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Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, is a tech USvidr with over seven million subscribers. We caught up with him to see what he is bringing to this year’s CES in Las Vegas -- including the camera gear he uses to make his tech videos.
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Jan 4, 2019

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Comments 2 797
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 12 days ago
1 thing that wasn't shown: A single MacBook Pro charger that charges all the USB-C things. The laptop. The iPad. My phone. The headphones. It's great.
Nomusa Magic
Nomusa Magic 3 days ago
🚫 Contact lenses . Lasik 15 yrs ago. Went from 20/400 (darned near blind) to 20/20 .. still!
Cambojambo 4 days ago
The headphones are USB-C, amazing
A man's unfiltered truth
Do you travel without clothes? haha
Mahek Tailor
Mahek Tailor 16 hours ago
Power bank missing
Mas Ia
Mas Ia 2 days ago
Cool video, really liked it
abel james
abel james 2 days ago
few books, a pen, my id card... that's inside my bag.
POLARBOYPIG 2 days ago
Ya don't need clothes
Anoop Tony
Anoop Tony 4 days ago
Where does all his clothes go? 🤔🤔
KTMX 4 days ago
can we copyrit verge?
Everett Dailey
Everett Dailey 4 days ago
Welp...there was a smart Kettlebell lol. I just made a video about it
Nobody Subscribe To My Channel
Subscribe to my channel if you think Marques is handsome xD
South Indian Movies Entertainment
I'm here for MKBHD, and he is indroducing himself here...😂
Cody Lamson
Cody Lamson 5 days ago
I’ve never noticed color grading issues on any video before this one and wow wtf
MJFC 1980
MJFC 1980 5 days ago
Hi. Ithink you should do a review on the huawei matebook pro. You may find it a good macbook killer try.
Dharam Intwala
Dharam Intwala 5 days ago
michael 6 days ago
As 8k is becoming more mainstream, are you considering upgraded to ULTIMATE ELITE 16k video recorder?
Shreddelicious 6 days ago
What about battery chargers
Mobile Tech Point
I use safety pin to eject sim tray 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
David Anderegg
David Anderegg 6 days ago
Liked "With a minimum focal length of...Very close!"
Wood.Work.LIFE. 6 days ago
One of few times a media company makes a video for a USvidr and the quality goes...down...
spreLL 6 days ago
Look, its markass!
Bradley L
Bradley L 6 days ago
I've never seen Marques look so uncrispy. Verge needs to step it up.
Ashik Jonathan
Ashik Jonathan 6 days ago
the only black guy that doesn't play basket ball!
Arnav M
Arnav M 6 days ago
What about the tripod
STNL_Stainless 6 days ago
feelsbad to not see Marques in CRISPY quality...
Harsh Arya
Harsh Arya 6 days ago
Does he wear same clothes all along his trips , oh mk.
ffabi97 6 days ago
I was like, where is my 4k, Marques? Then I saw, ahh, it's a Verge video....
roppoqi 6 days ago
i guess all people choose the 12.9" over the 11" one?
Danial Yaqub
Danial Yaqub 6 days ago
Damn.. we're so used to see him in crisp quality that we instantly catch the poor quality of the camera
Fabio Dell'Aquila
Great video! One question: if you don’t use your MacBook Pro for editing, why you still prefer it over the new MacBook Air? For the touchbar? (Ok the last one was rough xD still great job, love your reviews)
Guillermo A. Casilla H.
Nexus 6p,best phone I had
i sing sometimes
i sing sometimes 7 days ago
I like the Sony M3 headphones. They are my babies! I haven’t tried the surface ones. But the Sony ones are LEGIT!
marty themole
marty themole 7 days ago
Where's the power bank??? 🤓
Dev Agarwal
Dev Agarwal 7 days ago
Your bag is red or orange
playcubex13 7 days ago
Damn breh I was saying his name wrong this whole time
Eric Selden
Eric Selden 7 days ago
brings a lot of glass... not talking rigs
Jones 7 days ago
Thanks for sharing, I wish red would make a entry level camera 📸 Something that would promote growth into the brand.
David B
David B 7 days ago
How to get robbed when leaving the airport 101.
William's Biking
William's Biking 7 days ago
Im almost offended that they didn't use a RED Camera... I've never such worse quality from a MKBHD Video.
davit kordzaia
davit kordzaia 7 days ago
Maybe Marques should have shot this video
Petapek 7 days ago
But why? Wouldn't be easier to use for example BMPCC?
Hunter Kirby
Hunter Kirby 7 days ago
8K Red camera + Zeiss Otus = heaven
GuuzakaTube 7 days ago
Lots of expensive gear in there.
Nikolay Kolev
Nikolay Kolev 7 days ago
Verge is not team Crispy :(
Anonymous 7 days ago
You're bringing expensive items on board bro. Better be careful. Not one item is under $200.
