Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers - Full Game 6 Highlights | May 9, 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers - Full Game 6 Highlights | May 9, 2019 NBA Playoffs
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May 10, 2019




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Phillip Goens
Phillip Goens Month ago
Why SHOULD the 76ers be 2019 Champions?!! “The Process” SHOULD BE OVER! Who was the Key to get a ring, and stopping the claw? Find out usvid.net/video/video-RXB--WlfFh4.html
Yani Gabule
Yani Gabule 4 months ago
Raptors should let jeremy lin play, they have good shooter, but there missing a good passer...
Thomas Brook
Thomas Brook 4 months ago
Sixers basketball is so energising
The boy
The boy 4 months ago
Hit the link......shits lit. usvid.net/video/video-38MACtRK75k.html
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen 4 months ago
I would be down to see Leonard vs Giannis in CF. It would be a beauty to see how Leonard slows down him and force pokes
Corey Mcevilly
Corey Mcevilly 4 months ago
I can't wait to see the Milwaukee bucks beat the brakes off either of these fake ass teams!!!! GO BUCKS!!!! LET IT FLY!!!!!!
chazz Lucas
chazz Lucas 4 months ago
I don't care how you do it .... But 76ers you have to resign Butler
BILL MAKAVELI 4 months ago
i am just looking for the team that bucks will smash in ecf
Michael Edegbe
Michael Edegbe 4 months ago
Is this east or west conference
Tony Rame
Tony Rame 4 months ago
What is very surprising is Ennis and Mike Scott have boosted the Sixers bench, they are outplaying Toronto's bench in this series, if they do it again in game 7 the Sixers can take this series.
DannyMary 4 months ago
Stop the overrated Jimmy nonsense. Jimmy had the Wolves on pace to be 3rd seed last year at all star break. He was considered a top 12 player at that time. Thibs overplayed him and Jimmy got injured. This year he got caught up in the trade fiasco, then goes to Philly trying to fit in with two young, complex offensive stars in a scheme that runs few pick and rolls (Butler's bread a butter). He took a back seat all year simply to let the young stars grow and to rehabilitate his reputation after Minny. The dude is still top 15 with top 12 potential in the right system. He is not at all overrated, especially considering he's the best fourth quarter performer in the last 5 years and a great playoff performer. As a No.1 option on a team like the Clips with Doc coaching and all that outside shooting the guy would be top 10. Don't sleep on this dude
the honey bbq
the honey bbq 4 months ago
where’s the crap talking raptors fans now?
marlon anan
marlon anan 4 months ago
Toronto had so many open chances but just kept hitting the rim. They will hit the hoops in game 7...they always bounce back
Peter 4 months ago
Both teams have one more day to rest, it is anyone's guess.
Eki Gonzalez
Eki Gonzalez 4 months ago
Sixers doing everything to keep Jimmy in Philadelphia . Who is the old man to stay next at the staff and all the time is standing? Normally all the fans it had to be with voice go Sixers to pass the next round please do it ...By Panathinaikos fan
Chuck Pestacchi
Chuck Pestacchi 4 months ago
Jimmy Butler gone a lead the way for Philly in game 7, another big team effort & they can take it. Go Phila.
Peter Sobers
Peter Sobers 4 months ago
or not ;)
basket ball
basket ball 4 months ago
powell had a pretty game and should of got more time because he shot good and was a plus 6. idk
abletonreason 4 months ago
12345 SIXERS!!
NBA LEAGEND 4 months ago
No way 76ers are going to win,Toronto has this in the bag! 💼 next game is at home with their loud a$$ crowd it’s over 76ers 🤷🏻‍♂️
darockk 4 months ago
lowry will choke
Garryn Shafer
Garryn Shafer 4 months ago
These 2 teams are so inconsistent lol
DJ Tniceee
DJ Tniceee 4 months ago
Sixers have better fans then rest of the NBA #sixersnation#sixers#philadelphia76ers
Fran 4 months ago
I hope the Sixers win. the raptors would get swept by the Bucks anyway. their bench is embarrassing and Nurse is an idiot exposing his own player FVV .
the rang
the rang 4 months ago
Why trade valanciunas? 😞 He bleed embiid
Bren Dude
Bren Dude 4 months ago
I can see Kawhi Leonard packing his bays to go to the New York Knicks, I think he is better off that way with the sucky team that has always sucked.
Can I Recognize Your Soul Official Movie Channel
Jimmy Buckets is the only consistent player on the Sixers
Keanu Zbeeves
Keanu Zbeeves 4 months ago
I saw the guy who hasn’t missed a raptors game ever (like if you did)
TheKYRw 4 months ago
Is it just me or is TJ McConnell pretty fuckin good. I mean for a like 6’1 white guy. U never see him miss he always comes in plays his ass off goes like 2-3 on fade-aways and layups and then sits lol
Gavin King
Gavin King 4 months ago
Damn I was lookin for that jimmy butler steal and save through the legs :(
tony ng
tony ng 4 months ago
In all of meaningful playing time of the series, VanVleet has been struggling mightily scoring virtually zero point. What's in coach's mind to keep playing him in the series?
Peter Sobers
Peter Sobers 4 months ago
Coach is an idiot, yes raptors wjn as I wanted them to but coach is not too bright. Van vleet struggles so OBVIoUSLY give J lin a try
CALEB GULLEY 4 months ago
There was a song played before the game that I have been trying to find but can’t. The lyrics were, ( I’m on a mission mission, when I talk they listen, I got that vision vision.) It almost sounded like Jay-Z was in it but it might not be him. Anyone know what that song was?
d h
d h 4 months ago
I've got full faith in Nick Nurse. 76ers in 7!
