Top 5 Small Cars That Last 300,000 Miles

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This video will provide you with information about the top 5 small/compact cars that last over 300,000 miles. It will also provide a full list of 12 cars in the comparison. NOTE: I forgot to add the highest mileage Prius - it had 384,000 miles. I will have to yell at my editor. lol
Have a car or truck with more than 300,000 miles? Send me some pics for a future video! carsthatlast@gmail.com
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Top 5 Cars That Last 300000 Miles
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Nov 3, 2018

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Comments 227
HELESPONTify Hour ago
Using Sisteme international km,not fucking mile
stephen jackson
stephen jackson 6 hours ago
I have a 2004 Honda Accord EX with 405,000 mile on it all original parts .
Riccardo Spadano
Riccardo Spadano 9 hours ago
1.9 ALH TDI. Nuff' said
Joseph Deliz
Joseph Deliz 13 hours ago
My 2016 Ford Fiesta SE has 15,000 miles! Who wants to buy it?!...Oh wait wrong page
Realvato Realvato
Realvato Realvato 15 hours ago
2000 Nissa Sentra 307,000 Broke down becuase I didn't fix a very very small water leak. I ONLY changed O2 sensors and ignition coils.
Billy Bat
Billy Bat 17 hours ago
if i was arnie, id just get primed aftermarket panels, paint the hood black and try my best to match the bumper & call it a look. but i can see how people get used to it and not spend the 1000-2000$ to fix it yourself.
seker7 20 hours ago
Close to 300K but no cigar: my '93 Ford Festiva -- 20yrs and 270,000 (alternator was about the only engine repair) bought with 72K in 1996....
Ronald P
Ronald P 22 hours ago
1995 Toyota Tercel indestructible
Mike Neuzil
Mike Neuzil 23 hours ago
That’s why we own 2 Toyota Prius
op bearer
op bearer Day ago
My 2003 Honda Civic hybrid just hit 300,000 miles. Nothing done to engine or transmission. ☺️
Victoria M
Victoria M Day ago
Is the 2005 Corolla one of those great ones? I o nra one new . Loved it . It had 180k. The only reason I don’t own it anymore is because it was salvaged in a minor accident. Anyway are those a keeper anyone? I didn’t have it long enough to know. I want to buy a used Corolla and I’m thinking of going with the 2005 since i owned one for about 6 years.Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
david vines
david vines Day ago
2008 Honda Accord EX-L. Bought it new. 73,000 miles
96 camry 265000 miles
mike Day ago
There are 5 Tesla's model S for sale with over 300k miles , I know , for 30 k :) ! in Germany .
Octavio Gonzalez
Driving my 2005 civic 361,047 commute 5 day a week from Sacramento to Santa Rosa, ca regular services, nothing above $ 250.00 , break pads, sensors, basic stuff
kelly mckearney
The 2009 Toyota Corolla with engine issues, is that a 1.8l motor?
Riccardo Spadano
Riccardo Spadano 9 hours ago
Nope. It was the 2.4L
Nick Bargas
Nick Bargas Day ago
5th generation Honda civic manual transmission 1991-1995 are bullet proof and get 35+/mpg. 4th generation Volkswagen 1.9 TDI manual transmission 1999-2005 and get 45+/mpg. Mercedes 240D will go a million miles!!
Omar Siddiqi
Omar Siddiqi Day ago
Corolla is number 1 in reliability, and should be number 1 in this video.
Dooms Day
Dooms Day Day ago
No lie My 2007 Toyota Yaris is running like a champ at 450,000 best of all only one oil change a year I am always checking fluid levels. Common repairs brakes alternator battery I am super proud thanks Toyota great car!!
Andy Clockwise
Glad to hear that, just got one for my wife, thanks for passing on the information.
João Marques
My Honda has 410000Km.
Bill Barhorst
My 1997 Camry- last sold with 440,000 miles with original engine and transmission
M Yes
M Yes 7 hours ago
@Joshua M change it ur self. Suck as much out from the dipstick hole. Measure. Pour same amount back in. Do it again 1 week later. Do not change trans fluid. Filter.
