The Subaru SVX Is the Weirdest Subaru Ever

Doug DeMuro
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The Subaru SVX is the weirdest Subaru ever. Today I'm reviewing the Subaru SVX to show you why it's so weird -- and I'm showing you all the ins and outs of the SVX.
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Feb 5, 2019

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Comments 4 797
Met Fan
Met Fan 4 hours ago
This hunk of weird has the same fun factor as a stinger gt???
Wilbur Mcbride
Wilbur Mcbride 17 hours ago
I love this car. I would drive one today, and it still looks good compared to the cars, today.
Alex Vasilev
Alex Vasilev Day ago
Viiis is the 1992 subarus...
The Subaru XT is weirder by far. The SVX is actually the unofficial second generation of the XT, in Japan they were both called Alcyone.
Creme Jockey
Creme Jockey 2 days ago
I remember seeing sigourney weever driving one of these in some movie and thinking wtf is that?
Logan Wilder
Logan Wilder 2 days ago
Dude my neighbor on my street has that same exact car and I always call it his spaceship because of the way the windows look kind of like a knockoff of Delorean
Nostro De La Antares
Logan Wilder "knock off delorean" you know both the DeLorean and the Subaru SVX were desing by the same guy, Giorgetto Giugiaro
"weird' has become an adjective that libtards are using to self-worship.
Mike D
Mike D 2 days ago
Yellow fog lights do not create as much refraction as older white lights did. You would think a "car guy" would know this.
Deval_8 Roblox
Deval_8 Roblox 3 days ago
this 1998 subaru or something seems like a 2019 car
BDT Trance
BDT Trance 3 days ago
Doug, the type of guy to speak French with an American accent.
Luis Giordano
Luis Giordano 4 days ago
Yellow (3000K) foglights are actually better, because yellow light can't be easily reflected by fog like white does, and also improve road visibility during snowstorms
Luis Giordano
Luis Giordano 4 days ago
craig 4 days ago
We had the exact same car. My wife loved it. Everywhere she went people would ask "What is it?" Sadly it was totaled but it allowed our son to walk away from it so it served it purpose.
James Veach
James Veach 5 days ago
this was a great car even for today.
Manny Vel
Manny Vel 5 days ago
What a Dork ! I had a 1992 (tranny did fail 100 miles before the warranty expired, so free tranny installed replacement) and I loved it. Was GREAT in the snow storms of New Jersey, USA. I Still have my 1995 SVX and I love that on too!
Captain 345
Captain 345 5 days ago
Cars today don't have cool little features like this anymore. 90's cars were so neat.
Captain 345
Captain 345 5 days ago
I always wanted one when I was younger.
JorgeAraujo97 6 days ago
Wear a gopro or something for the test drive. The less of your mug in the screen and more of the car porn the better.
SouthJerseySound 6 days ago
It's not the first Subaru with the flat 6. They used the flat 6 in the 88 XT-6 to replace the XT Turbo.
RealBorisBoef BM's
2:59 people call all different looking cars Batmobiles
Shawn Young
Shawn Young 6 days ago
Wow. I this is one of best cars that I have seen. I love how it looks. I can imagine have the windows down while its raining and not having the rain come inside a lot and probly a lot quieter while driving.
Richard E. Miranda Jr.
Made it to vhs tapes. Nerd overload.
M C Taylor
M C Taylor 7 days ago
When Doug was on a first date, he would say to the girl: "I'm going to kiss you. Then, I'm going to give you a Doug-Score."
MS 7 days ago
To me this looks like they let Citroen designers design it. If you look at cars Citroen made in the late 80s early 90s.
Chuck Goldsmith
Chuck Goldsmith 7 days ago
I always wanted one of these. I loved the Giugiaro styling.
Celr Dwell
Celr Dwell 8 days ago
I had one. Liked it a lot. It’s not great by current standards, but it was quite nice back then and I liked the weird Giugiaro design.
LMLMD 8 days ago
I think the styling rating is a bit harsh. I *love* this car, it's weird and distinctive. In a world where everything looks the same, it's wonderful!
Tekno G
Tekno G 8 days ago
Are you okay Doug? You don’t seem like your normal happy self?
FREN - OGY 9 days ago
Doug's the type of gentlemen to properly signal a lane change with his hands if his turn signals were out.
Dave S.
