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NewhamMatt 12 hours ago
Triumph was at his most savage in this. It must be one of his best performances.
Piga Chu
Piga Chu 23 hours ago
Burger king we're all dragon masters eat 😂😂😂😂
Sted Day ago
Wild to think that the unborn child is about 17 years old now.
Mr JK Day ago
Yeah right and I'm shtouping lassy
Mykie Dubs
Mykie Dubs Day ago
"how do you explain this to your imaginary girlfriend?" HAHAHAHA
Mario & Luigi
Mario & Luigi 2 days ago
Who would wait in line after JarJar?!? 🤔🤔
fabio mariscal
fabio mariscal 2 days ago
8:18 Pure art, just fantastic.
Antivlog 3 days ago
NeonBlud 3 days ago
Must’ve been hot that day. I can’t even count all of those BURNS!!
Talking Deaf
Talking Deaf 3 days ago
There is no toxicity here at all, how?
Walter Shattenkirk
Walter Shattenkirk 2 hours ago
Talking Deaf Because the people that enjoy triumph and the nerds into Star Wars don’t have time for toxicity. Higher life forms perhaps?
Nathan Platero
Nathan Platero 4 days ago
Lmao the ending was funny when they brought the star trek dude lol
Nathan Platero
Nathan Platero 4 days ago
Super nerd😂
Esteban García
Esteban García 5 days ago
Jordi wild...alguien más?
MovieTalk 6 days ago
This is the greatest Triumph Video ever....
Jordan Peters
Jordan Peters 6 days ago
“and don’t you forget to finish your filet-o-fish, oh Dragonmaster”
feckingud 7 days ago
I love how the people here still look serious or does not feel insulted. Try that nowadays.
feckingud 7 days ago
Epic shows, remember taking them from europe in stro ftp servers long before shitty video sharing services existed.
Gleep Wurp
Gleep Wurp 7 days ago
Even comedy like that of Triumph would not be tolerated by the woke libtards of today.
knoxvegas 7 days ago
Lol. Is Spock Jordan shlanski?
Lobo Lycan
Lobo Lycan 7 days ago
yeaah Jordi!
sdb4884 8 days ago
Easy days work for Triumph, they gave him so much to work with :)
DapperDan 8 days ago
god damn, and then will ferrel after? what a show!
Toron Bolo
Toron Bolo 8 days ago
Wait a minute ... Is that Jordan?
Bill Lombard
Bill Lombard 9 days ago
🤣🤣🤣funny then , funny now , classic
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 9 days ago
This makes Star Trek fans seems better.
Rohit Kumar Verma
Conan doesn't have a strong side kick so he invented Triumph.
Jon Barry
Jon Barry 9 days ago
that was amazing, don't think the millenials could handle these jokes though
sonand sanford
sonand sanford 9 days ago
Lol.... in 6wks, it'll be the last time he'll see female genitalia! Best line ever.
Joe Famulari
Joe Famulari 10 days ago
Is there a Korean guy under that? Hilarious!
Emi Dom
Emi Dom 10 days ago
- I don't deal with lesser life forms. - You don't deal with lesser life forms? You must be a lonely guy. If you really think about it, that joke doesn't make sense.
SUN WARRIOR 11 days ago
The ceremonial banging of the plastic toys!!! Lmaooooooo
DRGONZOO 11 days ago
never gets old
Paulo Sanches
Paulo Sanches 13 days ago
This is easily in my top 10 best things I've proud to find randomly on youtube!
Chromecast Thisis
Chromecast Thisis 14 days ago
This is just hilarious. What's wrong with people. Why this video has just 500k views?
BishopAdamair 14 days ago
Still, one of the funniest ever.
Tim Roberts
Tim Roberts 14 days ago
Triumph for Comedy Central Roast
Peter Kneidinger
Peter Kneidinger 15 days ago
The mom? At 4:40 looks like the person Marion Ravenwood beat in the drinking contest in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.
ADiSH 15 days ago
"You will die alone" - I still think about this line all these years later
JayRNoteS 15 days ago
People who can take a joke? Those were greater times
GreensOplenty 16 days ago
i worked at "george lucas's favorite theater" during this. people were getting nasty. poopn in the urinals and things so they can get back in the theater fast. enjoy your popcorn next time rich folks... few employees got paid sooo much, they slept in their cars and didnt like to wash their hands and liked to dip em in the popcorn alot. depressed people arent too hygienic.
ROOKTABULA 17 days ago
Can you IMAGINE trying this today?! So many seizures and law suits a safe space seekers.
Red Stilletto
Red Stilletto 21 day ago
2:52 I found bad bhabie or however the hell you spell her name
Nick thompson
Nick thompson 21 day ago
Those nerds were champs lol!
Lisa Page
Lisa Page 21 day ago
Someone in line is dressed as Indiana Jones.
Omar Issa
Omar Issa 22 days ago
“Lonely men that never had sex not even with catholic priest”😂😂
Dan Joseph Camongol
That Spock guy kinda looks like Jordan Schlansky.
Aubergine Bellen
Aubergine Bellen 23 days ago
2:48 For that woman the odds are good... but the goods are odd.
alpha omega
alpha omega 24 days ago
Are you a Korean under there....I died...
Noah White
Noah White 24 days ago
10:40 Weird to think there was ever a period in which Star Wars was essentially a joke. Now its life or friggin' death for some people.
fjf sjdnx
fjf sjdnx 21 day ago
Is still a joke tho
Marijn 26 days ago
Best video ever?
Mario Acosta
Mario Acosta 26 days ago
Is that JORDAN?!
Lee Witzel
Lee Witzel 27 days ago
This game is normally played indoors by 12 year olds! I lost it!
ETHN Salinas-PLT
ETHN Salinas-PLT 27 days ago
"Carbonite" "No, the correct answer is 'who gives a *BEEP*'" LOL
Daniel Hightower
Daniel Hightower 28 days ago
i miss this dog
Brian Wang
Brian Wang Month ago
Go to this premiere on a moderate dose of LSD I would
Plush Gang
Plush Gang Month ago
Legend has it the dragonmaster is still finishing his filet 'o fish
Robert Jensen
Robert Jensen Month ago
That was amazing.
ryan magiera
ryan magiera Month ago
Was that Jordan Schlansky as Spock???
JD Adventure
JD Adventure Month ago
Fun to another Level
M P Month ago
You can tell just by looking at these people they live in their father's basement and do not contribute to a lick of society. But I guess that is ok with them when everyone else is doing the work they should be doing. Just like these people who have worthless jobs like youtubers. They sit around and play video games all day and record themselves while there are people are fighting in the military for freedom, people who are going to school to be doctors, farmers growing food, engineers cleaning the water...…..all so you can sit and play video games.
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