Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | 2019 ECSF | FreeDawkins

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April 29, 2019 | Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | 2019 ECSF | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Apr 30, 2019




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Comments 438
Eki Gonzalez
Eki Gonzalez 4 months ago
Now is the Time 👌 go go go Phily we must win in our house. Phily fans did the stadium Gage and all the time up with voices ...By Panathinaikos fan Greece
Vladimir Petrovic
Vladimir Petrovic 4 months ago
Bobi needs minutes. Why doesn't he play!?
Vladimir Petrovic
Vladimir Petrovic 4 months ago
1:10 traveling. NBA basketball is ridiculous. Anybody can dribble like this. You make two steps and then release the ball. 😂
JermHD 4 months ago
I can’t wait until Kawhi leaves Toronto this summer so Canada can return to being irrelevant again.
B.N.J.M 4 months ago
Why don't they let jeremy lin play
Green Wolf
Green Wolf 4 months ago
This man with the flag ''76ers'' down left as we watch ....hahaa Respect Huge Supporter ,he is doing this in every 76er s game !!!
no further west
no further west 4 months ago
What's up with D Green - too much pressure?
Steven Washington
Steven Washington 4 months ago
If Toronto doesn't make better use of Patrick McCaw, they will lose...as simple as that. He's a shutdown defender, shoots the three well, and would be the fastest man on both sides of the floor.
no further west
no further west 4 months ago
@Steven Washington LOL, had to go low huh. True sign of low self-esteem. Since I have a college degree and an IQ of 130, I doubt a fast food joint would be interested in me.
Steven Washington
Steven Washington 4 months ago
When he was with Golden State he was brilliant in their system and has always been recognized for his speed, defense and athleticism. His three point shooting average, of course, will be lower when contested as opposed to wide open looks. No offense, but you should stick to what you know best by working the fries and running the drive-thru on the grave yard shift. Its good to see you have an interest in pro basketball though buddy 😎
no further west
no further west 4 months ago
@Steven Washington Uhhh, this season he has avg 13:15 minutes per game and only 2.7 pts. So something's not adding up. His career 3pt % is 29.9. That is not "natural 3 pt shooter" numbers. You seem to not know what you're talking about, no offense.
Steven Washington
Steven Washington 4 months ago
He's got KD potential and would start on like 25 other teams. He's a natural 3 point shooter, brilliant on defense and one of the fastest players in the league. It hard to get minutes when you back up players like Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. The kid has a hell of a future.
no further west
no further west 4 months ago
i don't know much about him but his stats show that he's not very good.
Michael Tluangtea
Michael Tluangtea 4 months ago
Nice play by Sixers ,but rooting for Raptors though. My take, Raptors in 6.
Jalhaq Hadjifaisal
Jalhaq Hadjifaisal 4 months ago
i believe that the next king of east is kawhi leonard.. believe me. no one cant stop him right now.
Colorblind1975 4 months ago
Bucks vs SIxers in the next round
Anonymous Stranger
Anonymous Stranger 4 months ago
So close so close. Wonderful game!
Cheg 4 months ago
That high pitch screaming needs to stop.
Joseph Merluza
Joseph Merluza 4 months ago
it was just off night for the raps. even off night philly barely won the game. raps will bounce back in game 3
J.Rocha Beats
J.Rocha Beats 4 months ago
oh man, I wish Danny would've pump faked and send that over to Pascal in the corner...That's his zone.
no further west
no further west 4 months ago
THE HIPPO 4 months ago
Canada trying to help Trump build a wall.
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige 4 months ago
Raptors can definitely win 🏀🏀🏀🏀
Jewelz 4 months ago
Fact is 76ers were not that good. Raptors defense was still on point. Their shots weren't going in. 76ers should have blown raps out but couldnt.
ICAN 4 months ago
if it was Jeremy Lin in the last second, he coulda put in the last bucket
Dom Pano
Dom Pano 4 months ago
Lets Go sixers
Kenneth Manning
Kenneth Manning 4 months ago
J.Rocha Beats
J.Rocha Beats 4 months ago
@Kenneth Manning lol but you said he sucked at 3 pt shooting. How do you rationalize that opinion knowing yourself that you are wrong......bud LOL
Kenneth Manning
Kenneth Manning 4 months ago
I knew that there Bud so you chill.
J.Rocha Beats
J.Rocha Beats 4 months ago
LOL Danny Green was 2nd in the league in 3pt % this season. He had a bad night. Chill
Kenneth Manning
Kenneth Manning 4 months ago
Phila guys open all over the place .. TO has to play better defence! Let's go raptors
vagvll 4 months ago
Is there a woman giving birth everytime toronto scores?
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah 4 months ago
Jimmy Butler was a huge pickup for this team and is already paying huge dividends for the 76ers!
