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Matthew Lei
Matthew Lei Hour ago
2:29 Roman casually takes a drink of orange juice in a wine glass
GNranger 23 hours ago
You know that feeling when you fall in love with an actress, that's around your age, and the sudden realization that you have no chance just roundhouse kicks you in the face? That is me rn.
Polar Pomeranian
Roman is lit I would definently want to meet him
Malachi Barakat
I love how the boy is more confident in the interview
Ryan P
Ryan P 2 days ago
And every teenager will instantly be in love with her and know that it will never happen, me being one of them
Nishad S
Nishad S 2 days ago
Roman Griffin Davis is a Global treasure, protect him at all cost...
vitor duarte
vitor duarte 2 days ago
let's dance
rafi aljero
rafi aljero 2 days ago
Fionn John Son
Fionn John Son 3 days ago
Am I the only one who has a crush on Thomasin?
Sean Bould
Sean Bould 4 days ago
Roman has the IQ, humour and vocabulary of a 20 year old
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 5 hours ago
Sean Bould how can you judge his IQ lmao
Shrek 4 days ago
1:30 i got scared om g
Evie Samora
Evie Samora 3 days ago
I was like, did he really do that ? Its quite rude buttttttt he is kid so thats fine😊😊😊
guillermo saldaña
For an actor it doesn't matter how well he does his role, in the eyes of the audience he will always be overshadowed by an actress who appears in the movie xd
Pais Nublado
Pais Nublado 4 days ago
It's sad, he was absolutely amazing in that movie
Thabane Luthuli
Thabane Luthuli 6 days ago
what is that jacket worn by Roman called? (super cool).
Bdub 7 days ago
Such a great movie. Great acting all around. I usually dislike movies with kid actor in a big role but Roman absolutely killed it man. I thoroughly really enjoyed his performance and all the scenes he’s in (which is pretty much the whole movie lol)
Celica Pevencie
Celica Pevencie 7 days ago
Roman is soooooo adorable it's killing me
Jitendra Paswan
Jitendra Paswan 7 days ago
at Roman age i were like'' if i don't switch on and off the light for 7 times my family going to die"
Vala Pachuau
Vala Pachuau 2 days ago
@Evie Samora you're welcome 😇😄😄
Evie Samora
Evie Samora 2 days ago
@Vala Pachuau yes 😂 😂 😂 thank you 🙆‍♀️
Vala Pachuau
Vala Pachuau 2 days ago
@Evie Samora OK! The number can be anything, he can say whatever number he wants the '7' is just a number that he chooses. You get it NOW? 😂🤣😅
Evie Samora
Evie Samora 3 days ago
@Vala Pachuau okay but why 7? Im sorry im from Argentina and i dont get this 😂
Vala Pachuau
Vala Pachuau 3 days ago
@Evie Samora It means that during his childhood, he used to think that his parents will die if he don't switch on and off the light for 7 times. You get it now?
Dismantled Brain
Dismantled Brain 7 days ago
The comments are turning into a Team Roman vs Team Thomasin. (Roman all the way - dude power!)
midgetwars1 8 days ago
How'd this guy bring an age comparison to these two for politics? One's 12 and the other is 20. What a weird question.
Ryan P
Ryan P 2 days ago
Shes 19
Saksham Shrivastava
That first joke of Roman: "Yes, exactly like you said" Was hilarious af.
Evie Samora
Evie Samora 3 days ago
Omg i thought i was the only one who notices that! I laughed so hard when i saw it!! 😂😂😂😂
Alex Shinoda
Alex Shinoda 8 days ago
I watched this movie because I like anything that makes fun of Hitler and the Nazis and i ended up thinking about Thomasin McKenzie, she's so freaking talented and beautiful!
jnplnrvl 9 days ago
Thomasin's voice can calm me down at my most adhd infused moments. it's so soft and mellow like your ears are literally hearing the sound of softness.
