Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | 2019 ECSF | FreeDawkins

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April 27, 2019 | Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | 2019 ECSF | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Apr 28, 2019




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Comments 334
ReaperXP_ 123
ReaperXP_ 123 Month ago
9:25 so um who said Lowry was the goat…
Daniel Koett
Daniel Koett 5 months ago
Dedicated guy on the bottom left half..keeps cheering whenever the 76ers score 😄
stephon staglon
stephon staglon 5 months ago
I seen so much fouls.. on raptors an barely any calls wow. Great game Raps. Come harder in the 2nd game.. the gonna lock down siakam.. an lenard..big time
NinjaGamer9 5 months ago
Raptors in 5
purrp 5 months ago
They really pooped on them bruh
j jenko
j jenko 5 months ago
raptors vs golden state maybe
Prince Alfred
Prince Alfred 5 months ago
Wooah! That man from spurs is going to make the history in Toronto. Kawhi was unstoppable, unbelievable and incredible strong 💪🏻 a very high IQ lever in basketball . Everything he wants it goes on! So strong I’ll tell you the raptors will get the championship this season. RIP warriors 😂😂😂
Apink F
Apink F 5 months ago
Render Pras
Render Pras 5 months ago
siakam shine bright on this playoff
joelercoaster 5 months ago
The raptors might actually beat the warriors... kawhi is the best fr
John Barnett
John Barnett 5 months ago
Kawhi playing on pro. Man was on MJ level this game.
Biz Denardo
Biz Denardo 5 months ago
Joel embiid struggles against Marc gasol 24/7.
Jason Tuong
Jason Tuong 5 months ago
Reddick catching fire made the game look closer than it really was. Raptors totally dominated on both ends of the floor. Everyone in the starting lineup can guard, moves the ball and can shoot the three, because of that Siakam or Kawhi can attack anytime they wish and collapsing on them will result in a possible open 3. Raptors matchup well against phillys starting 5. Raptors taking it in 6 or less.
ilikedapurple 5 months ago
Kawhi showin emotions And1!! 2:41
Lee Choctaw
Lee Choctaw 5 months ago
Raptors 4-2 and thats simply because they have better chemistry. Butler and Simmons were never a good fit
JuaronTheMan 5 months ago
We’ll play much better next game. Trust The Process 💯💯
Demonta Seward
Demonta Seward 5 months ago
Raptors in 4😎
D Vills
D Vills 5 months ago
Look how hype Kawhi gets at 2:44 with Kyle's ''AND ONEEEEEE!''
Jv Young
Jv Young 5 months ago
Siakam what the
Laferious Dequarius
Laferious Dequarius 5 months ago
“Rotating with their bitch” 2:00
Paul Mahilum
Paul Mahilum 5 months ago
emblid arrogrance same like a dog that all barks but no bite. still no accomolishments but talks big
Stephen R
Stephen R 5 months ago
Didnt know who Siakaw was, know I know
Anthony Vlachos
Anthony Vlachos 5 months ago
The Bucks will eat the Raptors alive
Tayyab Khan
Tayyab Khan 5 months ago
L00000L NIGGA they losing the series vs the celtics think before u talk kid
kingjimmyb ofall
kingjimmyb ofall 5 months ago
Where all the Philly frontrunners at? Embiid got nuthin to say after he gets owned as usual. Typical
King Wasabi
King Wasabi 5 months ago
just looking at the turban guy celebrate warmths my heart
7 ra
7 ra 5 months ago
Game of Zone Lowry: "HE IS A MONSTER!" (KL)
J Views
J Views 5 months ago
They become Godzilla when Leonard came to the Baby raptors 🦖
Michael Shaffer
Michael Shaffer 5 months ago
Bok Tokon
Bok Tokon 5 months ago
FMVP Kawhi is on the way
angelo inocencio
angelo inocencio 5 months ago
stil bucks to the EF 😉
Justin Graham
Justin Graham 5 months ago
Kawhi was reminding me of MJ.....The playing style and shot choices
დათო ბედოიძე
sixers lost to Brooklyn same way but...
