The World’s First AWD 4 Rotor RX-7 | Preview

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USvid’s notorious Rotary aficionado, Rob Dahm, is embarking on an epic journey to create the world’s most powerful and most unique Mazda RX-7 ever. Here are all the build plans and details of all the records this car is set to smash!
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Check out the official unveil video on Rob Dahm's channel:
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Nov 4, 2016




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Comments 1 758
Quips N Whips
Quips N Whips 36 minutes ago
Still watching
MUS V8 9 hours ago
He just forza upgrade the rx7
Fat Sausage
Fat Sausage 14 hours ago
I am from the future and Rob may be finally making progress on the chassis now
Ethan 3 days ago
Forza horizon be like
Ahmad Qadir
Ahmad Qadir 3 days ago
Wich is what the rx8 should have been if there were no oil crisis A 4 rotor but i think it would be better if its rwd(best wheel drive)
Slammed N’ Cammed
I’m so lost why is he building it now but it was at sema 2 years ago
CrabdabsfanCP 3 days ago
I’m from the future and Rob is bringing it finished to sema
Pablo Hendriks
Pablo Hendriks 4 days ago
2 years later the engine is almost done
Austin Carter
Austin Carter 4 days ago
Been watching this guy build this amazing machine he is so exited about it I love to see the dedication
Californian Bill
Californian Bill 4 days ago
Mikey 4 days ago
With a front end as long as your mom's tiddies.
paracidic apple
paracidic apple 5 days ago
It's all coming together
Edwin Lange
Edwin Lange 5 days ago
Bi turbo
Chris Cybulski
Chris Cybulski 5 days ago
2 years later it finally started
Rachmaniar Setya Putri
still waiting until this project finish to down on road.. this will be amazing build, and new meta "maybe" for rotary engine world..
رضا رسنانی
After 2 years no real car
Joey Campbell
Joey Campbell 5 days ago
Two years rob two years
j moore
j moore 5 days ago
2 yeara later and no video with a 1/4 mile pass ?????????? I wonder why
kalaKenyan 6 days ago
Who's here in October 2019 after rob announced he's going to sema?
George Smith
George Smith 6 days ago
Yeah boy .....sik
Tommyxp420 6 days ago
Man those wheels sick af.
Dinky-Di 6 days ago
Rob will be hard pressed to have this ready in time.
Gerald Ander Lee
Gerald Ander Lee 6 days ago
biggest disadvantage of rotaries.... “top off oil”
Hovik Gedjeyan
Hovik Gedjeyan 6 days ago
Update: the billet 4 rotor has fired up.. and the front end has been cut off.. Waiting waiting waiting !!!
10,000rpm for a rotary is being safe and conservative, the 2jz can spin up to 10,000rpm for street driven supra.
Lemon Games
Lemon Games 6 days ago
Lachlan Moloney
Lachlan Moloney 7 days ago
Is there a reason why we don't have 5 or 6 rotors
Brett8792 7 days ago
Money and time I think but it could definitely happen in the current and near future. Although there could be some cons outweighing the pros stopping it, I would like to see it done
isaac shively
isaac shively 7 days ago
2 years later... Still not done
Azrlx 7 days ago
Car still isnt done yet
xtrakrisb420 7 days ago
and to think he has the billet 4 rotor running...i cant wait to see this beast rob!!!
T Rantz
T Rantz 7 days ago
3 SEMA events later and he may finally pull it off! 4 years in the making...
M. J
M. J 8 days ago
Its Almost done. The engine got his first startup today
Sasha Goriounova
Sasha Goriounova 8 days ago
You better drive it Should be finished soon
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 8 days ago
Alex has no idea when he looks up at someone and nods his head
quietone610 8 days ago
The 4 Rotor just started LAST NIGHT. On a test stand.
Spank Themonkey
Spank Themonkey 6 days ago
quietone610 he's already run it at track
Connor Phair
Connor Phair 8 days ago
He has completed the engine
Pikachu Very calm
I'm also back from the future and I can guarantee that after nearly three years in, he has finally gotten the engine running.
james mahal
james mahal 8 days ago
Hopefully you will have to fly over soon
Darshen Jason
Darshen Jason 9 days ago
And today the 4 rotor finally fired up :')
Spank Themonkey
Spank Themonkey 6 days ago
Darshen Jason he's already run the car a month ago
Chris Tzouros
Chris Tzouros 10 days ago
Car throttle getting ready for part 2!
TryMonster 10 days ago
that turbo is little bit bigger than my nuts. lol when i was about to close this video.. "engineering explained" shows up
Chris Frey
Chris Frey 13 days ago
Guys chill its not the billet block 😊
Master Of Puppets
Master Of Puppets 13 days ago
start up this week in robs channel
Noah Grace
Noah Grace 13 days ago
It's still not done guys but he's close and it will be more than an accomplishment of building monster it will be completing a legend. All hail the #4rotor power on dahm
Grosse H.
Grosse H. 15 days ago
I'm from really far future to unsure you that the engine may be started this week. Alex, your chance of driving this car is closer.
Red Beard
Red Beard 16 days ago
Except someone beat him to it. Ouch.
Ganja Farmer 🍁
Ganja Farmer 🍁 12 days ago
AsteroidJoe 18 days ago
coming up on 3 years and its still a work in progress, not for much longer though we hope :D
maximumnoise78 19 days ago
These motors have zero torque, and you want to make it an all wheel drive?
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 23 days ago
I love engineering explained! its a good channle
daniel fitz
daniel fitz 24 days ago
im here from the future and finally three years later the car is shaping up with a billet 4 rotor
AUSSIEbattler96 26 days ago
3 years later car still not done
radu diaconu
radu diaconu 27 days ago
Rod Millen was first,80s 4x4 Rx7.could switch from 2wd to 4wd..Nothing new.....too much hype.......calm down......
Paddywiggle 28 days ago
I’m here from even farther in the future to tell you that Rob Dahm is hard at work on the 26B and you should tune in to the updates!
MonkeySlapFest 28 days ago
2019 still no 4 rotor.. i'll check back in another 3 years
Rotor Ryan
Rotor Ryan 28 days ago
Rob Dahl is passionate dude, just watched his update.
Jappleminded 28 days ago
What is this, a crossover episode?? 🐶
Scotious Nevious
Scotious Nevious 29 days ago
Whoa after seeing all the new parts going inside it I cant wait for that guy to drive the awd 4 rotor.
Jack Byers
Jack Byers 29 days ago
One rotor per wheel. Wack.
Jman2041 29 days ago
**UPDATE** hes getting this shit together!!!! Go check that shit out!!!!!!
harrimat100 29 days ago
Dude.... There's a dorito engine attached to that turbo!
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