not more so. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kate Dardinger
Kate Dardinger 13 days ago
Julien- *makes deep fried icecream* E girl Jenna walks in 😂😂 I love this
Kenzie Rose
Kenzie Rose 13 days ago
*ah bep bep bep bep*
alfamelia13 13 days ago
A large Boulder of a size between a softball and a baseball
amy thomas
amy thomas 13 days ago
Why do your cooking episode endings feel like we’ve really accomplished something 😂
el !
el ! 13 days ago
everytime you guys mentioned how good cereal is with ice cream i was screaming at my phone for you to look up momofuku milk bar
Nathan Lapointe
Nathan Lapointe 14 days ago
You talk alot.. :/
Black Tears of depression
This dude is like bob Ross but cooking, he's so relaxing but doesn't take shit seriously. I love it
Boldana Brašević
Boldana Brašević 14 days ago
You know what else is ice cream good with FRIES
Kennedy Love
Kennedy Love 14 days ago
Pepperoni rolls
Shantanu Shinde
Shantanu Shinde 15 days ago
Julien looks like he is wearing the spectacle, mustache and big nose prop in his cooking videos.
Zero_insanity 15 days ago
Spaghetti taco
Chiara Koch
Chiara Koch 15 days ago
Julien i really like the piano at the end.. and i dont know what to do with the musicbed syncid!
Kristina Griffin
Kristina Griffin 15 days ago
Jenna looks so cute!
Dina 16 days ago
Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts 16 days ago
as soon as jenna shows up the aries increases
Abby Trudell
Abby Trudell 16 days ago
The new decade doesn't start until 2021. 2020 is the last year in the decade.
Chris Mik's World
Chris Mik's World 16 days ago
Wow He jacked that recipe up
Jon Moore
Jon Moore 16 days ago
I love how Jenna dresses up super ratchet as a joke and still looks hot af
Delaney Darnell
Delaney Darnell 16 days ago
Why jenna looking like 2012 Dan Howell
Carlie Verhagen
Carlie Verhagen 17 days ago
This intro make me feel like I was having a stroke 😂 love you Julien!
Love Peace
Love Peace 17 days ago
J and J it's all good just crush the corn flakes MOOOOOORE YUM YUM
megan 17 days ago
aww my mom used to make this when we were kids. but not actually fried just an ice cream ball covered in corn flakes. soo good.
Caitlyn Lacy
Caitlyn Lacy 17 days ago
I love that Jenna casually grabbed the spoon off the ground to use it, knowing damn well the littles were down there. Respect
Elias Linhart
Elias Linhart 17 days ago
Julien should try making Macarons
Stefania Angelina
Stefania Angelina 17 days ago
“Chick peas & Cornflakes” sounds like a country song☺️
Olivia Trujillo
Olivia Trujillo 17 days ago
Can you pleaseeee make ravioli??? I'm on the same diet as you and I've been trying to find a good recipe/method and it never turns out the way I want
Maria 18 days ago
Jenna "What would you make this for?" Julien "A casual evening...carnival"
Little Dove
Little Dove 18 days ago
deep fried cheesecake??
Nicole Schultz
Nicole Schultz 18 days ago
You can use the cornflakes for breading a vegan fried chicken!
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