Things That 99% Of People CANT DO ! ft Reaction Time Infinite Lists and Dangmattsmith

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Things That 99% Of People CANT DO ! ft Reaction Time Infinite Lists and Dangmattsmith
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Things That 99% Of People CANT DO ! ft Reaction Time Infinite and Dangmattsmith.
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Jun 23, 2019

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Comments 33 466
Greyson Docherty
Greyson Docherty 12 seconds ago
I can do all
Megan Thirtyacre
Megan Thirtyacre Minute ago
I can do the 2nd one
AllAroundBBBEAR 2 minutes ago
I can
Aiden Alsup
Aiden Alsup 6 minutes ago
I can wiggle my ears
Gacha kittens
Gacha kittens 9 minutes ago
Tape the other fingers and leave the other fingers
Jasmine Wright
Jasmine Wright 24 minutes ago
I can tickle my self on my ribs I'm a stick 😭😪😭😪
Cynthia Roberts
Cynthia Roberts 35 minutes ago
I can do the right1
Hasina Brown
Hasina Brown 43 minutes ago
I can talk and breth can not spell
Always Me
Always Me 45 minutes ago
My Mom's feet are really tickilish. Whenever my brother touches her feet, she kicks him Every like I get is home many times my brother gets kicked | | | | V
Jessica Steward
Jessica Steward 50 minutes ago
Whenever I'm breathing in why can't you huh you suck
Happielike COCO
Happielike COCO 59 minutes ago
I can whistle throw my nose
Deb Chamberlain
This is weird no lie I can tickle myself on my feet
Ayra Farisha
Ayra Farisha Hour ago
I can do this one🖖
calisunshinegamer *
I Can Lick My Elbow.. *Licks Finger Then Wipes On Elbow* See?????? I Can XD
Curtis Harris
Curtis Harris Hour ago
I can lick my elbow
Rania_ Playz
Rania_ Playz Hour ago
When you realized that your the only girl in reaction squad
Nancy Vong
Nancy Vong Hour ago
And the finger to put them apart it’s a little hard
Nancy Vong
Nancy Vong Hour ago
I can do the hold nose and talk and do the w toungh for real
Jillian Ailey
Jillian Ailey Hour ago
Yes my dads whole family can
Elizabeth Drozdov
My fingers are very flexible
Kai Gopaulsingh
I did the first finger one
Kai Gopaulsingh
I did the first finger one
Kim Team SKY
Kim Team SKY Hour ago
I can do all of that
Ass Muncher
Ass Muncher 2 hours ago
I can do all of them evan the one what infinite said and the one what azzy did
Grace Alacar
Grace Alacar 2 hours ago
I Can put my ponty figer in my risk
NoyaKovner 666
NoyaKovner 666 2 hours ago
1st:no i can't 2nd:no i can't 3rd:no i can't 4th:yes i can 5th:we all can do dat! 6th:no i can't 7th:yes i can 8th:yes i can 9th:no i can't 10th:yes i can 11th:yes i can & taller not doing it 12th:no i can't 13th:yes i can 14th:yes i can 15th:no i can't see the numbers 16th:yes i can 17th:no i can't pls like
Tami Hassenplug
Tami Hassenplug 3 hours ago
My step dad can do the #2 thumb👍🏻 thing
Matthew Arroyo
Matthew Arroyo 3 hours ago
I can do the Thum One
Jayson Stone
Jayson Stone 3 hours ago
I am able to raise one eye brow
Louise Reynolds
Louise Reynolds 3 hours ago
I can raise one eyebrow
Kelly White
Kelly White 3 hours ago
I'm I'm double-jointed in my shoulders I'm on my mom's account
Grace Stahlman
Grace Stahlman 3 hours ago
And the hand thing
Grace Stahlman
Grace Stahlman 3 hours ago
I can also flare my nose and 387
Grace Stahlman
Grace Stahlman 3 hours ago
I can move my ears with ease
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 3 hours ago
I'm older then my sis but she's not tickles
Ossie Tatin
Ossie Tatin 3 hours ago
My friend who is 7y old can do the lip one and so does her bro
RockStarST 4 hours ago
I can do the tong trick on the right
Nikki MYERS 4 hours ago
I can talk with my nose plugged
Kyt0001 1000tyk
Kyt0001 1000tyk 4 hours ago
Slowly move your finger down your foot and it tikels
Judy Agbayani
Judy Agbayani 4 hours ago
I can almost do all of those
Dennis McGee
Dennis McGee 4 hours ago
i can lift my eye brow but only the right one
Mineblox Sara
Mineblox Sara 4 hours ago
I Can make a flower with my tongue
Vivian Rafeal
Vivian Rafeal 4 hours ago
I love you
Alaa Alasfor
Alaa Alasfor 4 hours ago
I can do the last for long time
Shadow Chanz
Shadow Chanz 4 hours ago
I can do the 3rd to last one
Niki M
Niki M 4 hours ago
I can do tounge triks
JMom Creations
JMom Creations 4 hours ago
I can touch my nose with my tounge
Griselda Cazarez
Griselda Cazarez 4 hours ago
I can breath and talk
Silje Hoel Sakshaug
The best skill I have is doing the taco tounge, that Caylus mentioned. Just rolling your tounge like that, but what I also can do is blow and it will sound like a dove. I have taken that so far as to whistle melodies that way. If somebody wants me to upload a video, tounge-whistling Despacito, let me know by liking this comment and responding. If I can get at least one like and reply, it will be my first ever USvid video.
Eugene Io
Eugene Io 4 hours ago
I can Do both tongue things
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