Dismantled Brain
Dismantled Brain 7 days ago
Roman's throat cleaning is better ASMR.
ShadowJP3012 9 days ago
Watched JOJO Rabbit 5 times already. I love it so much
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 10 days ago
Im male and I definitely loved Thomasin, but goddamn Roman is too cute.
That kid will be the next big thing or Collen Mcwell, depending influences
V3RY P!NK L!FE 10 days ago
Has anyone fell in love with someone in the movies for a while and then realized you’ll never be able to be with them so...yeah???
roseyyybillie 3 days ago
Nelson Sousa yes yes yes yes
V3RY P!NK L!FE 7 days ago
Nelson Sousa HUH? Oh that’s my bestfriend dude! We have the same thought bout everything
Nelson Sousa
Nelson Sousa 7 days ago
You know what ? Never mind
Nelson Sousa
Nelson Sousa 7 days ago
@V3RY P!NK L!FE Did you just ... ?
V3RY P!NK L!FE 10 days ago
Yeah I had that dude....a lot of times....sad
Anson_Singer 11 days ago
What I would give to go out with thomasin
Zheng ke
Zheng ke 11 days ago
I love this girl so much
Arshad Mohamed
Arshad Mohamed 12 days ago
Lovely voice she got
Archie Utai
Archie Utai 12 days ago
The book shes talking about is "Ottoline and the Yellow Cat" series by Chris Riddell
Vinck Nade
Vinck Nade 13 days ago
Hey Marvel (cough cough) Franklin Richards
Tanmay Das Kashyap
@Bdub I know 😂, but I think he was going to say that Roman would be perfect for Franklin Richards role!
Bdub Day ago
Tanmay Das Kashyap that’s hella random wtf.
Tanmay Das Kashyap
@Bdub one of the strongest characters in Marvel comics. Son of Reed Richard and Susan Storm.
Bdub 7 days ago
Vinck Nade who’s that
BIDHAN BISWAS 13 days ago
Roman acts like over grownup.
Jeffrey Jennell
Jeffrey Jennell 14 days ago
greta thumberg is a dumb little brainwashed child. sad
Jim Jauh-hey
Jim Jauh-hey 14 days ago
I’d give anything to know what Thomasin was thinking when Roman was going off on his little Star Wars tangent.
Evie Samora
Evie Samora 3 days ago
Maybe... "He is just a child " 😂 😂
Abdullah A
Abdullah A 15 days ago
Thomasin McKenzie what a cute lady
Given Christ
Given Christ 15 days ago
I hope one day i can married a girl like Her😍
Veer K
Veer K 16 days ago
i wish i was always that charismatic
Alberto GC
Alberto GC 16 days ago
Please let her talk
Xun Ma
Xun Ma 17 days ago
Cute duo! 🥰
Iago 17 days ago
This girl was the heart of the movie, loved her performance.
Iago 3 days ago
@Erza's no. 1 fan He's great in it, but I think all characters gravitate around the central drama, and that comes from her. Amazing performance, I particularly love her on the knife scene.
Erza's no. 1 fan
Erza's no. 1 fan 3 days ago
The heart of the movie was Yorki.
youngcashier 17 days ago
She is so cute and soft spoken.
Cason Lamothe
Cason Lamothe 17 days ago
The juice made me smile 😄
Evie Samora
Evie Samora 3 days ago
So did i!!! Even thoo its quite rude he is a kid so thats fine 😊 😊 😊
Alberto Germán Sotelo
The little Roman is always interrupting Thomasin, a bit disrespectful
Aída J.
