The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

The Try Guys
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Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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Feb 6, 2019

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Comments 20 956
Charles Klyden Jay Santiago
Me too Eugene I'm not Korean but Im doing it
marshee mallowz
marshee mallowz 4 hours ago
I suddenly remembered TROS SONG Triplets' Dad. He can easily finish 10 baskets then tell his kids they ate it all.😂
Aadya Sadaphal
Aadya Sadaphal 5 hours ago
Did Mike just throw away two dumplings at 3:50?😶
Kd Mo
Kd Mo 6 hours ago
nice click baijt
Chantel 7 hours ago
*eugene eats 70th dumping* keith: wow eugene you really are a god. same brutha same
Sophie Langlands
Sophie Langlands 9 hours ago
10:55 the way Keith said ‘dumpling 99’ cracked me up for some reason 😂😂
The Adventure of Mac
The dumpling there are good
btsvlover ya
btsvlover ya 11 hours ago
The 3 on the left side or right side don't know what to call it is me and my friends that eat eat a lot and those 2 are my friends that love food but can't eat a lot
shehroz ahsan
shehroz ahsan 12 hours ago
For every like i will add a dumpling 🍡 🍡
Dee Tato
Dee Tato 13 hours ago
Eugene : I do the Asian thing where I just swollow it and my esophagus burns. Me : Me.
Charlotte Steel
Charlotte Steel 15 hours ago
Din Tai Fung’s soup dumplings are the best!!!
Jazlyn Dingenus
Jazlyn Dingenus 15 hours ago
3:53 there's two dumplings left on the strictly dumping basket
Naomi A.
Naomi A. 17 hours ago
7:33 Christina Aguilera!
some one
some one 20 hours ago
If I didn’t eat for 2 days I could could do it with my family
MANGO TANGGO 22 hours ago
Angelina Army
I’m exactly like Eugene , and I just let my mouth burn, cause I’m Asian 😂
Undermanned Day ago
The amount of channels Mike has
Undermanned Day ago
Half expected Mike and Eugene to ask Ned and Keith for their dumplings
Nuclear-Atom Gaming
"AND IT COMES IN YOUT MOUTH" what is that lyric
Dlouvin Day ago
Nakiya White
Nakiya White Day ago
I love my food hot so I eat it like that
Soyeon Lee
Soyeon Lee Day ago
Lol I just realized in 2:19 mike didn't finish his dumpling (btw this isn't hate it's just smthing I realized)
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson 20 hours ago
I realized too but i was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mack riggs
Mack riggs Day ago
Ive never had dumplings, am i missing out?
Pham Minh Thư
I freaking love Din Tai Funggggg
They ate 374 dumplings
Dylan Enman
Dylan Enman Day ago
I would do this any day
Tahany Magdy
Tahany Magdy Day ago
Honestly the half Asian in me is DROOLING over these dumplings
Rose Queen
Rose Queen Day ago
Everyone dying Zach just chilling
8:19 “has anybody died from eating too much food” Too much of anything can kill you
LoganJohnston 2 days ago
Also, you should take all the layers off and once u get to the last layer you start with the 1st layer u took off because that would of cooled down
LoganJohnston 2 days ago
Yo mike is that calm person when everyone is dying and hes just giving them dumpling lore 😂
Dawlbaby 2 days ago
I am currently at the start of this video and now, I want Dumplings.
Dawlbaby 2 days ago
And I still want dumplings at the end.
Natalie Vu
Natalie Vu 2 days ago
Omg din tai fung is sooo good
Brian What's up
Brian What's up 2 days ago
That’s now dumplings
SICKNESSS ! 2 days ago
We get it Eugene, you’re Asian. You don’t need to remind us every 5 minutes. Why do liberals talk about race so much?
Zoe Steckel
Zoe Steckel 2 days ago
I tried eating soup dumplings before....I burned my tounge and couldn't fit the Hugeass dumplings in my mouth
Maeve Pertuset Lawrenz
I did the math, then said, Out Loud, "Aww, it's only 80 dumplings each!" No wonder I'm fat
Blah blah Blahbloops
Honestly, I’m obsessed with mukbangs but this video is my favorite.
jellomations animation
Is it just me or is it that I thought Mike looked like jaki chan? (I'm sry If I spelled it wrong)
Tian Sianto
Tian Sianto 3 days ago
I wouldve eaten more maybe if its rlly good
Zzmythie myth
Zzmythie myth 3 days ago
Weird I feel like im in the hottub tho I have never eatan soup dumplings oh wait im in a hotel when im watchin this :)
•evann• 3 days ago
i could really go for some soup dumplings but it’s like 1:30am and i don’t know any places that have soup dumplings. also i’m a minor and i don’t have a drivers license- im not even allowed to go outside but- i’ll have updates lmao edit: all of them are 30-40 minutes away and i don’t have time for that and the places are really expensive. i really want some soup dumplings
Chloe Mason
Chloe Mason 3 days ago
oh fuck yeah din tai fung! i saw the baskets in the beginning of the video and thought i was being dumb for thinking it was din tai fung. that's my favorite place to get drunk
Jose Dominguez
Jose Dominguez 3 days ago
Bull they only ate 374 dumplings. Freakin lies.
