This is how Joe Rogan avoided getting called out inside the Octagon at UFC 230,125 Shutting down

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A Number of UFC Flyweight's Cut from The UFC,
Ali Abdelaziz on Henry Cejudo,
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Javier Mendez on Khabib's Striking,
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Sijara Eubanks on Joe Rogan,
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And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Nov 8, 2018

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Comments 4 196
P DOG 10 days ago
the flyway really never took off even though demetrious Johnson was winning I really wasn't supporting the flyweights like the light heavyweight stay middle waves or even the heavyweights
Adam Spivey
Adam Spivey 14 days ago
*That dumb bitch cant be mad cause someone ain't ever heard of her!! She's a nobody, for real!*
AresDemigod 17 days ago
your pride was hurt because joe didnt know who you were? lol
Jj Smith
Jj Smith 18 days ago
Sasha Eubanks. Is a horrible fighter and this dude needs to go back where ever he came from dead up. Putting this man Eubanks On 💯Blast.
Mitchell Milkov
Mitchell Milkov 18 days ago
Nobody wants to see extra skinny gym rats on the South Beach diet fighting for their next batch of whey protein. They shop for underwear at Victorias secret C'mon now
Mitchell Milkov
Mitchell Milkov 18 days ago
Stop crying and go fly some fries at McDonald's
Billy Frick
Billy Frick 19 days ago
Ariel is a weasel straight up and then when he plays dumb about it it fuckin enrages me
colonjuice 24 days ago
Flyweight fights are boring i dont blame em go to bellator
Animal 29
Animal 29 25 days ago
Helwani is such a little bitch. Needs to be smacked.
Riley In The Flesh
Riley In The Flesh 25 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy who cuts to 125 when it's gone just to fight 155 and say he would have been champion.
Aidan Shaw
Aidan Shaw 26 days ago
if joe didnt know who she was,he didnt know who she was ffs:)ps is the first guy on this video decked out in make up?lol
Revolution Uprise
Revolution Uprise 27 days ago
You'd probably get less dislikes if you gave links to the time of each topic in the description.
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto 27 days ago
Best ending ever!! LOL
Joshua Carvajal
Joshua Carvajal 28 days ago
😂😂🤣😂 Dude!! Broads need 2 b out in their place, the feminist movement clearly shows they can’t b leaders..🙊😂🙊🤣 Slaves need 2 accept they obey, not call the SHOTS..🤷🏻‍♂️🕌🤷🏻‍♂️
Luedog 28 days ago
if people wanted to see ants fights they would just poke an ant hill
Pana Anton
Pana Anton 26 days ago
Lmao good one
Vigus DNA
Vigus DNA 28 days ago
Hey Flyweights settle down the 125lb division is still there it’s where it should be in the youth division Cuz ain’t nothing but little boys at 125 LOL but in all seriousness I’m glad they got rid of the male 125lb division it was such a weak class because it’s such a lightweight for a male & it pissed me off how overrated the fighters in that division were, Mighty Mouse was Good to great but he was never an Alltime great due to his competition & anytime he fought a legit Great he lost aka when he fought Cruz but anyone who really can be looked at as the GOAT has to be able to beat any real Alltime greats & for the most part the GOAT can go up & win the Belt in the next weight class because they are the GOAT, unless of course they are a big Heavyweight Lol, and definitely any fighter who is being considered THE GREATEST POUND FOR POUND FIGHTER OF ALL-TIME Has to be able to win the belt in multiple divisions, HENCE THE MEANING OF POUND FOR POUND, GSP, DC, Conor, Randy, Prime BJ, Frank Shamrock if you Count Strikeforce, Hendo(pride), Anderson did Fight at LHW never fought for that Belt But Beat a guy who won the 205lb belt, Anderson in his prime never was defeated at 205, he easily could have come out on top vs Shogun, Lyoto when they were champs, etc!!! DJ isn’t even top 10 Alltime in my book, 125lb is not a legit Adult weight class lol! In all seriousness I have always felt GSP is the GOAT he lost 2 fights that were kind of Flukey & he showed it was a fluke when he avenged both losses in such a dominant fashion! Not only did he retire on top & defend his belt vs Elite contenders, he wiped his division out & didn’t defend the title vs the same guy multiple times if I remember correctly all his successful Title Defenses were vs all different