Try NOT to Play Minecraft CHALLENGE

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Come on Markiplier, just play Minecraft! Everyone's doing it! Don't you wanna be COOL? You're not a SQUARE are ya?
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Aug 10, 2019




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Clarence Russell
Clarence Russell 12 hours ago
Play minecraft.
Fart Fire
Fart Fire Day ago
Come on Mark, it's been 4 year's since your last playing minecraft,you should play it ONCE AGAIN!!!...
Alicia Miller
Alicia Miller 2 days ago
You could do drunk Minecraft with Bob and Wade (unfortunately you'd have to be sober), or just group Minecraft with Bob and and Wade in general. I know we'd all love to see it come back and reminisce about all the nightmarish and goofy adventures you put zombiemold through.
frezlah 3 days ago
1:00 awoooga
ZFighter Ghost
ZFighter Ghost 4 days ago
Not Diana
Not Diana 4 days ago
Hey Mark Wanna play some minecraft?
Gacha Niles
Gacha Niles 6 days ago
Close your eyes while watching this, I dare you-
TriTrophGamez 7 days ago
0:12 WTF Enes Batur?
Danika Jowers
Danika Jowers 7 days ago
Fallen GuardianLR
I love this, he doesn't need to try
Gavin Henson
Gavin Henson 8 days ago
He has been playing this challenge for years
Snakob J
Snakob J 9 days ago
I love the editing on this, it really is amazing and funny to watch. Shout out to Lixian! Amazing at editing these!
PokeA Liptic
PokeA Liptic 12 days ago
Mark Jus Bring Back Drunk Minecraft Again
Kaylee-jo Zontok
Kaylee-jo Zontok 12 days ago
Thatoneguy 13 days ago
Do it
••ItzHeartdroid HeartGacha••
you like jazz
you like jazz 13 days ago
Drunk mincraft anyone
Landon Wigington
Landon Wigington 13 days ago
Angel jrtugfet
Angel jrtugfet 13 days ago
Come on Mark you know you want to
Titan 3709 Gaming
Titan 3709 Gaming 14 days ago
Play ittttttttttttt
Titan 3709 Gaming
Titan 3709 Gaming 14 days ago
Titan 3709 Gaming
Titan 3709 Gaming 14 days ago
Play minecraft
Johny George
Johny George 14 days ago
Hey Mark you should play Minecraft
ZuperPiplup13 14 days ago
OREO Gamer
OREO Gamer 16 days ago
0:12 enes batur the pewdiepie / mr.beast turkie clone
Nazir Alnahas
Nazir Alnahas 16 days ago
Do it
AJ Hernandez
AJ Hernandez 16 days ago
Hey does any one know what name of the statistics website he's on
Sybato 13 days ago
AJ Hernandez google analytics
You can fight it!
tHe CraZyhaMmer/tCh
Dixie Reynolds
Dixie Reynolds 17 days ago
Play Minecraft
Josiah Sims
Josiah Sims 17 days ago
Do it
Lazy Sans
Lazy Sans 17 days ago
P L A Y M I N E C R A F T F O R T H E V I E W S M AR K ! ! !
Miamicra 18 days ago
I just love the fucking captions.
V Leath
V Leath 18 days ago
SPC Samhain_
SPC Samhain_ 20 days ago
Play Minecraft :) play Minecraft :) play Minecraft :) Play Minecraft :)
m o o n l i g h t
m o o n l i g h t 20 days ago
Subtitles have me weak lol😂😂
Gee Dub
Gee Dub 20 days ago
Porn wins
Mini Craft panda
Mini Craft panda 23 days ago
Do it please
Sydney 1410
Sydney 1410 22 days ago
please lol
Mini Craft panda
Mini Craft panda 23 days ago
Do it
Mini Craft panda
Mini Craft panda 23 days ago
Do it
BlueRaptorLea 24 days ago
Porn = gross
Laz3rTaz3r 24 days ago
you should play minecraft
EpicMinecraft Gamer
Play minecraft
EpicMinecraft Gamer
Play minecraft
EpicMinecraft Gamer
Play minecraft
EpicMinecraft Gamer
Play minecraft
EpicMinecraft Gamer
Sydney 1410 lol
Sydney 1410
Sydney 1410 22 days ago
this is sad but funny
EpicMinecraft Gamer
Yeah I agree he should play minecraft!!!! Your the best
EpicMinecraft Gamer
Play minecraft
Toni Markovic
Toni Markovic 24 days ago
Markiplier luk my name is Ivan you Ken play minecraft and friends you si a new minecraft izi bid good vrait you good laiket
alvin santillan
alvin santillan 24 days ago
Play Minecraft Markiplier
Jjacob8600 24 days ago
*_this guy should play minecraft._*
Quackly The Duck
Quackly The Duck 24 days ago
Do it mark give in to the cube side
Dovahheimiik 24 days ago
Mark, you should just mod the everloving hell out of it, play it that way. I and probably many others would love to watch that. And, frankly, it would get you views, and thus money. It's kind of a win-win, ya know? You get more views and more money, and we get really fun and enjoyable content that everyone is begging for.
TheApex Predator
TheApex Predator 24 days ago
you know you want to
Amy the goat
Amy the goat 26 days ago
p-please don't play Minecraft ;-;
Toast-Kun 26 days ago
Do it
BloodTrinity 26 days ago
welp, I guess I'll just go rewatch the old drunk minecraft videos
Aiger Akabane
Aiger Akabane 27 days ago
Markiplier: does not play minecraft even that he played drunk minecraft Also markiplier: plays roblox me:WTF!!!!!!!!
Megabosszzz Amon
Megabosszzz Amon 27 days ago
Just play minecraft already
Elena Duranggo
Elena Duranggo 28 days ago
Oh hey metro man i need your help to save the metro city.......oh wrong person hmm
GoingViral 28 days ago
Do it
Colin Storm Larsen
Colin Storm Larsen 28 days ago
Woah. This is the hardest challenge anyone can imagine, but Mark took the challenge. Wish him good luck..
Ocean Kennedy
Ocean Kennedy 29 days ago
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