Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

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In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.
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Dec 4, 2018




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Comments 19 376
Rouh Allah AlShelh روح الله آل شلح
I never got to meet my grandma but this reminded me of my great aunts same wisdom🌸💜
DKZ Hour ago
gogo should be a comedian
glogirl128 4 hours ago
My grandmothers house in Iran is exactly like this! The toilet outside, the fridge magnets, the tree, the broken glass for protection, miss her soo much :')
Ashley Gomes
Ashley Gomes 10 hours ago
Total bullshit. First of all, there's no "road joy" in South Africa. South Africa has tons and tons of road murders. Secondly, if apartheid was so bad, how come Ramaphosa said "I want to tie the White people to trees and BEG them not to leave. We can't let the White people leave." Mandela was pretty good, but honestly, South Africa was probably better under De Klerk than it is now.
Kaye Wilde
Kaye Wilde 11 hours ago
And soweto is beautiful!!!!
Kaye Wilde
Kaye Wilde 11 hours ago
I thought gogo was the 91-year old legally blind great grandma who smelled him shit on her kitchen floor when he was a kid. In his book, he called this gogo "gran". Ps. I wanna see his mum and andrew and isaac. I bawled my eyes out while i was riding my motorbike and listening to him tell how his mum got shot in the head.
Love the onomatopoeia just like my Haitian grandma she brings Kreole to life when she speaks
We have those glasses in Haiti as well and the market is the same way
Liz Rohme
Liz Rohme 13 hours ago
Kia M
Kia M 13 hours ago
I grew up in a house with my grandmother and we had a yellow kitchen with those exact refrigerator magnets! Trevor was raised in South Africa. I was raised in Southeast, D.C.
The Stuffed Vegan
The Stuffed Vegan 13 hours ago
Savannah Henson
Savannah Henson 14 hours ago
This was the most real interview i ever seen before
Nocka Mama
Nocka Mama 15 hours ago
Man, everytime I watch this I cant finished it. Reminds me so much of my grandma.
Tlotlo Senai
Tlotlo Senai 16 hours ago
I'm from Botswana (Southern Africa). I wonder how African Americans feel when they hear an African language. Does it spark something within them that says 'My roots' or is it just, "Eh..." Just curious...
missbennet10 18 hours ago
so shathii
so shathii 18 hours ago
trevor i think you're at *my* grandma's house👀
Iris Ioannou
Iris Ioannou 19 hours ago
Amazing grandma!!! It is so sad what they had to go through ....
Kae Zales
Kae Zales 20 hours ago
This felt really intimate. I love it!. Your grandma is the cuuuuuutest!.x
guykr10 22 hours ago
She's such a nice lady :)
E. Ava
E. Ava 23 hours ago
I love your Grandmother..your relationship with her is so sweet. Thank you for sharing this part of your life. Hopefully you will do more episodes with her. I would like to see a follow-up episode after the generator and TV issues are corrected and she watches your show.
Marisa Hahn
Marisa Hahn 23 hours ago
I love the fact, that she isn`t interested in his show/fame, but says "Good morning" to his cute photo every day.
Gift Imienitama
Gift Imienitama 23 hours ago
Just like Nigerians
hello991122 Day ago
My mind still can not comprehend all the cruelties people from Europe back then did to people in Africa, Amercia, Australia and other places ...
s.r. talens
s.r. talens Day ago
How wonderful his grandma is. She's been thru many things for sure and still able to adapt life nowadays. Great sense of humour (Trevor has it too). She doesn't live in bitterness. I'm sure she lives a happy life. Wow 😍
we had the same fruit magnet in my home (denmark) XD
Peter Evans
Peter Evans Day ago
Manager of white people. That is impressive. Turns out Trevor is a racist. (Dis vieslik om te sien, maar nie onverwags, aangesien hy 'n swart Suid-Afrikaner is. Wat meer ontstellend is, is dat hy in 'n wit land, Amerika, leef en wit mense beledig.) Translated: It is disgusting to see, but not unexpected, as he is a black South African. What is more disturbing, is that he live in a white country, America, and insults white people. What a f@cking hypocrite.
dodouify Day ago
Just know the white people so you know you don't own south Africa
Old ppl are like children in that they will tell ya the truth! I love their honesty I wish we didn't grown out of it and waited so long to finally just say what we meant. Also grandmas always there with the stuff that needs to be fixed.
