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Apr 11, 2019




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Comments 23 777
β ζεφαηιελ
β ζεφαηιελ 37 minutes ago
this was a good explanation of a topic I keep forgetting or never had time to read about 👍
石頭 51 minute ago
耶中國歷史 夏商周春秋戰國秦西漢新東漢三國魏晉南北隋唐五代十國北宋南宋元明清-
Aboelenein 55 minutes ago
Damn! This really needs an adaptation ... smooth transition though xD
Charlie Dick
Charlie Dick 59 minutes ago
The original battle royal
Dowen Hour ago
People will know this if they play dynasty warriors
linro Hour ago
When something last for 4 centuries, they will get corrupted eventually.
Samsokun Hour ago
i dont like that country
MC Production
MC Production Hour ago
I should have watched this video before my Chinese History Exam
MC Production
MC Production Hour ago
When oversimplified knows better Chinese History than me, a Chinese dude😬
thechraveler 2 hours ago
6:12 Who saw Hitler's dad on the steps spanking a Eunich
Chase XDgamer
Chase XDgamer 2 hours ago
Lü bu reaper!!!! Anyone else get it
packey.reaper YT
packey.reaper YT 2 hours ago
So they had a Battle Royale ?
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh 2 hours ago
Almost Guapo
Almost Guapo 4 hours ago
Dynasty Warriors everyone?
jake pauler
jake pauler 4 hours ago
Next vid do the 1812 war
Book Butterfly
Book Butterfly 4 hours ago
One more thing: Cao Cao was tricked to linking his ships together, which made burning them a buttload easier
Book Butterfly
Book Butterfly 4 hours ago
As a Chinese, I laughed so hard at this
the Prussian Nationalist
Wah different from the story The real one is way better
the Prussian Nationalist
I just found out it's like China in 1920s
Book Butterfly
Book Butterfly 4 hours ago
I love how I learn more in USvid than I do at school
Nabil Fauzi
Nabil Fauzi 4 hours ago
OBLIVIANGAMER 231 5 hours ago
6:07 alois hitler is a soldier of yuan shao
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 5 hours ago
Wakashimazu01 5 hours ago
Aww I was sitting here almost waiting patiently for a Dynasty Warriors easter egg to happen
MoeHaider 5 hours ago
srpska ideologija
srpska ideologija 5 hours ago
6:15 hhahhahaahhahha Hitlers dad hahahhahahhahaa
Duy Nhat
Duy Nhat 5 hours ago
Why the bird sing china
ANAS HAJ MOHMAD 6 hours ago
Hello, I Can a translate you videos to Arabic I will pay you the earnings as you like.
ANAS HAJ MOHMAD 6 hours ago
+Tama Go No, I will translate it and Dubbing it, It's hard, I want some money
Tama Go
Tama Go 6 hours ago
you can post the video without monetization, which will not earn money from his video
ANAS HAJ MOHMAD 6 hours ago
+Tama Go I want his approval
ANAS HAJ MOHMAD 6 hours ago
+Tama Go he will do copyright
Tama Go
Tama Go 6 hours ago
u should do it he wont mind
Oscar Wong
Oscar Wong 6 hours ago
this is hella cool since China hasn't been covered a lot on yt
Jai Pereira
Jai Pereira 6 hours ago
Can you history on How Australia got discovered
PLAYrec Free
PLAYrec Free 7 hours ago
6:07 Why is hitler's dad spanking that guy
Redi Dragneel
Redi Dragneel 8 hours ago
the bird was singing never gonna give you up in chinese
tapo koko
tapo koko 8 hours ago
6:14 u serious WW2 German leader's father
RalvinTY 9 hours ago
Troupbomber 9 hours ago
GOD YOUR VIDEOS ARE FUNNY AND INFORMATIVE!!!! Could you do the French Revolution next?
Sp1r1t00 9 hours ago
lol he put stalin's father whipping butts in the video wtf.
Sudhakar G Maller
Sudhakar G Maller 10 hours ago
Pls make an other vedio fast
Sonic557 11 hours ago
The leader of the yellow turban rebellion is pronounced Zhang Jiao instead of Zhang Jue.
Wimborneo 11 hours ago
Japanese civil war please aka the Sengoku era
Evan Eaton
Evan Eaton 11 hours ago
Can I point out Hitler's dad "severely punishing" a eunuch 6:08-6:20
Dumb Comment
Dumb Comment 11 hours ago
oh the game looks fun *sees woman* nope...
blu menthal
blu menthal 11 hours ago
i thought Liu Kang was a made up name, turns out it was a real name of a real person.
Steven Liu
Steven Liu 12 hours ago
lmao this ad got me off guard, but i like this video
멘토르석사 12 hours ago
"We are not the socialist humanist pigs, and we are not the brainwashed muslim coldheads. We are the Judeo-Christians."
Lord Folding Fan
Lord Folding Fan 12 hours ago
I must applaud you for summarizing Three Kingdoms without mentioning about Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang. I have never seen anyone able to do that in my life. Also, this is the first time I really feel like you are over simplifying things, but at the same time I think you did well focusing on the progress of the situation as a whole.
Ian Saunders
Ian Saunders 12 hours ago
oversimplified MY ASS
Fox King jm
Fox King jm 12 hours ago
I love the story of the Three Kingdoms
aberson william
aberson william 13 hours ago
Us you mean US/USA
Afra The Fox Girl
Afra The Fox Girl 13 hours ago
Lu Bu and his "father" r fighting over a girl who is probably is Lu Bu's age.... Yep, I totally give this one 2 Lu Bu.
