Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

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Troye Sivan visits the Bon Appétit test kitchen to make a chicken under a brick with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only?
Try the recipe for yourself here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/chicken-under-a-brick-in-a-hurry
Troye Sivan's latest album, Bloom, is out now. Troye also stars in 'Boy Erased', now in theaters.
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Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


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Nov 6, 2018

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Comments 3 657
Carla Music
Carla Music 5 days ago
Butchering that chicken was the hardest thing anyone ever had to do on this show, and Troye handled it like a f*cking champ.
Thel ‘Vadam
Thel ‘Vadam 10 hours ago
Carla Music Hardly. Just a wimp
Ellie L-c
Ellie L-c Day ago
Ryan Harding I’m pretty sure he doesn’t lick his hair
Jade Hunt
Jade Hunt Day ago
Carla M u. sic
Ms Brownie
Ms Brownie Day ago
Carla Music is music really your last name?
MIG106 Hour ago
Pesto verde...pesto green :D
JD Hour ago
Bring in more guest professional chefs and have them do the same thing Chef Gordon did!! It’s hilarious!
jason collins mannion
He touched his hair after touching raw chicken 🤢
Nisha Kanetkar
Nisha Kanetkar 3 hours ago
I discovered his videos like half an hour ago and I'm a straight woman whose seriously sexually attracted to this beautiful gay man......😭😭
Dirk Smith
Dirk Smith 3 hours ago
The fucks up with his lips
vael vy
vael vy 3 hours ago
How cute he is!!! Really Love him
Flash Thunder
Flash Thunder 4 hours ago
you got whole hair in raw meat now :P
Ry O'
Ry O' 5 hours ago
Cute , but he’s to self wear of him self in relation to the camera he just stops still at times and looks
Valeria Garabito
Valeria Garabito 5 hours ago
Even I forgot about the brick
Hugoj Sim racing
Hugoj Sim racing 5 hours ago
1.) sub 2.) like 3.) comment “done” 4.) I’ll do the same😁
Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield 6 hours ago
His eyes and lips is just . . . . . . 😍 swooned. 😍😍😍
Smart Cookie
Smart Cookie 6 hours ago
Thomas Hardcastle
Thomas Hardcastle 6 hours ago
Carla is sexy as hell.
Aisyatul Ameera Mohd. Noor Hisham
His hair is ruined by the chickaaaaa
Jazzi b Ivory
Jazzi b Ivory 7 hours ago
WTF at 2:02 his face
Jazzi b Ivory
Jazzi b Ivory 7 hours ago
WTF at 2:05 his f***g face is telling me he’s totes grossed out bro he brave I would of vomited and love ur music pls like
Jazzi b Ivory
Jazzi b Ivory 7 hours ago
It’s not
C G 7 hours ago
pls teach this bottom to cook
Lula Bond
Lula Bond 8 hours ago
Philip Green
Philip Green 8 hours ago
touches chicken, touches hair... oh troye 😂😍
Slibbydish 8 hours ago
You touched the chicken and then fixed your hair 🤮
n0ughp 8 hours ago
Take a shot every time Troye says "yes"
14,999,999 views 9 hours ago
His eank is bigger than ur mom
Vicki 9 hours ago
He's so adorable!
Nick Corneille
Nick Corneille 9 hours ago
yass put that raw chicken through your hair x'D whyyyyy
Sukh Mykoc
Sukh Mykoc 9 hours ago
Ew fa g got
cristina92lena 9 hours ago
I'm done...he touched his hair 2 seconds after he touched the raw chicken
Thomas Duffy
Thomas Duffy 10 hours ago
Why is this still on trending??
Stephanie 10 hours ago
I thought I loved him before. but after watching him cook a meal, i LOVE love him
Kimberley Brommer
Kimberley Brommer 10 hours ago
Troy you picked up the chicken then ran your fingers through your hair. Thats not a good thing to do. Miss you lots. Hope to see you soon luv ya ❤️ Mama Brommer
88888888anonymous 10 hours ago
excuse me did they just put their spring onion and garlic on that raw chicken juice covered chopping board 🤢
alice Gooding
alice Gooding 11 hours ago
Vegans are shaking
Lydia Marku
Lydia Marku 11 hours ago
“Troye Sivan saying YES for 14 minutes straight”
karlie jenner lip kit
omg hes touching raw chicken then his hair im literally dying omgggg, i wear gloves whenever i have to touch raw chicken im that scared yall
The Winner
The Winner 11 hours ago
I was grossed out when he stroked his hair and then touches the chicken right after
Tiffany Sung
Tiffany Sung 11 hours ago
Damn he’s come so far I remember watching him in zoella videos
Burial 12 hours ago
Never heard of this guy before, but he's like one Adam's apple surgery away from being a beautiful woman.
HumanBolt 12 hours ago
Tiffany Reyes
Tiffany Reyes 12 hours ago
Troye is so B E A U T I F U L
Age Of The Witch
Age Of The Witch 12 hours ago
His hair is so Chic 👌🤣
Arvin Tate
Arvin Tate 13 hours ago
He just touched his hair after touching raw chicken , *squirms * lol
Melissa Alverson
Melissa Alverson 13 hours ago
It’s because I’m so ripped
Xiaomi Redmi5
Xiaomi Redmi5 13 hours ago
The men from anime is real!
Isabella Ruiz
Isabella Ruiz 13 hours ago
