The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

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Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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Aug 11, 2019




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video. Go to curiositystream.com/kurzgesagt for a free 31-day-trial.
patrix201 guajardo salazar
Agan un juego basado en esta animasion bista desde arriba se puede elejin un tipo de ormiga un mapa jenial una colonia mejorable seria increible
Anan Zaaa XD
Anan Zaaa XD 2 months ago
6 tı satılık
rizky brata
rizky brata 2 months ago
Please indonesian subtitle
crazy motherfucker
crazy motherfucker 3 hours ago
@Ciência Todo Dia
JADE // Official Channel
Can we do the thaumatomyrmex next?
Berserker 201
Berserker 201 23 hours ago
i got so invested in this
Jezreel Cinco
World warllll
The Phantom King
Me and A group of classmates - walks on sidewalk.. Ants - It Was An Bad Idea Walking To The Sidewalk..EVERYBODY RUN FOR YA'LL LIVES!!!
The Phantom King
R.I.P Ants
The Phantom King
Nice Vids!
ՄաՄ ԳԹՌԳ 2 days ago
Nanobots will win without any damage -.-
Voon Voo Shin
Voon Voo Shin 3 days ago
I wish it real not cartoon Well it still gud
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee 3 days ago
Good Good the ants are fighting each other than coming together and attacking us wait what who's scratching my door oh it's my dog wait what's crawling up my leg OH GUYS UHHHHH I THINK THEY FIGURED IT OUT
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee 3 days ago
oh I hear my draft coming for the ant war :O
enes kaya
enes kaya 3 days ago
i bet they are now engaging in world war 5023- oh now they are in 5024th world war
A P 4 days ago
6:58 - Humans have decided that war is not a thing that they want to do a lot anymore. USA: Hold my beer!
Ladasha IMVU
Ladasha IMVU 4 days ago
But however a magnifying glass kills them all
A person watching youtube
can an army ant match my slipper?
A person watching youtube
can an army ant match my slipper?
Clem Ian
Clem Ian 5 days ago
We need ant eater pls
Opzs Gamer
Opzs Gamer 5 days ago
Aden playz
Aden playz 5 days ago
0:28 thx there’s me :D
Rinalds Awesomeness178 Gaming
they all wont even bother to raid the army ants but the army ants raid them
Jayden Noone
Jayden Noone 6 days ago
List of world wars: WW1 WW2 WWAnt
2ndJ3ss3 Fl0ur1t3
"Some groups just don't get along." Like the terrorists and their leader, Soleimani. They don't get along with anyone. Good thing Soleimani is dead.
FruityBooty 7 days ago
I'm scared
James Valenzuela
James Valenzuela 7 days ago
I would be super scary if they can make nukes
Lukas C
Lukas C 7 days ago
Is this... Kahoot music??
Ryu Ryu
Ryu Ryu 7 days ago
I love this
Eitan Elkana-Hale
Error 4:04 HE HAPP!
cho yiu ho
cho yiu ho 7 days ago
TM CPG 8 days ago
1980: "I bet we will have flying cars in the future!" 2020: *JIMMY THE ARMY ANTS ARE BACK GET YOUR F@CKING HEAD AT THE ENTRANCE*
ThePikmania 8 days ago
Total War: Ants
Explosive Cyndaquil
AntCanada would love to watch this
Chu Nguyen
Chu Nguyen 9 days ago
but what about WWIII
Halo Man59
Halo Man59 9 days ago
"humans have disided war isn't something they want anymore" Every one in 2020: hold my beer
The bad time Guy
The bad time Guy 10 days ago
skull 7668
skull 7668 11 days ago
G M 12 days ago
What is ant the answer is war
Cringe Central
Cringe Central 12 days ago
Ant: fight in my house My Mom: *Its all because of that damn phone!*
Sabin Rai
Sabin Rai 14 days ago
I want more video of antibiotics war
Rafael Pérez
Rafael Pérez 14 days ago
Chess Express
Chess Express 14 days ago
“Humans decided not to fight anymore” Me: *Staring at the millions of refugees that fled from their country due to war*
Krto Slovenija
Krto Slovenija 14 days ago
So war ants are mongols in ant world
Blox Play
Blox Play 15 days ago
Great video making! a work of art! Love the educational videos about nature.
Mohd zakir hussain
Mohd zakir hussain 16 days ago
My only wish they don't end up with nuclear warfare
Giraffeman 17 days ago
AntsCanada approves
Andrew Saxon
Andrew Saxon 18 days ago
6:58 hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
hannah marie
hannah marie 18 days ago
this video made me itchy
Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Kaiser Wilhelm II. 18 days ago
*ww3 begins* Ants:Ameteurs
Bartek Goluch
Bartek Goluch 19 days ago
—eclipse. xpc
—eclipse. xpc 19 days ago
*_T H E Y G O I N T O C R I S I S M O D E_*
Chris Lei
Chris Lei 19 days ago
warum sinddie titel und beschreibung in deutsch, aber video in english?!
mrblue gameislife
mrblue gameislife 19 days ago
what if humans are small we can help ants but they are neutral to us
Car Guy
Car Guy 20 days ago
honestly kinda pumped for world war ant
HYDRO LK1V1 20 days ago
Не пойму, почему описание и название видео - на русском, а само видео на английском.
ChefBrad, The Blue Fam
Army ants are small, but their majors and super majors are not.
UltimateSaft 20 days ago
I always thought that humans were the only species dumb enough to kill each other because they arent the same. Guess ants are even worse
Стефан Лазаревић
Nobody: Ants: Hey, let's just kill each other forever without any reason
Studio Original
Studio Original 19 days ago
Стефан Лазаревић cool
Стефан Лазаревић
@Studio Original ok
Studio Original
Studio Original 19 days ago
Стефан Лазаревић No other ant colony larva
Стефан Лазаревић
@Studio Original their kids?!
Studio Original
Studio Original 19 days ago
Стефан Лазаревић Ant larva is what part of there diet
ZikiWiki 21 day ago
This video is almost perfect. I would really like if this videos had the real pic of the ant also. Other wise this is my favorite video & l have seen all your videos. Thank you for your great work ❗️❤️
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