Tory Lanez and T-Pain - Jerry Sprunger (Official Music Video)

Tory Lanez
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Tory Lanez and T-Pain - Jerry Sprunger smarturl.it/JerrySprunger
Directed by: @midjordan
Production Company: @blanksquareproductions
EP: @edgaresteves @christhedirector
DP/ Creative Director: @christhedirector
DP: @christhedirector
Producer: @Miketheproducer
Editor: @torylanez
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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 3 757
Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez 2 days ago
PREORDER CHIXTAPE 5 NOW!!! Chixtape.com/
Grant Martin
Grant Martin 14 hours ago
Tory Lanez can't wait till it comes out!!! It's gonna be awesome... Keep up the good work Tory 😄🇨🇦
TjFerroVEVO 16 hours ago
vaniii vlogs usvid.net/video/video-kfrVrh16cos.html
TjFerroVEVO 16 hours ago
Tory Lanez usvid.net/video/video-kfrVrh16cos.html
Nikita Wagner
Nikita Wagner 16 hours ago
Nikita Wagner
Nikita Wagner 16 hours ago
Mo M-C
Mo M-C 6 hours ago
Nostalgic 😏
Stacy Tucker
Stacy Tucker 6 hours ago
He sounds like a girl.
Carabela Castellanos
tory klk boy boy i love your music u remind me to my bro @Carabela301 hes youtube channel is CARABELAHD he is loco 2
Tamari Brown
Tamari Brown 7 hours ago
you can't let it go w/o meee..fuck you and everybody cause it's all about meee....
thjohn1987 8 hours ago
Thank you!!!!
Courtney Davis
Courtney Davis 8 hours ago
I had that Celtic jacket when I was little. A Lakers one too my dad bought for me.
Z 8 hours ago
King of R&B
jacob garcia
jacob garcia 8 hours ago
Barbecue my house... No lighter or wood needed just keep this song on repeat 🔥
Tanelle Mendoza
Tanelle Mendoza 8 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Repeat
Lil Siqo
Lil Siqo 9 hours ago
I'm sprung is the first song I ever heard from T Pain and became an instant fan. Thanks you Tory for bringing back this masterpiece. Now, the only thing missing is Akon in the video.
Tomé Vidal
Tomé Vidal 9 hours ago
T-Pain 🔥
meeks mills
meeks mills 9 hours ago
This could of been a summer song SMH
Earl Edmond
Earl Edmond 9 hours ago
This shit so dope 🔥
Ceejay 9 hours ago
Why I jus realize they got flip phones 😂😭
Some Dude
Some Dude 10 hours ago
That's a lot of autotune
Willie Prescott III
It's really not
Max Prior
Max Prior 10 hours ago
damn!! im sprung brings back them eating mud and shitting in nappy vibes!!! old school!!!!
Ina Kalif
Ina Kalif 10 hours ago
Ashley 10 hours ago
Luis Victorino
Luis Victorino 10 hours ago
Eduardo Paraiso
Eduardo Paraiso 10 hours ago
Bruh this shit slaps!!!!
OBM CakekoBando
OBM CakekoBando 11 hours ago
It’s fire 🔥
aychkay 11 hours ago
KK Raskal36
KK Raskal36 11 hours ago
Waited for a long time for this to drop...and it OVER exceeded my expectation, my favorite song today this shit is on 🔥🔥🔥 and mad props to Tory for remaking T-Pain’s "I’m Sprung” and actually putting T-Pain on the song much respect this how you give a nigga flowers while he still here 💯
Dave Eve
Dave Eve 11 hours ago
I respect this for the face it comes from the number one ... Mr T pain!. If you want to converse or cause me I’m at davideve@ Gmail. Fuckin right. Love you and fuck you. all y’all. And T-Pain, you - I love the hella out of you bro(a). - I’ll edit after some sleep but T-Pain is atshit!
ryskeezy 11 hours ago
Now this is paying homage to a legend and his hit song!!! ThankQ t-pain and t lane
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 11 hours ago
Not gonna lie, I expected more. The hook has the same cadence as the original except the beat is remixed so it throws me off. Hopefully the rest of chixtape 5 is better. I want a remixed classic beat with an original delivery. He didn’t make this song his own. Still one of my favorite artists tho!!