CoC Master
CoC Master 11 hours ago
@Joshua M who said that? They've got to be retarded,not changing the fluid especially if it's over used (past the mileages that it was supposed to be changed at) is what will destroy a transmission and a engine my dad had a 1995 Toyota 110 with 520k miles on it,original engine and trans,changed the oil,a and trans fluid every 6k miles nothing happened (the only thing that broke and needs replacing was the original odometer)... He still has it but,he recently bought a new 2017 Toyota corolla...
Joshua M
Joshua M 18 hours ago
@CoC Masterthanks, i heard transmission fluid changes could cause high mileage transmissions to break, is there any way around this
CoC Master
CoC Master 19 hours ago
@Joshua M yes,definitely and engine oil,plus coolant
Joshua M
Joshua M Day ago
I have the same car, i brought it with 160,000 miles do u think its worth it to do a transmission fluid change?
wade rivers
wade rivers Day ago
I have a 2004 Camry ....470,000 miles. All original and I live on a dirt road...best car ever made. Oh, and I bought it for Five k with 130 k miles. Still has great air and the stereo beats my Benz. I get about 32 mpg.
미스타윤 Day ago
my corolla 2007 has 300,000 miles, but it sounds and runs exactly same as new one change oil with synthetic oil yourself not by mechanics, any corolla will last over 350,000 miles
미스타윤 16 hours ago
@Frank. T I know someone ran 500k miles with sienna, he changed transmission oil as directed in manual, any car even hyundai will last 200k mile easy, most of cars I know have more than 200k miles
Frank. T
Frank. T 16 hours ago
@미스타윤 Pennzoil isn't an easy oil to find in Australia .I used to get it a long time ago at a certain store but only got it in occasionally. I only use shell now. If I get 200k miles I'm happy
미스타윤 16 hours ago
@Frank. T yes that's true, one time I changed at 9000 miles and it sounded funny, but after 2 changes with penzoil platinum 6000 miles each, the sound is completely gone, my astro van makes strange noice whenever it runs uphill, I put one 679 cooler it stopped sound, it was about 179f, after install just 1, it is about 145- 155 now, i am going to add 1 more next week then it might go 130- 140f
Frank. T
Frank. T 16 hours ago
@미스타윤 yes I've heard that I've used 10w40 from day one. No consumption yetI think it would have started by now. But I honestly think it's because people don't change it often enough I do it every 5000 miles (8000km)
미스타윤 17 hours ago
the reason for me using 5w-30 over 10w-40 is, it pass through piston oil return hole better, toyotas have small piston return holes, when they fail to pass through, they start to burn oil and those burnt oil is so hard that all the advertising bullshit won help at all, its finished
Zz Z
Zz Z 2 days ago
I have a 2006 Lexus IS 250 with 217k on it running quiet and smooth.. basic maintenance, basic maintenance and basic maintenance.. brakes, tires, filters and oil changes.. nothing more ☝️
Rob Lucas
Rob Lucas 2 days ago
1995 Honda Accord 340000 miles 25 yr old car original engine running like a dream unbelievable
M Yes
M Yes 7 hours ago
Those are very well made
Matthew B
Matthew B 2 days ago
Bill Kilmer
Steve Morton
Steve Morton 2 days ago
2009 Prius with 325000
Jose Velasquez
Jose Velasquez 2 days ago
I have a corrolla. 10 400,000 miles none stop
vijay kumar
vijay kumar Day ago
Jose Velasquez . Hello which year CorollA u have ? Please tell me because I have one of 2004. Can my car go 40,000 like your car ?
EnjoyLifeNow24 2 days ago
Thank you for exposing the 2009 Toyota Corolla, I have one and my mechanic discovered that it has a factory defect with the piston rings which causes the engine to burn oil. Toyota knows about it, but refuses to recall the 1.8 L engines and has only recalled the 2.4 L engines. Not only the 2009 has engine issues, I have read complains from Toyota Corolla owners of 1.8 L and 2.4 L engines from 2009-2016 Toyota Corollas. Shame on you Toyota for not being honest and for selling cars with defective engines and now you are refusing to recall all those Corollas that have the piston rings defect. I will never buy another Toyota vehicle, I will go with Honda from now on.
