The Tiny Hands Challenge!

Rosanna Pansino
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These hands are so small!!
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I hope you enjoy today's fun #Challenge #Vlog! We #Try to do a bunch of funny tasks. I can't even imagine living 24 hours with these hands. It was tough just doing a few basic things with my friend iJustine! What other videos would you like to see? Subscribe for more videos!
xoxo Ro

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Jan 5, 2019

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Comments 3 181
Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 5 months ago
Happy January everyone! I hope you enjoy todays video. What other videos would you like to see? I'm working on a new Nerdy Nummies for next week! 🙌😊❤️
DubArchDxn 26 days ago
Any Baking Challenge with Rachel Fong
Irish Studies
Irish Studies Month ago
Ro are you rich ?
Danielle Alvarez
Danielle Alvarez 3 months ago
I hate you soooooooooo much yiu changed
Khushi Panghal
Khushi Panghal 3 months ago
Do a cake what looks like you
Hannah Ayland
Hannah Ayland 3 months ago
18 to 15!!!
BMC Kenzie
BMC Kenzie Day ago
family page
family page 3 days ago
please do a tiny hand baking challenge
Sherlick Holmes
Sherlick Holmes 3 days ago
Together you guys make me laugh and you make me happy when I watch you even when I’m mad and sad or even scared
Nadia Rabie
Nadia Rabie 5 days ago
You did not use your other pair of hands
Krupa Kholkar
Krupa Kholkar 8 days ago
Hey ro can u give me a shoutout? I’m a huge fan
g chen
g chen 11 days ago
Perfect for Ro!👍😁
abdul ashik
abdul ashik 11 days ago
U both look so beautiful 🥰.i am salma .i am from India but live in Saudi Arabia .love u both bye 😎
James Youngblood
James Youngblood 13 days ago
yes do the tiny hands baking
Milton & Chelsea Redwine
You and jojo siwa should do a video together and she should teach you a dance 💃🏽
Milton & Chelsea Redwine
You and Justine (sry if I didn’t spell it right ) should make slime together
John Nitengale
John Nitengale 16 days ago
You should do your morning routine with tiny or tiniest hands
Jeff Willis
Jeff Willis 18 days ago
You should do a part two of tiny hands
Caroline Spoorthi
Caroline Spoorthi 19 days ago
Even I have tiny hands😊
Carrie Bowen
Carrie Bowen 20 days ago
They look like they have a big head
taryn 1
taryn 1 22 days ago
I can read it completely
Mayorit Monroy
Mayorit Monroy 23 days ago
Both sets means get ONE of each HAND IN THE SET
TheBleedingRose 23 days ago
love that mic your wearing
Katherine Beltran
Katherine Beltran 26 days ago
Not trying to hate but that’s not how you play
prasadkomarraju 27 days ago
Love u and IJustine doing videos together! Can u do pizza challenge or smoothie challenge with her!?
some_clever_name_or_something :/
challenge game huh next video theyre gonna be playing the competition game
Country corner
Country corner Month ago
I have never played but does both maybe mean that both of them have to do it with one of the sets of hands and are there different cards for that?
bhanu tejas.m
bhanu tejas.m Month ago
nice game.........I LIKE IT.............
Rashmita Mishra
Rashmita Mishra Month ago
please make a video by only using tiny hands
Bella Cox
Bella Cox Month ago
@Ava McKenna I am not watching a video that I have already watched you can watch it yourself and why do you care so much so
Ava McKenzie
Ava McKenzie Month ago
Maya Geller
Maya Geller Month ago
Do a tiny hands unboxing and baking with Justine🤣😂😊🎉
Kawii Unicorn
Kawii Unicorn Month ago
Jasmin Mendoza
Jasmin Mendoza Month ago
The name of the game is tiny HAND challenge. Not mouth idiots. You cant just make up rules cuz you want the other person to win 😂 if you arent going to play right then dont play at all 😂 or atleast dont record yourselfs.
