Thunder moved quickly on Russell Westbrook trade, CP3 expected to be dealt - Woj | SportsCenter

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Adrian Wojnarowski and Tim MacMahon discuss how the Houston Rockets' blockbuster trade of Chris Paul and draft picks for Russell Westbrook unraveled, and what this could mean for CP3 and his uncertain future with the Oklahoma City Thunder.
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Published on


Jul 12, 2019




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Paulo Alexandre
Paulo Alexandre 4 months ago
I'm laughing, Vegas had OKC finishing 9th with Westbrook and 7th with CP3 lol.
wrightterence680 4 months ago
OKC will finish in 11th place in the Western Conference
Markus Spencer
Markus Spencer 4 months ago
Milwaukee sign CP3.
Jay 4 months ago
Had put my foot in my mouth. I'm all in with rockets win or lose. I'm not going switch. I said like a few days ago rockets had not made any moves to make them competitive. Didnt expect this move. Westbrook going have to know this is James harden's team
Eric Menjivar
Eric Menjivar 4 months ago
Destinations for Chris Paul: Detroit Milwaukee Miami Philly Pacers He needs to go to an east team to try and contend for a title considering his age and the competition in the west. With Miami I don’t believe he can win anything. With Detroit neither but he can fit with the team and has experience playing with Blake although I’m not sure about their relationship; still I see no title from this. With Milwaukee and Philly I can see him winning a title, more leaning towards Milwaukee since I think he can fill their starting point guard position. JMO
Sultan 4 months ago
So whos going to be the batman
Random person
Random person 4 months ago
I really think Westbrook and harden could make it work. Westbrook just took a step back for George. He will undoubtedly take a step back for harden but work with him. I just hope he doesn’t have any major procedures in the offseason
MegaJf16 4 months ago
damn I wanted CP3 to at least win one ring
Brody Peele
Brody Peele 4 months ago
As a heat fan I’d kill myself if they get Paul
Michelle Branch
Michelle Branch 4 months ago
Wow Harden was so serious, wanting CP3 gone. Westbrook is not a better option
Koubaa Sofien
Koubaa Sofien 4 months ago
trade cp3 get john wall and another 1st round pick.
Vigus DNA
Vigus DNA 4 months ago
Russ does what he feels he needs to do to win OKC last yr W/ KD when they were up 3-1 vs the 73 Win Golden State Warriors, Russ wasn’t playing the same way he did the next season he did what he thought he had to win & then Few months Later is when Westbrook started his Historic Season Averaging 30+PPG, 10+APG, 10+RPG & he carried an OKC team with nobody else on it to the playoffs in the West & it took every one of those Points, Rebounds, & assists That Russell Westbrook got in those Triple Doubles to get there, & Russ Won Back To Back scoring Titles( i believe it might have been 2 in 3yrs) then fast forward to last Yr, He took a back seat & made Paul George the #1 option, Paul George had his best year ever as a player, he took the most shots that he ever took in a season as an NBA player, & since Russ still AVG a Triple-Double people say he is a ball hog which is crazy, he makes ppl better, Paul George had his best yr ever with Westbrook & KD had his best statistical seasons ever when he played with Russ, & that’s where KD won his scoring Titles etc, then you Have guys like Ibaka who seemed like a great player borderline allstar when he was with OKC to not being a bonafide Starter afterwards.... Russ has had no outside shooting on his team & still lead the league in assists multiple years (Even in the yrs when he had nobody who was a legit scorer/offensive Threat) & if you put another player on that OKC team the first yr without KD & see who could do what Russ did, in the WESTERN Conference mind you & not only Lead them to the Playoffs but to the 6th Seed & put the numbers up Russ did... Heck Lebron missed the playoffs this year with a much better Supporting cast than that OKC team & Lakers with Lebron were 29-27 or 28-27 a .500 Team & Heck Lebron didn’t average no 10assists or 30+Points or 10+REB, BUT IF HE WOULD HAVE AVERAGED THAT & got 42 Triple Doubles THEN the Lakers WOULD HAVE MADE THE 8TH SEED but they didn’t ... The only player who could have potentially done it would maybe have been James Harden, & by no means does that mean he is the Best or 2nd best player in the league, he is just a player who can carry teams n put up those kind of numbers that are required to lead that team... Plenty of players can AVG the points & REB but not the assists or able to take that team to the playoffs in the Western Conference & get 6th Seed especially at that time,The West stacked & OKC Division was Great with Utah, OKC, Por, Denver, & Twolves(w/Kat & wiggins): The Teams in the West were Crazy Good, the 1st 2 Teams after the 8 playoff teams were great like Denver & Pelicans, The pelicans had AD, Boogie & Jrue Holiday, & Denver who has an amazing Roster & was Jokic Breakout Yr, pretty much same team as Now but with more pieces like Gallanari, & guys like Mike Miller, Hibbert, & missed the playoffs by one game behind Por who they traded Nurkic to mid-Season for Plumlee Lol The Good teams in the west & where they finished at the end of regular season 1)GS(W/KD), 2)Spurs(W/Kawhi) 3)Houston 4)Clippers(W/Cp3, Blake,DJ,Redick,Pierce) 5)Utah Jazz(Hayward,Gobert,G.Hill,Favors) 6)OKC(W/Russ 7)Memphis(w/Conley, Gasol, Zbo,Parsons) 8)Portland WEST TEAMS THAT MISSED PLAYOFFS: 9-Denver Nuggets 10-Pelicans(W/AD, Boogie & Jrue Holiday) 11-Mavericks 1️⃣GOLDEN STATE with KD 2️⃣SPURS