10k Subs Challenge
10k Subs Challenge 4 months ago
Tyler Ferguson
Tyler Ferguson 4 months ago
Jimmy Butler is a dog!
Will G. Perez
Will G. Perez 4 months ago
If Embiid & Butler have big games along with Simmons and Tobias Harris Philly will win game 7. 🏆🏀😱
Nathan Turner
Nathan Turner 4 months ago
William Perez wow what great input, “if the whole 76ers team plays good they will win”
Adam William
Adam William 4 months ago
A few more NBA travels for ya: Butler @ 0:30 Leonard @ 1:10 (before he dribbles)
Wakemeup Now
Wakemeup Now 4 months ago
Steven A Smith was afraid the Sixers would be swept lol...
Armed 3 Dangerous
Armed 3 Dangerous 4 months ago
Wakemeup Now if it wasn’t for butler they would of
Strap 500
Strap 500 4 months ago
Man fuck Toronto
Bren Dude
Bren Dude 4 months ago
does anybody think with James Harden's step back three's then the rockets having Chris Paul as a shooting guard also then have Giannis in the paint as center then Middelton will have to either defend CP3 or James H and if they defend Harden by the back then Harden with the easy layup whick would be good but then Giannis could block the shot and then have Middelton on Harden in front then step back three pointers all day for James Harden and if they defend Chris Paul then I don't know who or what will defend and/or will stop James Harden (Last years MVP in my opnion )
HwaWoon Kim
HwaWoon Kim 4 months ago
GO Raptors, don´t like the denver team...
Bren Dude
Bren Dude 4 months ago
i bet you shit your ass every morning
lorcan 4 months ago
Yo why does 51 suck soooo bad I hate him so much he can't play d he got horsed by Leonard and his nose is so big🤣 and he's so unimportant he actually was forced to change his number to 51 when he was 11 lmao he really is bad
neetrab 4 months ago
Please Sixers, hire Ty Lue to be the head coach!! Thank you!
Francois 4 months ago
Sixers coach is way better than the raptor coach for almost everything. Butler + youg stars on his team and hell doesn't get loose, Sixers rebouding pretty well, even considering the height advantage (it is one of the few thing a good coach can really help team with) + pacing is okay, and while the midgame adjustments are not really good (compared to top coaches in the NFL), i think he use his bench well.
Drug Enforcement Administration
Imagine the raptors without Kawhi
JermHD 4 months ago
Drug Enforcement Administration he’s gone by the end of the season. I can’t wait for the raptors to be irrelevant again
Bren Dude
Bren Dude 4 months ago
yup only reason why he is the whole team
neetrab 4 months ago
I really like Mike Scott for Philly.
MrDarksword123 4 months ago
My god what a hell of a series. Honestly don’t know what to expect for game 7
win cris
win cris 4 months ago
if you miss the 1st round playoffs. check this best plays: usvid.net/video/video-CfaNOidukHY.html
Mike Chan
Mike Chan 4 months ago
Prediction: Kawhi will score 40 pts and lowry goes 1/12 and the raptors lose by 1
Malaria Mafia
Malaria Mafia 4 months ago
Mike Chan honestly wouldn’t be surprised
鑫火 4 months ago
obviously there’s only six players in raptors’ poor system.
Mike Bello
Mike Bello 4 months ago
usvid.net/video/video-BgqRqeD6a9s.html Raptors post game show after every game 🏀6️⃣
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson 4 months ago
My god Jimmy Gets BUCKETS. We need to pay this man whatever he wants
breezy 5000
breezy 5000 4 months ago
Mike Scott is slept on 💯
treachskull 4 months ago
Felix Osei Owusu
Felix Osei Owusu 4 months ago
Jimmy and Simmons came to play
mArTV Official
mArTV Official 4 months ago
this teams aint worthy by the bucks to wait. ..they aint challenging at all..
Dude Prekk
Dude Prekk 4 months ago
Man stfu yal wasnt even a bucks fan last year
Bloo Balls
Bloo Balls 4 months ago
K right
K right 4 months ago
Lmao stfu bad calls all around. No one is allowed to breath on kawaii while he runs down the court stiff arming people so just stop it goes both ways
norlens noel
norlens noel 4 months ago
Big surprise, it’s going to game 7
Corey'l Sams
Corey'l Sams 4 months ago
BRO Reddick is so WET!!!
Skyblade Gaming
Skyblade Gaming 4 months ago
Embiid just ended Kawhi's free agency stop in Toronto.
America is great Because it's good
Joel is overrated
gor9027 4 months ago
If the Sixers played with this much desperation in Game 4, they probably close it out last night. Now they got to deal with that Toronto crowd in GM 7.
Phil W
Phil W 4 months ago
But then people can say if the Raptors play well in Game 2, they could have closed it out already. Could would should. Just look forward to Game 7
Lonzo Curry
Lonzo Curry 4 months ago
I was at that game, geez that Sixers crowd is loud
Yuki雪 4 months ago
Ben Simmons just stands there on defense.
plasticono 4 months ago
You’re slow
Dodong Gibb
Dodong Gibb 4 months ago
I remember how Byron Scott treated JLin in LA but this is much worse.
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