Top 5 Small Cars That Last 300,000 Miles

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This video will provide you with information about the top 5 small/compact cars that last over 300,000 miles. It will also provide a full list of 12 cars in the comparison. NOTE: I forgot to add the highest mileage Prius - it had 384,000 miles. I will have to yell at my editor. lol
Have a car or truck with more than 300,000 miles? Send me some pics for a future video! carsthatlast@gmail.com
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Top 5 Cars That Last 300000 Miles
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Nov 3, 2018




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Comments 423
Orvpogi Alter
Toyota echo has 197 k Still running like new
Dennis Cheng
Dennis Cheng 4 days ago
Where is golf
Nicholas sandoval
Focus arent as good as corolla or civic
Addicted2baseball rgd
Let's do one on motorcycles.
Ricky Gonzalez
Ricky Gonzalez 9 days ago
My dads 97 camry has 387k and still running.
Ricky Gonzalez
Ricky Gonzalez 9 days ago
@Elvis Rumaldo 👍😃 awesome
Elvis Rumaldo
Elvis Rumaldo 9 days ago
my toyota yaris has 340k and runs like new
Pumpup Jam
Pumpup Jam 21 day ago
My camry is 15 yrs old and has over 170,000 miles on it. Three weeks ago, I start to hear a low jet engine sound, so I take it in and ask the mechanic could he please do a test using a intake valve psi instrument to check if there is a leak (air) in one of my hoses. My goodness, the stares I got like am a ding bat. He looks at my oil valve cover and says, No leak lady. Your just hearing things. Now this guy came recommend. I can only say that the person who recommended that nut cast must have been drunk or high on something. I hate rude stupid mechanics who think he's god. Watch out ladies, for morons like him!
KoiRun Month ago
Wouldn't that fact that Prius get better mileage skew these results?
Deez Knutz
Deez Knutz Month ago
My 2010 suburu impreza has over 220k..
King Brilliant
King Brilliant Month ago
I had a Vauxhall Astra estate with the 1.7 Isuzu diesel engine. When i sold it, it had 256k miles. It was a pile of shit.
Lexy Uzo
Lexy Uzo Month ago
I have a 2010 Toyota Yaris sedan with more than 3140000 miles and still running great.
Lexy Uzo
Lexy Uzo Month ago
@theedge508 what year and where are you at?
theedge508 Month ago
Lexy Uzo great i am selling my mothers yaris 140’000 milles but drives really good
Daniel Matern
Daniel Matern Month ago
I had 268K miles on my 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 when I gave it to my niece, and it was running well. Original engine with no major repairs and original transmission with no repairs period. In the 13 years that I owned it, I don't think I spent more than 6K on repairs and regular maintenance, oil changes, tires, etc. That car was a trooper - I miss it.
David Cordova
David Cordova Month ago
Hello everyone. My 95 honda accord With manual transmission already pass over one million of miles on it. All original. Runs great. Just minor repairs... realiable...??? Hell yeahhh....
Woland Month ago
Nobody who knows one or two things about cars would allow themselves to be seen with a chevy...
Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis Month ago
My 2012 Ford Focus. I'm pretty close to 300, 000 miles.
William Figgins
William Figgins Month ago
What's his Toyota click Quinn that you just hang out together that clan that people hang out with certain people they click together colors are good cards also Nissan I never heard anybody missing a Nissan on this channel well God bless and keep up the good work
Gene Williams
Gene Williams Month ago
I've had 2 Buick Regals one was a 1994 and the other was a 1996 GS BOTH had the 3800 V-6 And kept both til they had over 230,000miles, they both got about 27 miles per gallon. EXCELLENT vehicles.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Month ago
The Ford Focus models had some problems. Older ones that is. I had a 2001 Focus that had a pool of problems. The ZTX models were great, but the SE, or S had problems because they had the 2.0 split port, SOHC engines. Compared to the Ztec, DOHC engines they were terrible because the valve seats were poorly manufactured, therefore, the SOHC's were notorious fro dropping valve seats which meant that the top end of the engine had to be rebuilt. Ford made some mistakes, and even today they would not be expected to own up or offer a solution to recalled vehicles due to the valve seat drop problem. These other cars named off in this video are great though.