with KAWHI 8️⃣Portland (Same Team as now) 🔟Pels with AD, Boogie & Jrue Holiday SOME OF THE GREAT ROSTERS PPL FORGET ABOUT 3️⃣HOUSTON (3rd Seed): James Harden, Patrick Beverly, Capela, Trevor Ariza, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Lou Williams,Montrez Harrell, Nene,Dekker, 4️⃣LA CLIPPERS (4th Seed): Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, JJ Redick, Paul Pierce, Jamal Crawford, Austin Rivers, Luc Mbah A Moute, Felton 5️⃣UTAH JAZZ (5th Seed): Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gobert,Ricky Rubio, George Hill, Derrick Favors, Rodney Hood, Joe Ingles, Joe Johnson, Dante Exum, Boris Diaw, Alec Burks, Trey Lyles 7️⃣MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES: (7th Seed) Mike Conley, Gasol, Z-BO, Tony Allen Chandler Parsons, Vince Carter, J.Ennis, JaMycal Green 9️⃣The NUGGETS; (missed playoffs 9th) Denver who had Jokic, Gallinari, Jamal Murray, Will Barton, Wilson Chandler, Jusuf Nurkic/or Plumlee(Trade in Feb w/Por) Mudiay, Garry Harris, Faried, Jameer Nelson, Hermangomez, Mike Miller, Roy Hibbert, Denver’s team was deep & had several players avg double digit points 1️⃣1️⃣DALLAS MAVERICKS: (11th in West) Dirk, Harrison Barnes, D-Will, JJ Barera, Seth Curry, Wesley Mathews, Nerlens Noel, Yogi Ferrell, D.Powell, Devin Harris, Bogut
CarCamper10694 4 months ago
Rockets have the worst front office in the league by far. Rockets literally GOT WORSE at a time when the warriors finally are going to be out of the picture. LOL! How did their front office manage that? Chris paul plays way better defense than westbrook and can also shoot 3's. Westbrook does not faciliate ball movement like Paul does. Rockets just got WAY worse when they got an opportunity to compete for the west. Westbrook shoots horrible 3 pointers, and they played together in OKC and harden was being held back then. MAKES. NO. SENSE. Rockets GM doesn't know basketball, how does he even have a job?????
zoo zoo
zoo zoo 4 months ago
This could be a good move for westbrook i think so
ilyaas khan
ilyaas khan 4 months ago
That is it. As an okc fan the only game I will watch is the game with rockets. Then I will never watch okc until we get a better player
Young King
Young King 4 months ago
Dame Lilliard"s 3 broke OKC 💔 and team literally 🤔
Niley Diley
Niley Diley 4 months ago
Cp3 to lakers. Called it
Tierre Jevon
Tierre Jevon 4 months ago
Harden asked for this trade. That kills the narrative that no one wants to play with Westbrook. However, people really don’t want to play with CP3 😂😂😂🤣
brs rafal
brs rafal 4 months ago
Terrible move for okc Chris Paul not the same terrible trade great for Houston!
Maria Alvarado
Maria Alvarado 4 months ago
Not surprise trade pg and everyone
Jocelyn Harris
Jocelyn Harris 4 months ago
they will be fun to watch but that's about it
courtney gates
courtney gates 4 months ago
Westbrook don't realize that Harden game has changed alot since he left okc
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 4 months ago
I've never seen a team tear it apart as quickly as the Thunder. Wow.
King Trev
King Trev 4 months ago
Can we stop “the players don’t want to play with Russell” thing now!!!!!
Rage 4 months ago
When you realize Houston still won't beat Golden State
GTWerber 4 months ago
Worst duo ever. They gonna fight for who dribbles the ball more times.. They're gonna call them the ' Iso Rockets'
blimy01 Maynard
blimy01 Maynard 4 months ago
Even though I want to see how Westbrook and Harden work together at this point, I would have liked to have seen Westbrook go to the East. The West is still too stacked and The East got weaker. I don't want to see early 2000s again.
Yvng J
Yvng J 4 months ago
that’s why u gotta get a new coach who don’t just run iso plays for his players 🤦🏾‍♂️
Andreas Dengler
Andreas Dengler 4 months ago
Woj telling what he knew AFTER it happens, don't trust this guy.
Knowledge Born Allah Allah Justice
It was James Harden’s desire to not play with CP3, in his eyes it’s better to deal with the devil that you know ,Russ knows what’s up ,do you think him and James haven’t talked about this? The tension between him and Chris was way more than what was being said, plus Frettita is about filling those seats, Russ is going to do that, how him and James get it done remains to be seen but everyone’s going to be watching.The western conference is the Wild West this season.
Chase Hibbard
Chase Hibbard 4 months ago
2 ball hogs on the same team interesting.
Londre Gilkey
Londre Gilkey 4 months ago
James Harden, like I really don't have to guard anybody now
Londre Gilkey
Londre Gilkey 4 months ago
I spoke on this a few days ago,lol
Neel Shelar
Neel Shelar 4 months ago
Lol, two players ranked #1 and #2 in NBA in usage rate, on the same team! Good luck! (No doubt about their greatness,but one dawg will have to take a back seat)
Neth BT
Neth BT 4 months ago
This will absolutely put a GUARANTEE that Harden's championship ring hopes will be stalled for a while 😂🤣😁😃😄😅😆
James Valt
James Valt 4 months ago
Who gonna run point?
RasenRendan 4 months ago
Seeing OKC from 2012 to 2019 with the players they had made me appreciate Toronto winning the title his year. It's really really hard to win a NBA title. Good luck rebuilding.
toon toonjr
toon toonjr 4 months ago
Everyone on Espn: "My sources say chris Paul will be bought out for $20 million 20 piece nuggets large French fries and a large Powerade from McDonald's"
Slimeball _Glizzy
Slimeball _Glizzy 4 months ago
If they play like they played like in okc NASTY 🤢🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 4 months ago
The thunder are a shitty organization
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