Top 10 Funniest Ralph Wiggum Moments

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The Simpsons has had its ups and downs over the years, but these Ralph Wiggum moments will always be funny. We’re looking at moments from The Simpsons where Ralph baffled us, made us cringe, or made us laugh in a way we never expected. Now let’s stick a flute up our nose and get started! WatchMojo ranks the most hilarious Ralph Wiggum moments. What’s your favorite Ralph moment? Let us know in the comments!
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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 657
scarecrow 731
scarecrow 731 Month ago
I just layed an egg in my pants!
Ayrton 007
Ayrton 007 Month ago
you open the milk to me mommy ? I’m not your mommy ralph :v
PiranhaJ PJP
PiranhaJ PJP Month ago
Ralph wiggums has autism
B.B. is cool not a gangster just a slick girl B
I always feel bad for Ralph
Matthew Worden
Matthew Worden Month ago
Because it’s not on here “I feel more like a chicken already. I just made an egg in my pants.”
Landon Wheat
Landon Wheat 2 months ago
You don't get a like??? That's Umpossible.
Mike Gordan
Mike Gordan 2 months ago
Moe: Now you know the rules Hamlet. Laertes here gets a free stab. Ralph: Oh, boy! *stabs himself and dies* Moe: Boy did I bet on the wrong horse.
Ryan staer
Ryan staer 2 months ago
You just ruined Ralph
Kirby 79
Kirby 79 2 months ago
My #1, Rebecca from WatchMojo
BP_DaddyDP 2 months ago
This tastes like grandma
Ephraim Nana Antwi
Ephraim Nana Antwi 2 months ago
Ralph is the most annoying character.
OmnE Shield
OmnE Shield 2 months ago
You're a goober Rebbeca
TemperChain X
TemperChain X 3 months ago
Hi mr Mountain lion
Random Trash can
Random Trash can 3 months ago
Go banana
jeric De Vera
jeric De Vera 3 months ago
Too much talking watchmojo
daniel liebau
daniel liebau 3 months ago
my favrote thing about ralph is when he says will you be my mommy to a wolf then he is like you smell like dead bunnies
D 3 months ago
We don't need the ficken jokes explained to us FFS
Mark Kilkelly
Mark Kilkelly 4 months ago
When I grow up, I'm going to bovine university!"
L P 4 months ago
“Me fail English? “is my favourite 😂
Fulsgarden 4 months ago
"Lisa Simpson geht bei mir in die Schule!" "Ich weiß, das hast Du schon gesagt! Was noch?" "Manchmal bohre ich so tief in der Nase, das sie blutet!" "ES GEHT UM LISA!" "Lisa Simpson geht bei mir in die Schule!" :D
Ginger Jesus
Ginger Jesus 4 months ago
Super Nintendo Chalmers
Fang TEWE 4 months ago
Principal skinner "and Ralph wiggum with a flute up his nose" "flute noise" chief wiggum "that's some nice flying boy"
Fang TEWE 4 months ago
"I like men now"
Fang TEWE 4 months ago
Ralph wiggum pick a winner
michaeloptv 4 months ago
Vote Ralph Wiggins “Pick A Winner!” 😂🤪
praisewhitejesus13 4 months ago
Why say all the quotes at the very start of the video?
Aidan Oestreich
Aidan Oestreich 4 months ago
He peed himself 4:01
Gentleman Josh
Gentleman Josh 4 months ago
Rebecca is beautiful
Gabriel Mendoza
Gabriel Mendoza 4 months ago
What about Ralph for president commercial
Mikail Thomas
Mikail Thomas 4 months ago
Ralph: LISA!?!
Majak Majak
Majak Majak 4 months ago
Retarded Ralph
Some random dude you found
Best quote from Ralph wiggum: I heard your dad went to a restaurant and ate everything in the restaurant and they had to close the restaurant 🤣🤣🤣
Jonas Butler
Jonas Butler 4 months ago
"I dress myself."
Shawnie VEE
Shawnie VEE 4 months ago
“ so do you like stuff?” I used the pick up line on my husband and it worked lol
isaac Heres
isaac Heres 4 months ago
They could have put "Miss Hoover there's a dog in the vent" as an honorable mention
Lawrence Walker
Lawrence Walker 4 months ago
You didn’t show,” He steps on the clutch and the toilet goes flush, hail to the-“ “Shut up!!”
Shinobito1 4 months ago
I am a simple man. I see Rebecca, I give a thumb up.
Crash's Underwear
Crash's Underwear 4 months ago
I just came here for "They taste like... BURNING." I was not disappointed.
Crash's Underwear
Crash's Underwear 4 months ago
164 people bent their Wookie.
Mike Montgomery
Mike Montgomery 4 months ago
Good subject, lame presentation.
Mortricia_Heller 4 months ago
“The doctor said I wouldn’t have so many nose bleeds if I kept my finger out of there.”
jose guzman
jose guzman 4 months ago
hi supernintendo chalmers.
Gabriel StreetsWood
Gabriel StreetsWood 4 months ago
Don't say that your okay with the jokes
NanoBlade 4 months ago
Ralph made me want a SNES Chalmers
NightShadow720 4 months ago
If "Kids Say the Darnest Things" was still on TV, Ralph would be number 1.
themaxdg 4 months ago
I dress myself
Kade Marsee
Kade Marsee 4 months ago
Ralph is so adorable. 😊😊
GuyWithACamera23 4 months ago
He is one of THE best Simpsons characters. I mean The Bloodhound Gang made a goddamn song ONLY using Ralph quotes.
Hannah Shribman-Brown
I always got the feeling that Ralph had Down's Syndrome. He's affectionate friendly and docile as well as having a low IQ. He doesn't have any physical features (apart from a short neck), but not every person with Down's Syndrome has every feature - for example, Ralph might be one of the 40% who does not have slanted eyes, and also in the 25% range who do not have a flat face. Disabilities aren't funny, but Ralph is so sweet that it doesn't feel like we're laughing at a disability - just the character.
nezuko 999
nezuko 999 4 months ago
Love the voice impression of Ralph
AquelGamerMexicano 4 months ago
what about that time he became the president?
NimbusCloud71 4 months ago
Need to calm down on that tan.
Angel 4 months ago
“I drink blue juice from under the sink”
yeah really?
yeah really? 4 months ago
Stop running your mouth so much and let the little charecter talk geeze!
Nelson Alvarez
Nelson Alvarez 4 months ago
Rebecca is fucking awesome!!
Anthony James Rummel
"My knob tastes funny." "Please refrain from tasting the knob."
Crash's Underwear
Crash's Underwear 4 months ago
I just realised how that can be taken out of context. (shudder)
Ryan Parry Ross
Ryan Parry Ross 4 months ago
I cannot say how much I love this list! A moment that was not mentioned, and is one of my favorites, was when Ralph asked a barber if he could make his hair look like Charlie Brown’s. 😊
Mlpfanboy 4 months ago
Basically ralf is the dumbest person in springfeild.
GTR Productions
GTR Productions 4 months ago
best Ralph Wiggum line "they taste like burning"
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 4 months ago
Me fail English? That's umpossible
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