This person rebuilt the entire Sims 4 (and did it better than me)

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Plumbella has a save file too, and she made SO MANY COOL BUILDS
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Oct 1, 2019




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Katlyn Basarab
Katlyn Basarab 3 days ago
How do you install a save file??
Cely 3 days ago
This save file is the first thing to make me excited about this game in a long time.
Kayla Post
Kayla Post 4 days ago
I agree with the Beyond Burger... I can't eat red meat and everyone was saying that I should try it.... I've been to petrified because that little what if it turns out to not be the fake meat and it is red meat. I don't want to deal with the consequences.... Nice to know I'm not over reacting. Anyways, love your videos, they keep me motivated at work!
varieties of games with milky berry
underrated alert love ya❤️❤️
Mariah Andrews
Mariah Andrews 4 days ago
Challenge: rebuild all the base lots using only base content.
Joao Filho
Joao Filho 4 days ago
14:11 omg, this looks like so much with the Taylor's house in the "Blank Space" song clip
I agree that EA's builds tend to be big and seem empty, and I do think builds often look better when a bit smaller. There's only one drawback: pathing. With less area for sims to move around, they tend to get stuck on objects and each other. It's not exactly a major problem, because they will eventually walk through whatever object is impeding their path, but I prefer to avoid odd collisions like that. I find that the somewhat larger spaces for high-traffic areas, particularly public lots, are actually beneficial. Perhaps this is EA's reason behind the "big and empty-feeling" public lot builds.
ItzChloe W
ItzChloe W 4 days ago
Omg I have this t-shirt
daniel brenning
daniel brenning 5 days ago
I believe in aliens. And I could rebuild the whole entire Sims 4 better than your enemy/maybe.
Julia Provost
Julia Provost 5 days ago
LACMA anyone?
Coinmaster Legend1001
How to download Sims 4 . I only find freeplay
Taylor Nicole
Taylor Nicole 6 days ago
why is every sim you-tuber either vegan or vegetarian
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose 6 days ago
ok but with your thing about fake meat you are absolutely not alone. I'm a waitress that serves Impossible burgers and I have many vegetarians and vegans who avoid it or are reluctant to try it. Either because they're worried it's going to be real meat, or they don't like the taste of food resembling meat.
The a n t s
The a n t s 6 days ago
*Crush breaks up with girlfriend* Me: 6:51...10:51
lemon 6 days ago
I want to download the save file so bad but I only have a few packs so everything will look messed up 😐
TheFoxFan 7 days ago
I just like making huge things like the entire CSI Las Vegas Crime Lab, Blackwell Academy from Life Is Strange, and The Magic Box from Buffy (will update with Realm of Magic) and random community lots with names that are dreadful puns (Spare Me Bowling Alley, Hedge Your Bets Hedge Maze, Top of the Tally Ho (Irish and traditional English pub) Cake Rattle and Roll, Heavy Grain, No Man’s Pie, Game of Scones, (all bakeries and cafes) and Off The Wheaten Path (gluten free bakery) and GTA Rice City Curry House lol. And Sims like The Heathers, Veronica, JD and Martha from Heathers, Life Is Strange house holds, CSI cast, etc, MissManicPanic is my community ID in case anyone wanted to download stuff lol.
Karla Otte
Karla Otte 9 days ago
Oh my gosh yes! I like the beyond meat burger, but I swear, I have to see them make it and repeatedly check while eating it. I once got nauseous due to how close it tasted to meat.
UnluckyPlayer 10 days ago
Aliens are real
s'moresgacha 13 days ago
Oh my God it's cute on the inside😂😂😂😂😂
Windsjorn 13 days ago
But her file says it was uploaded Jan 2019 and it was never updated. So your file still is better, since your file contains the expansion packs.
Brady Bell
Brady Bell 14 days ago
Omg you guys should collab though and do a save file together!!!
Owlwh0who 14 days ago
I can never use these things cause I don’t have all packs :(
g riddick
g riddick 15 days ago
Rey of Sunshine
Rey of Sunshine 18 days ago
Can anyone tell me how to back up my game play? I would love to try a save like this. Thank you ❤️
I.am.cursed 19 days ago
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 21 day ago
Marmelade on USvid, her builds and editing are absolutely unique and out of this world incredible!!
watermeloned 21 day ago
kayla: stanning jesse jesse: tODAY I’M GONNA RUIN KAYAK’S SAvE aFZiLE
Rah Mel
Rah Mel 22 days ago
Put a big F in the chat for the Spencer Kim Lewis Family.
Annika 22 days ago
The community lots are my enemies as well... I’m so bad at it
brewtime 23 days ago
Hi racist, yes I remember you being a racist =)
But the houses are so plain :/
Alex Caesar
Alex Caesar 24 days ago
random and dumb question i should look up and will : Can you make community lots without any packs?
da gamer potatos
da gamer potatos 24 days ago
2:26 on that roof I’m pretty sure she used stripper poles from the hoe it up mod?
Nur hier für Kommentare
Take a look on the German USvidr „simfans“
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 25 days ago
I love the lite with multiple home on it. Such a good idea. And now with university you can fill the other home in the lot with “roommates”
LEE LUCCI 25 days ago
Wow, I didn’t even think about changing my towns around! Yeahhhh im really about to do this NOW!
Ella Sallee
Ella Sallee 26 days ago
Ples scribe this channel put a like on it
Averi Robinson
Averi Robinson 26 days ago
I am SOOOOOOOO obsessed with the Spencer Kim Lewis's The old people are SOOOOOO sweet
thejesster1993 27 days ago
This video has inspired me to rebuild my save file!
Cristi May
Cristi May 28 days ago
Vegan bistro vegan bistro hahaha you gem
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