Jim Adams
Jim Adams Day ago
Claire Montanaro
Claire Montanaro 2 days ago
This is so cool. You used my odometer pic!!! That car is at 465,000 now, original tranny, still running but has electrical issues. My friend has it now. Honestly, that car was a stinking blessing and i drove it hard, too!! The electrical issues belong to her now. I have my 2005 and am up to 245,000 and i just bought a 2013 black beauty, a Civic too. The 2005 is getting the timing belt changed as we speak (it did NOT go on me) and the only thing i replaced on that were valve cover gaskets, 2 O2 sensors and a control arm. ...245,000 and running excellent! Soon as i hit 300,000 i will hit you up!
Aurelio paulino
Aurelio paulino 2 days ago
My 2008 prius has 345000 miles and counting
Paul Purdue
Paul Purdue 2 days ago
2003 ford Taurus, 672,166 miles original engine and transmission never rebuilt.
TruAgape1234 Day ago
That’s amazing for a Ford Taurus.
panos323 2 days ago
99 Corolla!my wife bought it for 1400€!I use it for my daily drive and it has 312000km
R kelly
R kelly 2 days ago
My Mercedes C230 kompressor it has 425,000 mile and still run like a new i’m sorry nobody know how to build cars like German 💯
Ted Sims
Ted Sims 20 hours ago
What year is is? I hear the the newer ones are terrible money pits as they age!
Roger Bacon
Roger Bacon 2 days ago
In 1996 bought a 92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV with 60,000 miles. Best car I've ever had! Sold it last year with over 440,000 miles on it ONLY because my lovely daughter gave me a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. There are many times I wish I had it back. The Expo is so versatile, raised a family of four in it. It could hold so much. Everything from a small sailboat on the roof rack, to camping gear, to a PW motorcycle inside it.
Cindy Do
Cindy Do 2 days ago
Toyota is the way to go.
Evan Nicholson
Cindy Do Honda too.
newest bear
newest bear 2 days ago
Working on 200k now with focus. If it makes it to 300,000 I'll be letting you know.
Da gnt
Da gnt 2 days ago
04 Pontiac Vibe odometer stopped @299,999. Cars still going 90 w/ac blasting, I'm considering buying another one.
Ronald P
Ronald P 22 hours ago
Vibe is a great car. Would have bought it if I hadn't bought another car 2 yeare before. Still see them out there.
Evan Nicholson
redman112010 Day ago
Pontiac vibes are a Toyota matrix with a Pontiac body. Just saying.
Alex Nikon
Alex Nikon 3 days ago
Just buy a Toyota. 1994 Celica runs forever.
Ted Sims
Ted Sims 20 hours ago
Just buy ANY Toyota! Best most trouble-free cars on the road
Evan Nicholson
Alex Scotty Nikon.😎
Vincent Mais
Vincent Mais 3 days ago
Rev up your Celica!
Nodak81 3 days ago
Coworker of mine had 480k on his Prius before he totaled it during a snow storm. He's a cheapskate and never replaced a single part other than oil and tires.
burquetap 4 days ago
i've a base '03 rsx w/ about 71k on it... this should last a bit, huh? :-)
Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique 6 days ago
Chevy aveo?
Daniel G Reyes
Daniel G Reyes 5 days ago
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 8 days ago
i actually got 29,282 miles out of my chevrolet aveo before it blew. that was about 21,000 more miles than average.
Don Carlo
Don Carlo 14 days ago
97 camary?
CarsThatLast 14 days ago
That's a great car, just didn't fit into the "Small Cars" category since that is a mid size. Check out some of my other videos for the Camry. :-)
Qbald12345 14 days ago
Thanks for a great summary. One minor correction - the 12 volt auxiliary battery in a Prius does not start the car. The car is started by the traction (hybrid) battery. The auxiliary battery provides power to sensitive computer systems, headlights, audio, and other accessories. Absolutely spot-on regarding reliability. There are actually several Priuses out there over 600-700k. I suspect there are probably even a few over a million miles by now.