Lee Fowler
Lee Fowler Month ago
I have a 2006 Chevrolet aveo with almost 296k on it and also an ford escort with 275k and also a Subaru forester with 197k....all of them run and drive great and get very good fuel mileage I drive them all the time daily
Lee Fowler
Lee Fowler Month ago
I rotate between them through the week and all are 5 speed trannys and love driving them. Will never sell em ever
Zed King
Zed King Month ago
My Honda Civic has over 900 K and still runs great.
christian lail
christian lail 5 days ago
@Zed King there out there man mainly old corollas and 4cyl camrys. I keep maintenance on 4 company Vehicles and where i take them for service the guys told me a corrola came in for a oil and filter and the new sticker for the next oil change read 1,000,058. It was a 95 Corolla dx with the manual transmission.
Zed King
Zed King 6 days ago
@christian lail Dude Im joking . the highest mile car I drove was 140 K . no car would last even half a mil miles.
christian lail
christian lail 6 days ago
What year,model, trim, engine and id imagine its a maual trans.
Zed King
Zed King 28 days ago
@Nilsa Holtz it just hit 1 M but Im not able to find the engine.
Nilsa Holtz
Nilsa Holtz 28 days ago
Get outta here ,kudos to u and ur car and I wish it many many many more miles ahhhhhhhhh😁
repeatman Month ago
1989 silverado with 311,950 miles.
viva la pachanga!!
With 3 timing belts replaced on hondas
christian lail
christian lail 6 days ago
You already know. Change them belts and water pumps.
deevagal1 Month ago
Great video thank you. I’m from Melbourne Australia. About 26 years ago I bought my 1st car at 18, a 1984 Toyota Corolla that had 276,000 km’s on it already. I paid $4000 AUD for it. Sold it a couple of years later and it had 460,500 (Can’t remember exact figure but it was around that amount). Only thing ever went wrong with it was a fuel pump which cost me about $50 AUD. I had it regularly serviced. My boyfriend at the time was very naughty and wound the speedometer back a couple hundred thousand because I couldn’t get anything for it trying to trade it in on another used car. Silly me bought a brand-new car before there were Internet forums and it was a 2004 Holden Astra. It’s actually dead parked out on the street at the moment don’t know what I’m going to do with it, if I fix it, it’s just going to break down again soon no doubt. I have not had that regularly serviced and that’s why I think it’s died? Thanks once again. Dee 😀😀👍👍
Frank Steinman
Frank Steinman Month ago
I need a good 2nd, car just for me. So I watch these programs alot. THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESEARCH!!!
Isaac Bac
Isaac Bac Month ago
My 1996 saturn SW2 @ 350k very few problems.
doubleheadergr Month ago
I love my 2002 SL1, low miles, 125k
A J Month ago
MyTrek bicycle has 5,000 miles on it.
djkenny 11 days ago
steel frame? love my 520.
stuff4Sale FromKraigzList
which cars have timing belt rbber band that needs changed $$$
Chet Rusinek
Chet Rusinek Month ago
Excellent source for seeking proven reliable cars,
Ras Isayah
Ras Isayah Month ago
What about Toyota Avensis?
ah ah
ah ah Month ago
is a 2003 honda accord with a new used tranny at 3.5k a good deal. it has 215 000km but needs new brakes nd rotors so will try to get lower then 3k. It has although been sitting for awhile.
Barbara Hales
Barbara Hales Month ago
Thanks so much !
Paul Dunn
Paul Dunn Month ago
What about the VW Jetta or Golf TDI
christian lail
christian lail 6 days ago
Only if there diesels
Lalo Ceciliano
Lalo Ceciliano Month ago
May nissan sentra 36000
Juan Medina
Juan Medina Month ago
My 2005 ford focus wagon 2.0 has 252,000
Lauriston Janack
FORD sucks
Napi Coyote
Napi Coyote 2 months ago
Shut up, fat face...! 🧐
bluegtturbo 2 months ago
Avoid newer Nissan's - they got in bed with Renault and got up with crabs...
shmbbrkr 2 months ago
You don't know if engine and tranny has been replaced
kevin lee
kevin lee 2 months ago
My 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid has 304k miles and counting. My daily commuter
Cass Karo
Cass Karo 2 months ago
Americans a motor is not a engine and a engine is not a motor
Linda Diana Kohler
Linda Diana Kohler 2 months ago
My 2001 Audi Q7 has over 245,000 miles and still runs great. Bought it for $750 from a private dealer that bought it from a police auction.
Linda Diana Kohler
Linda Diana Kohler 2 months ago
Not Q7, A6 with a 2.8 liter V6 engine
Lisa Gialucci
Lisa Gialucci 2 months ago
My Alero 😊
unitedfireybride 2 months ago
You can also do battery rebuilt with a Prius.
