The Universal S

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People from all over the world have been drawing this S-shaped symbol for decades yet no one seem to know anything about it. In this video I explore some of the popular origin theories and showcase my own findings after five years of on and off searching.

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Aug 10, 2019

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Comments 17 441
DantieuS 11 hours ago
Nissan Skyline R32 GTS. This S symbol is found on the bonnet of the car as well. Or at least an iteration of this symbol.
Artmeat J
Artmeat J 11 hours ago
This is a dope ass video
Pecan 11 hours ago
Take that rest of the world! Make fun of New Jersey all you want, we started the S fad.
Sygomissen 11 hours ago
Does anyone know what keyboard that is in the video? :D
Nen0 NyA
Nen0 NyA 11 hours ago
and yes you forget s shaped country vietnam lol*flashback inensifies*
Nen0 NyA
Nen0 NyA 11 hours ago
it's satan silently control our mind
MrKitty Kitten
MrKitty Kitten 11 hours ago
I used to draw that in Mongolia, lol
clb 4206
clb 4206 11 hours ago
It's a Stüssy logo.
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 11 hours ago
i call it a secret S
G CS:GO 11 hours ago
in greece this s was used to draw a grafiti type thing: Smile
Timm2 11 hours ago
Going to end up discovering something deep and hidden away that wasn't supposed to be found tracking this symbol
just me
just me 12 hours ago
The first time I saw one was in elementary school as a mind puzzle. My friend drew the six vertical lines and told me to try to make an "S" out of them
P Monk
P Monk 12 hours ago
Did you check Egyptian hieroglyphics?
Tim Ingram
Tim Ingram 12 hours ago
I've never seen that simple before
MiotaLee 12 hours ago
Is this the first meme'd letter then? and "E" is another memed letter. SE. Sweden. Full circle.
RC Codes
RC Codes 12 hours ago
imo its symmetrically so sound and easy to draw... i used to just chain them together and write them as long as possible when i was bored in class.. i probably stacked 3 lines thousands of times in my "universal S" drawing career.
tu vieja
tu vieja 12 hours ago
Nobody: USvid recommendations: hey look at this documentary about an S
Machine Mechine
Machine Mechine 12 hours ago
Nadinemar Akmad
Nadinemar Akmad 12 hours ago
last time i saw this symbol was 2008
It's Adjacent
It's Adjacent 13 hours ago
Stussy...symbol of Stussy
ArcFire15 13 hours ago
this is the best video of yours that i have seen, i LOVE ti man, KEEP IT UP!!
NordoCeltic 13 hours ago
Very serious question. Is it possible the S symbol might have originated independently in multiple places and multiple times in history? As in multiple people all invented the variations on the S symbol just as every nation on earth solved the problem of addition over time independently? In this case many would be problem solvers had to find a solution to draw a symmetrical, regular S shape. It might explain why its origin is so mysterious, it actually doesn't have a single point of origin.
MyTrueFriend 13 hours ago
These are the videos i see at 1 am
Cooldudestudio 13 hours ago
@God what is the original
Debbie The Man
Debbie The Man 13 hours ago
I'm more interested in the fact that richard darkins of all people coined the term "meme". But yeah... I used to draw this S back in school... because every kid thought it was the universal symbol for "School".
Dandaman V
Dandaman V 13 hours ago
TLDW: we still don't really know.
Stars227 13 hours ago
I actually never bothered to think about where it came from
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche 13 hours ago
How about in finding the history of the anarchy symbol or the pentagram? Just curious.
Jack McCandless
Jack McCandless 13 hours ago
I drew that so much and I can't even remember how I found out about it. I quit drawing it one year, and as I remember, it was a very abrupt stop to that trend. No one drew it anymore. It was like a matter of months and people practically forgot about it. It sounds so strange to me the more I think about it.
Heather Spoonheim
Heather Spoonheim 13 hours ago
To find the origin of this symbol you need to search for the origin of graph paper.
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson 13 hours ago
Great segment on the S' world dominance: 4:37 to 5:30. Straight from a conspiracy/unexplained mystery movie
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche 13 hours ago
And back in my junior high days or Elementary School? I remember Dynamite magazine which is a blast from the past.. Wow.
Joaquin__ 13 hours ago
I remember drawing this in 3rd grade
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche 13 hours ago
The two ends don't don't connect.. So not part of the infinity symbol or the double helix... Still an S.
Knjo 13 hours ago
I think Jesus showed me this pretty cool guy
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche 14 hours ago
Okay I was just thinking sacred Reich. But I have been beat.. So never mind.
Peter Bull