Ava McKenzie
Ava McKenzie Month ago
Jasmin Mendoza if u gonna hate on this video then why watch it dummy 😒😒😒
a l i s h a
a l i s h a Month ago
Can they do a 'create your own flavours challenge' or something like that? So you have different categories - like fondu and sandwich - and you have to come up with weird but nice flavour combos ❤️❤️
mehul patwari
mehul patwari Month ago
Can you do a jayant hand challenge
Hello me Londynn
Your dog has to stay on you side
Lilli George
Lilli George Month ago
It’s actually tiny hands.not teany .
animefn Month ago
They completely ignore the other cards. They only looked at the black part of the spinner. There's charades and pair as well. However, I did enjoy this misinterpretation with them using both sets of hands.
Mikay Fernando
Mikay Fernando Month ago
Ro is chiting in ronud 2
Megan Schilt
Megan Schilt Month ago
Hey Ro! I love your top! Can you do a Pie Face challenge with Justine? That would be so funny!❤️😂
Hannah Avalle
Hannah Avalle Month ago
Ro red nail polish I love it and I love Steens to
Ivy CAO Month ago
I like your tiny hands
Vin Valenti
Vin Valenti 2 months ago
Rose said that she was a girl scout because she could tie a pretzel knot but yet she didn't know what a pretzel knot was at first lol
Bella Cox
Bella Cox 2 months ago
Rosanna said a curse word
Ava McKenzie
Ava McKenzie Month ago
Bella Cox pls pin the time she said a curse word
Brooke Sayres
Brooke Sayres 2 months ago
did anyone else see that ro has the same colors nails as Justine's shirt and the same thing with Justune's nails and Ro's shirt Justine's
Rose City Beats
Rose City Beats 2 months ago
It means use one of the really tiny one and one small
Kevyn peña
Kevyn peña 2 months ago
Why dont you guys do the same thing that the sorry girls did when they used tiny hands
Ava McKenzie
Ava McKenzie Month ago
cause they ain't the sorry girls they better then them
Perri Loveland
Perri Loveland 2 months ago
When they said both sets I think they meant one of each
Little_skittles Hi
Little_skittles Hi 2 months ago
Where did u get your shirt? Cus I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it it’s so cute and it resembles my life.luv u ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊😊
Kaitlynn Juarez-Miller
Ro didn’t do the names with four hands right she didn’t write her full name she wrote her first and last not her middle.
reema khatun
reema khatun 2 months ago
Please do more videos with ijustine
MoonDustShine 2 months ago
Rosanna is such an innocent cinnamon roll I swear XD
NovaLaMason 2 months ago
11:56 "WHAT!? I am a PRODIGY~" xD
the Rosie gamer
the Rosie gamer 2 months ago
U guys should make a video on making a pastry but with tiny hands can I get noticed???
Kitty Everything!
Kitty Everything! 2 months ago
I won’t be able to any of those!
KittyCat611 2 months ago
I think they mean like one hand from this type and the other from that type
Emma's Everyday Life
Why do the tiny hands look like ro’s actual hands?! 🤣
Hoof Paw
Hoof Paw 2 months ago
I don't know why this was so funny but when Ro was walking around the table with the stuff on her spinner, I was cracking up!
rev it
rev it 2 months ago
Check out cristines at @simplynailogical tiny hands challenge...its just hilarious😂🤣
Teshmitha S
Teshmitha S 2 months ago
Gud try Justine 😘😘😘😘😝😝 this is all for fun .....😝😝
Isabella Rylak
Isabella Rylak 2 months ago
You should do a baking challenge with tiny hands
Catie Warren
Catie Warren 2 months ago
Diya Malayil
Diya Malayil 2 months ago
Can you ask Justine to do a collab with Rebecca Zamolo
Toni Samson
Toni Samson 2 months ago
Does the game producers even know how to do these challenges?
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson 3 months ago
I also have tiny hands and wear ring size 3 lol
Shadow girl 25
Shadow girl 25 3 months ago
Ro ro ro your boat gently down Justine
Fatima.A 3 months ago
I love justine more
Justine is so beautifull and cute
michaela lee
michaela lee 3 months ago
My ring size is bigger than Roseanne
Jessica Barra
Jessica Barra 3 months ago
Can you try to bake with tiny hands.. Love you Ro😘
Camila Martinez
Camila Martinez 3 months ago
You are both the most wonderful persons in the world
zafira qomara
zafira qomara 3 months ago
when u mean both sets of hand it might mean one from the small one and from the big one, honey
{Sarah Rodriguez}
{Sarah Rodriguez} 2 months ago
I was looking for this comment. Im not the only one who thought that.😂
LOVELY. PARIS 3 months ago
i was dying through this whole video
Karima Amhadi
Karima Amhadi 3 months ago
My heart rate is super low *checks time lol)
Lazy Llama
Lazy Llama 3 months ago
14:43 three times in a ro 😏
C Good
C Good 3 months ago
My last name is 12 letters long.... I would totally fail at writing my name.
