The Viruses That Shaped Humanity

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You might get the impression that all viruses are terrible, awful, no-good things that just wreak havoc on humanity. But, surprise: The truth is way more interesting!
Hosted by: Hank Green
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Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 589
TreeMobile. 6 days ago
I hope we get infected by a retrovirus that attacks specific bacterias and ours immediately after next generation, it creates bacteriophages for our bodies to use, but not ours.
Maria Hazzard
Maria Hazzard 8 days ago
Who else is watching this for school?
zxaviusLOL 11 days ago
But what about essential oils????
John Sikes
John Sikes 12 days ago
Excellent video, not something I had heard, but SHOULD have suspected. Interesting to see versions of "More about ... that you might not know". Most people think bacteria are also just "bad", but they make up a tremendous percentage of our bodies (more than half?), and have become parts of our immune systems, guts, etc. Sometimes what starts out as a possible or actual parasitic relationship becomes truly symbiotic.
Old man
Old man 13 days ago
Editing out natural pauses between paragraphs is so annoying and anxiety inducing.
griffisjm 13 days ago
Everytime I hear "could be" or "could" or "might" I seriously question the science or more specifically exactly how sure we are, or is it just a theory with no exact proof.
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez 7 days ago
In science we do not say theory as in a guess. Theory tells you how the thing works (oversimplified) Laws tell u the math behind it. Theory of general relativity ( you can call it law of gravity E=MC□) is known in our world as true we still call it a theory. Also could is kinda saying their is proof and all the evidence points to it but we cant say for certain since more research has to be done. So yes it can be wrong but most of the time it's not all wrong. Just small details change
Sk0lzkiy 15 days ago
#notall is a universal biological truth
Oran Lichtman
Oran Lichtman 15 days ago
Wait so did we win or did the viruses win?
Zes 16 days ago
no such thing as interesx or not
Law Licht
Law Licht 18 days ago
What if these "retrovirus" was actually a tool for ancient aliens to genetically engineered homo erectus to evolve to homo sapiens?
Stephen James
Stephen James 19 days ago
Vít Skala
Vít Skala 20 days ago
Mistaking genome for genetic code, how disappointing ☹️
Barış Özügüler
I only watched 3 minute of this and I'm really confused about that which viruses are good or bad to our body or just a begging our body to earn copy of them by human cells. I need written sources or maybe I should just watch rest of this video
Lea B
Lea B 20 days ago
Noooo fetuses are not viruses. Absolutely not. They are parasites... well, half parasites, since only have their genetic code is foreign
Christian O. Holz
Every embryo is in some ways a parasite. A foreign body the embryo sends signals to the mother's body to slightly lower the activity of her immune system. That is also why women with MS have much fewer or even no episodes during the time of the pregnancy. It really is quite a fascinating topic
Daniella Schaening
Of course fetuses aren't viruses. Their cells can replicate their own DNA. Their parasites!
Mayank N. Sharma
Mayank N. Sharma 21 day ago
This channel always makes me regret why i didn't opt for science im highschool
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 23 days ago
awesome video
Rubin Chavarria
Rubin Chavarria 26 days ago
Thank you HERVS
ihearteugenides 26 days ago
Seriously though, if you haven't listened to Tangents yet, go do so now! It's my favorite podcast right now. I love the sense of excitement and wonder the hosts have. Plus they are really smart and funny.
Pe Pi
Pe Pi 27 days ago
Corona virus has enter the chat!....It will teach the Chinese and the world to stop eating weird sh!t.
trig33kgirl 28 days ago
Viruses are like evil aliens
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina 29 days ago
Humans are 8% virus and 92% parasite
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Month ago
News as of the last 72 hours: >Infected: 900~< reported >Deaths: 75< reported Cities Locked down: >WUHAN population 11,000,000 >EZHOU population 1,000,000 as of 2010 >CHIBI population 500,000 >HUANGGANG population 7,000,000 Event Cancellations: >Almost Everything in china >China Schools >HongKong has cancelled major events >Multiple flights are being canceled Infected Countries: >America >China >Thailand >Japan >South Korea >Hong Kong >Saudi Arabia >Singapore >Belarus >Colombia >Vietnam >France >Russia Still Pending Confirmed Infection: >United Kingdom (6 suspected cases) >Mexico (2 suspected cases) >Australia (2 people in quarantine) >Russia, Khabarovsk, Minsk >Philippines Closed/Limited Travel Borders: >NORTH KOREA >CUBA
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Month ago
Boy do I love synchronity, you make this video and then a week later china quarantines 4 cities because of a new virus. A plane also crashed at corona airport yesterday, right as the corona virus started getting news attention. Here's a tip everyone, start preparing for pneumonia, if this gets big hospitals won't be able to handle you.
don't matter
don't matter Month ago
Why that dude got sperm in his stomach?
Michael Elbert
Michael Elbert Month ago
It suggests to me that humans where are genetically engineered. not by nature , but by something else. Using imethod similar to crispr crisper. Butbecause the odds just don't add up to me . hello. how all these amazing coincidences that happened here on Earth for us to be living right now and contemplating. I mean it's not hard to figure out once you look hat all the things that had to happen in the right order at the right time to the right things an exacting measurements. yeah.
governor Hunter
governor Hunter Month ago
How about cut the virus dna to a fertilezed eggs? What could have happened
governor Hunter
governor Hunter Month ago
Imagine how they knew the dna of that zygote? They've killed the child probably naming him test subject a. Or test subject #342 poor child 🤱
jayknight139 Month ago
Yay helpful viruses. I knew herpes would pay off one day. All those angry ladies owe me an apology.
