Trump 2020 Looks A Lot Like Trump 2016

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Donald Trump claimed that massive crowds of people would be watching his Orlando rally from outside Amway Arena. Well, Stephen sent a camera crew. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 8 627
Robert Montoya
Robert Montoya 2 hours ago
Colbert 2016 is exactly like Colbert 2015, 2014 and 2013...he needs new material!
Adgar Arroyo
Adgar Arroyo 10 hours ago
This asshole was in office for almost 4 years and managed to do absolutely nothing other than tweet about himself, attacking ethnic women, shitting on Puerto Rico, being racist & order a 1000 hamberders for a winning team lol & oh yeah fuck up everything more than any other president in US history. Does he really think he is gonna get re-elected again?? If America makes that mistake twice, we are truly the stupidest country on earth. He is the worst president in American History....... X.
AndyBebop300 Day ago
They say all the garbage was outside but I saw a lot of white trash inside the Arena.
jsmyth024 Day ago
To all critics of the President: the only people who claim bad things about the president are his literal enemies(communists, globalists, pedophiles, drug cartels - so yeah, the establishment media INCLUDING most social media as evidenced by all of the conservative censoring), and people too stupid to see these dynamics in play(the term is useful idiot, look it up, they[you] are the first to go when power is seized and it's the roughest on you guys when you're thrown in the Gulag b/c you really didn't expect it - you believed the BS - I digress). That's a LOT of enemies. And they haven't been able to make anything stick. Not. One. Thing. Do you guys EVER step outside of your safe space and look at alternative POV's, or do you just tell yourself it isn't necessary because your POV is the RIGHT POV? Did you know that under the Trump administration over 12,500 pedophiles have been put away? Compare that to the previous year under Obama and only 400 were taken down. Small businesses are better than ever. Minority businesses are better than ever. More people out of poverty and off of government assistance(we're talking millions). His cabinet has helped minorities and the LGBTQ community. Our military is strengthened(and if you think that's bad, or don't recognize just how good it is, you know NOTHING about the activities of Russia and China, such as their military strength and what they are doing in Venezuela and the Ukraine). The list goes on and on and on, but you're not going to hear about this from people like Colbert or anyone else controlled by the elite class actively working to transfer MORE of our wealth to their pockets. I don't care what any president says, I only care about what they DO, and what President Trump is DOING is working for us. What the MEDIA is doing, however, is polarizing our nation and causing MORE division(as they have been doing for a few decades now). They would have you believe that the president, along with his supporters are bigoted, white nationalists who would lock anyone who isn't just like them away in a cage with no remorse. The TRUTH is, that that ONLY applies to an infinitely small amount of outliers and the LEFT has those types of people, as well. In fact, I see MUCH more intolerance and hatred coming from the left, so much so that I can't even call it all out. However, when I DO witness it from conservatives, it's only a few idiots on the internet and I take great pleasure in calling them out in front of everyone because they're not helping. Once again, I digress. My point is, you can't see the truth in my words because you don't want to, and the media is making it easy for you to remain in your echo chamber and never see it. It's just that simple, and just that sad. See, I used to be a liberal. I campaigned HARD for Bernie Sanders in 2016. I fought my family over it because the only conservative leaders I had ever witnessed were RHINO's like George Bush and "he who shall not be named," and guess what?! They're on the same team as the Obama's, the Clintons, Pelosi, AOC, and all the other traitors actively working to extinguish the American people. You know the ones who held parties and took LAVISH vacations while we were in the worst recession since the great depression and they did NOTHING for our economy or our people? Oh, you didn't know about that? Not surprising! Trump is different, and he has, surprisingly enough, proven it. I have only just finally fully began to take those scary steps towards actually trusting him. It IS a scary thing because he's a politician, but he's different. Did you know that he also donates his salary to worthy causes? You probably haven't heard about that, either. And that's weird because it's kind of unprecedented in our time, you would think the media would report on that! STRANGE! Look into all of this stuff, search it out. Listen when I tell you that snopes, cnn, and other leftist groups are actively working to protect corporate interests and not the people of this nation. Or, you know, stay in your "safe" space as long as you can, and enjoy it while it lasts. The rest of is will be actively working to actually change this country for the better. I'll be muting all trolls. Peace.
jsmyth024 Day ago
And these are the organizations he's donating to, in case you were wondering: National Park Service, the U.S. Education Department, the Transportation Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Steven D. Bennett
The results will also be the same.
Wes Puckdog
Wes Puckdog Day ago
King Con Don is nothing more than a side show barker.
Truckn USA
Truckn USA Day ago
U ready to lose again, faaag?
Caitlin Franklin
What does he mean the left will split the country into tribes? The left is typically more for federal power to hold everyone in the country to the same standards where as the right is typically more for state government power to give individual states the ability to make specific laws
Link182 2 days ago
You have conservative bullshit adds on ur channel
natalia gd
natalia gd 2 days ago
7:45 are you sure 7:50 again are you sure 7:56 once again are you sure
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 days ago
Why the did the Stand Or Kneel ad show up in this video? What a joke.
scott gersok
scott gersok 2 days ago
Brilliant! LOL what is wrong with this trump guy! It is just mind boggling how many supporters he has, are they all being paid to act in his speeches? Surely there just cant people who support this dumbass! CAN they? I mean???????
Celia Younger
Celia Younger 2 days ago
alternative lies....always.... you'r @#$%!!! cruel &....EPSTEIN!!! & cure cancer when he cut much of the money for cancer research a few years ago?
Lawmansama 2 days ago
wow...i got no words... he's just, wow...
