Top 5 Gaming/Streaming Microphones 2019!

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With the Holidays coming and the year ending, it's time to take a look at the best gaming & streaming microphones from 2019!
• Razer Seiren Emote: amzn.to/37aejtC
• Rode PodMic: amzn.to/349FIdr
• ModMic USB: amzn.to/35aglIA
• HyperX Quadcast: amzn.to/2OiOcIf
• Blue Yeti X: amzn.to/2Oi3zRo
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• Sigma 50mm: amzn.to/2YAKsVT
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head: amzn.to/29vcRVi
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: amzn.to/2iOo9bV
• FalconEyes LED Light: amzn.to/2NxS72a
• Rhino Slider: amzn.to/29vcKt0
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Nov 21, 2019




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Comments 762
randomfrankp 2 months ago
Remember to the countless people asking about a mic that came out YEARS ago - this is best of 2019. Come on lol
Alexander van der Linde
@Kay. too true. There are microphones that were released in the 1980s that outperform the mediocre products that are being released today
Brian McEntee #21
@CosmicLegacy remember
Kay. Month ago
'tis what I hate about "Best of (put whatever year here) videos. Some new products are less relevant than older ones. As long as something is still being sold, and is viable competition, it should count. Sorry, but it's not like some mics from 2018 aren't a better option than ones released this year. You can't keep widening the gap, because it tends to mislead people. What you should do is update your product stack every year and compare them with products that are still on sale.
Cooper Rippon
Cooper Rippon 2 months ago
can you run the blue yeti x on ps4? love our vids
thanks for the amazing video definitely helped
connor wornes
connor wornes 3 days ago
best usb mics of 2019 should be the title. But usb mic are not the best option out there so take this video with a pinch of salt
Alexander van der Linde
The Shure SM7B is, and most likely always will be, the best gaming/streaming mic on the market. Change my mind...
Alexander van der Linde
@dogenator I think most people watching this video can afford it, but instead choose not to budget $400 for a microphone, and put that money towards other pieces of gear in their setup. I still think that if we're talking 'Top 5 Gaming/Streaming Microphones', the SM7B should be number 1.
Johnny Fabella
Johnny Fabella 6 days ago
of all this mics I love how the HyperX sounded
MxseXD 6 days ago
I wanna use one on my ps4 what should i use
craftalogicaljr 8 days ago
What mic are you using
Erxor 8 days ago
pretty much any xlr mic is good. covers keyboard well, and can still be heard
Woofist 9 days ago
Is fifine a good one?
David Cole
David Cole 10 days ago
Sorry you should have included AT2020 or AT2035.
randomfrankp 10 days ago
Read the title. 2019.
Scoobylogic 10 days ago
How do I remove the backrest keyboard noise make a video plz!
IDRIS 11 days ago
What kind of keyboard is that at 0:45? I'm searching for a keyboard without space between the numbers and f keys
Doombringer 10 days ago
That is a ducky one 2 mini (I think) which is a 60% keyboard so it doesn't have a function row
Byron Baxter
Byron Baxter 11 days ago
Samsun G-Track Pro. You’ll love it, it’ll love you. You are welcome...
Nav 13 days ago
I liked the razer seiren and the hyperx one best. I have a different razer seiren model which is better because it gives you more options.
Glambyleidy 13 days ago
So what place blue yeti on top of hyper x? Im having trouble deciding which one to get my husband 😫
John Reymar Maalihan
did he just farted at 8:10 ?
weebmaster 69
weebmaster 69 14 days ago
the razer siren is $70 on mamzon
weebmaster 69
weebmaster 69 14 days ago
wht mic did u use to film this besides the ones ur reviewibg
Nukie 15 days ago
Takstar gx6 the best
Kill MongerJd
Kill MongerJd 15 days ago
What is the future in streams, where you can mute people and still talk to the stream
Darkmage678 15 days ago
I found the hyperx quadcast mic for $40
Player 15 days ago
When the HyperX Quadcast is $140 but in the UK it's 109GBP 😭 Lol
Vanilla Jester
Vanilla Jester 15 days ago
Because *of course* someone made an RGB "gamer" mic. I suppose it was only a matter of time.
