Try Not To Laugh Challenge #22

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It's another Try Not To Laugh so sit down and don't laugh while you react to this compilation of funny videos and memes!
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But I warn you... you might fail because these are some of the funniest videos I've seen in a while so this challenge might be impossible! There's funny vines and tik tok so if you laugh you LOSE!
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Oct 5, 2019




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Comments 20 314
Markiplier 8 days ago
Happyfuz 1
Happyfuz 1 5 days ago
I believe in you!!
Rease Phillips
Rease Phillips 8 days ago
Here's my take on your "Try Not to Laugh" content: if I laugh while I'm having a bad day, or I'm feeling down, then I win ^-^
chronomy sub
chronomy sub 8 days ago
Turtle: '-' Turtle spins in wata: weeeeeeeee
Mason Waddell
Mason Waddell 8 days ago
Ben Drowned
Ben Drowned 8 days ago
I win mark I have wine your challenge *^*
DerpySquirtleBoi 9 hours ago
0:31 Marky is Hannibal Lecter's long lost brother
Steven Proktor
Steven Proktor 9 hours ago
Damn dude. Still makin videos? How long's it been, 10 years?
Mr 123 It’s me
Mr 123 It’s me 9 hours ago
7:46 ricardo milos right there
cursed_images 9 hours ago
Ted Bennett
Ted Bennett 9 hours ago
3:14 I was dying with that NO
Boos Moo
Boos Moo 9 hours ago
6:18 Play's on the background *SWEEET HOME ALAAABAAMAA*
NintendoGamer5000 9 hours ago
This was more of a "try not to cringe" than a "try not to laugh."
Aleksandra Kulte
Aleksandra Kulte 9 hours ago
The video doesn’t make me laugh your laugh makes me laugh
Cielo Villarroel Soriano
3:46 BRUH! How can you not laugh at this!!!! This shit is funny AF!
burger pocket
burger pocket 9 hours ago
This is the longest Mark has last.
Fatoumata Zampalegre
I started laughing when I saw your face in the horse video 3:20 I lost?
chad gosdin
chad gosdin 9 hours ago
8:09 oh god no
magen lloyd
magen lloyd 9 hours ago
I laughed at the horse one
Kamara Chowning
Kamara Chowning 9 hours ago
i think this is more of try not to laugh at mark😂
Zoë Ford
Zoë Ford 9 hours ago
Mark: NOOOOOO, That poor turtle :C - 3:14
ace inferno558
ace inferno558 10 hours ago
What anime was that at 4:30 it looks fucking funny
Nyon Plays
Nyon Plays 10 hours ago
horse flippin into 2025
Eli Garrett
Eli Garrett 10 hours ago
8:20 mark laughs at literally the most retArdEd one
Ethin Gainey
Ethin Gainey 10 hours ago
I watched the dog one 10 times!
MeanSums 10 hours ago
close your eyes at 6:00
MnemonicBand 155
MnemonicBand 155 10 hours ago
5:55 : Mark's reaction was the one that almost got me wut dafuq
Bjorn Lottering
Bjorn Lottering 10 hours ago
These videos would be so much funnier if it did not have this dude acting like a baffoon in them
Ayiesha Gabrielle Lopez
Yeah you did!!! 8:07
RileyIV 10 hours ago
this is hilarious
Raul Chavez
Raul Chavez 11 hours ago
0:57 *I'M SORRY*
Erik Haugan
Erik Haugan 11 hours ago
Aiden Dot Com
Aiden Dot Com 11 hours ago
5:03 ???
alucard. savage
alucard. savage 11 hours ago
why don't you make your own video
Science Done Right
Science Done Right 11 hours ago
I know this is a little late but can we address that when Mark lost he said that he knew god
Camille Turner
Camille Turner 11 hours ago
Umm i think he’s having a stroke 8:23
Niskara 11 hours ago
Never thought I'd hear the phrase "MY ASS IS DESTROYED!" And it *NOT* to be in a porno of some kind
iBuildAway GT
iBuildAway GT 11 hours ago
Vito C
Vito C 11 hours ago
It's always the goddamn dogs
Wan Muaz Hurayth Wan Muhd Hisham
Mark: I such a failure Me : try holding your mouth with your hand that.. do the trick? (maybe) because i try it already.
Hadi ،
Hadi ، 12 hours ago
1:04 WTH
WickStix 12 hours ago
First meme was absolute gold👌👌👌
Yaya's ASMR
Yaya's ASMR 12 hours ago
8:24 me and Markiplier laughed at the dame exact time
Harry 12 hours ago
Hunter Kerin
Hunter Kerin 13 hours ago
sadly the anime got me and i loved it
xNetherMonkeyx x
xNetherMonkeyx x 13 hours ago
Made my day better
Isamu 13 hours ago
mark this should be called '' try not to wet yourself'' XD
Sam 13 hours ago
The transformation of his expressions from shock, to confusion to questioning when he saw the rabbit in the air got me.
Ok I didn’t laugh but those waterfowl almost got me every time they started doin somethin different Oh man I almost lost it the rest of the video because I was thinking about how bewildering the waterfowl were
Swopic 13 hours ago
**thicc thigh video again** Markiplier : its not my fault putting **THICC THIGH** video 😡
Jeanne Riley
Jeanne Riley 13 hours ago
"It's not my fault! It's not my fault! My resolve has been eroded." I am so going to use that line when someone gets upset with me!
YT FaZeZodツ
YT FaZeZodツ 13 hours ago
What, bro I fcking laugh bro on 4:37🤣🤣🤣🤣
13 hours ago
9:08 😂😂👍🏻 burası güzeldi
Sora Song
Sora Song 14 hours ago
Mark, it's ironic how you're nice guy and you have a douchebag voice. I bet Darkiplier has a nerd voice and a really tiny cock 'cause he's evil. I get to go to Kmart today one final time before they shut down forever. I'm also going to the Fall Foliage where I hope to learn my Native heritage. We'll still accept you and Jack regardless of your sexuality, it's 2019 now. The modern Septiplier shippers aren't like the old ones, so no worries there. I found some fanfictions you should read on camera just for shits and giggles. I'm gonna make my own plush series someday and bring back the real SML fans.
AleD35tr0y3R ™
AleD35tr0y3R ™ 14 hours ago
2:59 Boi u gay
Myloveliesnorth 14 hours ago
Plz react to goofy wants his money the saga I'll do anything
Dr.RadMAN 14 hours ago
your vids are so good
Chemicalz 14 hours ago
Fuck me I lost at the last one
Jeff The killer
Jeff The killer 15 hours ago
I’m a hard core stone cold no laughing guy I got this
REDACTED Reactions
REDACTED Reactions 15 hours ago
That hentai scene 😂😂
muhamad gempar
muhamad gempar 15 hours ago
8:20 he fail...
muhamad gempar
muhamad gempar 15 hours ago
6:15 "is this even legal?"
Le Me
Le Me 15 hours ago
11:06 *down blere blelow*
Hannah Samantha
Hannah Samantha 16 hours ago
I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever laughed at Mark’s reactions 😂
Divusmagus 16 hours ago
The machine gun butt slap broke me
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