This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

Danny Gonzalez
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Standing Ovation is a movie with big aspirations and even bigger flaws. From the plot to the writing and characters. It is bad. Very bad. Very low budget. Even the music. No Good. I react now.
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Comments 100
MacPrincess Minute ago
React to the film “School Gyrls”
Bitch that was my child hood EYE-
Chocco Berry Animations
I looked up malokie? and i think its just an itallian tradition
ARTILLERY ONLY 18 minutes ago
My computer lagged out and it showed the thumbnail as the Minecraft Revenge Song video.
MacPrincess 20 minutes ago
That girl Brittany follows my on Instagram lmfao
Amy Kohr
Amy Kohr 38 minutes ago
dont even drag standing ovation, I LOVED that movie when I was little.
sad squid
sad squid 57 minutes ago
i subscribed and turned on notifications am i greg yet?
idiot Inc.
idiot Inc. Hour ago
I had thought that Joey was played by rainy Rodriguez for years
L O N E L Y Hour ago
I watched this movie like 100 times
Fiona BLT
Fiona BLT Hour ago
at 4:02 maybe they could have insulted the antagonists a lil more effectively by not trash talking their singing (which was pretty ok) but their hair because they always wear wigs
Alicia Wilson
Alicia Wilson Hour ago
I like you better with glasses
idiot Inc.
idiot Inc. Hour ago
I legit used to love this movie when I was a kid.
Ellie’s Random videos
I actually like that movie...................................
Joey? More like Joey. He looks like a woman.
Matilde Seminario
I subscribed I am Greg now
potatoetomato !!?
Are you eating eeewwww
Allison Castle
6% Hahahaha
Ellie Alan Poe
I love how this movie portrays alternative people as these scary jerks, basic girls as shallow and mean, and average girls as ~so amazing!~ omg they're victims! Because stereotypes are cool, kids!
fb e
fb e 2 hours ago
at 12:09 she looks like danielle bregoli & at 13:05 he is like logan paul. It's sooo weird
Skinny Bitch
Skinny Bitch 2 hours ago
Still better than Game Of Thrones season 8😭
badcornflakevibes 2 hours ago
the little girl was saying malocchio, it's an italian curse, kinda like giving someone the evil eye
Ebola Recola
Ebola Recola 2 hours ago
15:03 there is a club here in the Bahamas literally for kids it's called club Crush you can search it up
Katie 3 hours ago
That little kid is basically a knock off Stephanie Tanner
dasia willis
dasia willis 3 hours ago
I personally LOVED this damn movie growing up
Liv Halo
Liv Halo 3 hours ago
i thought i was truly greg already but i turned on the notification bell and now... i am truly greg so thank you
kyra arnouk
kyra arnouk 3 hours ago
Courtney Carroll
Courtney Carroll 3 hours ago
0:31 I literally have that costume. I got it from like Wal-Mart or some other Halloween store.
Rogan Allen
Rogan Allen 3 hours ago
10:37 that’s a light switch I have on and it turns off and on the lights and dimes them
coffee for dayzz tehe
did anyone else notice he hit the whoah?! like bro life’s crazy😂😂🤪
Lily Ostrum
Lily Ostrum 4 hours ago
Did he just call me Greg? I don't mind, it's just..it's not my name
Espeon's Sight
Espeon's Sight 4 hours ago
They must have some paper thin dresses if a piece of gum ripped it.
mia 4 hours ago
DANNY! apparently the "maloikies" means the evil eye. so. she's still a witch
nia michelle
nia michelle 4 hours ago
Ali Grace
Ali Grace 4 hours ago
At 0:32 those kids are literally wearing a halloween costume from party city that I wore in like 2009 called “harajuku girl”
elle -
elle - 4 hours ago
omg the costumes the 5ovations are wearing at the beginning are literally from party city and what i wore on halloween when i was in third grade
ana anić
ana anić 4 hours ago
13:05 this afro😂
madison 5 hours ago
i used to love this movie
Madelyn Yeazle
Madelyn Yeazle 5 hours ago
Honestly you have to Admit Joey is a true Icon😂😂
shloop floop
shloop floop 6 hours ago
The club was a high school dance if you look close
Spirale x
Spirale x 6 hours ago
I am named Greg now. I like it!🤗
Maddy Glenn
Maddy Glenn 6 hours ago
HOW did u miss the scene with the fleas
DeepEnd 6 hours ago
One of my favorite low budget movies is a little known gem called feilders choice.
Sham Paine
Sham Paine 8 hours ago
Danny is destroying a part of my childhood in this video and I'm honestly living for it
Lps Rainbows
Lps Rainbows 8 hours ago
I am truly Greg
Curtis Karpe
Curtis Karpe 9 hours ago
The Rival gang lowkey Highkey look like guys
Bayleigh Chapman
Bayleigh Chapman 9 hours ago
You guys should turn on the captions cause danny always puts stuff in lol
Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil
Malowkies 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Marie Castner
Marie Castner 10 hours ago
Why does the dad look like Freddie Mercury in the 90s
Byakuya Togami
Byakuya Togami 10 hours ago
That girl who was trying to get in a band is Kourtney from Smosh. Lol. Jk.
Ihopeyou Steponalego
I watched it before I saw this and I don’t think anyone noticed that the competition was supposed to be in New York, but later in the movie after the competition she’s back in her house. Wtf???