Maria OConnor
Thanks Trevor for bringing us into your cherished world. 💖 a beautiful conversation echoing unconditional love joy and determination to make comfort and happiness our goal. 💖
Lewis LL
Lewis LL Day ago
91 and still so sharp and brilliant... Trevor you are blessed and such a genuine guy. don't change
Paris Fenty
Paris Fenty Day ago
The electricity cutting down it happens in most countries in Africa 🇦🇴😂
Jordan Snyder
Absolutely Beautiful 😍😍😍 I love you and your Grandma!!!!!!
LLC Day ago
That was beautiful full of love and joy
Amy9x Day ago
Can’t believe I’m just finding this now. I read his book when it came out, and watching this and seeing what he described in the book is awesome!
Julie Bryan
Julie Bryan Day ago
How refreshing, young 34, Educated, and Handsome. Just found him, Iam a fan. Speaks 5 different Languages. I will be listening to your Audio Books, and pod cast. How special, a great role model, and kind.
Alexander Thailand
Fucking Apartheid
Sarah Longstaff
Trevor's grandmother is so adorable! He takes after her so much in personality.
Kyle Bridston
Is it just me or does she look incredible for 91
manuel lingan
she is very sweet... suddenly i miss my grandma...
Nooraan Jones
You Def got it from your gran 😂😂😂
I wish we had road joy in California lol
J M Day ago
Beautiful grandma.
Denisher Forbes
So funny and tearful....
Fathima Aamina Nawaz
I studied apartheid for my history course and the soweto uprising was part of it
Lorenzo Flores
By far my favorite interview. Love grandma coco
George Yorgos
sounds like the communism in estern europe.
Luvaan Rooyan
From 9:30 all South Africans knew what she was saying
jaja isrichtig
What a wonderful, funny, bright and humble grandma. And she is not bitter at all after living oppressed and exploited for so many years.
MrDhruba88 Day ago
Lots of love for this wonderful Grandma, from India
" And now I'm also a manager of white people Gogo" 😆😆😆
Wolfy Day ago
4:49 Gotcha
TallRachrach RBLX
ntj ntj
ntj ntj Day ago
Very sharp granny...love yah!!!
Snl23 Day ago
those big bumps they know my slippers 👏👏
Snl23 Day ago
no. no thank you!
Darrick Ensey
Talk about humility, respect and honor no matter how far you make it in life. Knowing the roots of what grew you into the man you are today and not only not forgetting it but truly appreciating it, is a rarity. Loved this segment. Your grandmother has see and lived through things no human should, which is why she's Strong.
Rebecca C.
Rebecca C. Day ago
Obsessed with his grandmother.
No Filter Family
That's crazy he just realized that he's a white man. He is very white compared to the true black South African people. Coco is amazing the world needs more Coco's.
n v
n v Day ago
I don’t see any difference than how we live in Mexico 🇲🇽.....
Galahad 7 hours ago
Hate Is live
Hate Is live 2 days ago
Like literally whites people crying offer the white farmers who getting killed in South Africa. Its Karma bitch you been killing black people for 50 years and you can’t handle it for 1 years.
Melody Davis
Melody Davis 2 days ago
Trevor buy your Cocoa some be appliances. It is an African custom to honor and take cares of our elders. You have been blessed in many ways.
David law
David law 2 days ago
the bottle broken on the walls is just like nigeria the days T.T
mike'z dedan
mike'z dedan 2 days ago
Do all black people all over the world have fruits on the refrigerator...i love my black people
Wingila Mpamila
Wingila Mpamila 2 days ago
Hey MADIBA! Haaaaa!......
vuyokazi sodinga
vuyokazi sodinga 2 days ago
I can't believe its been 5 whole years. I remember watching Trevor Noah as a kid. Its so weird but cool seeing this.
