TMG - Walk Man (Official Video)

Cody Ko
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AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE: song.link/i/1466016884
Prod. Diamond Pistols
Directed & Edited by Noel Miller
Director of Photography Thomas Sigurdsson
Colored by RKM Studios
Special thanks to Ryan Simmons
Special thanks to Spock
TMG MERCH: tmgpod.com
Noel Miller
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Cody Ko
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#tmg #walkman

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Jun 7, 2019

tmgtiny meat gangwalkmanwalk manstay safeno flexcomedyhip hopparodytake a walkfarmers tan




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Comments 19 195
andre anderson
andre anderson 7 minutes ago
“Smacking your girly box like she a camal pack” nigga that shit touuuuugh
Alice Marplehorvat
Alice Marplehorvat 16 minutes ago
Noel : *winks* Me : forgets how to breathe.
Mark Blancco
Mark Blancco 25 minutes ago
Mom:Gets out playdoh so i can play with it Mom: *leaves room* Me: 0:15
Laura Harris
Laura Harris 32 minutes ago
Laura Harris
Laura Harris 32 minutes ago
Laura Harris
Laura Harris 33 minutes ago
Just Sana
Just Sana 36 minutes ago
Cody and noel: just a joke. PrOmiSe Also Cody and Noel: *spit bars*
Kristin 37 minutes ago
Just found out that Noel was born in the 80’s and is turning 30 this year I am legit dumbfounded
Brian Manners
Brian Manners 39 minutes ago
This song actually pumps
Thegirlkeke 45 minutes ago
this shit go dumbbbbbbbbbbbbb.
Maribel Hernandez
Maribel Hernandez 53 minutes ago
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison 54 minutes ago
Absolute banger Any one know any tunes similar to this ?
Sage Germaux
Sage Germaux Hour ago
Cody Ko: Makes fun of TikTok TikTok: Makes his song blow up
TheAndyps12 Hour ago
Could anyone write the lyrics for me, my Englis is not perfect
Val W
Val W Hour ago
Why is this actually good
Its low key amazing
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Hour ago
I love this song! Yall need more bangers bois
Reese Williams
I’ve watched this so many times and every time Spock shows up I can only think of big foot
WeFlyOnUnicorns 2 hours ago
Their music literally brings life to my soul
Kys or
Kys or 2 hours ago
I listened to this Ironically at first, but the song is really cool 😂
Grace 2 hours ago
Lol this is so awesome! Y’all never disappoint! Good job guys!
Deandra Beery
Deandra Beery 2 hours ago
Cody, you’re fine as hell. Noel over here getting all the attention. Both y’all are fucking snacks.
Vanessa Cabrera Reyes
I’ve watched this like 200 times in the past 2 weeks Also Noah so good looking 🥺❤️
Ambra Beza
Ambra Beza 3 hours ago
... I’ve never felt so ATTACKED 😩😩😩😩💖💞💗💓💝💞🌸
princesslexicon 3 hours ago
The running at the end I’m dying
Neff breh
Neff breh 3 hours ago
not gonna lie...this shit slap.
fish from boys who cry
watching this in 1440p 😍
Grace V
Grace V 3 hours ago
this is oddly good
Isabelle Sorin
Isabelle Sorin 3 hours ago
Elliotte Clemente
Elliotte Clemente 4 hours ago
noel’s voice is so smooth lol. probably my fav song they’ve made. bars
hoozy3 4 hours ago
ttheir vans are so cleean :(( mine are all beeat up and vveryr dirty unclean dust shoes :( i see their vans official sneakers look how clean annd new tehy are :) i am very jealous of your vans noel and cody of tinny meat gangn mine arent new and pretty like yoouoours
Audrey Thomson
Audrey Thomson 4 hours ago
Can y'all film the process of writing this? bc that would be gold
porkmas 4 hours ago
i want to have sex with Noel
Jewells 3 hours ago
i want to have sex with Noel
Jeremy Dillard
Jeremy Dillard 4 hours ago
*Tik Tok has entered the cat*
Nyla Jn.baptiste
Nyla Jn.baptiste 4 hours ago
Sounds like going bad
Colin Leppert
Colin Leppert 4 hours ago
You guys should try doing something more lyrical. You guys are so creative I think you could do really well if you derivated some time to a lyrical rap song
aby croft
aby croft 5 hours ago
yooooooo. how are they both so attractive?
Nijna eh' 30
Nijna eh' 30 5 hours ago
If you go to the bottom of the description it says "on behalf of tiny meat gang"
nisko C
nisko C 5 hours ago
Why y'all better than lil pump 😂
Inbal C
Inbal C 5 hours ago
Was trying to come up with something clever to say about Noel and nothing came up so I’m just gonna straight up say it ,,how hot is he in this video?? Like sir???
Denaris Storm
Denaris Storm 5 hours ago