Rachel Liza
Rachel Liza 10 hours ago
I watched this movie as a child and I have no idea why I thought this movies was ok
QDJW Production
QDJW Production 10 hours ago
6:46 I’m sorry Danny but no one with common sense would think that , those obviously just jokes to give that little girl a quirk that she’s into occult type stuff, no one would think ohh this movie has supernatural elements
PUTIN NIPS 11 hours ago
Nobody: Lil Uzi Vert: 15:55
Crafts And drawings
Crafts And drawings 13 hours ago
I have always thought that on the picture under the Greg sign said “Peach for the stars”
Izzy P
Izzy P 13 hours ago
I am truly GREG
Dr. Geez
Dr. Geez 14 hours ago
oh my gosh why do I keep on watching this amazing video?!?!
humble buble
humble buble 17 hours ago
I can't stop looking at his t-shirt and his eyes... They're matched
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 18 hours ago
The rich dad always made me uncomfortable
caroline emma
caroline emma 19 hours ago
i want to watch this movie now
no no
no no 19 hours ago
I can't believe when the movie first came out I enjoyed it. But I only watch once and watching it again is making me cringe so hard.
Pretty pretty Eyes
Pretty pretty Eyes 19 hours ago
Americas got talent
Macy La Rue
Macy La Rue 20 hours ago
Please please - I never post comments on stuff - but please you have GOT to do one over Murder on the Cape . It’s on Netflix and it’s actually the greatest......... please. (Hint: the murder doesn’t happen until)
Crafty OwO
Crafty OwO 20 hours ago
4:32 look at the eyebrow😂
That's So Kate
That's So Kate 20 hours ago
Yooooooo Standing Ovation was my EVERYTHINGGGG back in the day loool
Mia Martinez
Mia Martinez 20 hours ago
I nearly had a stroke during the flickering and buzzing part.
Jolie Brown
Jolie Brown 20 hours ago
dammit i’ve seen this
Anna Hewitt
Anna Hewitt 21 hour ago
How do I remember this...but like...don’t remember it
Ramen Lover
Ramen Lover 21 hour ago
Anna Adams
Anna Adams 21 hour ago
I don’t want no fucking balayage djjdjdj
Ramen Lover
Ramen Lover 21 hour ago
Why does the *rival gang* look like there 18 and the other team look like there 12? Edit: Oh wait he said that too 😂
Ramen Lover
Ramen Lover 21 hour ago
*Sees the first clip* Kill me
Morgan Vlogs
Morgan Vlogs 21 hour ago
Why did I watch this video as a child??
Morgan Perry
Morgan Perry 21 hour ago
standing ovation is the best movie ever. don’t diss the wiggies like that
Violet_Potatoes 21 hour ago
I believe the "maloikies" the witch kid talks about is actually meant to be a reference to maloiks, which is like an Italian evil eye/curse thing.
Display Study
Display Study 22 hours ago
Who else thinks Danny should make a song about this
Kiya Bourdeau
Kiya Bourdeau 22 hours ago
So wait, your telling me when you get stressed you DONT turn Hindu? Is it just me!
Marissa M
Marissa M 22 hours ago
I’ve seen this movie before
A Random Gamer
A Random Gamer 22 hours ago
14:53 Wait... What's the background music in this part?
Freetime's Stuff
Freetime's Stuff 22 hours ago
12:47 why is nobody talking about this moment???!!! it's so riduculous
isabella carvajal
isabella carvajal 22 hours ago
bro this is a good movie idc what you say #dumbisdumbandthereaintnothingdumber 😔😔
Oolix Alex
Oolix Alex 17 hours ago
isabella carvajal honestly plot twist of the century
alli west
alli west 22 hours ago
dude i LOVED this movie
nedisded 22 hours ago
Subscribed and turned on notifications, an I truly Greg now?
LifeWithoutMak 23 hours ago
You know its good when the video makes u watch it twice
Re eee
Re eee 23 hours ago
The manager for the other main girls looks like and sounds like a mafia boss
Kieragr1 Is better than u
I watched this on Netflix 3 months ago.
Emma Cerak
Emma Cerak 23 hours ago
I know someone who is in this movie 😂
Blue 23 hours ago
Danny! You have to do a video on the movie "A 2nd Chance". I just finished watching it with my sister, and it's just so... You just have to watch it at least. Or just literally ANYTHING made by Marvista Entertainment...
Marissa Perciado
Marissa Perciado 23 hours ago
Claire Mann
Claire Mann 23 hours ago
Danny if you keep making videos the MELOKIEYS are gonna get you
Bela Welch_XOXO
Bela Welch_XOXO 23 hours ago
It's called show choir
Hey I was watching a old vid and it said something about how Greg is the fastest growing army on USvid and you should look it up so I looked it up and Greg is the fastest growing army on USvid
Ballin Productions
If troom troom had a movie
isaac neyman
isaac neyman Day ago
i saw this movie
katie elizabeth
this was my favorite movie as a kid 💀💀
Hey! That was filmed in NJ!
Dill Doe
Dill Doe Day ago
When Standing Ovation was on Netflix, my sister watched it, and she liked it. I thought it sucked absolute donkey balls.
CrazyCreativeCookie :3
i like your nose
damian ツ
damian ツ Day ago
CrazyCreativeCookie :3
it's pointy
Brandy Edwards
U have a wife
actually he's a squirrel
I think the weird song that the little girl sings is in 5/4 On a side note, I do remember watching this movie when I was younger. Another one I watched was this one from 2009 with the Jeanette McCurdy (very smart me does not remember the name)
Just Tom
Just Tom Day ago
This movie is shit but after you say that you don't know what contest there in it shows there in a talent contest
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