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I can't believe what the girls said to us...
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 11 967
Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart 3 months ago
Thanks to Sidemen for the inspiration on this! If you want to watch their video, the link is in the description:) love u guys❤️
Magical Princess Cake
I just want you to kiss Brent and Leix and Ave
Frizzy Avocado
Frizzy Avocado 11 hours ago
Kajus Pocevicius
Kajus Pocevicius 12 hours ago
Ben Azelart I like your video’s
____ 21 hour ago
Sidemen omg
Cristian Gilmore
Wow no wow now
Ji'niah Jones
Ji'niah Jones 6 hours ago
Andrew is cute 😍❤️😍🤩😍💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️
Lila Torp
Lila Torp 7 hours ago
It was funny that Brent said he weted his pants
Kamila Garcia
Kamila Garcia 8 hours ago
“ your way too young,your prettier than me” 😂
Cali Smith
Cali Smith 9 hours ago
I mean ben not then
Cali Smith
Cali Smith 9 hours ago
I am 16 and I have a crush on then Andrew and Brent
Rhy905 Outdoors
Rhy905 Outdoors 9 hours ago
Why do they have plastic thingies on there shoes?
Sarah BBear
Sarah BBear 9 hours ago
I have a lot of pick up lines here are some! Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date! Do you have a sun burn or are you always this hot? Are you Japanese cause I see myself in ya panties
Christine Crabtree
Christine Crabtree 10 hours ago
I would only swipe yes on brent
Jennifer Mello
Jennifer Mello 11 hours ago
My name is Gia I am 21
Danny Rivera
Danny Rivera 11 hours ago
Hay Brent my last name is Rivera 🙂
Ava Bell
Ava Bell 14 hours ago
Your prettier then me xD
K1MI 15 hours ago
ben is best broooo
Dy1an 7
Dy1an 7 16 hours ago
Ben's 17!!!
Gåçhå jėśśìė gamėr
Me: watches tinder in real life Ad: enjoy your life with cinder joy Me: ;-;
Nectar 362
Nectar 362 18 hours ago
Don’t do tik tok it is made by people who are spying on you when you make a tik tok
Gåçhå jėśśìė gamėr
That’s weird
Zoë Wiehahn
Zoë Wiehahn 18 hours ago
My list Ben: no Brent: no David:no Masen: no ANDREW:YESSSSSSSSSS❤❤
Galaxy wolf Demon
Galaxy wolf Demon 22 hours ago
Yes as a friend
Omg I would date Andrew if I could because he has to be the cutest there and I think he has a kind ❤️
Hi my name is stormey and I would only swipe yes for mason and andrew
Random parker
Andrew looks like James Charles
Bigguy Space doge
Spelled that wrong I think
Bigguy Space doge
Am ready for y’all to get RIGHEKTED
Felicity Vlogs.
andrew issss FINE
Claudia Guardado
The audio on the vid was really bad
tom lenderman
I was from Texas !!!!
Amy Manning
Amy Manning Day ago
I would swipe yes on Andrew, Mason, Ben, and Brent
Liz Garrett
Liz Garrett Day ago
i love this video you and lexi rivera would look so cute together
Celia Yanez
Celia Yanez Day ago
Tbh I like Andrew BUT I’m toooo young I’m dang 8 0-0 so yea
Shelton Tomlinson
Andrew I’m 18
Shelton Tomlinson
Andrew I’m
Richard Sturgess
I’m Olivia as well but I’m only eight
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed Day ago
That's weird that Andrew only got one girl when he is the hottest boy everr
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed Day ago
Rose r red violets are blue I hope your wish comes true
tmgoodq8 Day ago
Poor Andrew
Phillipa Briggs
sorry andrew
DJxWolfxGirl Neuf
I would say Mason Brent and Andrew
I'll take Andrew 😂😂😂
RosannaPlays _Roblox
I got to be honest I mean I would swipe yes to Andrew he is like the best looking one I would love to be friends with him
ChristianLx Day ago
Are You From China Cause Im China Get in
Shelby Merriman
I am not surprised because Brent is the cuteiest
Lizs Ssd
Lizs Ssd 2 days ago
Olivia Bello
Olivia Bello 2 days ago
Marilyn Ross
Marilyn Ross 2 days ago
No one likes u don't worry 🤞
Sergio Morales
Sergio Morales 2 days ago
Girl: he’s prettier than me but your not wrong girl
Sergio Morales
Sergio Morales 2 days ago
roses ir red voiltes are blue like if you love andrew
Kloe Green
Kloe Green 2 days ago
If Andrew had a baby with one of the twins they would be the most beautiful human on Earth.
j-f priolo
j-f priolo 2 days ago
good job ben
j-f priolo
j-f priolo 2 days ago
I Would say yes to Andrew
j-f priolo
j-f priolo 2 days ago
So fun
cfcrigler 2 days ago
Wow that’s cool
Babbo Natale
Babbo Natale 2 days ago
Next time u can say:"u know why my phone doesn't work" Girl:why?? Ben:"bc it doesn't have ur number"
Babbo Natale
Babbo Natale 2 days ago
Idk. Lol. ;) :3 AM AMAZING :3 ok no lel.. ;-;
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson 2 days ago
marissa varela
marissa varela 2 days ago
Girl that said that she was 28 I am from Texas the same place you were at so I can meter
Celine Iskandarani
I have a crush
Rikki Loadsman
Rikki Loadsman 3 days ago
Benyou already have a girlfriend
Julia Valencia
Julia Valencia 3 days ago
Swipe Andrew 😻
Felisya Sherie
Felisya Sherie 3 days ago
I choose andrew because he is cute and nice
Time to game!!!
Time to game!!! 3 days ago
I like andrew
Mommy and Me World
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