Karan Bulani
Karan Bulani 7 days ago
Where are your clothes
Filip Mašek
Filip Mašek 7 days ago
nice video....but you couldve let his crew shoot this video. Colors are not balanced, not really sharp...not mkbhd standart
Thamimul Ansari
Thamimul Ansari 7 days ago
Where is your underwear MarkAss Brownlee in your bag?
Om Patel
Om Patel 7 days ago
Where is the T5 hard drive
leela.717 leela.717
If mkbhd was stark... Mkbhd : food and water ran away four days ago...but no worries I have my red camera with me ..😂😂😂😂😂
MazBringsby 7 days ago
What is the point of this video?
Slaythan 7 days ago
Love how the colour grading made everything either pink, orange, or just barely red... when they were all supposed to be red.
Justin Hutchinson
At the airport I get asked to see what's inside my bag.... saying it's a bomb was not a good joke
T Jnerd
T Jnerd 7 days ago
This colour grading put me on the verge of blindness. Bad joke. Sorry.
Malicious Poop
Malicious Poop 7 days ago
MKBHD is my favorite negro!
Supp X
Supp X 7 days ago
Where's the iMac Pro tho???
Cruz Torres
Cruz Torres 8 days ago
When are you going to be checking out Dell?
Ashutosh vishwakarma
where is power bank
Shane Lawson
Shane Lawson 8 days ago
More advertising......
Finesse Graphics
Finesse Graphics 8 days ago
A multitool that *hopefully* has a screwdriver
Juan Eric A-N
Juan Eric A-N 8 days ago
Where's your clothes? XD
Sheb 8 days ago
Oh are those red? I thought those were orange
Hockeyfan20 8 days ago
juan pablo quiñones
Excellent video!
VENKIDESH K 8 days ago
Red camera 😍
Namine Ritsu
Namine Ritsu 8 days ago
Where are your change of clothes? 🛐
Jean Labourier
Jean Labourier 8 days ago
Where did you get that magic bag that goes between red and orange between shots.
theducknugget 8 days ago
It’s funny as I already know all his stuff he travels with as he already done a video on it
shahar wienrib
shahar wienrib 8 days ago
Search for RoomMe! Changing the why of smart home!
Augusto Sosa Escalada
What's the song at 0:07 ?
Srihan Balaji
Srihan Balaji 8 days ago
'laptop things'... hmm could be more specific MKBHD. please reply I want to know what laptop things..😏
Aman Chaturvedi
Aman Chaturvedi 8 days ago
Knavo Gaming
Knavo Gaming 8 days ago
Why is it that the quality is so much worse then Marques videos?
Sudhir Shinde
Sudhir Shinde 8 days ago
Don't you Carry clothes... Extra pairs I mean..
Jesse King
Jesse King 8 days ago
where did you put your tripod, gimbal, lighting gear (if any)?
Craig Denham
Craig Denham 8 days ago
Fortnite and Marques Brownlee
47crazed 8 days ago
this video quality is below his standards
Paul 8 days ago
Eulan Mallari
Eulan Mallari 8 days ago
This video just called me poor
Jamesthebikeguy 8 days ago
Nice video, but it is amazing the difference in quality between the MKBHD videoing and others in his own studio.
David Alfredo
David Alfredo 8 days ago
steal from rich give to the needy
Alux.com 8 days ago
Never seen @mkbhd in such low quality before.
Onity 8 days ago
Only thing in my bag is a AK-47
Jack Jaeger
Jack Jaeger 8 days ago
What did you do to the colors?
Wesley Tate
Wesley Tate 8 days ago
What do you want for USvid Rewind?
Born Boy
Born Boy 8 days ago
You filmed MKBHD with a MKBLOWQUALITY ??? This is the first time ever, I saw MKBHD not so HD.
Siddhant Dandotiya
Wait.... So there aren't any condoms in the bag!!
mursalat 8 days ago
Its The Verge everybody
David B
David B 8 days ago
Verge staffed by a bunch of jokers
Yasin Abir
Yasin Abir 8 days ago
TBH, its meaningless even to watch the video, because 99% won't be able to afford those! lol
Yashas K M
Yashas K M 8 days ago
THE VERGE Completely ruined the white balance...
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh 8 days ago
Not bringing clothes
Pankaj 8 days ago
cloths ?
Pranav Sitaraman
Pranav Sitaraman 8 days ago
First thing i did > Google> sennheiser mkh 416 microphone cost
Roko Knez
Roko Knez 8 days ago
And your clothes? :)
Rinesh Andrews
Rinesh Andrews 8 days ago
I 'm ready to watch :) The Verge
w0ju 8 days ago
Guess he's not going to bring any clothes to CES
Jinu Geo James
Jinu Geo James 9 days ago
Hi pls join our stall at CES NetObjex,Booth #52774,Eureka Park,HallG,Sands Expo.
vidoe maken oke
vidoe maken oke 9 days ago
Armand Gray
Armand Gray 9 days ago
He sounds so tired
Yan 9 days ago
Is it telegram logo at your T-shirt?
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