Peter Bull 14 hours ago
We used to call it a Snoopy in Far North Queensland, Australia.
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche 14 hours ago
I am thinking SLIPKNOT I guess KNOT..
Kaysin Enorai
Kaysin Enorai 14 hours ago
I used to draw this all the time in elementary school from at least 4th grade on. I drew the multi-link version also, I used to call it pipes off of the screen saver. That was mid 90s in rhode island or nc, depending on what year I started, but the S was introduced by a friend and I expanded on it by making more rows and tangling them all together.
VEN0VA 14 hours ago
First observed it in the early 2000s etched into desks at school in.
Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon 14 hours ago
Reminds me of the nazi SS
Guardsman Miku
Guardsman Miku 14 hours ago
The universal S is clearly some kind of memetic SCP
Alienz 12
Alienz 12 14 hours ago
do top 10 facts about invader zim
nelson jefte vidal morel
Thanks for doing this
Kai Karlo
Kai Karlo 14 hours ago
"S" means sarcasm as in the video.
DRiPGOLD 14 hours ago
bro your good lol
Ryugo7 7
Ryugo7 7 14 hours ago
Wah dah fahk.
FatMuffinkid 76
FatMuffinkid 76 14 hours ago
Ashley Sue * Sparkle and Ash
I somehow just found this channel, and I'm smitten with your wit and sense of humor. Subscribed. And I've been drawing this since the early 90s. My sister said she was since the late 70s. 😂
mystycl art channel
mystycl art channel 14 hours ago
Or is it an 8?
Juan P
Juan P 14 hours ago
The painting The Ambassador from 1533 has the weird S below the globe next to hand the S is sideways
Gunnury 14 hours ago
even in my Arabic school, we did this I was 4 grade and I used that symbol to be cool in school why not
Rita Lloyd
Rita Lloyd 14 hours ago
Dude ,look up the sacred knot in the Celtics religion........its almost the same design.
Juan P
Juan P 14 hours ago
/ \ | | | |\ \| | | | \ /
James Lober
James Lober 15 hours ago
This was the shit in elementary school lmao
Faith L.
Faith L. 15 hours ago
we called it a stussy s!
JR channel
JR channel 15 hours ago
The irrelevance if the topic and the production value had lead me to subscribe!!
Bianca Demarchi
Bianca Demarchi 15 hours ago
This better be on our flag when we raid Area 51
Michael W.
Michael W. 15 hours ago
I love this thankyou 😍
Bianca Demarchi
Bianca Demarchi 15 hours ago
5:55 Cursed Image
hoo gooo
hoo gooo 15 hours ago
I'm not the only one who never knew about the symbol till the internet told me.
Quameik Flournoy
Quameik Flournoy 15 hours ago
SWIFTY_WINS 15 hours ago
Started this in highschool and cannot remember where I got it from. I think someone else drew it in a school book, and after seeing it I drew some too. It's actually kinda cool how it spreads without anyone really thinking about it lol. Nice video idea man!
Zokan Rxcing
Zokan Rxcing 15 hours ago
Question is who actually made this
ARZRer 15 hours ago
This is gonna be humanity's flag
Napkin Men
Napkin Men 15 hours ago
I saw the symbol on some sort of trailer recently, too. Like their actual brand.
Amelia Daniel
Amelia Daniel 15 hours ago
here in slu we call it the suzuki s. like the suzuki logo.
jak1259 15 hours ago
In my elementary school we called it the south side S but that was because I grew up in a high gang and graffiti area
Nikita Bogdanov
Nikita Bogdanov 15 hours ago
*Oh I remember drawing this in middle school 13.8 billion years ago!*
Contrarian Advice
Contrarian Advice 15 hours ago
Or. Maybe there is no one "origin" or "why" and people spontaneously rediscover/reinvent this trick because of the high simplicity-to-interestingness ratio. Especially when it resembles a pre-existing character (S, 8) but even when not - adding diagonal lines "recontextutalizes" the vertical lines in an interesting way. For fuck's sake, look at how many mathematical theorems were spontaneously rediscovered and/or discovered independently by multiple people. What is a silly S symbol compared to that?
Moew Eh
Moew Eh 15 hours ago
we just called it the super s
It's a pattern bro
Brian J Malmsteen
Brian J Malmsteen 15 hours ago
Jag såg din tangentbord, är du svensk?
Andy47357 15 hours ago
my old man was drawing these in his school books from 1950’s
Andy47357 15 hours ago
had a feeling it was engineering based. just need to check more fonts books from the 1800’s
IPRRD M 16 hours ago
Gabriel Almeida
Gabriel Almeida 16 hours ago
me, a brazilian: never in my life i've seen someone draw or talk about this simble, ahad seen it some times randomly on the internet, but never ever seen it in anywhere in brazil or anyone drawint this in school.
Marcus Reichart
Marcus Reichart 16 hours ago
I believe it’s pronounced (Stuseey)
Elan Wechsler
Elan Wechsler 16 hours ago
When I found that out I was thinking. How does S...go into lines? Then I think. S no go into lines, I eat S an do tha things to the rest. I am so smart. My god
Lucielle 16 hours ago
Realising that soon this won't be a thing anymore because even first graders nowadays are too kool for stuff like this
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