Trying 31 BEAUTY HACKS TO MAKE YOU A STAR by 5 Minute Crafts

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Thank you for watching me try 31 beauty hacks to make you a star by 5 minute crafts
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Feb 8, 2019

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Comments 5 168
Emerald the budgie 2017
The spoon thing you played the toothpaste thing with
/Tin.Tin/ 3 days ago
jøhñ çlù5äïø 0000
5:35 7:08
Ariella Reeves
Ariella Reeves 4 days ago
My mom dus
Flower Isabella
Flower Isabella 4 days ago
you copied the video with the toothpaste on your nose
Bomi Kim
Bomi Kim 5 days ago
7:13 wrong clip
daydreamer _575
daydreamer _575 5 days ago
Toothpaste has oils and will GIVE you pimples
KK karman
KK karman 5 days ago
i actually burned myself when i was young. i was making noodles with my mom BUt tHEn i BUrnED myself! i mean my mom told me to put tooth paste on myself and it works! also im indian :3
nicole gaudet
nicole gaudet 6 days ago
Is it just me or did he play the same video twice
eden Maidlow
eden Maidlow 7 days ago
Simplynailogical is *s h o o k e t h* By those nails
Sponge bob And Patrick
99% of the comments was about the wrong clip, and the 1% of the comments was how good this video was ;)
Noelene Robson
Noelene Robson 8 days ago
You look so weird putting toothpaste in a pan 😆😂😃😅
Mattea does Gacha ••
I just got a new cat today
Dylan Hi
Dylan Hi 9 days ago
Just so you know Robby, On the first hack you only had to paint one nail
7:17 riperoni
Chad Fowler
Chad Fowler 10 days ago
Robbie you didn't do the right one for the spoon top hak
Hakiya Carpenter
Hakiya Carpenter 11 days ago
You messed up
Dylan Kinsey
Dylan Kinsey 11 days ago
Robby if you still use that toith brush you are discucting
G Gizell peralta
G Gizell peralta 11 days ago
Im kid and i put toothpaste to my burns goolgo means like if there's a fire you burn yourself and you put toothpaste is gonna be so bad put what I'm saying is that like the girl that burn herself because that thing i don't know what is that's
Itz_yo_girlBLONDIE 22
I wonder if they actually burnt theirselves for that toothpaste+burn “hack”
Itz flowey yt
Itz flowey yt 11 days ago
im not ginger and i have more frecles then ginger oeople
Karlie Carter
Karlie Carter 12 days ago
I have natural freckle's
Mystery Wolf
Mystery Wolf 12 days ago
Wth wrong video
John Zahmingthanga
John Zahmingthanga 13 days ago
it is good to pot toothpace on a bern.😁
Marcel gaming
Marcel gaming 13 days ago
Priscilla Ramirez
Priscilla Ramirez 13 days ago
Cassy Vasquez
Cassy Vasquez 13 days ago
7:17 wrong one robby
Elyona Molina
Elyona Molina 14 days ago
Wrong clip Robby
Celerina Lugo
Celerina Lugo 14 days ago
Rob a the nail Polish is Read are you color blind??💔🙄😵😖
Celerina Lugo
Celerina Lugo 14 days ago
Robbie why are your videos Show your hand?????????💔😖😵
brace twins
brace twins 14 days ago
the burn and thooth past it works cuz i burn my self with a pan and my mom put it on my thum and it works!
Jazmine Rodriguez
Jazmine Rodriguez 14 days ago
U are bad
Sophia Jen
Sophia Jen 15 days ago
7:18 wrong clip
Elisha Phillips
Elisha Phillips 15 days ago
I saw that you were lying because when you put the toothpaste under the tire I saw no toothpaste in
o Hellspawn
o Hellspawn 15 days ago
He put the same vid twise
Peaceful Izzy
Peaceful Izzy 16 days ago
Ya messed up Robby 7:17
Madeline Cunningham
I love tobbi
Madeline Cunningham
I tried the nail polish water and ice one the very first hack actually works I did it
dancer savannah
dancer savannah 16 days ago
Did anybody notice that he put to hack videos that are the same when he was just to put a different one on I think it was just an editing mistake.