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien 2 months ago
Mike Turner 92 Honda Civic HB had 512,000 miles on it before he replaced the engine and trans.. www.aerocivic.com/
Mick Cary
Mick Cary 2 months ago
2000 Nissan xterra, 433000+ miles. Still going strong. V6 engine 4WD standard transmission. Zero after market. Just regular maintenance.
GRENADictation 2 months ago
1998 Toyota Corolla with 255,000, about to go to my sister. Paid $800 for it 2 years ago it's been a great car
Jerry Harrell
Jerry Harrell 2 months ago
I have 4 cars... all have over 200,000, 86 Ford Mustang just hot 300,000
I found a 96 corolla with 33k original miles...thing sold faster than free crack in Detroit
Roscoe ElCocko
Roscoe ElCocko 21 day ago
God damn thats faster than the speed of light!!!
karen stauffer
karen stauffer 2 months ago
My 2002 Camry hit 271,000 and passed inspection just needing exhaust welded due to crack from going through pothole and wiper blades!
Andre aziz
Andre aziz 2 months ago
Batery on electric HYbrid run 2500,to3250 so keep that in mind
Andre aziz
Andre aziz 2 months ago
It all depends on the drivetrain engine carburatation ,the early Supra had germanfuel injection good for 250,000miles
rich attom
rich attom 2 months ago
i have a 1997 Toyota Avalon with 221,000 miles never ever got stuck and i never had to change a lot of things just the timing belt which i did on my own ,tires, not sure of the belts and hoses maybe one or two the radiator i did have to replace the catalytic converter one time and 2 sensors and battery never had to do the a/c and its cold cold yea that is about it i will never giver her up
Lance DiBitetto
Lance DiBitetto 2 months ago
My 2004 has nearly 400k. I put an average of 1200 miles a week on the car for the past 4 years since I bought it used for my courier business.
Stan TheObserver
Stan TheObserver 2 months ago
Hybrid cars are good..for original owners. For all else,Scotty says dont buy. Toyota Corrolla is number one most reliable cars with gas engines only says Consumer Reports. They are incredible. Almost 100 thou and mine is all original. I had no idea a car battery could last pushing a decade. Its the S..sunroof is fine,no leaks all power..comfortable seats. I only wish I had made all my life choices so well.
Lance DiBitetto
Lance DiBitetto 2 months ago
Scotty's WRONG, I bought my 2004 Prius with 130k on the clock and I am almost at 400k 4 years later.
Stan TheObserver
Stan TheObserver 2 months ago
You can hear Focus coming and going..junk cars.
Meritiana Vee
Meritiana Vee 10 days ago
Cheap motor mounts...
El vato
El vato 2 months ago
My 07 civic manual transmission has 243k miles on it and drive's like a new car every thing works
Ras Isayah
Ras Isayah 6 days ago
@christian lail Okay
christian lail
christian lail 6 days ago
Manual all day.
Ras Isayah
Ras Isayah Month ago
Would you say the Manual Transmission is better than the Auto?
loganjbaez 2 months ago
I gave up on my Mazda protege5 2003 it was at 286k could have got the 300k by spring 2020 but to many other things kept having to get replaced with the wife saying just get a newer car I did for years . Got tired of her saying the same thing I was orginal owner only thing wrong to make me finally decision was the brakes . There was other things wrong but it was still running. Engine and transmission could have gotten to 325k maybe 350k. I just wanted to get to 300k. I bought 4 other new cars . But still kept it . It was a sad day and I knew it was time . At least someone might be able to get to 300k.
Markku Lankimaki
Markku Lankimaki 2 months ago
My 2003 Echo odometer stopped at 999,999km , my current 2013 corolla currently has 540,000km and runs like new.
Pierre Lalonde
Pierre Lalonde 2 months ago
My 2007 Toyota Corolla has 320,000 k's and going strong, secret: oil and filter change every 5,000 k's, never had a major issue, a very reliable car!!!
Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon Gonzalez 2 months ago
You are right on. My Toyota Corolla 2009 had engine issues. The engine blew up at just 130,000 kilometres, so I put a new (used) engine 6 years ago.
Here 2Learn
Here 2Learn 2 months ago
Had a still GOOD running Acura MDX come in as a trade with 412k miles.. Blew my mind.
Noli Millar
Noli Millar 2 months ago
my Saturn SL1 2000 has 222,890 miles, original engine, original manual transmission. The only thing had been replaced was the clutch
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