Fillmore Hillmore
Fillmore Hillmore 15 days ago
All vehicles should have an hours gauge along with odometer. Especially with growing cities. I would take my country owned 474,000 km Equinox vs a primary city 150,000 km any day.
Nodak81 3 days ago
Agreed. I see people buying these old fire truck engines with only 15,000 miles on them or whatever. But they never stop to think how many zillions of hours that thing spent idling during fire calls.
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike 17 days ago
No Camry wau
Ray Brown
Ray Brown 21 day ago
Very well done!
CarsThatLast 21 day ago
Thank you!
Coffee Now
Coffee Now 22 days ago
Nissan Versa 2012 @272,000
Tyrone Hagans
Tyrone Hagans 23 days ago
What are your thought in the 2016 Toyota Camry
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers 27 days ago
Have an '07 Mazda 3 with 319,000 miles on it. Mostly highway miles: first set of replacement brakes after 200,000 miles, first clutch rebuild after 300,000. No major problems to date. It's given me no reason to even begin looking for another car, yet. And I can still enjoy the cassette and CD players!
James Chandler
James Chandler 29 days ago
I have a 2001 Toyota Echo that has 344,000 miles on it. It runs perfect and gets 41 mpg. I recently put $2200 in repairs to put it back in great driving condition. All parts replaced were original equipment. Brakes, rotors, shocks, tires, radiator, starter, wheel bearings, alternator, tune up, and throttle body. This car has been a trouble free joy. I am sorry I don't have pictures. I am old and don't have a cell phone. The gas engine in the Prius is the same one that was in the Echo.
Nodak81 3 days ago
The block is more or less the same but the rest of the engine is quite different since the Prius version uses an Atkinson cycle.
Barbara D
Barbara D 20 days ago
Thanks James for the helpful info😊🖒
lavonne8230 Month ago
i have 2005 honda civic with 274,000 miles
suleman Shaikh
suleman Shaikh Month ago
*Scotty Kilmer has left the* *chat*
Lawrence Jensen
Lawrence Jensen 2 days ago
My 1994 Toyota Celica with 240,000 miles that I picked up for $300 from one of my customers grandma died I got it from the estate sale
عمر ليبيا
my dad had mazda 323 1980 for 25 years to use with milage 1300 000 kilometer
Kenneth Humphrey
Kenneth Humphrey 2 months ago
Hello,I like to know what do you know about the 2010 Kia Carnival Ex Diesel Automatic?Is it worth buying?I eventually like to get an used Subaru Forester or Outback,because of it's all terrain abilities.Have a nice day,thank you...
Vincent Mais
Vincent Mais 3 days ago
It’s called the Sedona not the 🎡
Colin Liu
Colin Liu 2 months ago
To confirm miles and not kilometres? I understand states use the latter?!?
CarsThatLast 2 months ago
Yes miles in the US.
TERRORoftheLORD 2 months ago
Our 2000 Pontiac Grand am (2.4 4 cylinder) cleared 200,000 miles with no major repairs!
dj dan
dj dan 2 months ago
I really enjoyed your video as it was very informative but what made me smile is your last word.... Namaste 🙏
CarsThatLast 2 months ago
Ahh!!! You caught that. Just spreading some light. 😁
L Spivey
L Spivey 2 months ago
What about the Mazda 3 ?
Latitude North
Latitude North 2 months ago
No surprise the Prius is the #1 transportation appliance... yikes; can you see a trend here?
Aaron Ostertag
Aaron Ostertag 2 months ago
You forgot the ford mustang
Mentally Challenged Viking
Hyundai? Yeah Right
Mywork777 2 months ago
I drive a 2nd gen 2008 Toyota Prius and use it for work. It has been very reliable. I have over 145,000 miles on it. When it reached 100,000, I had multiple repairs such as replacing the air mass sensor.
