This is Why the 76ers HAD to Trade For Jimmy Butler

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This is Why the 76ers HAD to Trade For Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler has finally been traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves and he's now playing with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. The NBA's Eastern Conference is a bit tougher now. Do you think they are better than the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors or Milwaukee Bucks?
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Comments 100
10k subs One video
10k subs One video 3 months ago
Trust the process
akvalues 5 months ago
igor 5 months ago
2:43 is a travel
Bigballin Conor
Bigballin Conor 5 months ago
Next year I think jimmy butler out of his contract but they can not beat Boston or Toronto and Milwaukee just think Simmons angist Kawil or Hayword or gannis
MAGACOP 6 months ago
Because Saric and Covington were Soft and TRASH. Good Riddance.
Clarence Hall
Clarence Hall 6 months ago
Don't think Orlando is a team you can beat up on.
neetrab 6 months ago
As a sixers fan, sorry, but I will not EVER miss trash Covington or unathletic Saric. WELCOME TO PHILLY, JIMMY!!!
Ciof a Saurus
Ciof a Saurus 6 months ago
They gave up an og member of the process in Robert Covington probably feels bad for sixers fans
Joguani 6 months ago
Martrash Fultz
Kirk Jackson
Kirk Jackson 6 months ago
East isn't as strong as led to believe.
Elijah Carter
Elijah Carter 6 months ago
Jimmy Butler for the 76ers I think worked out in the Sixers favored it was most likely the right time to trade Dario and Robert plus Melo could potentially come to the 76ers
airfuzz4 6 months ago
I think Toronto has all the pieces to come out of the East but so does Boston. Boston has a better coach in Brad Stevens and once he figures out a solid plan in terms of rotation and strategy Boston has the upper hand due to their depth. It should be Boston vs Warriors in the finals.
airfuzz4 6 months ago
Fultz still looks like a fucking high school kid out there.
Dave Buford
Dave Buford 6 months ago
Butler tore apart 2 locker rooms. He thinks he's a 1, when he's really a 2nd or 3rd option. Not to mention he's a dirt bag, but that's just me.
Yung ShooterFlow
Yung ShooterFlow 6 months ago
Ej Corpuz
Ej Corpuz 6 months ago
lol I do still think this team would not go to ECF
Shabazz H
Shabazz H 6 months ago
i thought the answer was about to be Zion
TaPs Trickzy
TaPs Trickzy 6 months ago
Championship doesnt last long have you heard of The Warriors
chris medina sfgiants man
Jimmy Butler should have came to Sac kings we would have went win more games
SkinCarver 6 months ago
He got traded he had no choice where he went
Max Berrie
Max Berrie 6 months ago
"Orlando is a good team to beat up on in your first game" lol
CaineLovesCali 6 months ago
Yup for L for me
Marshall Williams
Marshall Williams 6 months ago
It doesn’t matter if they win the east or not this year. This move is all about attracting someone like KD or maybe even Kemba depending on what happens there. Get the team major national exposure, show other stars what the potential of the team can truly be, flash the money for max contracts, and we finally have a truly contending team in a city STARVED for basketball glory!! Plus the bench isn’t deep enough anyway, and they still can’t stop teams in the paint. I’d trade fultz at this point tbh just to free up some money, and rotate with McConnell and Shampert.
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 6 months ago
Yup. That's the executive marketing side of things. Money. Kemba is a powerful PG that never gets media attention and KD enters free agency next year.
Blake Tregre
Blake Tregre 6 months ago
I wonder if the 76s will still play Simmons at the 1guard?Either way the 76ers just got deadly now they have a 6ft7inch SG/SF with a 3 and he's hungry and so are Big Ben and Joel Embid
juan ruiz
juan ruiz 6 months ago
Fultz lousy bum
Poppen 6 months ago
Extremely uninformed opinions, overall worthless video. Jimmy isn't replacing Fultz in the starting line-up by the way. JJ is. It's like you took 7 minutes to say absolutely nothing.
Christian Theodore Escobido
The moment i watched this, Sixers lost to Magic😂
N-Lou 6 months ago
Yo why do the warriors keep Draymond deadass I would've traded him already. ( Then again that's why I'm not a GM)
As a Sixers fan fultz is a bust. thanks a lot Bryan Colangelo should've stayed at number 3 and took Dennis Smith Jr.
SportsNGames 6 months ago
Doesn’t JJ make up for the entire team?
Rambo Tan
Rambo Tan 6 months ago
u must be high??
Master Zypher
Master Zypher 6 months ago
Covington is a defensive core I think if Houston rockets get him their rotation comeback because Covington can shoot 3
Matthew Ayala
Matthew Ayala 6 months ago
Warriors in 4 either way
Sookers ADV
Sookers ADV 6 months ago
I don't get how you make it to the NBA with ought knowing how to shoot
Ag3 6 months ago
"that's a good team to beat up on" yikes 😬😬😬
CaineLovesCali 6 months ago
damn magic giving out Ls out here
Tae Indo
Tae Indo 6 months ago
So...why does Jimmy butler run away from Derrick rose though ?