IshaBoiJerm 5 months ago
Raptors in 5
Bluepark Bluepark
Bluepark Bluepark 5 months ago
Nawala Ang angas n embiid! Jajaja
SGTSayz 5 months ago
Soooo Imma have to learn how to spell Siakim...Siackim...Sicakim.. SickoMode Mans was ballin
Trent Bos
Trent Bos 5 months ago
Siakam. Or just go with Spicy P.
DMCdaJUICE 5 months ago
Always major dick eating after first game win bounce back sixers
Sai Pro
Sai Pro 5 months ago
lucky leonard
Atomatic Games
Atomatic Games 5 months ago
What do you guys think, 76ers gonna let off the confetti early again this year at their home game? hahaha
Razatiger Ault
Razatiger Ault 5 months ago
Ive said it before and ill say it again. Every team in the east should fear the Raptors including the Bucks. I think Giannis is amazing but hes still no Kawhi
Gil Franz Miñoza
Gil Franz Miñoza 5 months ago
That "rare game 1 victory" nailed it
Kayel edmonds
Kayel edmonds 5 months ago
klw looking better then mike to easy
sunny1378 5 months ago
Joel is often compared to Hakeem he is no Hakeem.
Clarizel Seno
Clarizel Seno 5 months ago
Kawhi is slowly evolving into MJ
Cheezy Monkey
Cheezy Monkey 5 months ago
Raptors in 5
PENGU_plays YT
PENGU_plays YT 5 months ago
It's funny how Kyle takes so many hits but he's the 2nd shortest player on the Raptors
Michael De Santa
Michael De Santa 5 months ago
I am the most unstoppable player in the league
THE DON 5 months ago
Embiid got two daddies. Gasol & Al. Bumass sixers don’t stand a chance. Raps in 4/5
claudia tavares
claudia tavares 5 months ago
Y the hell would he say rare game 1 victory
elusivehigh 5 months ago
Kawhi truly is a machine!
j a y p e e
j a y p e e 5 months ago
im doing kawhi laugh while watching this but i can't do it like him 🙄
Mike Jay
Mike Jay 5 months ago
That laugh is cringe asf and only the legend kawhi can master his laugh but you can try tho
orlee santillana
orlee santillana 5 months ago
I thought Embiid is unstoppable
Maranatha 5 months ago
Orlando magic played better than this overrated NBA always getting promoted to be more likely to succeed because the two players they have in Embiid and Simmons. But they are not good.
Bik Te
Bik Te 5 months ago
Joel can shoot better 3s then Ben Simmons 😂
CharethCutestory 5 months ago
As a Bucks fan this is a bit of a worry.
dang0088 da
dang0088 da 5 months ago
u better be, raptors will take it all this year, who the hell is the bucks?
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly 5 months ago
Man Kawhi is damn good
Khaled Ali
Khaled Ali 5 months ago
Now we wait for the video titled Kawhi Leonard turns to a genetically engineered clone of Jordan, Magic, and Kobe, DESTROYS Philadelphia 76ers with FIRESTORM offense
Mousta Samatar
Mousta Samatar 5 months ago
oh yeah I forget to tell u Toronto will win all even thro my team is bucks I don't see bucks beating raptor to much star power
jomicamp 5 months ago
5:18 Khawi is a ball hog... but people wilk only tell when he wilk make a team to lose... I saw tha same process with Carmelo...
Murilo Cruz
Murilo Cruz 5 months ago
Kawhi does what needs to be done to win.
Razatiger Ault
Razatiger Ault 5 months ago
Kawhi can be a ball hog all he wants when he shoots 75% from the field. MJ was the same way, when your offence is so effortless feed that man the ball.
Ruus G
Ruus G 5 months ago
People forget how good kawhi was in the playoffs before zaza injured him 👀
Mike Jay
Mike Jay 5 months ago
Only fools forget that shit
TaArxidaMou 5 months ago
And bronsexuals think Kawhi coming to LA HAHAHAHA
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