Bella Morales
Bella Morales 3 months ago
When I want something funny to watch, I watch your challenges
Shoab Hammed Dar
Shoab Hammed Dar 3 months ago
U can't use your mouth
Jenni Leon
Jenni Leon 3 months ago
may i have your paper
SquirrelFan Just Cause
Justine’s mind as opening the box : I could really use a knife right now
Juhandie Welgemoed
Juhandie Welgemoed 3 months ago
Can you maybe do a cooking with tiny hands challenge video 😂 I would love to see that 😂
Crafty Blessed sisters
Rosanna should have said “Sitchiation” like Parker says in Liv and Maddie Lol 🤪😂
Alaskan girly 1
Alaskan girly 1 3 months ago
ro you and justine are besties
Soso P.
Soso P. 3 months ago
Love you RO💛💛💛
The Princess of fun
The Princess of fun 3 months ago
Good job
Parker Rufus
Parker Rufus 3 months ago
On the spinning wheel you spin it to see if you get the solo, charade, or duo card. It says use both sets of hands because you landed on the duo space so you have to use both sets.
Allison Brandt
Allison Brandt 3 months ago
i think for use both sets of hands you use one of each
Addie Kelly
Addie Kelly 3 months ago
Ro I think on your second turn you could choose witch “hands” you picked but no hate
Babiie mama
Babiie mama 3 months ago
OMG this was so funny to watch Ro looks like a kid with a big head not to hte or anything she looks adorable and Justin
Ava Leigh
Ava Leigh 3 months ago
who else think Ro and Justine should make a channel together??????
Ava Leigh
Ava Leigh 2 months ago
Parker Rufus yess!!
Parker Rufus
Parker Rufus 3 months ago
I was thinking that for this video and the kitchen gajets. Or they at least have a series together like one day of the week they make a video.
Lynsey Nabors
Lynsey Nabors 3 months ago
Ro: My ring size is 3 Me: My ring size is 9 lol
Lahné Malan
Lahné Malan 3 months ago
This video was ASMR📹❤️
Hannah Davis
Hannah Davis 3 months ago
“Oh that’s spicy ” 😂❤️❤️
Joel Goff
Joel Goff 3 months ago
When it said use both sets it meant one of each.
Asmr Cutiee
Asmr Cutiee 3 months ago
Buns of cinnamon
Gabrielle Sheehan
Gabrielle Sheehan 3 months ago
you are so good at it ro
Dayanara Leon Hernandez
I have a size 3 for rings
NaTeesha85 3 months ago
I find tiny hands incredibly amusing. Like, I died at the shots of Justine trying to pick up the spinner and then just her tiny hands behind the chairs handing the spinner to Ro. 😂
Devaj Joshi
Devaj Joshi 3 months ago
You played the game wrong!
The Slytherin Heir
The Slytherin Heir 3 months ago
00:48 and 16:27 are the exact same moments and i will like my own comment cuz no one else will lol
Melissa Lauvray
Melissa Lauvray Month ago
ADreamer X same
ADreamer X
ADreamer X Month ago
The Slytherin Heir I was gonna like it until you obviously tried to gain attention by showing people that you’re having a pity party.
Melissa Lauvray
Melissa Lauvray Month ago
Love your title name...........but are you a real slytherin??
anonymous alien 2.0
anonymous alien 2.0 3 months ago
I think I'm the only one whose reminded of d.o kyungsoo oh God
ѕweeттaeandĸooĸιeѕ υwυ
Jimin is that you? :p
Sasha Berger
Sasha Berger 3 months ago
Use the hands as chop sticks when you have both sets
Mou.X.A 3 months ago
{\__/} ( •_• ) >♥️> Do u want his love?
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