Trippie Redd Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Trippie Redd goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and talks about going on sneaker shopping sprees, wearing BAPE when he was younger, and roasts high-end sneakers.
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Jul 2, 2018

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Comments 11 452
Amer Mekuc
Amer Mekuc Day ago
He ugly Dammnnnnnn
Ivan Primanda
Ivan Primanda 2 days ago
this guy is real satan in the earth
Vince 2 days ago
As much as I ain't a fan of trippie he's a humble ass kid. Seems real chill.
CAVRᎧN 3 days ago
DIMA OFFICIAL 3 days ago
Я один русский и заметил что у trippie цепь как у Моргенштерна Лайк если тоже заметил
Faniel Gerensea
Faniel Gerensea 3 days ago
0:45 This foo looks like he just woke up
Max Kalinyuk
Max Kalinyuk 4 days ago
His hair looks like he tapes takis to his head
Aj Justinger
Aj Justinger 5 days ago
Christopher Acevedo
Trippie should get the redd october
Cyndicate 8 days ago
Navid Niknezhad
Navid Niknezhad 8 days ago
Didn't talk about x, never had him on your show
James Punting
James Punting 8 days ago
One of the best to ever Grace the mic
Torray Long
Torray Long 10 days ago
Oh yea Canton Ohio.
gabriel perez
gabriel perez 10 days ago
girl at the register is mad pretty
VelvetThunder69 10 days ago
I live right by Trippier reds childhood house in canton it’s by canton country day school
Swizzler:P 10 days ago
What about ice cube
Chris Park
Chris Park 11 days ago
Wow they’re literally looking at their hands making a heart
Hi Potato
Hi Potato 11 days ago
my heart 🤤💋‼️
teebz R
teebz R 11 days ago
1000 for a trax paints?
Leevi Alalauri
Leevi Alalauri 13 days ago
what is trippie redds snapchat?
Taurine Apollo
Taurine Apollo 13 days ago
he spent the most money out of the other rappers
Depressed Savage
Depressed Savage 14 days ago
Some complex sneaker shopping videos are titeld as „no“ Why 🧐
Chris Wise
Chris Wise 14 days ago
If only X was here i would love to see x goes sneaker shopping
Miles Gambrell
Miles Gambrell 14 days ago
Chris Wise same bro
Hoodlum Incineroar
Hoodlum Incineroar 15 days ago
6:11 to 6:13 BEEF
Hoodlum Incineroar
Hoodlum Incineroar 15 days ago
6:15 When trippie says this is smokepurpp As a shoe
Portal Master
Portal Master 17 days ago
Ethan Perez
Ethan Perez 17 days ago
Literally no one : Trippe : your hand are shaped like a heart
Jake Goldmen
Jake Goldmen 18 days ago
the dude on the left of trippie red at 8:05 looks faded as hell
Ocean Delsol
Ocean Delsol 21 day ago
Why dis mans hair look like sum hot Cheetos
Nitza 22 days ago
Trippie look better wit black hair
Francesco Rosotti
Francesco Rosotti 22 days ago
that scit is crasyyyy
mind over matter is magic
He high as fuck
Simon Dewan
Simon Dewan 24 days ago
0:09 this is how trippie Redd exactly feeling
davani all day
davani all day 24 days ago
This is smoke puurp as a shoe
Destiny Rubalcava
Destiny Rubalcava 24 days ago
He's a freaking size 5?!?!? 7:31 Bruh I'm barely 11 and I'm size 8😂😂😂
Destiny Rubalcava
Destiny Rubalcava 22 days ago
@That’s Green oh that makes sense
That’s Green
That’s Green 22 days ago
Destiny Rubalcava they was for his girl
Jammie Burton
Jammie Burton 25 days ago
Do yella beezy
Jammie Burton
Jammie Burton 25 days ago
Hope fully he does yella beezy
DAX THE PONY 25 days ago
His hair low key look like hot cheetos
Brudi Lamborghini
Brudi Lamborghini 26 days ago
6.9 millon views how ironic
Jermica Portillo
Jermica Portillo 28 days ago
When he thought about his girl though 😭
Jermica Portillo
Jermica Portillo 28 days ago
Tell me why trippie looks lost in the thumbnail 😂😂
jjgohard 29 days ago
2:18 trippie starts to break character
Nin Ja
Nin Ja 29 days ago
Francisco Romero
In the corner is the picture of the mona lisa
Jason webb
Jason webb Month ago
His skin tone reminds me of spoiled milk
miniphoenix studio's
I like hes picks like the most expensive shoes and asked him WHY DONT YOU LIKE THEM WE NEED YOUR MONEY
World Wide Web.
World Wide Web. Month ago
He’s wearing marshmallow sweats
Avion Urban
Avion Urban Month ago
What kind of kicks are joe rocking in this video
Hyper Month ago
What’s pants are those?
Ghost Tripxie
Ghost Tripxie Month ago
Flaming cheetos on his head
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