White Fang
White Fang 17 days ago
Robby:such cute girl Me:such weird girl
abandoned channel
abandoned channel 17 days ago
Every conment is about is: This is how old _______ is
Tim Daley
Tim Daley 17 days ago
No i
Maksim Durlovski
Maksim Durlovski 20 days ago
Whong clip at 07:17
Sofia Gallardo
Sofia Gallardo 20 days ago
The one video 7:16 it was the wrong clip
Una Powers
Una Powers 21 day ago
You should do a video when you and lonnie do life hacks together would be funny
Gachalifecookielover 123
Wrong clip Robby >:3 lol
chandler #peach
chandler #peach 21 day ago
You messed up by doing the toothpaste on your nose with the one where the spoon was on your mouth but you still did very very very very very good
kenny ross
kenny ross 22 days ago
hi my name is kenny and i love your vids in my opinion i am your bigest fan
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 22 days ago
Stop sayen badwods
P-Z 1
P-Z 1 22 days ago
Cute Eending
Zanaida Cuahutahua
Zanaida Cuahutahua 23 days ago
Ones i burn myself and my dad put toothpaste and they feel better
Zanaida Cuahutahua
Zanaida Cuahutahua 23 days ago
Ones i burn myself and my dad put toothpaste and they feel better
GoLdEn Gacha!
GoLdEn Gacha! 23 days ago
The freckles Oh der Oki I have them and freckles are diff sizes so it's alright
Sara Moore
Sara Moore 23 days ago
At 7:10 he did not pick the right one hahaha
Hello it’s Music and roblox account recording
I thought my house was messy but yours is way worse
Karen Huckeba
Karen Huckeba 24 days ago
Who else saw the wrong clip 7:17
Lenelle Leong
Lenelle Leong 24 days ago
Rip Cameron boyce
TheHype 24 days ago
You showed the one that you had to put tooth paste on your nose to make it look better you showed it twice a
JoannaMonika86 25 days ago
I did and it stoped harting and you wait 3 min and is stop harting
JoannaMonika86 25 days ago
Robby put glue on your 💋 and we will see what happens ?
The Beast
The Beast 25 days ago
Whoever is reading thus comment ur beautiful the way u r
Animallover 101
Animallover 101 17 days ago
The Beast that is so nice
Nog o
Nog o 25 days ago
10:43 RIP tennis ball
Skiler Lopez
Skiler Lopez 26 days ago
7:10 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Cuz 4
Cuz 4 26 days ago
7:10 wrong clip
Donna Apelo
Donna Apelo 26 days ago
If its new u can put a tootpace My mom said it
Donna Apelo
Donna Apelo 26 days ago
Choach 61
Choach 61 26 days ago
Not everything works
Kathy G
Kathy G 26 days ago
lol when the ball fell I was lol and I keep doing it and doing it again because I want to laugh and laugh
Layah Artola
Layah Artola 26 days ago
i love the ending sooo much ahaha
XxDiamond playzxX
XxDiamond playzxX 26 days ago
Oof wrong clip robby
DEVAN. FI NIT Christofano
How is the second one a beauty hack
KeaneJ123 27 days ago
guys..... if you love t series....... that means your just hating Robby......... I heard that Robby likes PewDiepie
baby kittens
baby kittens 27 days ago
I love torta brasky hair
Nicole Tan
Nicole Tan 27 days ago
That is glue
reem alsaidi
reem alsaidi 27 days ago
5:34 and 7:09 is the same
cute husky gamer
cute husky gamer 27 days ago
you should use a very thin pointy thingy and dig out DE poorez
Hunter Ur boi
Hunter Ur boi 27 days ago
Wrong clip
sophia correa
sophia correa 27 days ago
Selena Kirkwood
Selena Kirkwood 28 days ago
You shared a video twice about the nose
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed 28 days ago
Torry is so pretty
Johnathan Sejour
Johnathan Sejour 28 days ago
Robby bowls are supposed to be in your kitchen not in your room🤔🤔
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