opponents so not fighting a handful of guys multiple times but he fought many fighters because that division was so stacked then! He beat plenty of Hall of Famers on his Title Run, Nick Diaz, Hughes, Serra, Condit, Penn(a Prime BJ penn) a Fitch,Alves(when he was a beast)He also went something like 4 years as the champ without losing a round , & his character is so great he walked away from the sport untill they cleaned it up, without GSP Guys still would be on PEDS fighting guys who were clean, & GSP fought many guys on PEDS & still won, he also is a clean fighter no failed Drug Tests for PEDS & he took a 4 yr layoff until they cleaned up the sport to come back & fight at the division above his by 15LBS & won the Belt by finishing the Champ, & then semi-retired again as the Champ & is rumored to maybe even go down to 155-165 & fight for a belt there! Jon Jones has a strong resume as well as being one of the most skilled fighters ever by proving his ability’s against prove elite fighters in those disciplines like Jons wrestling & striking technique along with his Ground Game is all A+ lbut with his PED stuff & him dodging Gus for yrs & he has lost rounds in many of his Fights but has never been beaten but the PEDS stain that, & him dodging Gus for a yrs also is not great either, & many of the guys he defended against were more towards the End of their prime & guys like Glover should have never been fighting for the title especially over Gus! But props to Jon cuz he beat one of the scariest most terrifying fighters ever & that was TRT Vitor who only Jon Jones could beat, even though Vitor is really a MW as is Lyoto, Chael, Shogun&Rashad(maybe not them lol), I’m not trying to downplay Jon’s resume at all because it is one of the best resumes ever when talking about quality of Victory, I want to see how good Jon is Clean & so happy he fighting Gus, & I would like to see Jon fight more guys his size & go up to Heavyweight & Fight Stipe, Cain(if Cain still resembles himself) & would be cool to see Jon vs DC or Brock at HW
jeremiah noggle
jeremiah noggle 28 days ago
The 125lb Flyweight Division is exciting to watch Bellator please pick it up for your promotion just 1 MMA fans request
FirstTenor76 28 days ago
Joe is a smart man though, he does what he does the best way he can... he fucks up sometimes, but fixes shit when he knows he's wrong.
Joel Robledo
Joel Robledo 28 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of dude to heat up left overs with a apron on.
Vall C
Vall C 28 days ago
Free agent. Aka unemployed
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 28 days ago
You should start you vids off with the subject that is stated in the damn thumbnail, I love the channel but honestly I always fast forward trying to find what was mentioned in the title first, then I watch the rest.
Alana Kamali
Alana Kamali 28 days ago
They fucked the song up .
5cent27 28 days ago
Joe probably should have publicly apologized to that fighter. He somewhat publicly dissed her he could have at least opened the interview up by saying “look i want to apologize for some things I said in the past, you’re clearly a great fighter, I want to apologize”. It would have been over quick, it wouldn’t have monopolized the time, she would have felt better and it would have been public.
Jimmy 28 days ago
Brooks, calm your tits. Bruce Lee wasn’t a flyweight.
Germafias 28 days ago
Tyler Mackay
Tyler Mackay 28 days ago
Jarred Brooks, wtf is he talking about
Tanner Watts
Tanner Watts 28 days ago
I would LOOOOOOOVVVEEEEE to see this girl try and fight Joe Rogan lol. I love hearing girls threaten guys. Especially jacked. Muscled up BJJ black belts and martial arts champions lol.
jeremyfox26 28 days ago
I hate how she thinks joe was being disrespectful. He honestly didnt know who the hell she was. Big deal. It's not disrespectful to say "I dont even know who she is, and I work for the UFC." He just doesn't know who you are. Get over it
Marios Magganas
Marios Magganas 28 days ago
Bitch Bruce Lee had 0 fights EVER
Disturbed Shifty
Disturbed Shifty 28 days ago
Jump to 4:50 if you want to listen to what the actual title of the video is about.
King Juice
King Juice 28 days ago
What is Rogan supposed to say? Ahh she's a killer i heard about her loads.. Listen kid no one gives a fuck about you, if someone don't know you and say they don't know you, don't take it personal.
m33lover 28 days ago
Sijara Eubanks the type of dude that sounds like a real dude.
