Try Not To Laugh Challenge!

Fail Time!
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Reacting To Hi5 Memes | Photoshop Fails ➡ usvid.net/video/video-3DF5xDGjhwA.html
What's That Sound!? | ASMR Challenge ➡ usvid.net/video/video-qajKFATZ2_I.html

It's finally here: we did the Try Not To Laugh Challenge! What other funny videos have you seen on the internet that you think we wouldn't be able to stop laughing at?? Let us know in the comments down below!
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Nov 8, 2018

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Comments 356
Just Keep Living
Just Keep Living 3 days ago
Hello my name is loca vid is funny
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry 4 days ago
Sam looked so much like a little chipd
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry 4 days ago
AVA 8 4 days ago
I didn't laugh
Cheesey Lord of tape
Gunner we the long haired brothers!
Blaze Master
Blaze Master 6 days ago
I only laughed at the people laughing, I never laughed at the videos
Matt Stacc
Matt Stacc 10 days ago
Why’d domarina just go “ugh” at around 5:50?
i am awsome
i am awsome 11 days ago
You should do the pregnant vine
mrmaudid 13 days ago
I am convinced that I have started to be part of the long list of people madly in love with Samanta ... #brokenheart style of life
Paige Twitchell
Paige Twitchell 14 days ago
I never noticed how skinny Paul is and how broad Connors shoulders are compared to each other.
PurpleMinion6602 14 days ago
I just love Gunner's laugh lol
slayer 900
slayer 900 14 days ago
I am dying inside out good thing I didn't fail
JuicyBanoona 15 days ago
*F I L M E*
Kopa 18 days ago
I lost it at 2:20 because the guy looked like tanner
Lj Watson
Lj Watson 18 days ago
You guys should some kind of challenge for this video usvid.net/video/video-us5eCfExZX8.html
Grey Has a Kryosgaming Obsession
Brooklyn Haggen
Brooklyn Haggen 19 days ago
I didn’t laugh! Mwhahahahaha
nicolas maeshiro
nicolas maeshiro 19 days ago
you should do a "try to guess the end of the video" I think it would be interesting !!
James Dorsi
James Dorsi 20 days ago
I am offended gunner that us a trombone!
Green soda Playz
Green soda Playz 21 day ago
Me the hole time 😐
rizei 04
rizei 04 23 days ago
At 9:30 it says keivn not kevin
Natalie Swanson
Natalie Swanson 23 days ago
Kevin’s so great
Reagan Williams
Reagan Williams 24 days ago
that second try not to laugh video i thought that was tanner 😂😂😂😂
XxTokyoTerrorxX •
I like the fairy tail "wow"
Jmam1003 25 days ago
What vine is at 2:10
Llama Corn
Llama Corn 25 days ago
On the second one.... The first thing I The was Wtf... Are you still here..?! Ok den.. YOUR STILL HERE?! Still scrolling...? Probably not Okie bye 👋🏽😁
Lilly Phillips
Lilly Phillips 25 days ago
At 6:02 Gunther said the trombone was a trumpet
Clairice Strehlow
Clairice Strehlow 26 days ago
I’ve legit seen all of these videos at least once. (Don’t judge me, I have no social life and way to much free time)
Erin Zuback
Erin Zuback 26 days ago
im just laughing at their faces
Mason Barnes
Mason Barnes 26 days ago
I think I’m dead inside cuz I don’t laugh
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 27 days ago
That was the EASIEST try not to laugh challenge I have ever watched!
Ariana & Hope TV
Ariana & Hope TV 28 days ago
Actually this one wasn’t too hard, probably because I’ve seen all these before
Lit Cat
Lit Cat 28 days ago
3:07 connor made me laugh
Lit Cat
Lit Cat 28 days ago
I suck at these
DragonLover 3690
DragonLover 3690 28 days ago
As a band kid, the trombone is 👌
Megan McGough
Megan McGough 28 days ago
you guys should do try not to cry challenge
MDethCKR 28 days ago
Somebody needs to re-make the trombone clip but with a dude pushing a 350Z.
Saxton Lockwood
Saxton Lockwood 28 days ago
Gunner, I hate to tell you, but it isn't a trumpet.
Justin Arrue
Justin Arrue 29 days ago
Karla Ortiz
Karla Ortiz 29 days ago
It would be dope if they all reacted to All Hi5 channel’s fails or bloopers.
Kincaid COC
Kincaid COC 29 days ago
Y’all should invite me to this challenge next time you host one. I’d win no problem at all.
mjpiscitelli 29 days ago
Trombone gunner not trumpet
Darlene Marcos
Darlene Marcos 29 days ago
You guys hilarious and addicting
Madison Bartie