T JS 2 days ago
Did he say we can move? My family is poor as all all get. Does his tell us to leave mean he'll pay for it???? If so I'm outta here coz this nutter scares the shit outta me more than Brexit. Heck Canada sounds nice too. Pay our way and fees dude. We'll go. Maybe when things aren't so fucked up we'll be back.
kly rand
kly rand 2 days ago
Dear melanie…. XD
Theovermind777 3 days ago
He might not have the best character but he is trying to change things and get things done. I don’t agree with everything he is doing but he is different and has some good initiatives. Trying to bring back manufacturing jobs is one big example. We should not be thinking all or nothing . His opponents are not exactly offering a better agenda.
His supporters don’t realize he thinks he is america...keep me rich, keep me great. Under his breath he whispers god you morons are so easy.
His people are people who wear foil hats of course they believe him. Fools believe charlatans...fools don’t realize they are fools. There in lies the rub....
Raymond Colvin
Raymond Colvin 3 days ago
you just cost me more money than i can afford to listen to your pitch, thanks.
Playfulpanthress 3 days ago
Lock that Orange smegma up! Lock that Orange smegma up! Lock that Orange smegma up!
Erica Williams
Erica Williams 3 days ago
Does he have a hard on for Hillary Clinton WOW he is such aa creep....
muuuuuud 3 days ago
religio political WWE event, just what the right always dreamed of.
Tim Duggan
Tim Duggan 3 days ago
@10:00 Hilarious. Oh, if everyone watches this and thinks that tRUMPski-von-Putin is going to pay the City of Orlando and the Amway Center for this garbage-filled shitshow dumpster fire? Guess again. (BTW, "Amway" Center??? Amway, a pyramid scheme...perfect setting for that orange POS con-man).
Duff Blimp
Duff Blimp 4 days ago
Looks like North Korea with the sycophants in the background behind the "Dear Leader".
Joan Matthews
Joan Matthews 4 days ago
Ken Bridgens
Ken Bridgens 4 days ago
Welcome to the free World.......freedom to have idiots running our governments.....
Dewadatta Avasare
Don't say that, you know how Trump 2016 ended
Maggie O'Brien
Maggie O'Brien 5 days ago
he actually gives me a headache, just hearing his voice, seeing his face or anything related to him makes me want to punch someone with a MAGA hat 🥴
carlos mendoza
carlos mendoza 5 days ago
Look at all those ignorant people !! Lol!!! Omg He did not go there emails!! Then cancer!!! What the fuck is wrong with trump???
Bonnie Shugar
Bonnie Shugar 5 days ago
S Colbert is a full Cabal member. All you paedophiles are running scared. I personally can't stand child molesters.
Elmer Alvarado
Elmer Alvarado 6 days ago
Trump new slogan is " Keep america great" so imagine 3 folks with matching hats standing new to eachother . Keep america great, Keep america great Keep america great , coincidence? Maybe. Error on the marketing team. I think not KKK was the blunt point.
Amrita Chatterji
Amrita Chatterji 6 days ago
where is stephen? jeez been 2 weeks
JokeR 6 days ago
In 2020 the USA will finally be little Russia xD
Alaby 7 days ago
Its funny everything he is saying about the opposition, he does himself. Its up to the people of the USA to make the USA great again, not a rich, racist pervert who only cares about economy. I hope people make the right decision this time and never vote for him again.
Betty Bucket
Betty Bucket 7 days ago
He and his gang have got to be nuts, he talks in circles, constantly contradicts himself,lies on a regular basis,and his gang cheer............Help!
Hayley Phoebe
Hayley Phoebe 8 days ago
Yeah that’s what national security is doing now operations to make it look like ppl are at Trump events 😹😹
Zandeus 8 days ago
How is it that America has so many people willing to listen to, believe and follow this guy? I know Americans are made fun of for their ignorance / stupidity.... but are they really this dumb on such a large scale?
nb45001 8 days ago
Honestly, his approval rating has never been above 50%. I doubt he'll get a second term. The only reason he got a elected in the first place was because of the terrible choice that year. Him and Hillary both suck.
Julie Wigner
Julie Wigner 9 days ago
A true snake oil huckster. A big top tent with an old travelling circus is what it reminded me of. That or the old Hitler speeches.
Karen Dugan
Karen Dugan 9 days ago
I have been watching late night with SC on USvid for years and the same guy is always laughing in the recordings. WHO is that guy?? And how can I get his job of watching and laughing daily?
newtoninspired 9 days ago
Ulcerative colitis? Really this?
Richard Mann
Richard Mann 10 days ago
Hey Colbert, if it wasn't for Mr. Trump, you'd be out of a job.
W and S
W and S 10 days ago
"We went through...". No, we are STILL going trough it. F****** liar to these supporters. Catch-up.
Ocean City
Ocean City 10 days ago
MAGA AGAIN = Make America Great Again Again
erestube 10 days ago
Lawn furniture was abandoned because they invited people to come inside to try and fill up the place. Note empty seats up top.
&* 10 days ago
Trump gonna win 2020 just like he won 2016
&* 8 days ago
@Chunkboi Americans are the very ones electing Trump, non-Americans are the ones trying not to. Half of the entire democrat voter base is literally illegal alien non-residents.
Chunkboi 8 days ago
Not if Americans can help it.
MD. Jiad Parvej Joy5
Make America educated again.
Shioban McDougal
Shioban McDougal 10 days ago
Subtext: Make America White Again - MAWA
dnlprls 10 days ago
Oh you liberals like the moronic Stephen Colbert never learn. You will once again be shocked shredding tears when Trump get re elected in a landslide
Alisha Murdock
Alisha Murdock 11 days ago
Paula White...what a f**king sell out‼️
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