0:40 me turning up to this song for the 100th time at 3:am
Eek 06
Eek 06 5 hours ago
Make more songs.
TwinAces 5 hours ago
I know this is supposed to be funny, but this is actually fire xD
Jade Brewer
Jade Brewer 5 hours ago
2:30 cody was like a little kid looking up to his older brother haha "that's so cool, I want to try"
Vortex Cut
Vortex Cut 6 hours ago
Chloe 6 hours ago
Matty fuckin smokes in the background making all the smoke with his vape
Nice KDs
Nice KDs 6 hours ago
A bit of a moosh and twist vibe
Sara 7 hours ago
Why y’all only talking abt Noel? Home boy Cody killed this shit man
Joey Stone
Joey Stone 7 hours ago
Why Can Noel actually rap
This is Patrick
This is Patrick 7 hours ago
Dads are fresh af
Mia 8 hours ago
Why am I bobbing my head? This song is lit 😂😂
Spencer VanOchten
Spencer VanOchten 8 hours ago
is there a version without the freaking retard phone calls
Brittany Manne
Brittany Manne 10 hours ago
I love this
Jacqueline Quinn
Jacqueline Quinn 10 hours ago
Noel is so hot
Misquisha Misquisha
Misquisha Misquisha 10 hours ago
Noels wink got me pregnant
Lord Seven
Lord Seven 10 hours ago
Little small itty bitty back end developers 😂🔥
Juliet Boadi
Juliet Boadi 10 hours ago
Listen to it at 1.5x and thank me later
Can I get 1000 subs without any videos challenge
OHHHH MYYY GOD!!!! First: BARS Second: My uterus is in critical spasming condition. Thanks Noel. Third: I want a man that proposes to me like Cody does. XD.
Anna :/
Anna :/ 11 hours ago
i ain’t never heard shit so fire
Gracie LaTores
Gracie LaTores 11 hours ago
Why's this a bop tho like they didn't have to go THAT hard
Lumenous 11 hours ago
I love this haha
Fri3nds 11 hours ago
This is Cody's best song
Emma705 M
Emma705 M 11 hours ago
Why is it actually good tho
Luke DeBisschop
Luke DeBisschop 11 hours ago
She a hoe cause she fu*king with the farmer tan
roza 123456
roza 123456 12 hours ago
Lara Oshana
Lara Oshana 12 hours ago
*Noel winks once* Every girl: 🤰
Livá 12 hours ago
Dodge Dalke
Dodge Dalke 12 hours ago
Please show more spok, maybe even he gets a verse that would be lit
Alicia Mcneal
Alicia Mcneal 13 hours ago
Petition to put this on Apple Music
wazuprachel 14 hours ago
Straight up noel has to be part asian cuz of those dance moves... ima guess Filipino
Benswargle 14 hours ago
how dare dis nikka noel wink ammmie
Breanna Snow
Breanna Snow 15 hours ago
short kings popped off
Breanna Snow
Breanna Snow 15 hours ago
noel was like: B A R S dude
The Flame Family
The Flame Family 16 hours ago
Shit is whack
Aisling Redmond
Aisling Redmond 16 hours ago
Noel’s moves at 0:43 though...
OPTIMUSs_JEDI 16 hours ago
I always come back here
DLPswegGames 16 hours ago
SilvrStudios 16 hours ago
This song is 🔥 and goofy af
Blue Bunny
Blue Bunny 16 hours ago
I rewatch this and when I did he had 3.3mil subs and 3.3mil veiws
JAZMINE SAUCEDO 17 hours ago
Really hate how tiktok took over this song...
Team Sesh
Team Sesh 17 hours ago
Listened during my cardio on my exercise bike 10/10
Kylie :)
Kylie :) 18 hours ago
when noel winked i went 🤰🏼
avery yeet
avery yeet 18 hours ago
avery yeet
avery yeet 18 hours ago
Straight up...... *fire*
merci 18 hours ago
hands down the best duo on youtube
dead inside edits
dead inside edits 18 hours ago
0:55 thank me later 😉
Andreeea 18 hours ago
Also why does Noel sound like rio from good girls
Adhya Bhonsle
Adhya Bhonsle 18 hours ago
i hate how much of a bop this is omg
Audrey Louise
Audrey Louise 19 hours ago
why is noel actually so damn good at rapping like wtf
Harrison Benefield
Harrison Benefield 19 hours ago
But like this actually goes hard
Audrey Louise
Audrey Louise 19 hours ago
why is this actually fire wtf
anon _012
anon _012 19 hours ago
Just a small quick one aight? BARS
Esmeralda Martin
Esmeralda Martin 19 hours ago
cody sounds like g eazy
Jake431 19 hours ago
dude with the long hair at 1:32 remind of that lobster guy from dont hug me im scared
Bethany Wofford
Bethany Wofford 19 hours ago
Thats Spock
YEe Haw
YEe Haw 19 hours ago
I listen to this unironically it slaps
Ant man
Ant man 19 hours ago
song make ear happy
Trinity Eissens
Trinity Eissens 19 hours ago
with all this walking their crocs better be in sport mode
OrionFN 19 hours ago
Nobody: Tiktok: Hippity Hoppity Your Now My Property
Andreeea 19 hours ago
Ummm Noel I knew you were hot but this is another level
israel peet
israel peet 19 hours ago
High key fire ass song
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