Shane Singleton
Shane Singleton 2 months ago
I'm surprised and actually impressed at the Prius's reliability as shown here. Especially as it was really the first heavy hitter in the hybrid automobile space. I think Honda beat them to market but i can't remember the last time I saw one of those but Prius are everywhere. Honestly i'm a muscle car guy so a Prius isn't exactly a car that's a heavy consideration for me but if I ever needed a long distance commute vehicle i see that i'd be justified in picking one up. I'm also glad to see the Ford Focus on the list. Ever since the first generation ive always liked the styling of that little car. Especially the 2 door hatchback (ZX3).
Ted Sims
Ted Sims 20 hours ago
I have had two Prius's, a 2006, and a 2010. Both have over 200,000 miles. They just run and basically require nothing other than periodic oil changes. I love the cars!
Nodak81 3 days ago
The Prius drivetrain can seemingly last forever. The problem I've had is with the ridiculously complex braking system.
Brenda Me
Brenda Me 2 months ago
5) Hyundai Elantra 4) KIA Spectra 3) Ford Focus 2) Toyota Corolla/Honda Civic/Acura RSX 1) Toyota Prius 1)
Brenda Me
Brenda Me 2 months ago
@Invader Zim You Are Welcome!!!
Invader Zim
Invader Zim 2 months ago
Thank you, you saved me a lot of time, brother!
Mark L
Mark L 2 months ago
If you are trying to do a video just on cheap long-lasting cars, that's fine but then you should have picked a different title. This is not really a fair video on the best five small cars based on longevity. As it is, you are biasing your study by only looking at vehicles under $6k in counting how many are listed and what their mileage is. A truly long-lasting small car will command a higher resale value than its competitors, meaning that there will be still more of these car models with above 200k miles over the $6k price threshold than comparable brands. The Corolla is a good example of this, but you are downgrading it in terms of its reliablity simply because it generally holds its value longer and therefore often has a slightly higher price than similar models. On the other hand, you seem to be rewarding the Focus for almost the exact opposite reason, including newer models with high mileage because their resale value has dropped under the $6k mark. If you were to remove the arbitrary price cap and then redo this study with an age restriction instead, for instance just looking at cars ten years or older, I believe you would see a different result.
Pajlis Thoj
Pajlis Thoj 2 months ago
Dude that is because it takes less gas so they can afford to drive more ofter duh...
smoothvelvetsinger 2 months ago
Yes, Prius. I have two of them. I want to buy a Prius seven seater next. Looks great! Great video!
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz Month ago
What a loser haha.
Dave D
Dave D 2 months ago
Sold my 2007 Accord in January with 483,000 miles.
Dave D
Dave D 23 hours ago
@Evan Nicholson check the fluids frequently, use a good synthetic oil, only use Honda transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. I hope you get many miles of trouble free driving!
Eugene Williams
I also put 150 bucks aside every month just for maintenances except oil changes. I have oil change written as a monthly bill.
Evan Nicholson
I have an ‘03 with 169,000 miles. Hoping to drive it another 100,000 miles or more.
Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams 2 months ago
@Dave D No. Unfortunately i only know how to change tires. Kinda scared to do anything else. Dont wanna mess anything up.
Dave D
Dave D 2 months ago
@Eugene Williams I drive Lyft and Uber in the Dallas area (60-70k miles per year). Do you do your own car maintenance and repairs?
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 2 months ago
Had an 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis with 565k on original engine that was still running. original transmission was rebuilt at 520k.
*☀Good🌅to know👀thank's🗺☉*
Shell Smith
Shell Smith 3 months ago
What about a 2009 Hyundai Elantra with 164K miles? I just bought one about a month ago for $4,050 from a new car dealership (Honda). They said they don’t generally put trade-ins up for sale unless they feel it’s a good car. It was a one owner car, all maintenance records in glove compartment. No accidents. Looks like new. New tires. Clean engine. Was that a good deal? Can I expect it to last for 10 more years? I did replace the timing belt, since I’ve had it, as recommended by my mechanic, and I used the money I had leftover from being under my budget when I bought the car.
Nodak81 3 days ago
That's kind of high miles. A lot of it just comes down to maintenance and luck. Good job on doing the timing belt though, most people never do it and then act shocked when the engine blows up on the highway.
