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Scott The Woz
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Scott plays with garbage.
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Music Used:
"Main Theme" from Trauma Center: Under the Knife
"Main Theme" from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
"Spark Man" from Mega Man 3
"Star Light Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog
"The Dark World" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
"Toad's Turnpike" from Mario Kart 64
"Bianco Hills" from Super Mario Sunshine
"Sweet Mountain Act 1" from Sonic Colors
"Aqua Star" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
"Game Select" from Super Mario All Stars
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes


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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 5 368
OSSO 3 hours ago
11:50 we need a continuation of this scene, Scott is not on life support and could have been dying
FilzFilmMaker 4 hours ago
Oh heh hell yeah, I had those Logitech ps2 wireless controllers. Only issues I had was getting the thing paired. It would take some time, but once they connected, they worked beautifully. Lasted for years.
Pokemon fan22
Pokemon fan22 6 hours ago
At 1:48 the third party controller is actually pretty good and fairly cheap
Kion The Lion
Kion The Lion 7 hours ago
These are the controllers you give to that one friend that irritates you more than the others, so as petty revenge, you and the other two friends get official controllers while the annoying one gets the cheap-ass third party controller that feels like it could break 15 minutes into whatever game you're playing.
KaZ Day ago
The PC platform also suffers from shitload of cheap ass controllers.
i like second-party controllers
PeKツッ Day ago
metallic crystal plasma
The back is a soap dish
hunter mooney
hunter mooney 2 days ago
"Finally a controller that answers my lucid dreams, the nunchuck finally has an ass". God I love you Scott.
Jared chacon
Jared chacon 2 days ago
When he brought up afterglow i was transported back to my 360 days
Marty Bellvue
Marty Bellvue 2 days ago
the wireless nyko nunchucks rule and that’s about it
Stagpie Talks
Stagpie Talks 3 days ago
Holy shit... Scott's handwriting is n i c e
Zim85 5 days ago
I remember buying the Pelican Afterglow controller and Pelican wireless controller for the PS2 back in the day and I'd have to say those were my all time favorite third-party controllers I've ever had. The L2/R2 buttons were in a lower location for my middle finger to rest on the back. I found it very comfortable. The only problem I had with them was the D-pad wasn't nearly as accurate as first-party controllers. I've also bought a colored Brawler64 controller recently and it's a very nice controller. I would suggest them as well. Mine didnt have the D-pad issues. Later revision.
istrasci 5 days ago
I love my PowerA wireless Switch controller. I'd much rather have those 2 programmable trigger buttons than HD rumble and NFC (don't have any Amiibos anyway). And mine was only $40, not $50.
Kaizir 5 days ago
I remember selling a Wii with the Afterglow controller and he kept messaging me complaining about the controller for like a week.
Zeneka 5 days ago
All the **blank** n64 con *troll* er have joystick drift trust me i have 3 **blank** controllers and all have drifts
Deffy 5 days ago
i like the powera wireless better than the offical pro controller, fight me
Duo Gemstone
Duo Gemstone 5 days ago
8bitdo is great with the nes/snes classics though they feel right (can't speak for them on the switch or PC though) and them being wireless is a godsend
The Logitech PS2 controller looks so ugly, I'll stick to my DualShock 2 thank you very much. Much more comfortable looking than that strange device. Idk I've always preferred the DualShock controllers 1-4 to any other controller even first party except for the GameCube controller, then again that might be because I have small hand that fit nicely around the DualShock controllers
Mad Maxim
Mad Maxim 6 days ago
PowerA is trash
peoplebro_ 12
peoplebro_ 12 6 days ago
I had that GameStop controller it was weird but manageable
Sabbysonic 25
Sabbysonic 25 6 days ago
Seeing the rock candy was the most nostalgic thing I’ve every seen
Roy epic350
Roy epic350 6 days ago
I feel like it’s best to just buy a Bluetooth, Logitech, or other controller instead, this is just my opinion but i feel like it’s sometimes better to get them, and of course some of them miss features but as long as they keep the needed features it’s fine by me
N64 Samurai
N64 Samurai 6 days ago
Third party controllers in my opinion ain't that bad but I wouldn't be happy if I order and then i all of a sudden Me: oh that's cool a boomerang now with buttons
Seth Jacobs
Seth Jacobs 6 days ago
I enjoyed microcon when i was a kid they're gimmick was small controllers and as a small child it was nice
Potato In a box
Potato In a box 7 days ago
The back is a soap dish Me: WHEEZE
Brooke S.
Brooke S. 7 days ago
I have one of those lumpy MadCatz GCN controllers and yet it's the best controller I've ever used. Lucky I guess
Andrew Ponce
Andrew Ponce 7 days ago
Frazix 7 days ago
I’m surprised he didn’t talk about the GameCube key board
Adrian The Stupid
6:22 wait you like the Dallas cowboys?
Joseph Dorsett
Joseph Dorsett 7 days ago
Omg I have that exact joystick and top gun
Antonio Rodriguez
Where are you finding Joycons for 50 FUCKING DOLLARS???!! I need to know, cuz otherwise, I'm going straight back to Walmart and beatin' the fuck outta the cashier that hustled me for 75 bucks.
Matthew Smart
Matthew Smart 6 days ago
That's just for a single Joy-Con. It costs 80 to get two of them.