Linda Gail Lamb
Linda Gail Lamb Month ago
Now I'm curious: what about mitochondria? I think I read somewhere that they were actually a *bacteria* that invaded and then symbiotically became part of our cells. Between them and those sneaky viruses, it looks like the weirdos who say we're part "alien" are actually right (just maybe not *quite* the same way they thought).
3:40 Me: "SciShow, why are you showing the work of weird-ass reactionaries with weird-ass accents?" Also Me: *leans over and squints* "Ohhh...!!! Never mind~ Carry on!"
GMO Fear-Mongers: "Transgenic organisms are unnatural!" Nature: "Aww... You're adorable!"
Espc 16 days ago
@trig33kgirl he meant non GMO people
trig33kgirl 28 days ago
Gmo fear mongers don't like Roundup in their food. That's the issue.
Mel Medina
Mel Medina Month ago
So, the instructions for an embryo to attach to the placenta were left behind by a virus...so we are all like little invaders...
Manvendra Singh
Manvendra Singh Month ago
Thank you so very much Mate! My publications, Review, Prospect, Preprint and even PhD thesis is cited here. This made my week. I'd be happy to share my unpublished works personally if you are interested :) Thanks again
Troy Clayton
Troy Clayton Month ago
I can't believe you didn't mention that we all have Herpes. I hope you're saving it for an episode where you discuss this endogenous retrovirus's links to schizophrenia. I love to tell people I have Herpes, you really missed that one. I guess you wanted to fill us with wonder instead of with dread. Oh well.
Troy Clayton
Troy Clayton 24 days ago
​@Globalistconspiracy We all have herpes, it's in our genome from a germ cell infection long ago. It's not normally expressed in most people (tight suppression), but we all have it.
I don't think herpes is really in the purview of this episode. It's not endogenous to people, you just get exposed to it so often that you're more likely than not to eventually get it.
Shortcut Month ago
yeah baby, those hips don't lie
Geez Sleez
Geez Sleez Month ago
Viruses are pretty cool considering they're just a bunch of scumbag nucleic acid with or without a protein envelope
Ninja Gizzmo
Ninja Gizzmo Month ago
If you go back far enough we all were a primordial soup. Maybe we started as a virus then evolved into primates it would explain why we have so many viral traces in our genome and so many other things in common with viruses.
William Month ago
I am type 2 diabetic. I make insulin. My mother and father and my father's mother. Were confirmed diabetes. I know it was type 2 for my mother and father. My grandmother was type 1 I believe. But I could be wrong. But anyway the chemical that breaks down sugars into simpler sugers. Does insulin work on the complex sugers or the simple ones? Because my diabetic meter will read very high if my finger has any kind of sugar even honey. And honey is made from complex sugars right. So maybe if we have a low ability to taste sweetness. We don't know when something is to sweet. So suger builds faster then our cells can burn it. Causing our blood to become to thick and sticky cutting off oxygen and nutrients to some cells.
Copacetic Month ago
The video needs to be called the viruses that may have shaped Humanity. Since it's all completely conjecture and Theory.
Anna Seyfert
Anna Seyfert Month ago
Awesome Video!!!!
alice diligianis
I just found your podcast on spotify!
Mike Metcalf
Mike Metcalf Month ago
ALS and MS cures? The world would truly be a far better place ♥️
S A Month ago
We just need a new herv update
Mike Roberti
Mike Roberti Month ago
What TH is a “Clade?”
Watch Aron Ra's series
Clades describe descent through modification much more precisely than the old standard of linnean taxonomy
maloc1824 Month ago
No you're right. Babys are viruses.
rbfreitas Month ago
Karolina J
Karolina J Month ago
"DNA - it contains everything you need to know to make a human". Not true, you need a woman to carry said human, at the very least. If we had some DNA of some unknown species, we would probably have no idea what it would even look like, let alone how to "make it"
Aeturnalis Month ago
A fetus is definitely not a virus, but it is definitely a parasite. Protect yourselves from parasitic infections, friends.
June Blankenship
you should do an episode about the viral eukaryogensis hypothesis
Steve T
Steve T Month ago
As someone who's getting over a cold I can appreciate this video...this video also further supports my hypothesis that all fetus and there for babies are viruses.
Zur9 Month ago
What happens if the mother is on anti retro viral therapy? Does it affect HERV?
Sebastian van Dijk
"The human genome contains everything you need to know to make a human" Me: *cries in epigenome*
E chees
E chees 19 days ago
I mean you can make em but epigenetics says maybe don't
Fandom guy
Fandom guy Month ago
In short, like all mutations those caused by HERV intrusions may end up providing a benefit that ends up selected for. Another evolutionary mechanism caused by viral evolutionary strategy.
Chaone | Games and more
So what I am getting from this is that embryos are viruses.
SaiyanGohan2000 DustiestPancake
Embryos are not viruses until after they are born. After that point, they can cause severe problems for 18-20 years!
Todd McClafferty
This and other methods of lateral gene transmission would likely shock most people who are adamantly opposed to GMOs. Every living thing is a GMO, even anti-GMO activists. I'm not trying to make a joke about this: Monsanto, et al. have been doing some truly naughty stuff. The point is that most people don't know the extent to which genetic modifications that are not dissimilar to what humans have been doing in labs for the past 25 years have shaped life on our blue marble. When someone uses the term "GMO" I know what they mean, but I do think there's value in them having a better appreciation for the concept.
Braden Cluster
Braden Cluster Month ago
That was very slightly pro life! I'm impressed.
Gary Mingy
Gary Mingy Month ago
I was drifting off to la la Land...OMG virus infection ! The virus are in charge , from the getgo , I'm , I'm giving up on biology ...rocks ahoy0!
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