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I can't believe what the girls said to us...
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 9 501
Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart 12 days ago
Thanks to Sidemen for the inspiration on this! If you want to watch their video, the link is in the description:) love u guys❤️
Kimberly Madden
I like you but I am 8
Keira Bagnall
Keira Bagnall 8 hours ago
I was about to say about sidemen!!
Andy Gibbs
Andy Gibbs 15 hours ago
Stop copying Sidemen
Sakura Tree
Sakura Tree Day ago
Ben Azelart wHAT happended To Lexi
ToxicWaterMelon 284
I love you
xX FinFay Gaming Xx
Omg I haven’t seen mason in so long
bad spxrt
bad spxrt Hour ago
You stole the from sidemen
Tired Sloths
Tired Sloths 2 hours ago
David looked cute not gonna lie😍
YRG Vic 2 hours ago
Ik the first girl
Mildred Holmes
Mildred Holmes 2 hours ago
I feel sorry for all of you
Amber Durr
Amber Durr 3 hours ago
Tsk lol I gonna die if laughter
Giammy Sáez
Giammy Sáez 3 hours ago
I think that twins was racist because said no to David without a good reason
summer sunflowers
summer sunflowers 3 hours ago
omg im from houston,texas to lol
Isabella Leone
Isabella Leone 3 hours ago
*sorry but brent already has a girlfriend, ill introduce her to you, her name is Eva Gutowski*
Nicole Haupt
Nicole Haupt 3 hours ago
Stef was harsh!!
Bird e
Bird e 3 hours ago
100% of comments: saying that they feel bad for Andrew 0% of comments: saying that they feel bad for Ben😂😂
Giavanna Steiner
Giavanna Steiner 4 hours ago
I’m Giavanna 😲
saniyah blocker
saniyah blocker 4 hours ago
Faith Bertrand
Faith Bertrand 4 hours ago
If I was a guy and was in Andrews position, I'll say, "your father is a thief... Cuz he stole all the stars from the sky to put in ur eyes." Since he's getting rejected
Speck Gann
Speck Gann 4 hours ago
You don’t have very many friends!!!
Giammy Sáez
Giammy Sáez 5 hours ago
My name is Gia too 😂😂
Lawanda Fairell
Lawanda Fairell 5 hours ago
I will swipe yes on ben, andrew, and brent
Ultra Exitz
Ultra Exitz 5 hours ago
Who else knew that Gia is from p2isThename
Jung Shook
Jung Shook 5 hours ago
Are you from Iowa Because Iowa get with you (Didn’t ask it just came to my mind) I’m not even a boy
nicole pease
nicole pease 5 hours ago
WAIT!!!!!!✋you have friends? 😎
RioluGaming 50
RioluGaming 50 5 hours ago
So basically what they’re all saying is that Andrew is too much of a pretty boy
Brandon Furtado
Brandon Furtado 5 hours ago
Legit , same click bait as the Sidemen one . Disappointed
Michael Hogeboom
Michael Hogeboom 5 hours ago
Are you dating Lexie Ben
lost boy4
lost boy4 6 hours ago
Copy of sideman
Abby Connolly
Abby Connolly 6 hours ago
Tinder isn’t my thing.
Tiny Boss
Tiny Boss 6 hours ago
i thought this was a sidemen video
melissa saliba
melissa saliba 6 hours ago
I adore your videos . U make my day
Isla Kate
Isla Kate 7 hours ago
"And my love for you,is just like dirrahea!~" "I just cant hold it in"
Addy OBryan
Addy OBryan 7 hours ago
Xxmidnight.__rosexX OWO
Brent= Mr steal your girl
Symphonie A
Symphonie A 7 hours ago
No offense but Andrew James Charles
Symphonie A
Symphonie A 7 hours ago
Kids were watching this just so you know
Heaven Coffey
Heaven Coffey 7 hours ago
Ben has a gf
Symphonie A
Symphonie A 7 hours ago
Brent 21 he looks like he's 16 years old maybe even younger
Landen Cook
Landen Cook 7 hours ago
i guess i cant like this video ;&
Barrel racing Cowgirl!
I would have chose Ben but he is 6 years older then me!😂😢
Jayme Armstrong
Jayme Armstrong 7 hours ago
Peyton Tennant
Peyton Tennant 7 hours ago
I think Andrew is cute
Peyton Tennant
Peyton Tennant 7 hours ago
Peyton Tennant
Peyton Tennant 7 hours ago
Frank Newton
Frank Newton 7 hours ago
Twins: You look like a player to the max. Andrew: Has never dated anyone Leslie: I could be your sugar mama Ben: alright im down. Me after watching it 3rd time: Wait what about Lexi?
Marya Ashique
Marya Ashique 7 hours ago
I would honestly swipe right on Andrew ASAP
Lin F
Lin F 8 hours ago
I would swipe yes on Brent
GatchaRony 8 hours ago
Boy:if I could rearrange the alphabet I would u and I together Me:good thing n and o are already together
Emily High
Emily High 8 hours ago
slice not piece
Random Person
Random Person 9 hours ago
Anybody else notice at 1:58 they spelt right wrong
Dorothy Dillard
Dorothy Dillard 9 hours ago
Brent how old are you
Dorothy Dillard
Dorothy Dillard 9 hours ago
I would swipe yes on Brent
Natalie Nova
Natalie Nova 9 hours ago
the one with the wite shirt ilove you im the same aje as you
bee p
bee p 9 hours ago
andrew is so cute
Lucas Elliott
Lucas Elliott 9 hours ago
Who cares how old Ben is.
Xxx._dollhouse Xxx._
I like how me and the first girl have to the same name
Mochi Jimin
Mochi Jimin 10 hours ago
I feel bad for Andrew he is so cute I wanted to cry🥺😭 I would swipe yes on all of y’all because you guys are all cute and funny (but I’m to young)
Lei Lin
Lei Lin 10 hours ago
3:08 this girl is just rude bruh Brent was making up a joke!
XX Tess
XX Tess 11 hours ago
proof that girls rlly dont like e-boys
Kagiso Motsemme
Kagiso Motsemme 11 hours ago
Spelling error 2:59
Thaly Waly2009
Thaly Waly2009 11 hours ago
Girl talking about Andrew:Well..he looks like he cries to much. Me: Gurl that’s mean. Poor Andrew 😔
Orlando Jr Salgado
Orlando Jr Salgado 12 hours ago
That was my mom
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