Ross Best
Ross Best 6 months ago
*Stephen A is retarded & Corny! Too bad Sixers gave up a top pick AND TATUM for Fultz! 🤦‍♂️*
TheXbox BlackBelt
TheXbox BlackBelt 6 months ago
I guess that this means that the 76ers are the best team in the East now
So in the finals we have lakers vs 76ers😂.Like if you agree
Kih 6 months ago
We should add a good point guard
Antiinequity 6 months ago
Belinelli was best off bench player and they just let him go. That was bad move not this one tho
ardra pratama
ardra pratama 6 months ago
Fultz should play di G-League
Paulshizzle 6 months ago
Mark my words, next offseason they will sign Klay Thompson.
Alpha Male
Alpha Male 6 months ago
Eastern Conference LOOKS Scary 😂😂😂
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Jay_Lezer 6 months ago
They lost saric and that means their bench is the worst!
The Stripes
The Stripes 6 months ago
I just realized Markelle Fultz kinda looks like Juice WRLD
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime 6 months ago
What about Jordan Clarkson???
2k's Inner Circle Europe
how is it that its gonna be one of the top5 teams that wont make it to the second round?
AA AA 6 months ago
Milwaukee Bucks will be champion in the East ! Kwahi will leave T.O
greatest ever
greatest ever 6 months ago
Butler is selfish he plays like sorry guys i would of dived for that ball but i just don't wanna get injured.
Claire Hanson
Claire Hanson 6 months ago
dude 6ers got worse with that idiot called butler over hype player.
Mark S
Mark S 6 months ago
HIgh Ego player...
Gerby De Guzman
Gerby De Guzman 6 months ago
'Cause Butholer aint like D.Rose
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 6 months ago
As a Sixer fan who's been watching every game since before Okafor was drafted, losing Dario will hurt a little but honestly both him & Cov are role players who can be very inconsistent at times (Cov literally went through a 40 game slump last year then disappeared in the playoffs). This is a great trade for us, it's risky but the upside is pretty damn high. Also this myth that the Sixers have no shooting needs to stop. JJ, Shamet, Muscala, Chandler, & Furkan all shoot the 3 ball well, along with Joel hitting 1-2 a game.
Xx NASH xX 6 months ago
I agree with the thumbnail 100%
TUBESTEAKNIG 6 months ago
Butler is super overrated. In today's NBA he's a third option guy on a contender. I don't think this makes the Sixers much better if at all.
Ross Best
Ross Best 6 months ago
TUBESTEAKNIG *I have the TRUTH ABOUT FULTZ MYSTERY! +I know 1000% what KD is doing after this season! **facebook.com/groups/967348520070287/*
Tom G
Tom G 6 months ago
Minnesota will learn as far as the fans are concerned How low of a basketball IQ Covington has. They will soon be scratching their heads and saying who is this guy and his he the best offense of player for one of in the leg. He does play good defense but that’s it. Refuses to go hard to the basket shoots the ball way too early in the shot clock and makes horrible basketball decisions. Remembered this.
Rabid 6 months ago
The sixers should trade for Kevin love so Simmons can play point
Cookies And Tacos
Cookies And Tacos 6 months ago
Why is he talking about taking Fultz out for butler when the roster with butler is Ben Simmons Joel Embiid Jimmy Butler JJ Redick and Fultz?
John Cena
John Cena 6 months ago
Markel a 1st and a 2nd round pick for Kevin love
Rowena Wels
Rowena Wels 6 months ago
Sixers will be getting slow this kind of trade.your loosing a good quality player sarich and Covington.the play and the system of sixer's broken, will now come to a big adjustment.when star player traded a lot of adjustment big adjustment.without a trade I believe that sixer's could be a great contender going to the Finals.but now I don't know.
Charles Mills
Charles Mills 6 months ago
Steven A. Got a chub🍆🍆🍆🍆
Daniel 6 months ago
I doubt Fultz will be in Phili come trade deadline
Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon 6 months ago
Phillie looked so bad against Boston mainly because Brown got so badly outcoached. After the same thing happens again this year, they will see they need a better Xs and Os coach to get them to the next level.