San Myat Htun
San Myat Htun 3 months ago
over 300K , there are ton of NYC yellow taxi , toyota camry hybrid with over 300k.
Fillmore Hillmore
Fillmore Hillmore 15 days ago
Which is why there should be an hours gauge in every vehicle.
Tonni Tomo
Tonni Tomo 3 months ago
OH WILL YOU GET TO IT!!!! Jeeeeez! You’re yacking too much!
j t
j t 3 months ago
What about egotistical owners who drive BMW/MERCEDES BENZ ?
Zen Den
Zen Den 2 months ago
(Audi owner alert) - the German cars tend to be like thoroughbred horses, need a lot of veterinary support. Older German cars need enthusiast owners prepared to do the set maintenance and be acutely aware and on top of known issues/model. Given that then you can get good mileages. E.g., the Benz S320 v-6 from early to mid 2000's can pull the big mileages ok. Etc., etc.
j t
j t 2 months ago
@Roger Williams So true ! Cost me $2000 for re and re electric water pump, e90 BMW, never again.
Roger Williams
Roger Williams 2 months ago
They're busy making their mechanics rich with umpteen repairs on their cars. 😂😂😂
Matt Deluca
Matt Deluca 4 months ago
09.2012 Nissan sentra
SasquatchMelee 4 months ago
Yep, 03 Corolla was stellar... Odometer stopped at 299,999 miles... Bought a Kia Forte in 2011... Absolutely reliable. Only thing is that it now knocks but it's at 355,000 miles (started knocking at around 280,000). Gave it to my son so it'll die soon as my son does not do any maintenance... Son: Hey pops, the check engine is on... Dad: Ok, I'll get my obd2 and check this... BTW, ever done an oil change? Son: What is that? Dad: ... Turns out oil did not even touch the dipstick...
M Yes
M Yes 7 hours ago
Add lucas oil
David Harrington
David Harrington 20 days ago
SasquatchMelee on
djkenny 4 months ago
Scion XB both generations. Especially with a Manual. 300k plus pretty easily. They use the second gen as a Cab. Toyota Matrix, too. And Camry 4 cylinder.
Mr. Don
Mr. Don 4 months ago
How did a kia spectra make the list. You will need 7 engines to make it to 300k miles
yonda ila
yonda ila Day ago
Mr. Don Mecedes is not close to even being reliable douche bag
yonda ila
yonda ila Day ago
Fred Ost ewww your ugly
Fred Ost
Fred Ost 2 days ago
Kia anything. Total junk.
TheresaHoopDancer 4 months ago
Where is the Camry??
Cardinal Ratzinger Guild
the Camry's not small lol
Joshua Peter
Joshua Peter 4 months ago
Don't buy Ford focus from 2000 to 2004. Bad engine 2005 and up focus improved about 40%
Aaron Ostertag
Aaron Ostertag 2 months ago
What are you talking about 2000-2006 they were the most reliable years now they complete garbage well the last years
Nestafan2 2 months ago
You are absolutely correct. I have the 2003.
Kip Paseo
Kip Paseo 4 months ago
Big deal! My 2000 Camry is 410 K miles on her with the original engine and the only reason it's not the original for Speed automatic transmission is because the original one was replaced when the car was 3 years old still under warranty needlessly by the ratchet Toyota dealership who screwed the warranty company. I recently did a video about my Camry on my channel. You can see what type of condition the car is in teal silky smooth from watching the video
Chevyx xCouture
Kip Paseo are you the original owner ? Very impressive
eclecticmn 5 months ago
Where are the Saturns?
Ronald P
Ronald P 22 hours ago
Wife still has a 2006 Ion. No major problems yet knock on wood.
proofbox 2 months ago
In the junkyard, ' went to the local junkyard to get a tail light modular for my sons Camry they had two Camrys and and a Lexus 300 the Lexus had a modular we could use , they also had a pile of about 30 Saturns of different years and a ever bigger pile of GM Dustbuster vans not to mention a huge pile of Hyundais and Kia's the junkyard is very educational.
