Try Not To Laugh Challenge!

Fail Time!
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Reacting To Hi5 Memes | Photoshop Fails ➡ usvid.net/video/video-3DF5xDGjhwA.html
What's That Sound!? | ASMR Challenge ➡ usvid.net/video/video-qajKFATZ2_I.html

It's finally here: we did the Try Not To Laugh Challenge! What other funny videos have you seen on the internet that you think we wouldn't be able to stop laughing at?? Let us know in the comments down below!
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Nov 8, 2018

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Comments 400
UltimateGamer HD
UltimateGamer HD 11 hours ago
why does sam look like mario #samario
BlitzBro 11 hours ago
Search up the sponge bob meme of old people are the greatest it is hilarious
themanofmystery13 39
Number 2 was gus Johnson
Jamie Vee
Jamie Vee 6 days ago
I won all of them except for Kevin’s laugh at the tea kettle lol
Liberty Borgeson
Liberty Borgeson 7 days ago
Love Hi-5 studios! Keep making great videos. 😊
Ashie Lycan
Ashie Lycan 9 days ago
Gunner is literally just the cutest omg
Death Shadow
Death Shadow 9 days ago
Tanner, you mean bleat boxing, right?
cdansean cho
cdansean cho 17 days ago
Conner looks like a chipmunk
Logan Knorowski
Logan Knorowski 24 days ago
Connor has absolutely no soul Correction “Dom” and Connor have no soul
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 25 days ago
Love it but if I do a tntl I am just a cold hearted rock.
TheLightOkami 27 days ago
2:18 This guy consipated?
Ender Raptor Gaming
3:28 I laughed so hard at that
Aaaron Taylor
Aaaron Taylor 28 days ago
The out line of Pat's face looks like iron man
LittleWolfy 479
LittleWolfy 479 Month ago
OMFG I love all of you guys so much! P.S. Does anyone have a link/name of the Where You Going guy?
Kelvin Go
Kelvin Go Month ago
9:30 Keivn LOL
Basonboygamer Month ago
conner has no soul
Alejandro Cerda Argueta
It’s harder not to laugh if you keep watching it like 7 times
Dan San
Dan San Month ago
2019 anyone😃😃😀
Dan San
Dan San Month ago
Y they sweaty most
Sean Okrutny
Sean Okrutny Month ago
Wad that a younger tanner in the second video
Karissa Lanier
Karissa Lanier Month ago
did anyone else catch gunner saying that the trombone was a trumpet
kobe games08
kobe games08 Month ago
Im unsatisfied they made the bear jump backwards
dinobro2828 Month ago
Hey paul nice rdr2 shirt
These didn’t get me, u need better material
Pusheen Plays
Pusheen Plays Month ago
Also do the one with a screaming goat
Pusheen Plays
Pusheen Plays Month ago
Do the one that is a guy screaming meow at a egg
advay hipster
advay hipster Month ago
I would smash sam so hard!!!
Happy Hobby Hole
I got 5 or 4 out of 5
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Month ago
For all the band people did you get mad at gunner for saying that it was a trumpet not trombone
Carter Doody
Carter Doody Month ago
I can do that with my trombones! 5:01
Fred David
Fred David Month ago
Did gunner call the trombone a trumpet😡
Masada Horsley
Masada Horsley Month ago
2:13 his has a USvidd channel . His USvid channel is called Gus Johnson so for subscribe to him
ShadowWhisker Month ago
When my friend saw Patrick's name she said "Patrick, Patrick Star from Sponge Bob." Im crying rn T-T
Life With Juliana
omg my friends always say i have a laughing problem and the first video, when the man said that the bear was last spotted i started laughing so hard no joke
Killing Hackers Roblox
2:11 Just close your eyes and listen
Em Hatley
Em Hatley Month ago
I have 3 goats
Kristen Tinney
Kristen Tinney Month ago
Tanner's bursts of laughter got me every time 😂😂
Doug Pipins
Doug Pipins Month ago
Was the second video they reacted to Gus Johnson?
CurryKingWurst Month ago
7:03 Yeah, Connor. There's just some guy pulling the goat's horns.
Super Dino
Super Dino Month ago
What made me laugh was Kevin laughing at the tea kettle hahahaha priceless
Isabella Kinniff
6:00 Gunner called it a trumpet 🤣
Isabeau Mitchell
Isabeau Mitchell 2 months ago
All the videos they watched on here, I have watched multiple times so they are not funny any more
loves dogs
loves dogs 2 months ago
What’s so funny about the news and the bear
Spring Bonnie The Bunny
Weird Danish Girl
Weird Danish Girl 2 months ago
Keivn? At the last video😂
zooker gamer
zooker gamer 2 months ago
Day time night time brid
Luke Snyder
Luke Snyder 2 months ago
he called it a trumpet
Stealth7 895
Stealth7 895 2 months ago
At 5:57 gunner called the trombome a trumpet!
Just Keep Living
