Thomas Rhett - Remember You Young

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Music video by Thomas Rhett performing Remember You Young. © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


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Sep 20, 2019




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Bret Hitchcock
Bret Hitchcock 2 hours ago
Needed this tonight.
Kathy12Ray 5 hours ago
OMG! HE CONTINUED THEIR STORY! Okay, I'm crying! God bless Mr. Rhett!
Alice Riggs
Alice Riggs 6 hours ago
Great vidio,Great lyrics. You nailed It!
Gregory Watts
Gregory Watts 7 hours ago
This song always makes me cry😓😭
Ava Enola
Ava Enola 9 hours ago
Omg Tomas you are the best singer in the world
GarV 12 hours ago
her name??
Amie 12 hours ago
Remember u~
Rebecca Chesser
Rebecca Chesser 13 hours ago
I heard this song in the car on my way to get a new puppy after my first one died...I’m completely without words. God works in mysterious ways. With my thoughts now knowing the true meaning of,” You never know how great something is until it’s gone” To those who have a dog, please show your dog extra love, for I no longer can show him. Please take what I have said to heart 🙏
Pokemon Peyton.
Pokemon Peyton. 15 hours ago
This song is awesome and so relaxing !🙂
MAddy Booska
MAddy Booska Day ago
I was dieing to see what happened to them...she died😣😣😣 so sad
Micaela - Rose Tomlinson
This song is beautiful and it’s sure is making me cry too. I love Thomas Rhett and he is amazing singer. ❤️🎶
Joshua Cantrill
This song is such a rip off of see you again by Charlie Puth. You can tell by the opening chords and melody in the chorus. I'm surprised no one has noticed this. At 1:53 you can hear the same vocal harmony as see you again
Devin Michael
Amazing Video!!
Mrs Min
Mrs Min Day ago
I cant stop crying now 😭😭😭
Using the saying at the beginning for my senior quote this year
MAddy Booska
MAddy Booska 2 days ago
So cute but then it's sad
LALI 1080
LALI 1080 2 days ago
I want to stare into the sunset and gaze at someone, lovingly, like he does.
Marvin Tabinas
Marvin Tabinas 3 days ago
This will be playing in my daughter's quinceanera in three years 😭😭😭
MXICMX251 3 days ago
Omggggggggggg at his woaaaah woaaaah at 1:55. Gooooooosbumpsssssssssss never leave me
Maynard G. Krebs
Maynard G. Krebs 3 days ago
1.1k people wouldn't know a great song if it fell on their empty head...
Brooke Taylor
Brooke Taylor 4 days ago
Thomas rhett always has the cutest music videos
CaptiN __
CaptiN __ 4 days ago
Hey buddies that I grew up with All straight laced and married up now You ain't foolin' me Wasn't long ago we tore the roof off that one red light town And hey darling sipping that red wine All classy kicked back on the couch You smile and I see ya shootin' tequila Or shuttin' them college bars down And no matter how much time goes by And no matter how much we grow up For worse or for better, from now 'til forever I'll always remember you young Hey babies crawling on the carpet No, you won't be that little for long One day you'll move away But you're still gonna stay this innocent after you're gone 'Cause no matter how much time goes by And no matter how much you grow up For worse or for better, from now 'til forever I'll always remember you young Woah, oh, oh Woah, oh, oh Woah, oh, oh, oh, oh Yeah, I hope when we get to heaven He looks at us all like we're kids Shameless and painless and perfect and ageless Forgives all the wrong that we did And no matter how much time goes by I hope we never have to grow up And he'll say 'For worse or for better, from now 'til forever I'll always remember you young" Woah, oh, I'll always remember you young
Mia Castonguay
Mia Castonguay 5 days ago
And here comes the water works 😭
Noah Gearhart
Noah Gearhart 5 days ago
This was amazing thomas is on another level from every other singer
Daniel Coates
Daniel Coates 5 days ago
Really a good song
Dillazon Merrill
Dillazon Merrill 5 days ago
I love how the couple from marry me is used here it gives love a physical embodiment to which we can look too when we wonder what love looks like.
Dixon Sefcovic
Dixon Sefcovic 6 days ago
When he pulled out that jar of ashes it hit me haaaaaard
OneWeirdDude 6 days ago
To whom it may concern, the subtitles are broken; I can't read them because of how quickly they leave.
John Spinelli
John Spinelli 6 days ago
Who else thinks of "Remember when" by Alan Jackson when they hear this
Jenifer Gonzalez
Jenifer Gonzalez 7 days ago
This is just beautiful , no words. ❤️
dq2003 8 days ago
Great song. But am I the only one who thinks that the first 4 bars of the intro sound just like the chorus of Simon & Garfunkel's Mother and Child reunion? Albeit only piano and a lot slower.