GEAUX FRUGAL 6 months ago
Prius V is a great car too. I have shopped for the v and have found many of them selling with over 200k miles.
Roger Williams
Roger Williams 2 months ago
Yep. I have one, and I love it. Toyota should have never stopped selling them in the US. 😢
jha shua
jha shua 6 months ago
geo metro dude!!!
Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis 6 months ago
The ford Crown Victoria they go 1 million miles still looks good I got 06 Mercury Grand Marquis with 165k on it still going strong
Roger Williams
Roger Williams 2 months ago
Um... the Crown Victoria is not a small car.
Karl Olschesky
Karl Olschesky 6 months ago
I’ve had good luck with Subaru’s but they require a timing belt replacement every 80 to 90 thousand miles. Combine that with a gasket kit and water pump and your looking at $2600.
Daniel Jahn
Daniel Jahn 2 months ago
I has a WRX, never again. I'll pass.
Gardener Earth Guy
Gardener Earth Guy 2 months ago
78-84 are the best ones, they stopped making real cars in 1985
djkenny 2 months ago
That’s some crazy labor costs! Ours was about $800 for all of that.
Guy Bowling
Guy Bowling 6 months ago
Had a manual 04 corrola s that I got 278k and was still going strong when I sold it. Only thing I ever fixed was the starter at 238k. Zero other issues and those were delivery job miles.
D.H. Fremont
D.H. Fremont 6 months ago
cool video i would say any used Honda/Toyota would be a good buy
Lou T
Lou T 7 months ago
Just found your channel. Great job in filling the void of people who only care about reliability.
Psxbs 7 months ago
Yeah! MN!
Santiauto99 7 months ago
Great channel!! Subscribed!
Arnie Boggs
Arnie Boggs 7 months ago
It is an honor to have my car featured as the car of the video. Only 15 months before turning a half a million.
Rolando Curro
Rolando Curro 3 days ago
Am sorry. I meant to finish that before sentence - Change your transmission oil at 15,000 miles.
Rolando Curro
Rolando Curro 3 days ago
Arnie Boggs. One more important tip. Change the transmission at 15,000 miles. Not the usual manufactured scheduled - 25.000 or 30,000. Changed the tranny oil with a quality brand lubricatong oil. Adding to that same tranny oil. A great transmission additive like " lubegard ". It goes for about $19.00 a bottle. Btw am not beeing payed for speaking on behalf of lubegard.
Rolando Curro
Rolando Curro 3 days ago
Arnie Boggs. I thank you. Yes! That keeping of rpm's down. Is the best way of having a reliable 4 cylinders. To keep on going. That and the regular changing to a quality oil and quality oil filter. I would even suggest. To changing the oil 300 miles ahead of the next scheduled 3,000 mile oil change. If you do it. You are going to have a 400, 000 to even a 600,000 miles 4 cylinder. For an average of 15 to maybe even up to 20 year life span with that same 4 cylinder. 100% lubrication on the moving parts is key!!!
Dick Head
Dick Head 2 months ago
Arnie Boggs 🧢 tipped to you sir on the longevity of your Hyundai. If you hit the half a million mile mark and you’d like to sell it I would be interested. I have a sick obsession with cars that just won’t die. I just purchased a 2013 Tucson limited with 64k miles. I drive around 35k highway miles a year and I seldom hit 2000 rpm. I’d like to hit the 500k mark. Do you have any suggestions on how to make that happen besides the standard maintenance?
@Arnie Boggs good job keeping your car going
stsgabe 7 months ago
guess it's not considered a small car, diff catagory
stsgabe 7 months ago
surprise by absence of the Accord
Vincent Mais
Vincent Mais 3 days ago
It’s midsize not small. Don’t you know anything about cars?
Mikey 7 months ago
Dear Bill, what 5 small cars that can withstand 300,000 miles without an overhaul &/or need transmission changed/overhaul ?? BTW, loved your video.
howtobebasic1 7 months ago
if i were to buy another car i would rather go with the 90's japanese cars for the cheap price lost lasting relablity and built to last :)
John Miranda
John Miranda 7 months ago
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