Madison Bartie 29 days ago
I won! Totally didn't laugh everytime *cough cough*
Boostt Gang gang
Connor looks like he has no soul
Nathaniel Yakimchuk
Connor = hamster
Shaun Krause
Shaun Krause Month ago
week vids, although the goat almost had me
Mondi Month ago
I s t h a t G u s I s e e
Maisie Pfeifer
Maisie Pfeifer Month ago
that Gus Johnson video😂
Reed Anderson
Reed Anderson Month ago
I didn't laugh at any of them
ShowJumping Dreams
Jeremazing 18 days ago
I play the clarinet and the saxophone
GG Gaming
GG Gaming Month ago
🌮🙃🤢🤮... Bad taco
Stacy Sanders
Stacy Sanders Month ago
Gamer Addiction
Gamer Addiction Month ago
Sam you are rocking the glasses and u look bootifull
Boi-Gonzalez Kitkat
The teapot one tho
Boi-Gonzalez Kitkat
Alyssa Thurston
Alyssa Thurston Month ago
Misspelled Kevin's name at the end when showing his final score
Alyssa Thurston
Alyssa Thurston Month ago
Tanner's reaction to the bear video made me laugh 😂
MEL ISSA Month ago
Damn i haven't watched Hi5 Studio vids in like what feels like 3yrs n seeing the old cast is like seeing your old coworkers or classmates n kinda miss. y'all got me through some rough times, glad to see y'all r still going strong.
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez Month ago
The goat and the trombone killed me
Sekara Harrell
Sekara Harrell Month ago
Someone tell me why the second vine reminds me of Connor?!?!
Lightning bolt 92
Project zorgo is watching...
Dmitrii Month ago
They used the same fail stamp picture as the one Matthais used in his old videos like photo shop fails #bringbacktheoldmatthaisvids
joel persson
joel persson Month ago
Congratulation you won. You are now officially the "dead inside person"
Caleb Henderson outdoors
I just watch this with my friend to day
Caspar Chicken
Caspar Chicken Month ago
Talk about fail time, they spelled Kevin's name Keivn for his final score. LOL
Brooke Aman
Brooke Aman Month ago
React to Irish pug song can't run
Marcos Lopez
Marcos Lopez Month ago
Did gunner call the tombone a trumpet??
Ruben and Chase Vlogs
samantha looks like mario
ArrowBoy06 Month ago
Was it just me or did Conner not get to see the last clip?
Leon McCalvey
Leon McCalvey Month ago
My favourite one was the goat
Alicha Evens
Alicha Evens Month ago
I hate how tanner says trombone
why2393 Month ago
Watch Getting Gymnasty Volume 5
These memes have turn undank
Devon K
Devon K Month ago
I love this! lol #stonecoldDomi
Mr. Gamers
Mr. Gamers Month ago
Cheezyoverlord27 Hi
Do more of these videos
DJ Don Mateo Alonzo
were the videos supposed to be funny? kevins laugh was yhe funniest thing in the video!
dat boi
dat boi Month ago
i play trombone
BangShanghai Month ago
Patrick at 04:19 is me
Arunsan Palathurai
the last one was like gunners laugh
The Vikings Gamer
I have the biggest crush on sam
Mayra Barajas
Mayra Barajas Month ago
Did Gunner say “trumpet” instead of trombone 🤔?
Heather Evans
Heather Evans Month ago
How do we send videos for the try not laugh?
Vibe Month ago
Dave: I’m pretty good at these
RC Overdrive
RC Overdrive Month ago
He is doing it with his lips that is how to play a bras instrement
Chubby Chubby Chipmunk
No hate, but these weren't that funny... (: Good video though
Amy Grilli
Amy Grilli Month ago
Bryan is not in fail time or is he
Iz Krankster
Iz Krankster Month ago
In try not to laugh videos I laugh more when they laugh then laughing from the video
JaxZion Justice Deak
Anyone else notice the trombone one going the wrong way on a one way street?
Madison Lanaghan
What Fail Time member are you? 👍 0 - Sam 1 - Gunner 2 - Tanner 3 - Kevin 4 - Connor 5 - Paul 6 - Dave 7 - Matthias 8 - Domarina 9 - Patrick
Addison Carter
Addison Carter Month ago
ACarlo7 Month ago
Well done, Dom.
kristofer Murphy
All of hi 5 crew * no matthias * Uh, ok
Prince X
Prince X Month ago
It wasn't the video's that git me, it was their reactions
Yadiel Ramos
Yadiel Ramos Month ago
Fail time looks like Teens react or kids react
REKT Month ago
This is such an amazing video..
Diabandana Month ago
Why is cat’s name Røze?
Jeremiah Boyd
Jeremiah Boyd Month ago
Everyone in this video who won, lost at the same time, because they have no sense of HUMOR
technopiggy Month ago
I want the link to the videos in this video
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