Arush 12 hours ago
Autotune at it's best.
Young Minuz
Young Minuz 12 hours ago
Kennythekobefan 12 hours ago
Bro I’m sprung was my child hood song
Young Minuz
Young Minuz 12 hours ago
Sterling Jackson
Sterling Jackson 12 hours ago
Listem to suge remix..then listen to this...is this the same person?!?
MakaveliG17C 7 hours ago
Yes tory is the most versatile artist in the game
Young Daw
Young Daw 12 hours ago
usvid.net/video/video-ZYHUuPFRarY.html subscribe
Elle 12 hours ago
Who’s the shawty at 3:12? Asking for me 💀
Keneth Johnny
Keneth Johnny 12 hours ago
Elle, check this: usvid.net/video/video-hIQwEKV0NGs.html
aola wili
aola wili 12 hours ago
Tory Lanez got on a durag when he know damn well he is bald😂😭
Drayzee Music Group
He grew his hair back
Keneth Johnny
Keneth Johnny 12 hours ago
Wili, check this out: usvid.net/video/video-hIQwEKV0NGs.html
hiphopmusicallday 12 hours ago
tory bring 2005 back yessss
aola wili
aola wili 12 hours ago
J. GRIMES is beast, better than t pain
EXO&THE BOYZ GÜEY 13 hours ago
Some of y’all don’t know I’m Sprung???? I was just listening to that today 😂 #18
Epizo Ebenhardt
Epizo Ebenhardt 13 hours ago
T_Lanez the man..T_pain dah dude...🔥👑🔥
breakingben 95
breakingben 95 13 hours ago
I'm not really into most of Tory Lanez singing music but I like this a lot.
BLUELINE A. 13 hours ago
Finally more F🔥re from 2of the realest artist.
Jasleen Sharma
Jasleen Sharma 13 hours ago
best song out so far
YoungBlunt &Mizguided
Wait, how he end up with the other girl, but he sprung😩
The cereal killer -
The cereal killer - 13 hours ago
Hot garbage 🤮
ProgressiveG 13 hours ago
Young Tory!!
Jo_CLuis 14 hours ago
This is fuego 🔥💣💥
Xardrian Vale
Xardrian Vale 14 hours ago
He hiding that hairline super hard lol
J Step
J Step 14 hours ago
Chixtape got me sprung!! 15th 🙌🏼
Ares 2321
Ares 2321 14 hours ago
Tory is the only artist thats bringing back music that use to connect with us back then, and the music that's still on our minds.
Other Guy
Other Guy 14 hours ago
J. Grimes is why I’m here 🔥
Dana Price
Dana Price 14 hours ago
J. Grimes anyone else?
Im Actually dead
Im Actually dead 14 hours ago
Benjamin Frederickson
J. GRIMES is beast, better than t pain
Emily Thomas-brewster
Generic Martian
Generic Martian 14 hours ago
Man i appreciate J. Grimes after what he said
Whatcha Want
Whatcha Want 14 hours ago
Like if anyone else is here from J. Grimes???
Vanessa Cannes
Vanessa Cannes 14 hours ago
I believe in J. Grimes
Karin Fabrizio
Karin Fabrizio 14 hours ago
Who else came here from J. Grimes ???
friggyk 14 hours ago
*J. Grimes brought me here*
Supreme Zay
Supreme Zay 14 hours ago
Ayee he even got that natural dark skinned beauty chillin in some normal clothing thats how they used to roll back than lol✊🏽💯
slugmouth tre
slugmouth tre 14 hours ago
This Song Fire 🔥
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