Leslie Patino
Leslie Patino 3 days ago
I wanna try soup dumplings 🥟😔👊
Lee Grant
Lee Grant 3 days ago
3:52 I still see dumplings in Strictly Dumpling in the bowl he just placed down
Jams for sale
Jams for sale 3 days ago
6:48 I’m just gonna leave that time stamp there
Alles Acc
Alles Acc 2 days ago
Mason Michaelis
Mason Michaelis 4 days ago
I am from Indiana and I eat dumplings like they are going out of style
Jasmine Tamer
Jasmine Tamer 4 days ago
I have never EVER eaten a dumpling cause I am Egyptian and in eygpt there is not alot of Chinese restaurants so yea I have to eat molokia every Wednesday 😐😐🙄
Lynel Safari
Lynel Safari 4 days ago
You got nothing on Kung fu panda
Nate Burnett
Nate Burnett 4 days ago
Now I really want to try dumplings
Michael Dingrat
Michael Dingrat 4 days ago
Ned look like lieutenant Dan
Early Bird
Early Bird 4 days ago
Ned: UGAHHH Keith: woAhhhH Eugene: Imma eat the fuck out of these dumplings. Strictly Dumpling: *Dying inside but determined* And my buddy Zach: * Skipping in a field of daisies *
LunaMoon Animations
Lol I wouldn’t be able to do this I don’t even like dumplings and if I did this my stomach would honestly hurt so badly 😂
; 8ᄉ8
; 8ᄉ8 4 days ago
한국형아였구나 안뇽
QQ Wow
QQ Wow 4 days ago
Christian Bangloy
Egune: I will eat u all Dumpling steam: Am I a joke to u
AHNAF INAN 5 days ago
matt stonie ate 384 dumplings in 10 minutes
cosnerd 5 days ago
If you wanted to do this with potstickers y'all should have just located Kara Danvers
Daniel Kang
Daniel Kang 5 days ago
Su Lyn Lee
Su Lyn Lee 5 days ago
omg 8:31 to 8:34 poor Ned is dying...
michael munro
michael munro 5 days ago
How did zach get 10 before ned
bree 5 days ago
my fatass would’ve ate all of the dumplings 🥟
And I oop
And I oop 5 days ago
Keith's on drugs
Bridget Kielas-Fecyk
I'd get about 5 or 6 dumplings eaten and be like "okay, nope, no more."
Maverick52093 5 days ago
I wonder if Matt Stonie saw this yet
Thea M.
Thea M. 5 days ago
Wtf I would’ve ate all of that on my own
SuperRad18 5 days ago
“Eugene you’re so impressive, let’s talk about Eugene” I’m Keith 😂
Celienet 5 days ago
I bet no one has ever told Mike Chen he looks like Jackie Chan...
isabella giovi
isabella giovi 6 days ago
im hungry now
Paco Paco
Paco Paco 6 days ago
3:51 he had 2 more?
mikaela chak
mikaela chak 6 days ago
Where my Asians at!!!!?!!!!😊
Cat Smith
Cat Smith 6 days ago
Robloxgirlly Xx
Robloxgirlly Xx 6 days ago
Robloxgirlly Xx
Robloxgirlly Xx 6 days ago
Ned : FreakinG GOING THROUGH PAIN IN HIS BELLY LIKE IF HE WAS PREGNANT Kieth: Gone crazy Eugene : In pain but is eating the most the quickest Strictly dumpling: Catching up with Eugene Anddddded Sach : *Eating slowly and peacefully just thinking about life* Then realizes he's ate more then he was recommended And the others are dying
Gachawolf 23
Gachawolf 23 6 days ago
Oh meh gawd Eugene!
yoongles eatin' pringles
I thought mike was gonna pull out a bottle of hot oil. Welp guess im wrong
Sabrina Alsin
Sabrina Alsin 6 days ago
I miss the try guys actually trying things and all of them being in every video
XDsmartgamesXD 6 days ago
I can handle the heat of soup dumpling I ate 30 soup dumpling by myself but It cost to much to do more # Asian
10000 Subs With No video
*The Guys Try 400 Dumpling Mukbang*
William Kao
William Kao 6 days ago
You could’ve fed 2000 African children
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