Just Keep Living 2 months ago
Hello my name is loca vid is funny
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry 2 months ago
Sam looked so much like a little chipd
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry 2 months ago
AVA 8 2 months ago
I didn't laugh
The Kid Historian
The Kid Historian 2 months ago
Gunner we the long haired brothers!
Blaze Master
Blaze Master 2 months ago
I only laughed at the people laughing, I never laughed at the videos
Matt Stacc
Matt Stacc 2 months ago
Why’d domarina just go “ugh” at around 5:50?
I am Awesome
I am Awesome 2 months ago
You should do the pregnant vine
mrmaudid 2 months ago
I am convinced that I have started to be part of the long list of people madly in love with Samanta ... #brokenheart style of life
Paige Twitchell
Paige Twitchell 2 months ago
I never noticed how skinny Paul is and how broad Connors shoulders are compared to each other.
PurpleMinion6602 2 months ago
I just love Gunner's laugh lol
slayer 900
slayer 900 2 months ago
I am dying inside out good thing I didn't fail
JuicyBanoona 2 months ago
*F I L M E*
Kopa 2 months ago
I lost it at 2:20 because the guy looked like tanner
Lj Watson
Lj Watson 2 months ago
You guys should some kind of challenge for this video usvid.net/video/video-us5eCfExZX8.html
Grey Has a Kryosgaming Obsession
Turtles Animates
Turtles Animates 2 months ago
I didn’t laugh! Mwhahahahaha
nicolas maeshiro
nicolas maeshiro 2 months ago
you should do a "try to guess the end of the video" I think it would be interesting !!
James Dorsi
James Dorsi 2 months ago
I am offended gunner that us a trombone!
Green soda Playz
Green soda Playz 2 months ago
Me the hole time 😐
rizei 04
rizei 04 3 months ago
At 9:30 it says keivn not kevin
Natalie Swanson
Natalie Swanson 3 months ago
Kevin’s so great
Reagan Williams
Reagan Williams 3 months ago
that second try not to laugh video i thought that was tanner 😂😂😂😂
XxTokyoTerrorxX •
XxTokyoTerrorxX • 3 months ago
I like the fairy tail "wow"
Jmam1003 3 months ago
What vine is at 2:10
Zane- Kun
Zane- Kun 3 months ago
On the second one.... The first thing I The was Wtf... Are you still here..?! Ok den.. YOUR STILL HERE?! Still scrolling...? Probably not Okie bye 👋🏽😁
Lilly Phillips
Lilly Phillips 3 months ago
At 6:02 Gunther said the trombone was a trumpet
Clairice Strehlow
Clairice Strehlow 3 months ago
I’ve legit seen all of these videos at least once. (Don’t judge me, I have no social life and way to much free time)
Erin Zuback
Erin Zuback 3 months ago
im just laughing at their faces
Mason Barnes
Mason Barnes 3 months ago
I think I’m dead inside cuz I don’t laugh
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 3 months ago
That was the EASIEST try not to laugh challenge I have ever watched!
Ariana & Hope TV
Ariana & Hope TV 3 months ago
Actually this one wasn’t too hard, probably because I’ve seen all these before
Lit Cat
Lit Cat 3 months ago
3:07 connor made me laugh
Lit Cat
Lit Cat 3 months ago
I suck at these
DragonLover 3690
DragonLover 3690 3 months ago
As a band kid, the trombone is 👌
Megan McGough
Megan McGough 3 months ago
you guys should do try not to cry challenge
MDethCKR 3 months ago
Somebody needs to re-make the trombone clip but with a dude pushing a 350Z.
Saxton Lockwood
Saxton Lockwood 3 months ago
Gunner, I hate to tell you, but it isn't a trumpet.
Justin Arrue
Justin Arrue 3 months ago
Karla Ortiz
Karla Ortiz 3 months ago
It would be dope if they all reacted to All Hi5 channel’s fails or bloopers.
Kincaid COC
Kincaid COC 3 months ago
Y’all should invite me to this challenge next time you host one. I’d win no problem at all.
mjpiscitelli 3 months ago
Trombone gunner not trumpet
Darlene Marcos
Darlene Marcos 3 months ago
You guys hilarious and addicting
Madison Bartie
Madison Bartie 3 months ago
I won! Totally didn't laugh everytime *cough cough*
Boostt Gang gang
Boostt Gang gang 3 months ago
Connor looks like he has no soul
Nathaniel Yakimchuk
Nathaniel Yakimchuk 3 months ago
Connor = hamster
Shaun Krause
Shaun Krause 3 months ago
week vids, although the goat almost had me
Mondi 3 months ago
I s t h a t G u s I s e e
Maisie Pfeifer
Maisie Pfeifer 3 months ago
that Gus Johnson video😂
Reed Anderson
Reed Anderson 3 months ago
I didn't laugh at any of them
ShowJumping Dreams
ShowJumping Dreams 3 months ago
Jeremazing 2 months ago
I play the clarinet and the saxophone
GG Gaming
GG Gaming 3 months ago
🌮🙃🤢🤮... Bad taco
Stacy Sanders
Stacy Sanders 3 months ago
Next videos
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