TRY NOT TO Smash the Expensive MYSTERY BOX!! (you decide) **i regret this**

FaZe Rug
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So today I decided to do another mystery box video, but this time we have to try not to smash the expensive one.. It didn't end well...
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If you read this far down the description I love you


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Jul 6, 2018




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Comments 17 775
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Year ago
This was not fun... Nope.
C4_Trusty Month ago
FaZe Rug hi
Graydon Mendonca
Yamil Torres
Yamil Torres Month ago
FaZe Rug dff
Yxung_ 13Zz
Yxung_ 13Zz Month ago
VIZE_ScopezxYT 2 months ago
I love you
Hey there
Hey there Day ago
You're ready for the apocalypse
Albert Ruiz
Albert Ruiz 5 days ago
We know everyone was entertained on this video lmao
Anthony Alvarez
Anthony Alvarez 5 days ago
Who is waching in 2019
Nor Aljehani
Nor Aljehani 6 days ago
Omg! anothny was skinny as hell! in that video
Nor Aljehani
Nor Aljehani 6 days ago
Am i the only one watching the videos all over again?
Enrique Ortiz
Enrique Ortiz 7 days ago
10:32 in slow motion
Enrique Ortiz
Enrique Ortiz 7 days ago
Whatch 8:48 in 0.25
Bryan and Ryan Casaus
Royston arendse
Royston arendse 9 days ago
Jessica thicc 4:34
Junade G
Junade G 11 days ago
4:34 ....dayum
Randy Lechuga
Randy Lechuga 12 days ago
That but😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😗😗💗💗💗
leiyah garrett
leiyah garrett 12 days ago
her shorts were way to short like it was actually super uncomfortable for me that i could see her butt...
Frank WWETripleHFan
3:01 Triple H the game my favorite superstar
Geczi Timea
Geczi Timea 16 days ago
Nice ass Jessica
SHREYANK 17 days ago
Well the phone and the PS4 can be fixed with ramen noodles.
Juicie AF
Juicie AF 17 days ago
Anyone here watching in September 2019 looking at how skinny Anthony is 😂
Dark_Clooud 7 days ago
Omar Maqsood
Omar Maqsood 17 days ago
4:44 is too special
Ahmad so Cool
Ahmad so Cool 19 days ago
Cook some eggs outside
henry loko
henry loko 20 days ago
100 degrees??
IAm Ghost
IAm Ghost 21 day ago
Kabeer Singh
Kabeer Singh 22 days ago
Some lit videos? All lit videos🔥
Prince Venee
Prince Venee 23 days ago
Poor Anthony. 😔
Dhwaj Gupta
Dhwaj Gupta 23 days ago
You should have catched the axe too
Ωジュリアン 23 days ago
anthony got so fat
GMT SAVAGE94 23 days ago
Jessica is gorgeous af.
Isaiah Diaz
Isaiah Diaz 24 days ago
Jessica is thic like if so
FUCK JAKE PAUL 24 days ago
10:33 😍🍆💦
FUCK JAKE PAUL 24 days ago
Damn! Sherman was slim a year ago!
G Status
G Status 24 days ago
Jessica is hella fine
Xelix 25 days ago
Jessica lookin like a schnackkk
XD_Diego Z
XD_Diego Z 25 days ago
I laughed at the intro😂
Majhong Tugadi
Majhong Tugadi 25 days ago
faze rug needs to meet cwc the spy ninjast
Majhong Tugadi
Majhong Tugadi 25 days ago
but lines
Majhong Tugadi
Majhong Tugadi 25 days ago
jessicas short is soooooo short is seing her but
Brother and Sister
Brother and Sister 26 days ago
Jessica is hot and your video is dope and nerve racking
Michael Welsh
Michael Welsh 26 days ago
Cant lie at least it was the ps4 not the Faze necklaces
Shellian Williams
Shellian Williams 27 days ago
Who else is just looking at Jessica ass like if you are
Brayden Burmeister
Brayden Burmeister 27 days ago
Her but was hanging out
Makeupby KB
Makeupby KB 27 days ago
Come to Palm springs the hottest day in San Diego is everyday for us
Derp Turtle
Derp Turtle 27 days ago
0:42 that’s why i stay indide
ッωilliamッ 27 days ago
It’s 117 degrees everyday where I live cause I live in Arizona so 106 is nothing to me
jorge V
jorge V 26 days ago
ッωilliamッ shut up nigga nobody cares
Houston Tx
Houston Tx 27 days ago
Omg Jessica is so damn sexy that booty to love her
Liyah_Queen simpson
Her cheeks was showing not to be mean
Ricky Hendrickson
Ricky Hendrickson 28 days ago
That @$$ is the reason I'll be back is eat that a$$Nice flex rug 🤣😂
felecia begaye
felecia begaye 28 days ago
The way u do challenges r awsome.
PeePeeYeety 28 days ago
I got a ten inch penis use your mouth if you wanna clean it ;)
wassup The sky
wassup The sky 28 days ago
Bro when faze rug said heyy acee family i looked at the tittle to see if i was at the right video still love u both channels🖤🖤
Hassan Warsame
Hassan Warsame 29 days ago
Your name is not Faze Rug, its Brian.
gooners tv
gooners tv 28 days ago
Adhi somali maatahay ?? Gaaladhan iskaday
KorneKo 29 days ago
I don't know what to watch, so i'm watching Faze Rug's old videos 😂
Sammy Medina
Sammy Medina 28 days ago
I do that omg💀
Kendrick Month ago
Jessica 🔥🥵
veronica Rodriguez
2019 Jessica and Antony look so different but 2019 rug doesn't Sorry rug all u fans reading this don't come for me it's a joke
Jessica Namrood
Jessica Namrood Month ago
Number 1 pleaaaaswww
izneabbas jaffery
Jess has a hot ass
Reinhardt Rajkumar
When Jessica celebrated that her laptop was safe Just imagine broke
Alexis Lewis
Alexis Lewis Month ago
The 2k dollar camera that rug has I got for 500 brand new
Trpzy 29 days ago
Alexis Lewis lol
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Month ago
Imagine faking it for views😪
God's Kingson
God's Kingson Month ago
That booty tho🥵
Lunah Mason
Lunah Mason Month ago
Anyone remember when Anthony was this skinny
Boshra Ahmed
Boshra Ahmed Month ago
“if this is your first video... what’s up? how you doing?” the most awkward thing Brian has ever said 😂
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