TRY NOT TO Smash the Expensive MYSTERY BOX!! (you decide) **i regret this**

FaZe Rug
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So today I decided to do another mystery box video, but this time we have to try not to smash the expensive one.. It didn't end well...
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If you read this far down the description I love you


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Jul 6, 2018




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Comments 18 239
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Year ago
This was not fun... Nope.
Jaafer_Alnoory Month ago
Matt Carlisle
Matt Carlisle Month ago
I love Jessica
Crilchan 2 months ago
Wavy Osvaldo no
David Gunman
David Gunman 3 months ago
FaZe Rug sooowoooo
Model The Masters
Model The Masters 4 months ago
FaZe Rug I just subbed with noti on
Kyla Nashawaty
Kyla Nashawaty 12 hours ago
I loved this vid
Aiden Frishman
Aiden Frishman 13 hours ago
Imagine him in Arizona and it is 120 degrees he is going to be complaining so hard
Ivan Gutierrez
Ivan Gutierrez 3 days ago
Jessicas ass tho 🥵
Ashton Stermer
Ashton Stermer 6 days ago
At the part 11:38 why is there a zombie in the back? LOL
Mini 913 Racing
Mini 913 Racing 6 days ago
4:35 and 4:50 Thick
bvf.kingster 6 days ago
damn Anthony gained weight
Kiid Trippy
Kiid Trippy 7 days ago
Anthony used to be skinny... I'm in shock
u WOT m8
u WOT m8 7 days ago
Jessica..... that ass looks scrumptious
Matthew Alaniz
Matthew Alaniz 7 days ago
Unknown scary
Unknown scary 7 days ago
Image he would forget to film 😅
fathimath ali
fathimath ali 9 days ago
I feel bad for anthony
leonardo machuca
leonardo machuca 10 days ago
I know what some people where looking at buts
Mohaned Goda
Mohaned Goda 10 days ago
Imagine when she took the laptop it. Fell of her hand XDDDD
temin 11 days ago
4:34 your welcome
Mohmmed Khalid
Mohmmed Khalid 12 days ago
Giovanni Barrera
Giovanni Barrera 13 days ago
Did they record this on an iphone, it's so hard to watch because the video looks so trash
Bow and Hands
Bow and Hands 13 days ago
what is jessicas instagram?
Xezise 16 days ago
I didn’t know it was my birthday I got so much 🎂!!!!
Fat 17 days ago
xTUx muselk fam
xTUx muselk fam 15 days ago
Ikr lol
DIEGO 17 days ago
Yo i can’t afford a new phone right now, so thank you for making me feel poor
Robert 2x
Robert 2x 18 days ago
Mehdi Ali
Mehdi Ali 18 days ago
Anthony: Heart attack when sees his phone destroyed Brain: don’t worry I got you bro
Shuaa Juhdi
Shuaa Juhdi 20 days ago
Why u sad, every week you do a 10,000 challenge. You can buy like 20 ps4 or iPhones
Me Faze Blaze Blaze
Ahhhhh looooook atttttt herrrrr buttttttttttt 🍑
Midnight Alkaifee
Midnight Alkaifee 20 days ago
Faze rug I feel u cuz the ps
Brian Ordaz
Brian Ordaz 20 days ago
Who's hotter Jessica or Jackie like if Jackie comment if Jessica.
Raf DaGamer
Raf DaGamer 19 days ago
They both are cool
Larsina Fly
Larsina Fly 21 day ago
Subscribe to tiger-crazy-2004 gaming he's post almost everyday and he's so try hard on USvid i want him more subscribe thank you
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 21 day ago
Jessica’s 🍑 Thoe👀
Haileys Channel
Haileys Channel 22 days ago
Faze rug:Heyyyy ace familyyyyyyyyyyyy Me:I am so confused! 😐
Techkid720 22 days ago
It’s 10 Roman numerals guys. X=10 X=10
MegaInfinity8.9 22 days ago
Damn anthony was so skinny
Hamza Yanbul
Hamza Yanbul 22 days ago
Yo wassup
MixtapeGwad 22 days ago
5:40 she said oh shit
Sachin Bhardwaj
Sachin Bhardwaj 23 days ago
I live in Canada so like 30 degrees is boiling for me
Daygen 23 days ago
8:38 this is cruel poor pineapple smh
9uack 23 days ago
Jessicas ass is the best
Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane 24 days ago
What's her IG?
MG_ hacks
MG_ hacks 24 days ago
4:33 put in 0.25 slow motion, that booty though 🍑
xTUx muselk fam
xTUx muselk fam 15 days ago
Everyone including me like where the lotion at
Max Powers YT
Max Powers YT 24 days ago
14:11 rug cheated
avary milligan
avary milligan 25 days ago
Does anybody else know that kobe Bryant died
Angela Teague
Angela Teague 26 days ago
Put your check in girl🤨
Angela Teague
Angela Teague 26 days ago
Jessica butt was out😂 always wearing butt shorts
Jeffrey Ceballos
Jeffrey Ceballos 26 days ago
Rip Kobe🐐🐐🐐
Wadalls Margo
Wadalls Margo 26 days ago
Why is Anthony so skinny!!
Noah Borluca
Noah Borluca 27 days ago
Anthony i was so skinny😯. No offense
Aidan Moore
Aidan Moore 27 days ago
Anderson Mendez
Anderson Mendez 27 days ago
Brian in every challenge he makes: “I’m scared” 🤦🏻‍♂️
Amber Brock
Amber Brock 27 days ago
First time watching in 2020 and Jessica KNOWS her ass is out ... pull them shorts down and stop tryna make your legs shake cause you have no butt ... 🤣🤣🤣. And no I’m not being a hater . But show some more respect for yourself ! This is suppose to be a kid friendly channel and showing butt cheeks isn’t
Sofia Echeverria
Sofia Echeverria 28 days ago
Gwynette Ilagan
Gwynette Ilagan 29 days ago
Dylan Rooney
Dylan Rooney 29 days ago
Bruh you say you testing the axe and then show bosleys head I fucking panicked
korey Woodard
korey Woodard 29 days ago
Shermantheverman got skinnier
Zilpa Musafiri
Zilpa Musafiri 29 days ago
I always liked your video
Dabreiona Hardy
Dabreiona Hardy 29 days ago
U should do one with kids or one challenge but add me cause I would love to be in your video
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 29 days ago
Its always over 100 over here in Texas
The Homie
The Homie Month ago
Nobody: Dead silence: Not a single soul: Anthony: my mom is goin to kill me
RA• FI WIBOWO Month ago
Watching this in 2020 , looking at anthony look's so skinny😂
Vickkie Royal
Vickkie Royal Month ago
Ayyyyy ace family !
griin -_-
griin -_- Month ago
This when Anthony was skinny
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