MT ADO 16 days ago
these mic s suck ass, Buy an XLR mic, there is a top 5 list on the first google search, make sure to keep some money for the mixer.
Kukukachoo 16 days ago
Cant believe at 2020 or 2030 werent on this list! So many streamers use it
Alfaology 16 days ago
Best software for audio voice overs?
ThePalerider12 17 days ago
Most expensive yet one of the worst, yeah that sounds about right for Razer
disclaimitoryidiot 17 days ago
omg it kinda sounds like a way better version of a next-gen MacDonalds drive-thru mic 5:28
Mama Simmer Plays
Mama Simmer Plays 18 days ago
Next up, I need a review of the cheapest source of a quiet keyboard.
02101984gleisi 18 days ago
ceapest not when you have to buy an Audio interface
Mohammad Asyraf Md Yusoof
Thank you for the review, I'll stick to V-Moda Boompro ^^
peezo 20 days ago
whose mike
Mikhails Maniacal Mumblings
(every other mic) "THIS HAS A TONNNN OF FEATURES!!" - shows us 2 or less features ...
TrexAFK 22 days ago
Can you please make a video for broke ppl like me?
Keizsa 22 days ago
I got the hyper x mic and i think its better than the yeti
I’m Drumstix360
I’m Drumstix360 23 days ago
What is your mic?
FaKe_Kris BG
FaKe_Kris BG 23 days ago
I got red microphone
LlamaPower LP
LlamaPower LP 23 days ago
HyperX QuadCast is my fav.
midnight09421 24 days ago
is the blue yeti X a usd mic?
FuroowHD 25 days ago
The blue is perfect for my Logitech setup
Jordan Hart
Jordan Hart 28 days ago
I would still like to make an argument for the Samson Q2U for a budget mic for people who can't control the sound in their space, and don't want to jump into an XLR interface, but still wants to have the upgrade path if they so choose. Didn't come out this year, but I still feel like it's a good option for people to go for.
NZ Tech
NZ Tech 29 days ago
Zillex Month ago
Could u do a blue snowball review plz I found knowone doing a type test for sound
cazzie Ψ
cazzie Ψ Month ago
Is the hyper mic wirelessly?
David Cole
David Cole Month ago
AT2020USB Plus is the best for under $150.00.
What about the Samson G-Track pro?
CacPlaysRs Month ago
Blue yeti nano is the best choice, no doubt
Jacob Mui
Jacob Mui Month ago
Why not AirPods pros
kenneth haugan
kenneth haugan Month ago
on the hyper x one, no way tha's straight out of the box.... Mine picks up the keyboard and mouse klicks as fuck... I can hear the klicks better than i hear myself.
No_Mercy Month ago
Use headphones:pulls out focal headset
Anonymous Random Zero
0:01 when you're randomfrankp
Arctic Ninja
Arctic Ninja Month ago
HyperX and Blue Yeti wins
Simon N
Simon N Month ago
Whats your thought on the at2020?
ImTheVoid TwitchTV
Hama uRage xstream revaluation streaming
DumleJäätelö Month ago
in my opinion razer sounded the best
gaming rendy
gaming rendy Month ago
Pelem kontol
sosa kun
sosa kun Month ago
hyper x hands down the best one on this list
sosa kun
sosa kun Month ago
"great sounding quality mic" while sounding terrible
It's Trixs
It's Trixs Month ago
The video starts at 1:00
jwalkrr Month ago
Just wanted to say that I have the hyper x quad cast and its amazing, im extremely happy with it and hella recommend it if anyone is second guessing it
JT Smith
JT Smith 25 days ago
do you have yours a decent distance away? id like to just keep it on my desk
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