eneleh up
eneleh up 8 days ago
amazing song, good job :))
TK VimSavage
TK VimSavage 8 days ago
When we leave this world all we truly take with us is our own memories of other people, places and things... I can only hope I leave a few good ones behind for them aswell.. When we love someone for who they were then we'll also always respect them for who they become... Forever young.. #fightthenewdrug.org
Deanna Elvir
Deanna Elvir 9 days ago
I have literally cried 10 times cause of this song, it’s so beautiful. I feel like I missed so much on my life and I am just in middle school. I don’t want to grow up 😢 this song always reminds me of all the good times with my younger family members, I’ll always remember them young
Denise Pope
Denise Pope 9 days ago
My husband and I made it 26 years together. He had a massive heart attack. I saw him die in front of me in the ER. I screamed for help. He was 52 years old. The love of my life.
Dillazon Merrill
Dillazon Merrill 5 days ago
I’m sorry to hear that, i see how this video could of impacted you, but remember your husband will always by your side, even in death he loves you.
j b
j b 6 days ago
j b
j b 9 days ago
OMG ! Powerful
Noah D.
Noah D. 10 days ago
I never thought I would cry over a song😂
Emily Moses
Emily Moses 10 days ago
Omg I wasent expecting that ending...
D ALLEN 11 days ago
Its hit or miss with Thomas Rhett. This is a good song but some of his other bro country crap sucks.
D ALLEN 9 days ago
@J City’s ThunderTV If you arent familiar with the term Bro Country, google it. It's a subgenre of mainstream country. Artist like Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line. REAL country artists are guys and girls like Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, Cody Jinks, Ashley McBride. Any song that receives regular playtime on non country stations is considered bro country and Thomas Rhett is the leader of bro country
J City’s ThunderTV
D ALLEN who says he’s bro country????? He writes his songs all about his wife and kids and plus bro country is not even a country genre
HONZILLA 12 days ago
Time move so fast now and days
12 days ago
this is so pure
Kristie Gavaghan
Kristie Gavaghan 12 days ago
Tear drops roll down my cheeks every-time i hear this song. Cherish your loved ones, hold your family and friends so tight, tomorrow is never promised. we are young only once and then we grow up. Life is a blessing to look back on all the wonderful memories we have all had, Good or bad. Memories are blessings and lessons learned. No matter how much time goes by, always tell your loved one how much they mean to you. And no matter how much we grow up! always hold your loved ones close. Everlasting love is the best love!
valentina alejandra castro cuevas
Hermosa cancion 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Delaney Wagner
Delaney Wagner 13 days ago
this song reminds me of my mom she passed away a month ago im only 13 i was so close with her but this song reminds me so much of her
Jacob Ramey
Jacob Ramey 11 days ago
I'm sorry
KartRacer0328 14 days ago
I love this song
Shockcollar 15 days ago
Thank you, Mr. Rhett, for the closure from “Marry Me”
Nancy 16 days ago
This song makes you stop and think about the ones you have loved and still treasure that love
El SAWA7 16 days ago
fantastic song with fantastic singer
Eliana Gurd
Eliana Gurd 16 days ago
This video made me want to laugh/smile and cry at the same time! Like: It made me cry Comment:I made me laugh/smile Both(Like and Comment) It made me laugh AND cry!
Tori Paige
Tori Paige 16 days ago
I'm not crying 😥😥😥
Mateusz Cielas
Mateusz Cielas 16 days ago
whats that narration at the beggining can anyone write down?
Mateusz Cielas
Mateusz Cielas 16 days ago
1. remember you young 2. i wish grandpas never died 3. man that hung the moon thats top right now in country, would you add any more?
Mateusz Cielas
Mateusz Cielas 16 days ago
subtitles dont work but stilll epic song
Theresa Simpson
Theresa Simpson 17 days ago
This is like a part 2 from marry me
JAYDEN WHITE 18 days ago
Zach Rose
Zach Rose 18 days ago
Come to Utah pls!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Allie Smith
Allie Smith 18 days ago
it's official this will be my wedding song in 10 years
Peggie Johnson
Peggie Johnson 18 days ago
Okay this version made me cry at work! So beautiful..I love the version with his babies too.
Denise Barnhart
Denise Barnhart 18 days ago
I like it. Like this if you do to
Morris Branch
Morris Branch 19 days ago
I usually don't like Thomas Rhett songs. Lil too poppy for me but I do like this song. Good job Thomas & a meaningful video which is kinda rare these country days.
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