Ryan Reynolds
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Jim Kleynat
Jim Kleynat 2 hours ago
Put deadpool in everything
Witch Krafting with Kat
Rebel Ricochet
Hugh the cuck, a globalists dream 😒 doesn't impress me.
gin hahaha i got it
Don Omar Ramiro
Don Omar Ramiro 2 days ago
Why did i take 6 months to discover this?!?
Léa 2B
Léa 2B 2 days ago
Des sous-titres en français ?😭
Kieran Timms
Kieran Timms 3 days ago
And this is revenge for... what exactly?
Giant Booger
Giant Booger 4 days ago
Ryan is a pos I would never buy his alcohol.
Swathi Pathadka
Swathi Pathadka 5 days ago
Awww.. That sad puppy face though
Daphney Donegan
Daphney Donegan 5 days ago
Too funny
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald 5 days ago
So weird seeing Hugh as a human being a more normal looking person.
Bree Grainger
Bree Grainger 5 days ago
Haha I love this
gabriel dominguez
gabriel dominguez
Timothy Apollo
Timothy Apollo 6 days ago
No lie I would have done the same thing, knowing he may be dressed as Deadpool 🤣
Rocky Ugsod
Rocky Ugsod 8 days ago
Sorry Mr. Ryan, you got robbed by Hugh.... Big time.
AR#Reaper Diz
AR#Reaper Diz 8 days ago
Jacob Peretz
Jacob Peretz 8 days ago
Really Touching
Patrick den Engelse
Looks like a married couple...😂
Gergely Csikós
Gergely Csikós 8 days ago
...some color correcting.. :D :D :D :D :D
Azim Rafee
Azim Rafee 8 days ago
Deadpool and wolverine😂
Peter 8 days ago
Hugh was right the truce wasn’t real I-
JonathanCruz. 8 days ago
Deadpool y wolverine.
NoCultist 9 days ago
Ausie advertising american gin owned by canadian. Good enough for me.
Rob Peters
Rob Peters 9 days ago
If he can't get along with Betty White or Hugh Jackman, two of the nicest, sweetest, most humble people, then the issue is not them. 😁
Zach 9 days ago
I swear I can see Ryans face in his head going "omfg don't laugh!!"
Max anders
Max anders 10 days ago
im never buying hughs coffee now..
Brianna H
Brianna H 11 days ago
I like how he put on Hugh Jackman and friends
ToxicSkull0 12 days ago
Canadians vs Australians be like
3 as1
3 as1 13 days ago
What a badass hugh
Kimberly Jeffery
Kimberly Jeffery 14 days ago
BAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! I love both these guys!!! This is awesome!
Creatip 15 days ago
Reynolds is Deadpool and Lantern, you can see that immediately, but Hugh.... I bet if someone doesn't know Hugh Jackman outside of the X-men/Wolverine movies would deny wholeheartedly that this guy is Logan.... I mean, the transformation is unbelievable....
Sarah Meyer
Sarah Meyer 15 days ago
Well since he didn't know he was stealing from me, he can keep it .
Kels 15 days ago
*wolverine enters chat* *deadpool enters chat* *chat leaves*
Dante The Devil
Dante The Devil 16 days ago
Low-key bromance in the making 😎
Angelic Fan
Angelic Fan 16 days ago
constantine 0621
constantine 0621 16 days ago
I hope you did actually get a truce and the vid was a joke, good luck
Sandi Hoppough
Sandi Hoppough 17 days ago
Here we go some characters from Dreamworks and Marvel holding to ads for each other
Tiva 17 days ago
When you realize Santa isn’t real
James 19 days ago
I love this kind of play fighting lol. JLo/Leah Remini, Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon, Kevin Hart/The Rock, Jimmy Kimmel/John Krasinski, these two and so on lol. It's just funny.
Carrie Haines
Carrie Haines 19 days ago
Tom Wu
Tom Wu 21 day ago
Smile. You two are looking good.
Daniel Gibeault
Daniel Gibeault 21 day ago
After hugh's ad *somewhere in the Pokemon world pikachu cries in the corner*
kirstenmariusTV •
1:50 Poor Ryan’s face 😂
Danuta Pańczyszyn
Hellow Deadpool
Fgh Jh
Fgh Jh 22 days ago
Hahahaha i laugh soooo bad I wish this wasn’t serious 😃😬
Глеб Ожегов
Stay alive , stay alive for me You will die but now your life is free Oh it is not that video
Joseppi Cornholio
Joseppi Cornholio 25 days ago
How much did he do to do the voiceover for laughing man coffee commercial? Lmao
teahoney bee
teahoney bee 25 days ago
BEETLEJUUS 26 days ago
*USvid Recommendations: 1/2000*
Janks H
Janks H 26 days ago
Busted out laughing ...
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 26 days ago
that was fucking hilarious.
justarandom girlhere
And hugh could be behind such a hughroic company? Hmh, hugh guessed it.
320speed 28 days ago
This is just brilliant.
ZAFER YAĞAÇBUT 28 days ago
Ryan yerine ben üzüldüm lan
Anders Hall
Anders Hall 28 days ago
Hugh+product=sells Product. No matter the way
smritika 7
smritika 7 28 days ago
I know this is just script, but I AM HEARTBROKEN FOR RYAN
sjnetkings 29 days ago
Guess who just got a cameo shot on Deadpool Tres?
annim hahs
annim hahs 29 days ago
Why was hugh the bad one here
Hondasan 65
Hondasan 65 29 days ago
ARSALAN BALOCH 29 days ago
Hit like if you'll always pick Ryan Reynolds over Douche Jackman!
Dwight Stifler
Dwight Stifler Month ago
Best Video Of The 2019 I Watched It 27 Times Today And Still Laughing
Andrew M
Andrew M Month ago
The most Important thing you should take way from this is that Ryan's head is much bigger than hugh"s.
Philip Venter
Philip Venter Month ago
WTF is this?
Martyn of practicality nothing
Deadpool and Wolverine
triniii trini
triniii trini Month ago
Ryan I love you
Mega Man M
Mega Man M Month ago
Ryan looks so heartbroken...
Chuck m
Chuck m Month ago
I dont drink coffee I dont drink gin. Going to go buy both
TimeWolfPlayz Month ago
SnowPulse Month ago
That love ❤️
Masaomi Eric
Masaomi Eric Month ago
Bloody good one! Ironies in life!
Mr.Awesome Month ago
I dunno how many times I've seen this vid😆😆😆😆
Craig D Jones
Craig D Jones Month ago
Nobody how nice Ryan Reynolds talks about a person or product. He sounds like he's being sarcastic af. Lol!!!!
Bugnot 4life
Bugnot 4life Month ago
hugh don''t think its real right the truce
J.Y. Demir
J.Y. Demir Month ago
The moment he said im not quite ready to show mine yet i started laughing i knew what was coming
Gaming Luitjes
Gaming Luitjes Month ago
'And Hugh Could be behind such a Hughoric action? Hah, Hugh guessed it' That part just killed me.
j nupp
j nupp Month ago
I’m dead
j nupp
j nupp Month ago
Farah Khan
Farah Khan Month ago
Hahhaa love these two ❤
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Month ago
just class
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