Robert Wood
Robert Wood 6 months ago
Wolves fan was happy 2get butler but hes a bad teammate glad hes gone
Jesse Alexander
Jesse Alexander 6 months ago
If they would of drafter Tatum this is Finals Contender for years
Lining222 6 months ago
it's the mask, that is the reason why the sixers didn't go further
bab 329
bab 329 6 months ago
Jimmy Butler gives them the 3rd star needed to compete for a championship. After losing the series to a depleted Celtics team last year some kind of move had to be made in order to continue moving forward. This was the type of big name move the 76ers fan base wanted in the off season with Lebron or Kawaii... "Trust the Process"
Cedric Jones
Cedric Jones 6 months ago
Futz looks like a wasted pick he can't play
I Hate Fortnite
I Hate Fortnite 6 months ago
Don't understand how they are going to defeat Milwaukee, toronto, and boston. I need to see them play a bit before they can be "a better team" then these three teams.
Lord Flaco
Lord Flaco 6 months ago
The real reason is because simmons can’t shoot to shave his life and they need a knock down shooter and jimmy is that from anywhere and can also play lock down D it’s was a smart decision by Philadelphia
Diecast GuyKid
Diecast GuyKid 6 months ago
Portland Trail Blazers
ace loxe
ace loxe 6 months ago
That jason's reaction to joel.
Noel De Leon
Noel De Leon 6 months ago
Wolves benefited for this trade
Antonio Samarzija
Antonio Samarzija 6 months ago
The loss of Dario Šarić hurts more. He was almost a rookie of the year he's really a team player, his winning mentality and Dario sure knows how to lift up his teammates
Orantes Blanks
Orantes Blanks 6 months ago
Buckets gonna be good in Philly. Look for his jumper to get better with more looks. Outside of the Dukie (JJ Redick) Jimmy is the best shooter.
nerdwithjordans 6 months ago
The West will soon be the senior citizens conference
Reed Jenkins
Reed Jenkins 6 months ago
RIP Philly expectations 2012-2019
Isaiah Rubang
Isaiah Rubang 6 months ago
Can you do “what happened to Leandro Barbosa”
Marvid Eladiv
Marvid Eladiv 6 months ago
76 'ers wasted those players. Jimmy Butler is overated.
King DoZe
King DoZe 6 months ago
Yo someone please link me the background music in this video
Full Throttle Club
Full Throttle Club 6 months ago
“Orlando is a good team to beat up on.” I’m a Magic fan. And that low key hurt. But I agree.
EXpoSIN DemBabylonians
Roster was flawed lol
Axel Carrillo
Axel Carrillo 6 months ago
Jimmy Butler is a good trade for the 76ers but really....... Better than Celtics or the Raptors?...........
hubble2016 6 months ago
They'll lose Joel if they super max Butler.
LaTajOfficial 6 months ago
1:20 I couldn’t even tell which arm he was going to shoot with 💀😂
Curl3yz 6 months ago
Ross Best
Ross Best 6 months ago
Curl3yz *I have the TRUTH ABOUT FULTZ MYSTERY! +I know 1000% what KD is doing after this season! **facebook.com/groups/967348520070287/*
Petter Griffin
Petter Griffin 6 months ago
Jimmy looks like Jaime fox
Bo ub
Bo ub 6 months ago
Fultz is starting
Mike Abrahams
Mike Abrahams 6 months ago
Jamie Foxx younger brother
Dillpickle8866 6 months ago
Orlando is going to win Wednesday
Q Crew
Q Crew 6 months ago
Fultz is a huge bust
Ross Best
Ross Best 6 months ago
Q Crew *I have the TRUTH ABOUT FULTZ MYSTERY! +I know 1000% what KD is doing after this season! **facebook.com/groups/967348520070287/*
yaarapeace 6 months ago
Its fultz's fault!
Gordon Stark
Gordon Stark 6 months ago
Look at all the fortune tellers/nba 2k GM's who swear they know how this whole philly situation will go even though they haven't had Jimmy on the court for a second and sixers are far from done making moves. Keep hating it will be all the more sweeter when philly beats your team.
DAXROX 6 months ago
y not just go and get Nick Young
MrKallanmanMusic 6 months ago
Raptors making the finals...
Tay Oh
Tay Oh 6 months ago
Wolves got Covington, that's all that matters in this trade. good D, good shooting, no diva shit like jimmy. that in itself is a W for the Wolves.
MiLK SOP 6 months ago
This trade won't put the Sixers past anyone in the east. Philly lost Ilyasova, Belinelli, Covington, Bayless, and Saric this season due to free agency or trade. All they got was Butler and an injured Patton. Their bench is weaker now and they've only got one real shooter in Redick. They probably won't land Korver after this deal unless they give up Fultz.
barnesk80 6 months ago
Lol just trade markelle fultz and a draft pick for john wall
TheRealRiddla 6 months ago
The 76ers just became a championship team...
tevon bannister
tevon bannister 6 months ago
U can't be mad at 76ers they had a point guard who wouldn't even try shooting the ball but was good before he trew on a nba jersey can't be mad it's all facts
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 6 months ago
They should not have gave up both players i fill they lost in the trade
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