Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

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Troye Sivan visits the Bon Appétit test kitchen to make a chicken under a brick with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only?
Try the recipe for yourself here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/chicken-under-a-brick-in-a-hurry
Troye Sivan's latest album, Bloom, is out now. Troye also stars in 'Boy Erased', now in theaters.
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Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


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Nov 6, 2018




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Comments 4 631
Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit 3 months ago
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J. Seth D
J. Seth D 20 days ago
How about a "Don't touch your hair while cooking" shirt? Lol
Husnul Hotimah
Husnul Hotimah 25 days ago
Thank you for having him ^^
Husnul Hotimah
Husnul Hotimah 25 days ago
Troye Sivan love it ^^
Bella Offline
Bella Offline 14 minutes ago
it looks like he was shaking so badly-
Fan Fanatic
Fan Fanatic 2 hours ago
Troye is adorable during this whole video
callmefem Day ago
I’m a vegetarian but I love Troye so imma just focus on Troye’s face
하프 한국어
I want her black apron
8:06 'with the pounding' his face lmao O-o
Breanna Brown
Breanna Brown 2 days ago
troys can slice me like he did that chicken any day lmao
jasmijn slot
jasmijn slot 2 days ago
His face at 8:06 with the pounding
Anonimous Gay Alcoholic
Troye can pound me any day
No Hate
No Hate 3 days ago
In the description, they have a typo. It’s says “can SHE follow the recipe following only verbal instructions?” 🤣🥴
lms97jb 3 days ago
id love to see BTS on this
Jaebum's strawberry milk shake
The hair....... NOOOOOOO
Jaebum's strawberry milk shake
In this video, i saw troye's mother like figure 😍
Shyamal Das
Shyamal Das 3 days ago
"and I get to check your chicken"
Mrigaanka Sharma
Mrigaanka Sharma 3 days ago
Look it's the trailer for Game of Thrones.
Leil_forlif 4 days ago
He’s looking at the camera like save me
Leil_forlif 4 days ago
I’m still mad all they used was salt and pepper
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish 4 days ago
Not a video for vegetarian like me haha lol
Joey Joe
Joey Joe 4 days ago
Fun video! So cute!
Luis Venegas
Luis Venegas 4 days ago
I just had a sex dream about Troye Sivan whispering to me -why is yours so big? -
Jinae106 5 days ago
how didnt i know about this??
Engraver Arnold
Engraver Arnold 5 days ago
did he put the whole clove of garlic right in the mortar instead of taking the skin part off???
Atika Maharani
Atika Maharani 5 days ago
harry styles next
Athena Wolf
Athena Wolf 7 days ago
Why are all the cute guys gay??
Willow Mellet
Willow Mellet 7 days ago
Troye is so cute❤️
black paw
black paw 8 days ago
1:54 when you're having sex for the first time
black paw
black paw 8 days ago
2:05 when you try a new position
black paw
black paw 8 days ago
2:03 when you're with a woman and you realize you're gay
Linda evangelista
Us gays really can’t stop touching our hair
Bren Mc
Bren Mc 8 days ago
HE did not just touch his hair
Pierre O. Park
Pierre O. Park 8 days ago
He just might give himself salmonella poisoning via hair or skin contact and become a medical marvel.
Jessica Chattergoon
May I ask how this guy is getting famous cuz he’s been on my recommendation for a while and I was just wondering?
Cassidy Shauna
Naomi Lawson he is also an actor! was in the movie boy erased released last year and received a golden globe nom for best original song for the movie as well
Naomi Lawson
Naomi Lawson 8 days ago
He was a vlogger and then he started making music! It's really good.
cam the dog
cam the dog 8 days ago
0:56 Carla: pick up the chicken by its legs troye: *nnnNEeEEyhH*
astroboi86 8 days ago
right after troye watched this video he screamed and ran to the washroom to wash his hair lol.....probably....i think....hope
Lilly M
Lilly M 8 days ago
"Why is it so big?" "I get that a lot."
Lilly M
Lilly M 8 days ago
Ali Baker
Ali Baker 9 days ago
Aaaaaand Troy has salmonella living in his hair .... oh lord 🧐😅
xMrs Pandix
xMrs Pandix 9 days ago
3:56 that looks.... Special
xMrs Pandix
xMrs Pandix 9 days ago
After all this time I found the guy from my WhatsApp stickers :p
Hazardless 9 days ago
Such a cute video I’d love to see other celebs do this :)
jaeboy19 9 days ago
Watch out INA we have a new Hag in town !!!! She's bringing all the gays yaaaasss CARLA !!!!!!
N Valleria
N Valleria 10 days ago
I thought Troye was wearing lipstick in the thumbnail
James Stark: Ben Edition
TIL Salt+ abrasive pounding = paste and I feel like this applies to more than food and Troye feels the same way from the way he smiled lol
Jaimee 10 days ago
no one: troye: yes
Mehnaz Noori
Mehnaz Noori 11 days ago
Chef : pounding ... Troye: confused eyes and thinks about other sort of pounding Chef : grinding Troye : 😳
