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Sep 21, 2019




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Comments 14 203
John Kenny
John Kenny Hour ago
Please do Napoleonic wars
Levi Gates
Levi Gates 2 hours ago
Iconoclasm_ 3 hours ago
DragonGuy GTO
DragonGuy GTO 3 hours ago
He was never holy. More lowly than anything, the Antichrist, an extremely dangerous wolf in sheep's clothing with poisonous words and works
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku 4 hours ago
i like buckets.
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil 4 hours ago
I can drive up to Domino's and get the same pizzas for less than 50.bucks smh no deal
Emily Arsenault
Emily Arsenault 4 hours ago
Make a War of the Roses, video please.
Scienceboy 0927 and kid country
the idea of a person against the separation of church and state antidisestablishmentarianism :0
Hi 6 hours ago
Please do The Troubles
Christopher Flowers
'Bucket exits' 'People in bologna' "we can make a religion out of this"
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez 6 hours ago
French and Indian War!!!!!!!!!
CJ 6 hours ago
Or just for fun talk about Tutankhamen and ancient Egypt?
Rollover Doggo Gamer DOGS
Sooooo basically the kindergarten classroom when a new toy appears
mp_Daggar 7 hours ago
Still no civil war
Daptapt 9 hours ago
The holy bucket was Made in (not china) heaven
Gamer4life_ DoesROBLOX
What do buckets have to do with the pope?!
RAMS Best 10 hours ago
Why do you only talk about the white country's. I kind of hate hate this. White people think they have rich history. When it was actually killing people and torture people also slavery
Peeta Mellark
Peeta Mellark 11 hours ago
*Such as St Damian*
ender gamer
ender gamer 11 hours ago
9:33 I thought he was gonna say "hey i peed my pants" xD
DJ_Blyatman 11 hours ago
What about Napoleonic wars?
Lannan Eacott
Lannan Eacott 11 hours ago
no "dude, uncool?"
Mixalis Games
Mixalis Games 11 hours ago
I guess you could say..he kicked the bucket.I will let myself out.
sam khalil
sam khalil 11 hours ago
Make an American clivil war video
monster Frisk
monster Frisk 12 hours ago
I am an immigrant in the United States. Where am I originally from? Canada. *GUELPH* Canada.
duke strahla
duke strahla 12 hours ago
Mason Eisner
Mason Eisner 12 hours ago
You should do the American civil war
Reçel Tahin Ersoğan
Oversimplified, please make a video about Independence War of Turkey! 🇹🇷
rcerrwrf147 14 hours ago
Wait a minute!
alfredo cervantes
alfredo cervantes 14 hours ago
napoleonic wars oversimplified
Kolljak Gaming&Music
never thought of hearing "launched a live donkey to humiliate them"
Lennon Fireeën
Lennon Fireeën 15 hours ago
Make an oversimplified of the Balkan wars!
Sir Ab3ee
Sir Ab3ee 15 hours ago
Separation of Church and state...... Hmmmmm! Eastern Europe kinda didn't get that message ! :)
Oscar Cook
Oscar Cook 15 hours ago
MLG Guardian
MLG Guardian 16 hours ago
Gulf wars plz
1 Маркус
1 Маркус 16 hours ago
U should do Vietnam war
Andreas Schwarz
Andreas Schwarz 16 hours ago
Omg you the beeeeeest. And i love how you insert the ads. Lovelyyyy Edit: best history teacher worldwide!
MEMESRAE 17 hours ago
Make a civil war one
Herobrine 17 hours ago
This video was somehow posted exactly on my birthday
Joxinity 18 hours ago
3:49 it said “I’ve seen the the towers”
Melissa Carpenter
Melissa Carpenter 19 hours ago
Fans: MAKE THE VIETNAM WAR Oversimplified: Bucket Fans:...... Give it to me
Pericles Viglis
Pericles Viglis 22 hours ago
8:02 Can you guess who else had contracted Tuberculosis???
De power Kip
De power Kip 22 hours ago
could you please make a oversiplified Vietnam war please
Vegas 22 hours ago
Hey Oversimplifed theres this other youtube channel thats a copycat of you his name is Yusuf Kayaalp
Ethan Fredericks
Ethan Fredericks 22 hours ago
Do one of Apartheid
Eash Shetty
Eash Shetty 23 hours ago
Make a video on the revolt of 1857
Semih Yildirim
Semih Yildirim 23 hours ago
hey there, there is a channel translating and publishing your videos like his own. and his channel name is ''Yusuf Kayaalp'' just check and report his channel for stealing your videos.
Olivier Van der Peijl
Please make the revolution of the Netherlands
apple Day ago
Can you make another mini war called the: The Albanian War.
cesi sigudu
cesi sigudu Day ago
Who else agrees he deserves much more subs I I I \/
Gandalf Stormcloud
I think this is my 5th time watching this video. Hilarious. Fascinating story. More! Man I've got to get 1 of their t shirts.
Ghani Nedjadi
Algerian révolution
Dr. Khan
Dr. Khan Day ago
Dear Mr. OverSimplified, I have an interesting idea for your next video. The Indian-Pakistani war. It started in the year 1947 when Pakistan first became a country and is still going on today. There are different conflicts and multiple "wars". Both sides where backed by nations like the United States and the U.S.S.R. It would be a really cool video and since there are not that many videos about it on USvid yours would be an unbiased original video. I hope you consider this option as a future video. Thank you for your time.
Your animation skills are so underrated dude and story telling is impeccable
Byed Bsa
Byed Bsa Day ago
Can u do the India Pakistan war
Ishaan kamal
Ishaan kamal Day ago
“There is absolutely no reason not to use honey “ Wait is that Mr. Beast ‘s quote??
Cramberi Gaming
Been 3 weeks and no new videos We don’t deserve it? I know you got some suggestions Your fans spelled them out perfect
Yihan Yuan
Yihan Yuan Day ago
The middle person's face looks like King George from the American Revolution at 7:56
Edward V
Edward V 21 minute ago
It also looks like marie Antoinette
Sheila Washington
I can make you hands clap
Not From Denmark Production
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Роман Демин
A bucket - oversimplified - 20 mins
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