Ryan Devine
Ryan Devine 7 days ago
Ugh, my friend had the Super Pad 64. That thing was the WORST
Brett Pierce
Brett Pierce 7 days ago
If you guys want a good cheap 3rd party controller the Afterglow 360 controller is one of the best and most durable controllers I’ve ever used, lasting longer than most my official controllers. Logitech is a good option as well.
Citedrelic 8 days ago
The power a zelda controllers feel very cheap but they get the job done at half the price of the pro controller and they all have zelda designs on them
Keston Mckay
Keston Mckay 8 days ago
11:49 a breadbox is life support for bread
Chris Dokino
Chris Dokino 8 days ago
PowerA controllers are so much crap (I think they make the Amazon basics brand as well) that they should be considered a war crime. I wanted a wired xbox one controller because the second a cool breeze hits an Xbox or ps4 controller, the usb c connector will have a conniption and you have to hold the wire in place if you want to use it while charging the battery. So I thought, gee, maybe Microsoft makes a wired controller. Nope. They go out of their way to make sure you know you are getting a wireless controller, but they don’t make a wired one. So I tried a PowerA and within a week, right trigger stopped springing back. Returned it, bought a more expensive one, same issue, Amazon basics, same design and feel and right trigger issue. So I got a mod pack for my controller and it has a proprietary design and GD it works.
Brothers In Arms
Brothers In Arms 8 days ago
Afterglow on the xbox 360 and one was actually pretty awesome though
Little Poley
Little Poley 8 days ago
I had a red rock candy Xbox 360 controller, didn't last long, but was still a great experience.
Mr. Interest
Mr. Interest 9 days ago
Looking for third party controller is like stepping into the dark web
PosthumanHeresy 9 days ago
But is there an N64 and/or GameCube controller designed by sane people that have looked at a controller without dropping acid?
RossyDubs 10 days ago
i used to have a spongebob arcade stick but the stick was his nose, wtf nickelodeon
Madcatz put out what a lot of people agree to be one of the best fightsticks of all time.
Staypuft64 10 days ago
So heres a funny third party controller story for you guys: on black friday this year i bought a new ps3 controller at gamestop for $29.00 and guess what???? THE FUCKIN THING DIDNT EVEN TURN ON I PRACTICALLY SPENT MONEY ON A HUNK OF SHIT!!!! so i sold it back and only got 6 FUCKIN DOLLARS BACK and i had to buy a cheap third party controller from walmart for 15.00 and.... JOKES ON THOSE FUCKWITS I GOT THE LAST LAUGH!!!! also the controller is FANTASTIC!!!! also im poor and only had 60 bucks in early christmas money.
Tux Penguin
Tux Penguin 10 days ago
Man, Mad Catz makes controllers for everything, don't they? I had an original Xbox a friend game me, he had two Duke controllers and a Mad Catz. It actually performed about the same, but I couldn't figure out how to use the Macro button. The one kind of 3rd party controller I like in particular are the USB ones. Then I can use them with my computer (like for SuperTuxKart!) One of my friends had a Lego Wii remote, it was kinda cool.
aidsinmycar 11 days ago
This is why keyboard and mouse bette
Deathmetalmaniac96 12 days ago
I got a good thirdy party one for ya, pelican ps2 wireless controllers feel great and have a very responsive d pad that works perfect of fighting games
Dark the Hedgehog Gaming - FoxyGamer87
this is the first scott the woz video i watched and I LOVE IT
Mr_H 12 days ago
With the crazy prices of some controllers today, i _wish_ there were more 3rd party controllers. Hell i could barely even afford a switch if i were to buy one, and so I'd have to get some _cheaper_ controllers for my friends to play (if i had any.... Hello darkness my old friend...) because i don't have the money to pay 60$ for A SINGLE controller, after having _just_ spent 300 dollars on a console THAT WON'T EVEN PLAY NETFLIX! And now you know why i don't have a switch. 300$ is a rent payment. Or a car payment. Or a house payment. It's just not worth my time to get a nintendo switch. Which is kinda sad really. But it is what it is.**shrugs**
Joseph Hone
Joseph Hone 12 days ago
Remember when power a made good controllers
the nunchuck is dummy thicc
René Kipper
René Kipper 13 days ago
Regarding the 8Bitdo one, the SN30 Pro+ it's a little bit more reminiscent of the Pro controller, and I would actually say it could be a replacement for it. Yeah, you miss the HD rumble and NFC, but it is actually very well made and I use it for pretty much every game except Smash Bros.
Jake Lashon
Jake Lashon 13 days ago
Honestly, I loved my Nintendo 64 Mad Catz controller and preferred it over the OG. Now the Mad Catz Gamecube controller I can agree was utter garbage
Tysore STSL
Tysore STSL 13 days ago
Bianco Hills in the background. My favorite game ever!
hay que pasa
hay que pasa 13 days ago
Rock candy
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 13 days ago
*When you realize you actually have 3 Rock Candy Nunchuks.*
James Barnousky
James Barnousky 13 days ago
I'll be honest. The ergonomics of the Madcatz gamecube controllers were better than the Nintendo ones. Fuck Pelican though.
Andrew K
Andrew K 14 days ago
Mad Catz is the worst controller I've ever had. I've never had any trouble with an Afterglow controller. I wish I could say the same about the controller that came with the N64.
SnacKing 14 days ago
tbh the afterglow 360 controllers are pretty good. I have had 2 of them for like 9 years. One of my joysticks chipped but thats it. I still us them on my PC.
Some random Idiotic nerd l
5:12 was just a flex on how nice Scott's yard is, so much green...
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