rayofsunshine 12 days ago
LMAO his facial expressions are precious
moisauce 12 days ago
carla was so shook that troye gagged
Sakura Kinomoto
Sakura Kinomoto 13 days ago
cooks have such strong arms though... cooking can be one heck of a workout
Kenzie Kennedy
Kenzie Kennedy 14 days ago
He fingered the chicken! Get it? He was rubbing the chicken
LoveofVelvet 16 days ago
Anyone else noticing how HOT PINK their lips are looking??? Say whaaa???
LoveofVelvet 16 days ago
Oh no he didn't!!!! Did he just touch his hair after touching raw chicken??
Kelly 16 days ago
I want Cardi B to do this so bad!
Evie Mariposa
Evie Mariposa 17 days ago
So all it takes for a vegeterian to watch a raw chicken getting sliced all down is Troye Sivan doing it
Konfetti girl
Konfetti girl 17 days ago
Is no one talking about 4:48? Like what is going on with the dude in the background?
Zenab Naaz
Zenab Naaz 17 days ago
when he was so ready to separate the other leg out of socket without even cutting the skin lol 😂 😂
robert10197 18 days ago
Carla made hella gay jokes lmao
i r i d o c y c l i t i s
i think ill never be able to cook a chicken.
Aleena Patrick
Aleena Patrick 20 days ago
1:54 his expression😂
Nate Barnes
Nate Barnes 20 days ago
You should do this with Cole or Dylan
Richard Mendoza
Richard Mendoza 25 days ago
He's learning give him a break I give him props for trying great job..
Nikko Tan
Nikko Tan 26 days ago
love how troye still looks straight into the camera sometimes...the youtuber in him is still there!!
Endie 26 days ago
Non fangirl comment coming through
Jake Domanski
Jake Domanski 27 days ago
4:48 the guy in the back is me when i see BA upload a new video
carol bourgouin
carol bourgouin 27 days ago
I swear Carla could walk a kindergartener through brain surgery. She is an incredible instructor.
kinetic sand ASMR SATISFYING
Count how many times Troye said yup,or yeah,yes
Samuel Lawson
Samuel Lawson 28 days ago
I'm getting Simple Jack vibes from this dude.
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen 28 days ago
His confusion looks like me in all my classes 😂😂
slow burn
slow burn 29 days ago
Troye is so adorable my heart
Kaytlin Gul
Kaytlin Gul Month ago
i watched this with my mum and it got her fuming how you kept touching your hair😭😭
Cassandra Douglas
Troye Sivan being adorable for 15 minutes straight😂❤️
Cyra Strong
Cyra Strong Month ago
Taerrific pjms
Taerrific pjms Month ago
I was silently praying Troye would leave his chicken to cook for some more time but oh well😂😂
Roselyn Rodriguez
He’s pretty
Marina Saurus
Marina Saurus Month ago
Maggie Stevens
Maggie Stevens Month ago
rewatching vids because i’ve watched all of troye
Sahara A
Sahara A Month ago
I might be going crazy, but I think I saw Carla at my local mall. In Bellevue, Washington. She was with a little kid, idk if a boy or a girl. But when I saw her I was like, no way!! I didn’t stop and say hi because I was with a friend. But I was shook.
Queen B
Queen B Month ago
Love that I'm not the only one who screamed oh no troye when he touched his hair after touchin the chicken 😂
Becca Month ago
" yes "
Vansh Aggarwal
Vansh Aggarwal Month ago
Carla - "Oh yeah, we wait for none" 😂😂😂
Vansh Aggarwal
Vansh Aggarwal Month ago
OMG ! There is ANDY in the background ! Lots of love !
God, this is sexy.
isabel& August
isabel& August Month ago
At 1:09 troye tuched his hair after he touched the chicken that's not sanetary
Bleh Zoe
Bleh Zoe Month ago
My thigh started aching when I watched the part where the chicken thigh was ripped out of its socket😖
Julia Wiener
Julia Wiener Month ago
the noise of horror I made when Troye first touched the chicken and then immediately touched his hair
Say Pink
Say Pink Month ago
6:45 now I hate her
Craig Athonian
Craig Athonian Month ago
Troye starts a new hair styling craze ... Salmonella wipes !
Funny Human
Funny Human Month ago
Thing is... I am a vegetarian and watched this ENTIRE THING just because of Troye.
Min Month ago
Roni! At The Disco
1:08 Troye bby you seriously touched your hair JUST after you touched the chicken?
Trent Ousley
Trent Ousley Month ago
Troye: YES
Daphne Month ago
imagine being this lovable
Daphne Month ago
oh my i luv this
Melanie Sykora
Melanie Sykora Month ago
Troye is me cooking
ninjarevv Month ago
Omg the moment he touched his hair ahhhhhhhhhh
Emma Larson
Emma Larson Month ago
Oh God I died when he immediately touched his hair after touching the kitchen
Manvi Hooja
Manvi Hooja Month ago
She's so humble😲😲😲😲😲
Legand Morrissey
He was doing pretty good
The Violet Sunrise
he looks like an angel *combusts*
Sakira Del Rosario
Why didn't anyone tell him not to touch his hair after touching the raw chicken
Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen
Petition for Mads Mikkelsen to do this, please.
張泰銘 Month ago
Troye Sivan is so cute and talented and everything else. And he’s so incredibly smart. I’m so dumb compared to him.
張泰銘 Month ago
Troye Sivan is so cute.
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