The Wildest RX-7 Build Ever? Visiting Rob Dahm's Rotary Palace

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Some of you may remember Rob Dahm when he visited us here in the studio for Hertbreak - or you may know him as the man who's been working on one of the wildest RX-7 projects we've ever seen attempted. We're talking about all wheel drive, sequential, four-rotor turbo havin', 2000 horsepower pushing madness. Along with some other past, current, and future builds Rob is working on. Either way, we're always hyped to squad up and roll out to our buddy Rob's place to see what he's up to.
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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 1 551
HertLife 3 months ago
That’s a Dorito hand signal, the universal sign for rotaries. I don’t even know what the Illuminati is so stop coming at me with that crap 😂
Beetle Bayley
Beetle Bayley 13 days ago
The Illuminati invented the rotary engine to get us addicted to triangles...It worked!
michael jackson
michael jackson 2 months ago
HertLife get a four rotor hert copy his as$
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 2 months ago
HertLife but that’s what everyone in the Illuminati says...🤣
Anime_God Minecraft
Anime_God Minecraft 2 months ago
@Hoonigan well you simply get a piece of metal in the shape of a mazda logo and you brand it onto yourself. If you want it to clearly be a mazda logo you make a blade cut out of the logo and cut it into your skin. Be sure to leave a layer of skin, otherwize the rim of the badge with cut the rest out.
Hoonigan 2 months ago
How do you make that with your hand?
Med1na2012 23 hours ago
I found the industrial area location in under 5 min maybe you should edit it
Alex The memelord
Ayyy Virginia boys what’s up
Louis Turner
Louis Turner 10 days ago
Skipped the engine dyno
Robin Calais
Robin Calais 11 days ago
Ppre in new zealand built a 6rotor and put it in a rx4 coupe. They build mad mikes rotors.
CRBN Exmz 15 days ago
My man sound like a whole mad scientist.... I LOVE IT! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 16 days ago
So the fastest car ever created beats you and you try to make a fast version of your car... happens to everyone
Benjamin Mills
Benjamin Mills 17 days ago
ontario? heyyy i live there! i feel a lil bit cooler
TodaVtecKiller 18 days ago
He's trying to break records with that build it should see well over 1500whp
Ahmad Tawela
Ahmad Tawela 22 days ago
You call the engine Mecca You are disrespectful shame on you
Abdi_llahGamesYT 22 days ago
Thats the biggest fucking turbo ive ever seen
David Bern
David Bern Month ago
Looks home built 😒
Julian Parra
Julian Parra Month ago
Watching this again cause damn
demonic477 Month ago
585 cubic inch 9.6 liter rotary would have been huge . I'm talking big block drag engine huge 585 cubic inches is the kind of displacement that takes a full size car in to the 9 second in the 1/4 mile range. the rotary corvette would have beat every car out there at the time including the Hemi darts and the 427 mustangs that were on the streets at the time hands down and a staff change in the upper rank's of GM killed the project . they said it was economy but GM had fixed all the problems with the Apex seals and all the other gremlins in the engine and were ready for production. but the man heading the project died and a new boss came in killing it saying we have plenty of V8's to power the corvette .
metalman timco
metalman timco Month ago
I'd probably slap him for slapping my pop up bro. See if I could make onr of his eyes not open all they way too.
Arlequin Month ago
Robs a smart dude, used his 15 mins of fame and transformed his brand into something he's passionate about. Respect, he's living the dream.
Emerson Mitchell
Where the hell is herts fd
E C Month ago
Puerto Rico the real house of rotating cars💪🏽🔥🇵🇷
jake garner
jake garner Month ago
very cool nostalgia intro
Alfred Gregg
Alfred Gregg Month ago
anybody else think of surgeon simulator when the intro rolls?
P S Month ago
Does Rob have a USvid channel???
takanara7 Month ago
Annoying rich guy. "I imagined it and now it exists." like he's the first person to ever build anything. It's not like he's doing his own machining or anything, just a little welding/plasma cutting on the body.
Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas Month ago
“You sound crazy...I’m in”. - Ian
natelobo93 Month ago
I think your buddy got a little jealous being trumped by rob bahaha
Buki Month ago
nz on the map
Ron Matson
Ron Matson Month ago
Just had a little girl here hert congratulations
andrew urbanski
andrew urbanski Month ago
It finally hit me this guy reminds me of the actor from PSYCH
Bodhisattva Bowman
Lmao the bottle in the bay throwback
TombWorld 2 months ago
If you're not running a twelve rotor, are you even trying?
Kevin Wiltshire
Kevin Wiltshire 2 months ago
Better invest in a nitrious system to spool that turbo
jake welder
jake welder 2 months ago
John Vargas acts disrespectfully. I wouldn't take him to my friends shop.
boxdrinks 2 months ago
After ten years. .still aint done.
Simon Leon
Simon Leon 2 months ago
Get that black dude out
CNNis FakeNews
CNNis FakeNews 2 months ago
Illuminati-Confirmed... don't tell me you've been blackmailed, raped/murdered children bro?
USMC TheMadHatTeR 2 months ago
Eh bruh... Whats a spicy slice? All this content and my mouth just started to water up for a spicy slice of pizza?
Marc W
Marc W 2 months ago
wow looks like a big diesel truck turbo.
Christopher Sinni
Christopher Sinni 2 months ago
It sounded like it could have been a Riff Raff song I was waiting to hear Riff chime in.
david symalla
david symalla 2 months ago
Nice, thank you.
AS P 2 months ago
No force induction and no nitrous can reach 1K hp ???? What kind or sorcery is this
Sherwyn25 2 months ago
Rob just started it
Fawexx 2 months ago
11:50 #Hert4Rotor2020
Welcome to my Dahmicle. - Rob Dahm
Shifttube 2 months ago
na he had to make it the same length as the hoonacorn so he had to extend the frame of the FD
MotorCityOctane 2 months ago
That beast of an engine just fired up for the first time🔥🔥 usvid.net/video/video-2WlZ9-g27sM.html
Jadiel Berrios
Jadiel Berrios 2 months ago
Puertorico has the world record for 12A- 6.9@200+mph 13B- 6.3@215+mph 20B- 6.1@230+mph
Hjrv_ 2 months ago
We crazy with rotary here in puerto rico dude!!!🤣 we put rotary even on a jeep cj5!
2152808483 2 months ago
So 4 more years and it will run
thanos ACAB
thanos ACAB 2 months ago
The fat guy sitting on a chair all time and touch everything he see is very annoying and stupid!!
Lipi19821 2 months ago
take off the glassess..your face sucks... ....ooops your glasses just broke in half....
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 2 months ago
Dear Rob! Maybe I missed an episode, but why is the turbo charger so far away from the engine? How cme so long pipes? Wouldn't the system react more spontaniously if the turbo was next like in a BMW turbo diesel?
Roger Halt
Roger Halt 2 months ago
Been following Robs channel for soooo long. Legend. Can’t wait for this beast to be unleashed. As he said, he’s doing it right, which means time is not taken into consideration :) One question, when does a car stop being the car if left the factory as? For example, this is like a funny car, complete new car underneath but the shell of a regular car
Texas Patriot
Texas Patriot 2 months ago
Sooo mad max built his 4 rotor?
Thomas Cheeney
Thomas Cheeney 2 months ago
Comparing two baller dudes robs 1000000x better than lamborfuckingfaggot
Abhay Tany
Abhay Tany 2 months ago
Song in background?
KEITH LAZARO 2 months ago
vargas so disrespectful at 5:23 i love it
Josh 2 months ago
There is no way that header can support the weight of that massive turbo when they're glowing red hot.
Sebastian M8
Sebastian M8 2 months ago
Woo NZ! We do love our flat four boxers and rotarys 😂
Ja Biezel
Ja Biezel 2 months ago
Rob D had a really nice likeable personality.
daniel jones
daniel jones 2 months ago
Too bad you can't put the front diff in the centre equal drive shafts reduce torque steer
Bobbydog66 2 months ago
11:16 Oh...so all those forza videos lied to me.
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