TCO ZEEMER101 13 hours ago
did you notice Alois Hitler spanking an euneuch?
GuardianDemonX 13 hours ago
all of this shit just to promo a game wow lol
Jayden Morton
Jayden Morton 13 hours ago
Any saw hitler’s dad beating someone up or.....
Jesse Reese
Jesse Reese 13 hours ago
Please do the Vietnam war
Lieu Bich
Lieu Bich 14 hours ago
He Jin want to kill the eunuchs... This enraged the eunuchs, who kill him immediately... And this enraged Yuan Shao, who kill all of them immediately.
Lieu Bich
Lieu Bich 14 hours ago
Dong Zhuo stoled Diaochan from Lu Bu... This enraged Lu Bu, who kill him immediately
Julio Meletz
Julio Meletz 15 hours ago
I love this channel I wish you had more videos! I feel like I learn more from here than my actual history class!!
Cookie Crumble Vids
Cookie Crumble Vids 15 hours ago
I have a hunch that the Civil War is next on the chopping block
Jake Nuttall
Jake Nuttall 15 hours ago
Hey you should do a civil war animation
Kylin 15 hours ago
5:31 it says "dog" and "cat" 😂
can you do a Qing, ROC, and PRC version like this one?
+Kylin Qing and ROC
Kylin 14 hours ago
what is Qing ROC? do you mean Han taking down the Qing?
ThePlagueDoctor 16 hours ago
3:51 Guy with a baguette? Really? The Paris riots?
RunningWithRoses 16 hours ago
aww, no mention of guan yu? booo
pew series
pew series 16 hours ago
On 6:11 i saw aldos dad spanking a person wierd
Saminr 7
Saminr 7 16 hours ago
Can you make anything about the ottoman empire?please.Thanks.
j. luck 2
j. luck 2 17 hours ago
Make the american civil war video
Stephen Hutnick
Stephen Hutnick 17 hours ago
Millions of people were killed, buuuuuuuuuuut that one guy who got spanked in the backgroud had the most suffering
Αλπέρ Ντελή-Χουσεϊν
Why dont you do5he grrek revolution of 1821
William Cui
William Cui 17 hours ago
do something on the second sino-japanese war plz
Reed Gallagher
Reed Gallagher 17 hours ago
Do civil war 🤠
DEADCENTER Podcast 17 hours ago
Used the link for Three Kingdoms, and I'm stoked about the game. Wouldn't have even seen it if it weren't for this channel, and here I am with a marked calendar for a pre-ordered game. Love it! Thank you!
Conor Ngo
Conor Ngo 18 hours ago
On 6:09 who else saw hitlers dad beating a eunuch
Pieguy27 18 hours ago
6:08 Hitlers dad
Boundless Voyageur
Boundless Voyageur 18 hours ago
6:12 Hitler’s dad in the background😂
MasterWaelSensei 19 hours ago
Dude You REALLY Need To Upload More!
Mr. Boy 64
Mr. Boy 64 19 hours ago
7:56 i-i-i-iiiits......LU BU!!!!!
Rip XXXtentacion
Rip XXXtentacion 19 hours ago
6:19 who saw hitlers dad spanking that guy
I like Eggo
I like Eggo 19 hours ago
6:08 the top of the stairs someone got punished severly
Ben Hur
Ben Hur 19 hours ago
anyone else notice Hitler’s dad in the background casually spanking a Eunuch?
DRESSED2KILL02 19 hours ago
3;52, who noticed the yellow vest with the baguette
DRESSED2KILL02 19 hours ago
Dr. Topher
Dr. Topher 20 hours ago
Yes! I've waited for this
car7glass 20 hours ago
9:12 barbecue marshmellow hahahaha
Ojas srivastava
Ojas srivastava 20 hours ago
I have no fucking idea wtf was going on there. Names were so fucking difficult
OP Legend
OP Legend 21 hour ago
Hitler’s dad gets a cameo at 6:13.
Bosnian Guy
Bosnian Guy 21 hour ago
Owersimpled please make history of Yugoslavia
Swedish Countryball
Dong Shoe Is A Terrible Person Killing Children. That's Terrible
Sans 21 hour ago
Make a video of uruguayan Revolution!!!!
Alfred Christanto
Alfred Christanto 22 hours ago
at the end everything doesn't matter.
Vincent Link
Vincent Link 22 hours ago
This vid legit makes me want to get the game. Time to add it to my wishlist and forget about it for 2 years until it goes on sale
Andrea Muarzin-O'connor
You should do a video on the American Civil War
Fellipe Fischer
Fellipe Fischer 22 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the yellow vests with the yellow turbins?
Joe 22 hours ago
what was that outro song??
Joji 23 hours ago
Zhang Jue? I thought it was Zhang Jiao?
Twincest Dota 2
Twincest Dota 2 23 hours ago
Can you do qing unification of whole China??
Can You Fit In The Dod? The Dod?
6:09 Hitler's dad!
skull face
skull face 23 hours ago
I love these vid
Eric Lau
Eric Lau 23 hours ago
Despite all the intonation went wrong for the names XDD (no offense) but this is really fun to watch!
Shard master
Shard master Day ago
can you make a video about Jewish persecution
Filmboys0901 Day ago
Korea war!!! for next video
Arcanius Productions
OMG HILARIOUS 6:08 Hitler's father is punishing severely an Eunuch xdddd
MyNameIsMun Day ago
9:10 When he said he was so fat and oily I got a Hardee’s ad 😂
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