He did a great job! And the chicken dish looks delicious!
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson 14 hours ago
girl he touched that chicken then wiped his hand through his hair hell no
Veneris Luna
Veneris Luna 14 hours ago
Lol she just ate some Troye dandruff on that chicken xD
Maria Fernanda Gomez Quijano
God I just freaking love troye he is like so cute and really funny I loved when he got confused and was like what the hell I have to do
thot repellent
thot repellent 14 hours ago
Ashleigh Budiwarman
Ashleigh Budiwarman 14 hours ago
When he touched his hair after touching the chicken I cringed
Mubashir Mahi
Mubashir Mahi 14 hours ago
Michelle Ramirez
Michelle Ramirez 14 hours ago
Chef troye now :)
Drea Harford
Drea Harford 15 hours ago
He's so adorable!!! Oml😍😍😍
Daniel Campos
Daniel Campos 15 hours ago
Did he... did he just.... I know he didn’t just touch a raw chicken and then touch his hair and then the chicken again....
Abby Liu
Abby Liu 15 hours ago
I thought butchering was the killing plus the cutting until now and not just the cutting lol. learning something new everyday
Reese's Piece Of Life
*salmonella poisoning*
Halo Marie
Halo Marie 15 hours ago
I want them to recreate the froot loop cereal straws sooo bad
Kimberly Wong
Kimberly Wong 15 hours ago
Troye u just ran your chicken hand into your beautiful hair
Alina Fonseca Valentino
Smush me Troye 😍😍😝😝 lol
tracey jeanelle
tracey jeanelle 16 hours ago
wow the content i never knew i needed??
Jaford Tjardes
Jaford Tjardes 16 hours ago
I bout screamed when he ran his fingers through his hair right after handling the chicken
Grayce Dorsey
Grayce Dorsey 16 hours ago
He’s so cute
N N 17 hours ago
I want like 10 hours of this
Chazza 17 hours ago
Seeing him touch the chicken then touch his hair immediately after made me l o s e it.
Maglin 17 hours ago
He's an angel
PhillipMargrave 17 hours ago
My chicken skin did not crisp. It was burned black and tasted burnt. I cooked the chicken skin side down 10 minutes on medium heat and it still burned black like that.
Filling In The Blanks -extra room for surname-
Who is this precious child?
Baekhyun's Thighs
Baekhyun's Thighs 17 hours ago
After watching them cut the chicken, I think I’m gonna go vegetarian ✋🏻
alyxskyler 17 hours ago
He touched his hair after touching raw chicken at 1:09 oh Troy 😲😰😂😂
Anonymous 17 hours ago
I don’t know who he is but he looks like my best friend wtf
Naszty 17 hours ago
Like my video for 10 years goodluck
autumn hobbs
autumn hobbs 17 hours ago
i’m crying at how troye repeatedly says “yessssss!”
Mohammed 18 hours ago
with this outfit he looks like Jack Frost
Isabel Chavez
Isabel Chavez 18 hours ago
4:10 That moment when you know you messed up...
Edwin Bollim
Edwin Bollim 18 hours ago
Y'all called Troye a *she* in the description
Teenage Bird
Teenage Bird 18 hours ago
This gave me rainbow cake throwback feels
Edwin Bollim
Edwin Bollim 18 hours ago
do i like this?? idk
Mohammed 18 hours ago
01:09 oh honey Troye don't touch the chicken than touch your hair lol
MyChemicalLove011 18 hours ago
What a beautiful human bean troye is
øhsnapitzyen 18 hours ago
troye is like a ricky dillon 2.0 with when he uses one word comments
K S 18 hours ago
“What are you doing with your brick?” “I’m holding it awkwardly in one hand” “SAME” 😂😂
K S 19 hours ago
Marie 19 hours ago
Troye's reactions made this. His facial expressions are everything.
Sinner Savedbygrace
Sinner Savedbygrace 19 hours ago
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The Midnight Demon
The Midnight Demon 19 hours ago
AHP TVZ 19 hours ago
Ewww he touched the raw chicken then touched his hair... was no1 else triggered🤢
Calvin Mcdonald
Calvin Mcdonald 19 hours ago
Jacob is going to be very pleased haha
Noelle Irina
Noelle Irina 19 hours ago
He touched the chicken...and then ran his fingers through his hair...
Hitchuwitdat Ddududdudu
Boy. I know u didn’t just rub chicken juice all in ur hair
Rapist Spongebob
Rapist Spongebob 19 hours ago
Afflictionzv1 19 hours ago
I butchered a chicken for the first time when I was 5 years old, I cannot fathom how a mother/father does not teach these things to a child.
ItzjustZy_125 qwq
ItzjustZy_125 qwq 20 hours ago
Hit me with that drumstick daddy p.s: im kidding love you precious
superflarrow 12
superflarrow 12 20 hours ago
He is so precious
Darth Veedy
Darth Veedy 20 hours ago
Troye looking at the camera with a face of fear is the only reason I'm still mentally sain
Madison Hornig
Madison Hornig 20 hours ago
Aw he’s so cute I can’t
Cringey Life
Cringey Life 20 hours ago
Troye is the best
Kaitlyn Pereira
Kaitlyn Pereira 20 hours ago
8:16 looks like he is wanking
marwa mag
marwa mag 21 hour ago
what am i doing here? i have a math exam.
mayesha b
mayesha b 21 hour ago
mayesha b
mayesha b 21 hour ago
Ester Viktoria
Ester Viktoria 21 hour ago
Ooo i hate this
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