Marcel Anthony Cua
Marcel Anthony Cua 28 days ago
bgam99 29 days ago
Brooks looked like he was about to cry. Best of luck to him.
Ty Tatum
Ty Tatum 29 days ago
MMA world knows there fanbase, they keep the text up there for a solid 10 seconds for the slow readers lmao
DREVM 29 days ago
Oh yeah, Joe was pretending not to know you. Shut the hell up. Dude has a fucking busy life and doesn’t have time to watch TUF losers. Come on.
Metty724 29 days ago
'We have the most technique, the best fighters...I dont understand this".... If that were true the fans would watch your division...DJ owned your division for like 8 years....relax man
Goose Gooding
Goose Gooding 29 days ago
Lmao great ending with Harsh Times!
Joseph Zinck
Joseph Zinck 29 days ago
Ariel is the best most cuckiest journalist trudging the MMA lane. I dig him but what a sensitive twink.
neri cohen
neri cohen 29 days ago
Fuck Henry. I like the flyweight division when mighty mouse and mccall were at the top
Ryan Davidson
Ryan Davidson 29 days ago
Ariel just a rat fuckin his way up to the top.
Stephen G
Stephen G 29 days ago
“He put you on blast!” 🤦‍♂️
MB Young Boi
MB Young Boi 29 days ago
Sijara Eubanks like like the generic male fighters in ea ufc
Wesker 29 days ago
Joe Rogan aint no bitch, I dont get why everyone thinks he is.
Jorge Velazquez
Jorge Velazquez 29 days ago
Sensitive bitch
Shut up & listen you idiot
Joe never approached Eubanks, stop lying you manhead. Eubanks didn't say shit because she's a shit talker. Billy big balls on the phone to Smellwani then balls shrivel up face to face.
Shut up & listen you idiot
Flyweights, who's bothered?! 9 stone guys is un-natural
bill jones
bill jones 29 days ago
I feel bad for these guys in the fly weight division. That being said im suprised it lasted this long. No one i personally know wants to see 2 tiny people fight. Most guys havnt been this weight since middle school its just to small of a pool. Thats not a knock on skill just on entertainment and draw factor and the ppv numbers support that
yellowcake hagikill
The new soundtrack sucks
Scott Hafele
Scott Hafele 29 days ago
Nobody should be forced to watch little kids fight
PS4LIFE GAMER 29 days ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of person that puts his pants on both legs at the same time.
Daniel J
Daniel J 29 days ago
Fucking Ariel
Richard Dawson
Richard Dawson 29 days ago
All these crying featherweights! If they want to find new fights just hang out in the parking lot at a local Jr high school.
The Captain
The Captain 29 days ago
I'm not here to beef!
Scott Goodwin
Scott Goodwin 29 days ago
tj dillashaw will be to good for henry cejudo
Brandon Starr
Brandon Starr 29 days ago
Who is this bitch again?
Neil Boon
Neil Boon 29 days ago
6:29 lol
TaitNBake 29 days ago
Go to 4:55 for Joe Rogan
mikey keane 37
mikey keane 37 Month ago
Arial is like that sneaky kid in school who tries to stir up shit between two people, then when the two people are together hes like "i think you guys should make up"
Hi Riki
Hi Riki Month ago
Sijara 'respec my name' Eubanks
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Month ago
Flyweights voices are so high pitch. So cute.
j f
j f Month ago
That end though haha
Ue Mackay
Ue Mackay Month ago
2:30 little man complex, it's ok Bro giants wish they could be little too.... wait no we don't.
yeah boy
yeah boy Month ago
Joe's so up his own ass he doesn't even watch mma
MeihanaBee Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to wear a cap backwards but use his hand to block the sun
Boogie Man
Boogie Man Month ago
How’s it disrespectful if someone doesn’t know who u r? I never heard of u either and I watch every fight and pay attention to the UFC pretty damn closely
Mansour Tchourtchaev
Sub if you want Hillary In prison
Dumbass said "since it's mixed martial arts shouldn't their be every weight class" the "mixed" is referring to disciplines no weights lmao
Sub if you want Hillary In prison
Flyweight duvision is like the WNBA ........ZZZzzzzzzzzzz
I know her . Shes chris' daughter
Bene Vivunt12
Bene Vivunt12 Month ago
flyweight is being taken out? Guess Joanna and Valentina may not meet again after all
Ni7e Month ago
5:55 is when Ariel is exposing himself as dirtbag human being. Anything for drama, drama brings publicity, brings him money. Shit human being :) Ariel, you're a shit human being.