Extreme Compilations
Lmao load-shedding. The third worldians feel you Trabah
Tong Zhao
Tong Zhao 2 days ago
It was a tough time but Trevor looked so cute! Still looks cute now!
Jeremiah Uti
Jeremiah Uti 2 days ago
He kind of sounds like korg
Peter Franzi
Peter Franzi 2 days ago
selfish rich guy. how you not spoil your grandmother
Kris Zimmerman
Kris Zimmerman 2 days ago
What language is he speaking, does anybody know? I’m just curious
shristi kumar
shristi kumar 2 days ago
gogo is so cute !
laura marrero fabian
Trevor and his Gogo 😍😍😍😍😍 I miss mine Gogo/Nonna so much So this brings tears to mine eyes
DanceTuLyfe 2 days ago
In a word...beautiful.
Casey Levins
Casey Levins 2 days ago
Was that an Agave plant at 1:53?
7h1nk3r Blackliquid
I've only known this woman for eight minutes but if ANYTHING happens to her I'll kill everyone and then myself.
Karolina Lora
Karolina Lora 2 days ago
I want more Gogo 🥰
Breah Saldana
Breah Saldana 2 days ago
Reminds me of my grandmother...who raised me..always an angel in my eyes..Trevor ur very lucky
Aliyah Watson
Aliyah Watson 2 days ago
"Now Im also a manager of white people" LMAO
yesmine 2 days ago
How sweeeet is koko 😍
Mohamed Musse
Mohamed Musse 2 days ago
Black people in South Africa are racist bastards. The British should never free them.
Malik Ali
Malik Ali 2 days ago
Love u brother you remind me my grand mother
santosh ganti
santosh ganti 2 days ago
She should have her own show LOL!!.
REIGN 2 days ago
She is funnier than him
Ray Piloya
Ray Piloya 2 days ago
Those big bums they know my slippers...hahaa
koutaiba alabd
Had me dying 🤣
uje pagaz
uje pagaz 2 days ago
He is so nice I am dying from cuteness
uje pagaz
uje pagaz 2 days ago
I know Trevor exists only from the last 2 hours and I have a crush on him
Yanet B
Yanet B 2 days ago
Cassie Collingsworth
jaklegend3 3 days ago
Come on Trevor... Instantly pointing to the "most white looking dude" in the room and saying "These are the people that opressed you right?". Thats not cool. Thats racist.
Wessel Vosser
Wessel Vosser 3 days ago
No Trevor...stop selling your poor story. This is South Africa, as told by a black man. You were never oppressed...what a douchebag!! usvid.net/video/video-xteF2DVCCvQ.html
Nina Boseggia
Nina Boseggia 3 days ago
I love her, she's so funny !
Fabian Pereira
Fabian Pereira 3 days ago
His Grandama just warms my heart
Ley Yu
Ley Yu 3 days ago
Feels like Philippines... with the magnets and alot of stuffs.
Rune Heitmann
Rune Heitmann 3 days ago
Why are so many people disliking this video?
pavithra moorthy
pavithra moorthy 3 days ago
She is so sweet! You are so lucky to have a grandma like her Trevor.
Cesc Cesc
Cesc Cesc 3 days ago
Fuck, I'm in shock.
Sion Benjamin
Sion Benjamin 3 days ago
Wow! What a window into life in South Africa, the times then and now. Most important what a great grandma with a wit that is addictive, reactions like clicks and whistles to highlight life! Blessings and good health to grandma and all loved ones. Now make a clip with mom and dad to tell of their experience in growing a child who was white in grandma's neighborhood, mixed in others and wanted to be a black bro on the way to America! Cheers!!
Kiyingi Abbey
Kiyingi Abbey 3 days ago
we need a full documentary about Gogo she is down to earth and amazing
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