Hemi Bhatti
Hemi Bhatti 4 months ago
Cannot believe Danny green had the perfect chance to take it to OT and missed 🤦‍♂️
Mark Milanovich
Mark Milanovich 4 months ago
refs sucked ass last night
Slavi Paskalev
Slavi Paskalev 4 months ago
Great battle! 💪 I really enjoyed the intensity and the physicality of the game 👍 Glad that the series is tied 🏀. P.S. Arena stewards should be harsher on some supporters: I don't care how much some fans have paid, but the Sixers-banner dude in the first row and the crescendo screaming female supporter of Toronto were beyond irritating 😠
CyberSpace TM
CyberSpace TM 4 months ago
what a game! oh my god
Will Ackerman
Will Ackerman 4 months ago
Sweep right? Lmao
peeta 6010
peeta 6010 4 months ago
If this team were playing like this, probably kyrie is the king now! Sad to say kawhai played so mch but his teamnates need to step up!
bono hiuson
bono hiuson 4 months ago
Refs helped Philly. Those fouls on Jimmy by Kyle and Gasol are so thin.. Way thin.. NBA making scripts again..
JSam 4 months ago
I’m a raps fan but we can’t blame it on the refs. We missed so many open shots and nobody showed up except for Kawhi. Just a big L we took
MyNoseisDirty 4 months ago
Lebronto won't see the conference finals
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen 4 months ago
Nothing is free in this world. Word is Jimmy Butler wanted max contract; so now he gets a chance to show to the world that he deserves max contract. On my opinion he won't get the max contract though no matter how great he is in this playoff season because he is not superstar like Kawhi, KD, Lebron and his play is not consistent. Superstar player is the one who can play at the high level consistently and of course no one is perfect in this world so he might underperform on a few games.
Yashar MJ
Yashar MJ 4 months ago
Raptors lost to themselves
Fam Com
Fam Com 4 months ago
Fam Com
Fam Com 4 months ago
purrp 4 months ago
Come on raptors trippin
Steven Wong
Steven Wong 4 months ago
Is it just me or does it seem like that Ben Simmons didn't really know what he was doing. He looked so lost in this game
The Truth
The Truth 4 months ago
I would have had made that tieing three points shot
Oliver Nipploid
Oliver Nipploid 4 months ago
i hate kangarooSimmons... hope they stay in 1/4 and will be traded to phoenix. Its his team
ronald bulfa
ronald bulfa 4 months ago
lucky win 😁✌
ronald bulfa
ronald bulfa 4 months ago
lucky win 😁✌
Banana Phone
Banana Phone 4 months ago
Gasol 35mins - 5pts. And they said this guy is better than JV ahahahahahha
julst129 4 months ago
defensively he is but offensively not anymore. He's getting old and is not very mobile
David Osa
David Osa 4 months ago
He is better than JV in this sense. HE is better defensively and can defend the pick n roll better. He is better as a stretch 5 (can shoot threes) which helps to space the floor for the likes of Siakam and Kawhi. This is in theory cause the Gasol that has showed up hasn't really stretched the floor. Infact his offensive contribution is none existent.
Williams Emppy
Williams Emppy 4 months ago
Butler is carrying the 76ers
Williams Emppy
Williams Emppy 4 months ago
This is gonna be a 7 game series
Aaron David
Aaron David 4 months ago
Clay G.
Clay G. 4 months ago
I mean I like that Lowry is confident but he goes skip to my lou three down less than 30 to go?
Cyrrel Rey Panis
Cyrrel Rey Panis 4 months ago
When the going gets tough..
James Firefly
James Firefly 4 months ago
I like the braveness of that 76ers guy
HAKATAPAWA 4 months ago
If the 76ers go to final I'll definetly buy a Harris jersey if he stays there
BuildFunction 4 months ago
that 76 fan is loyal lol
BuildFunction 4 months ago
and paul pierce say it was over lmao.
Mike F.
Mike F. 4 months ago
Lowry looks like the biggest bitch
michael nequinto
michael nequinto 4 months ago
Raptors just off, If Embid, Simmons, and Butler (who scored a lot) be that way double the effort minus the turn-over, they might win. RAPTORS are raptors they will eat the 76ers alive if they do not improve on their turn-over. Raptors 4-2 if all goes well.
ThunderSs 10
ThunderSs 10 4 months ago
Lol as if Raptors doesnt have problems with the rebounds and the bench.76ers in 4.
NBA 2K Tutes
NBA 2K Tutes 4 months ago
When i hear this commentator all i remember is NBA 09 The Inside
Vallecend 4 months ago
Can we just appreciate that one sixers fan that always stands up everytime the sixers score? Man, the dude's dedicated
Devon Giroux
Devon Giroux 4 months ago
Sixers defense was on point last night!
dona mulyana
dona mulyana 4 months ago
Jimmy Butler MVP.
Stephen Chisadza
Stephen Chisadza 4 months ago
Looked like a travel to me by Embiid. Two steps then a pump fake.... am i missing something
Mike F.
Mike F. 4 months ago
yes ur missing the opp to keep ur mouth closed. games over. it is what it is.
gdmclean 4 months ago
2:47 i hate when these interviews interrupt the first passage of play of the new quarter. Completely unncessary and often special pieces of play happen like this with no commentary to go with it. Easily the best play of the night for Philly.
Bonkers 4 months ago
What the hell was Nurse doing the entire game. His coaching sucks. Stop bi***** and get your f****** players sorted out. Disgusting game, the whole god damn team should be ashamed. Nurse will get exposed by veteran coaches if he manages to get past the Sixers.
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