warren simpson
warren simpson Month ago
Id much rather see 2 big slow dudes slugging it out then 2 tiny weak dudes with "technique"
Dylan Pailing
Dylan Pailing Month ago
I don't give a fuck if she's a woman she's supposed to be a professional fighter grow some thicker fucking skin literally no one knew who the fuck she was before this fight before Joe Rogan said I don't know who she is.
j j
j j Month ago
He never disrespected her, this is about her damn ego. If Joe couldn't recall who she was, her ego was damaged because she isn't the talk of the Town. And Joe never "put her on blast" lol, Jesus....
emilward85 Month ago
XGN Mythic Wolf
XGN Mythic Wolf Month ago
TJ is going to maul Cejudo. In my opinion you have to actually beat the champ physically to be the champ. And for me and the chief just laying on someone wasn’t it.
Cayce Baddley
Cayce Baddley Month ago
The end 🤣🤣🤣. I love these vids.
Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald
Ironic how Joe Rogan not knowing who she was has made her known! Lol.
Silver Lotus
Silver Lotus Month ago
125 out, hello 165. Those boys better beef UP. Most people are fat and out of shape and don't wanna see little ppl fight that they prob eat the equiv weight of
Carl Manvers
Carl Manvers Month ago
Just gonna say it. Still don't know who Sijara Eubanks is - or why I should care.
Bastian P
Bastian P Month ago
Harsh Times is a great movie...
Dinmukhamed Junussov
OMG Tony Ferguson the type of guy to destroy Flyweight division without fighting in it
mario mungia
mario mungia Month ago
This is horseshit. The flyweights put on some of the best fights around the world. As good as DJ is, he killed the division. They focused the division around him, and rightfully so, but his style was never going to bring eyes or create drama. The best thing from a marketing standpoint was for DJ to lose, which he did (and he lost to a guy that creates a best case scenario from a marketing aspect for the division), but the right thing to do would’ve been to allow Henry the chance to generate buzz for the division. DJ will go down as one of the best MMA fighters of all time, and simultaneously he will go down as the number one reason that the division never could draw.
SneakZ Month ago
135 45 55 are best divs atm. 205 is looking up lately too. Heavy weight is always gonna be chaos 170 is ok. 185 I have no idea so much injuries and time off from guys. 125 was dj styling on guys and everyone else sucked.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Month ago
Time for these little men to get their weight up!
julian amauri
julian amauri Month ago
Joes psychology is out of this world bro
SneakZ Month ago
No one cares about men's fly weight div.
roadrunnerblink Month ago
How is it disrespectful? He'd never heard of you. So he said, " I've never heard of her." You're TRYING to be offended. Like everyone else in 2018.
Jack Gonsalves
Jack Gonsalves Month ago
Jarred.... u sound like ur about to cry... no one wants to see u guys fight. It's not personal..UFC company doesn't hate u..its cuz the fans dont care lol. Also, "mixed" in mma doesnt mean mixed weights lol. Its mixed martial arts disciplines dummy
6:29 hahahahahhaah
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to have cream with his ice cream
firecrakka Month ago
"It's about respect" Some would argue so is showing up on weight. 🐸☕
forgive and forget! have some respect!
Edward RE
Edward RE Month ago
I liked the flyweights.
David Hagon
David Hagon Month ago
Poor little guy don't hit hard so they are boring as fuck
You ain't haf to do me like dat.
l3acl l3acl
l3acl l3acl Month ago
Danm these girl are ..... danm........
Kurtis Collettt
Kurtis Collettt Month ago
WTF!!!... The Fly Weight division is getting cut!!!... Dana is doing a horrible job lately!!!!... that was my favorite devision as of late... total B.S.!!!... Sooo pissed!!! Everyone start supporting One Championship... I'm still a UFC guy but that's fucked up!!!
Clark Lee Hendrickson
I weighed 125 at 14 gtfo
Kirk Prospector
Kirk Prospector Month ago
Holy shit no way, it's almost like you're a lot taller than the guys who fight at 125. What a fucking trip.
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