The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!
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Sep 20, 2019




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The Official Andy Saenz
I think my sister would look great wearing Haus Laboratories makeup! It looks great on Jeffree, the eyeshadow colors are gorgeous, and he's an excellent product reviewer. I also like the presentation and packaging of Gaga's brand. I like how he spills the tea, he just tells it like it is, no BS. Thanks for all your hard work, Jeffree Star. 🌟
Saucyy Aaliyah
Saucyy Aaliyah 7 hours ago
Do your favorite products from lips to lashes
Scxred. Kid
Scxred. Kid Day ago
Imagine not knowing who jeffree Star is
Annett Vanessa
Jeffree do u know if there are shops in Mexico? Or shipping :(? For ur products
Annett Vanessa
Wtf was that sound ??? (19:25)
personal instincts
Jeffree you are indeed a makeup icon
Mary Maldonado
Mary Maldonado 2 days ago
Te quiero Jeffree
caterina scicchitano
Aoibhinn 2 days ago
"sorry the indica was hitting" :D
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 3 days ago
I wish you would have tried out all the glosses
Making Kate
Making Kate 3 days ago
Has she added to her line yet? Curious!
Tananya Reynoso
Tananya Reynoso 4 days ago
I personally don't like this line
Eric jericho
Eric jericho 5 days ago
I didn’t know him but I love gaga so I watched. Now I love him too
Trevin sees
Trevin sees 5 days ago
next ariana grande comes out with a makeup line called thank u, next
leidydi Perez
leidydi Perez 5 days ago
Jeffree don’t drink Red Bull it’s not healthy and damage the skin, drink water instead 💙
laila hagam
laila hagam 5 days ago
I love jeffree and lady gaga now ik what to get my mom haha
Chicken Nugget •w•
Jeffrey: “Its 2019” Me: *WHEEZES*
Elena Yordanova
Elena Yordanova 6 days ago
Jeffrey look so beautiful without makeup 😍😍😍
lisa_stevie77 6 days ago
Where was the little guy you were going to introduce? Oh well, always a joy to watch your videos and your flamboyant personality. Keep up the wonderful vids. You’re my main bitch when it comes to makeup
Keesha Readus
Keesha Readus 6 days ago
I just noticed that Jeffree is a very handsome man and a beautiful woman at the same time. I hope that isn’t offensive to him. But damn he fine af.
Haley G.
Haley G. 7 days ago
That lip looks fire on you!!!
Tara Allen
Tara Allen 7 days ago
But seriously, does Jeffree have the most gorgeous lips or what?
katok kho
katok kho 7 days ago
B4 i hate jeffree star but now i begin to like him
Stephanie K.
Stephanie K. 7 days ago
Ummmmmm you’re basically in my backyard??!?!! How did I not know your home was here? I think I always assumed Detroit lol When my cousin told me he’s hung out with before you I legit didn’t believe him. But know I’m thinking it’s semi possible, he totally reminds me of you❤️
Maryann McQueen
Maryann McQueen 7 days ago
psssst Jeffrey, red bull is bad for one's heart it makes it beat faster then it should which could have a bad effect ... just some FYI
Leonie H
Leonie H 6 days ago
He's a smart guy, he probably knows right😄 kind of his choice what he does with his body as well imo
tooocuteiknow 8 days ago
Months later... we have eyebrows, we have a shadow pallet. We have a rainbow of creamy liquid shadow. We have 1 red lipstick.
Glooo Barrera
Glooo Barrera 9 days ago
“ we need to relax!” I need to relax sometimes too on my basic make up! 🤣
Eddie Edmonds
Eddie Edmonds 9 days ago
If I had a cosmetic line I would be begging for Jeffree approval !
Eddie Edmonds
Eddie Edmonds 9 days ago
He's awesome 4 someone who has a cosmetic line he's not down or trying to make other cosmetics look bad so honest ! Very unlike most who would be like mayonnaise ..
Priscilla Narvaez
Priscilla Narvaez 10 days ago
Brenda Oropeza
Brenda Oropeza 10 days ago
I just love him
Marina Quino
Marina Quino 10 days ago
Can you sell Jeffree star lighted mirrors,!
Gerbil On A Skateboard
Green eyeshadow looks really good on you 🙂
Ryan Praditya
Ryan Praditya 10 days ago
3:28 Then it was like pre-order and the whole world was kind of like.. Hello we want it right now! Hahahahaa
Tiny La NICA
Tiny La NICA 10 days ago
Your the most honest beautiful person ever love you ❤
Juhaina Shalak
Juhaina Shalak 10 days ago
Personally, I feel as though her make up line is uninspiring and very cliche. I would've expected more from lady gaga.
Gypsy Danger
Gypsy Danger 11 days ago
Not related to the makeup, but I really appreciate the wainscoting on the wall behind Jeffree. Love a good wainscoting
Tracy Berrington
Tracy Berrington 11 days ago
Love watching I learned a lot love your sprit
Kirrilee Asmr
Kirrilee Asmr 11 days ago
Who else is here after the break up?😢😢😭😭💔💔😭😥😥
Adult coloring Jamie
I love that he has a place in Michigan my mitten state
f a e f a e
f a e f a e 11 days ago
Fun fact: haus in malay is thirsty
Twisted_Chikk 12 days ago
Did he ever reveal what the new “member” of the family was?
Katie Sears
Katie Sears 12 days ago
You’ve been my inspiration since I was 13! 11 years baby love you😎
Barbara Thomas
Barbara Thomas 12 days ago
Getting your makeup jeffree star approved is like a badge of honor yessssss I'm loveing it
marie Miller
marie Miller 13 days ago
I think the eyeshadow was really dark and pigmented but toward the end they where really light and barely pigmented
Madeleine Warwick
Madeleine Warwick 13 days ago
could you try milk makeup?
anarchyjm 13 days ago
16:20 the way he said "wOah! oKaY gAgA wOrK!" Love that sm
anarchyjm 13 days ago
14:28 ICONIC
Ghia S
Ghia S 13 days ago
Im sold!!!
Tian yang Gao
Tian yang Gao 13 days ago
“Very Kylie” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Susan Shepherd
Susan Shepherd 13 days ago
the look is amazing
Kannabis Kandy
Kannabis Kandy 13 days ago
I love blazing 😂
Nicole Crier
Nicole Crier 14 days ago
Thanks to my 13year grandgirl, this is the first I've heard of Jeffrey Star. I'm hooked, now, so I subscribed to his channel. Love it.
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 14 days ago
That indica is hitting....ha ha ha love you
Willow Powell
Willow Powell 14 days ago
Anybody gonna talk about how he said Aphrodite? 💀💀 ily Jeffree
AngelTime Sweet
AngelTime Sweet 14 days ago
Congrats with 17 M Subscribers Sweet)❤🌠💎
Enrique Garibay
Enrique Garibay 15 days ago
Oh No, No, No, No Honey!!❤😂
Dessire Rios
Dessire Rios 15 days ago
me encantan tus vídeos saludos desde México !!
Sarah 16 days ago
Damn you always look amazing 🔥🔥🔥
LADY TINNA MUSA 16 days ago
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