Aída J. 18 days ago
He's a child??? Kids don't notice that stuff most of the time
Theo Roosevelt
Theo Roosevelt 19 days ago
she got a cute arse
GOrDoN ReMseY 3 days ago
Theo Roosevelt
Theo Roosevelt 6 days ago
@Arthur Fleck she done nude scenes, google it
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 13 days ago
Theo Roosevelt how do you know
Aput 15 days ago
A Wehrmacht Soldier
And you may be older that her so
Edgar Ruiz Hernandez
I really love the voice of McKenzie
sam ssa
sam ssa 19 days ago
Amo a esa woman
chr0mat3x777 19 days ago
Ms. McKenzie, I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future, you have a long career ahead of you if you desire it. You are a subtle actor, your face is as readable as a book and is always showing what is going on in your characters' emotions. I enjoyed this film as much as I enjoyed "Leave No Trace", you've chosen quality roles for yourself.
Katia ILDIS 19 days ago
Roman is so cute ! I love him :D Katia ( 11 years old )
Evie Samora
Evie Samora 8 days ago
Omg ive seen you before, maybe on another roman interview?
alvan 21
alvan 21 20 days ago
she can't be a real person right? i mean she's too beautiful, she must be cgi or something.
HQ Night
HQ Night 17 days ago
Sandro Mercado Bustinza
Thomasin voice is beautiful
Ágota Kis-Bogdán
I don't know if anyone will understand, but Thomasin reminds me of Aurora
roseyyybillie 3 days ago
i’ve been trying to put my finger on it!! yes
Ágota Kis-Bogdán
@fab the man yes, the singer
revoltin85 6 days ago
Aurora the singer or the princess?
fab the man
fab the man 7 days ago
the singer?
Marcos Arroyo
Marcos Arroyo 15 days ago
I was thinking exactly that!
bumckfszful 21 day ago
she's so beautiful
Hugh Barker
Hugh Barker 22 days ago
Someone get this kid roman a Ritalin lol
Bia rio
Bia rio 25 days ago
I love them!
Petr Rekreant
Petr Rekreant 27 days ago
Love her accent
Shy Girl
Shy Girl 28 days ago
Roman is so cute XD
Ancient Night
Ancient Night 28 days ago
Imma start a chain reaction. I would like for Thomasin Mckenzie to be Mary Jane Watson in the MCU. No Zendaya’s Mj is different from Mary Jane.
Miguel Orozco
Miguel Orozco 8 days ago
Ancient Night Zendaya is not Mary Jane... She is Michelle Jones.
Emerald Talks
Emerald Talks 12 days ago
(Disney doesn’t have the rights...)
Jaime Montejano
Jaime Montejano 13 days ago
Spot on. I didnt understand Zendaya as MJ...
Ancient Night
Ancient Night 17 days ago
mashaal hussain EXACTLY
Yunggdonut Month ago
I just watched this movie tonight and loved it great movie 👍
Antoine A.N
Antoine A.N Month ago
Every teenager seeing this movie will fall in love with thomasin and act as if they didn't care in front of the people they've seen it with
Quinn Richardson
@Ryan P that other dude said he was 27, i guess its not that creepy. Im 17 though lol
Ryan P
Ryan P 2 days ago
@Quinn Richardson And thats the amazing thing especially when you are 18!
Ryan P
Ryan P 2 days ago
Thats an understatement i am mad in love with her
Adnan Sami Dinar
Adnan Sami Dinar 4 days ago
But sadly, the one in screen wasn't exactly Thomasin, it was Elsa Korr
Pais Nublado
Pais Nublado 4 days ago
lol sorry but I prefer Roman😉
amber Month ago
me must protect them both.
HQ Night
HQ Night 17 days ago
especially Archin Yates who is Yorki
HQ Night
HQ Night 17 days ago
@amber okay! thx for telling me and you're right, they need to be protected at all costs, everyone of the cast
amber 17 days ago
HQ it is John Deacon stan legendary band Queen :)
HQ Night
HQ Night 17 days ago
I thought ur profile picture was ronald mcdonald
luisa editing
luisa editing 27 days ago
amber omg is that deaky on your profile picture?!
B H Month ago
Thomasin, man, one she is beautiful. Two I love her accent! She is very underrated.
Sheniqua Greaves
Roman is so adorable. 😊
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