Dave S. 10 days ago
There's annoying anal retentive people and then there's the previous owner of this car that not only kept hand-written fuel records for the entire life of the car, but *CATERGORIZED THEM BY EVERY INDIVIDUAL TRIP TO JEFF'S HOUSE!*
Hannibal Hendrix
Hannibal Hendrix 11 days ago
Doug tha kind of guy to pay a hooker to stay!
thomas 11 days ago
Add a roll bar behind the driver then weld the roof to it, reinforced the roof. then you can cut the 2 front pillar so you can see through the glass.. space age view
Dale Schroeder
Dale Schroeder 13 days ago
The windows were made that way because of the body curves did not allow for normal windows
Soupisgood2 13 days ago
it's a monotaillight ~Super_Noodle/Sliphantom
The Boo Hoo Crew
The Boo Hoo Crew 13 days ago
Ken Mason
Ken Mason 14 days ago
put a 6-speed transmission in it manual and you've got to go kart
Thomas Armour
Thomas Armour 15 days ago
Wonder why they don't sell new cars with USB thumb drives with the manual on the them. ;)
Nate Staub
Nate Staub 15 days ago
Logical Criticism
Logical Criticism 15 days ago
Yellow lights are far better than white ones when it comes to fog. When your headlights are yellow you see better, as if your fog lights were on.
ziggamon 15 days ago
09:40 *Doug opens the radio panel* My dumbass: "HOLY SHIT!! WHAT KIND OF CIA SCI-FI TECHNOLOGY IS THIS?!-..oooh right, that's an aftermarket stereo...😌."
Nite Knight
Nite Knight 15 days ago
Oh it's a weird car all right but it's not more strange than the Subaru Brat
G Philip C
G Philip C 15 days ago
Do they call the door a jar?
Joseph Saavedra
Joseph Saavedra 15 days ago
I might actually get this as my first car, especially since I found a super good deal for it
Marci Scott
Marci Scott 12 days ago
Joseph Saavedra Do it! I have one and it’s incredible :) love it so much
Everythingman 15 days ago
So I’m guessing if you roll an SVX... you’re dead.
Simon James
Simon James 16 days ago
I came here for the 'Doug is the type of guy...' comments :D
i got aids my nigga
i absolutley love it
Abdullahi Muhidin
Abdullahi Muhidin 16 days ago
Why tf ppl commenting and saying“ doug is the tybe of the guy that........”
Fx oXX
Fx oXX 15 days ago
Zucan 17 days ago
the svx windows are better than the sennas
The angle Former Devil
A 1994 saturn has both an airbag and an automatic retractable seat belt.
gym shoe
gym shoe 17 days ago
I understand Doug is a massive success on YT--why? I have seen a few of his videos and each time I wonder why. He is easily the most irritating creep online, and almost certainly gay, the information is of little use, so again, WHY?? I now resolve to never waste another brain cell on the putrid Demuro.
Faded Diamonds
Faded Diamonds 18 days ago
I have one of these if anyone is interested with buying it, near perfect condition
Randy G
Randy G 18 days ago
I had this exact car. Loved it...it was so bizarre. Until the transmission died on me. Almost $4000 to repair. Luckily I had an extended warranty. Was a great handling tourer and very stable at high speeds and in the snow. Definitely needed a manual tranny. I heard the automatic was a Nissan tranny and they failed because it was not designed for an AWD system. Can anyone verify this? Great review, really enjoyed it.
Sam Crawford
Sam Crawford 18 days ago
CB7 Accord (1990-1993) had a driver's side airbag and automagic seat belts. I'm sure there are other models as well.
Kiki Lang
Kiki Lang 19 days ago
I remember seeing that car, and thinking "What?", then I moved on. I can't believe it was so long ago.
MV Master
MV Master 19 days ago
i dont get how you can rate features speed and since with modern standards on an almost 30 year old car
BDT Trance
BDT Trance 3 days ago
MV Master I get your point, but no-one’s driving it in the 90’s anymore. If you drive it now you’ve no choice but to compare it to modern day automobiles.
gman57op 20 days ago
chevy monte carlo rip off. the suburu svx 1990
The Onyx Viper
The Onyx Viper 19 days ago
…in what world?
sam 20 days ago
You look like a younger version of Jay Leno. You should start your video by saying " This is young Jay Leno ".
John Johnson
John Johnson 19 days ago
sam will Ferrell x jay leno
sixspeedcity 20 days ago
THIS is a Subaru SVX......and it is a car.
Charley A
Charley A 20 days ago
A friend of mine has and drive the SVX in Japan with “Rally transmission” which was built by a famous SUBARU tuner. So his SVX is now a stylish WRX, equipped with AWD, Auto trans, Auto cruise, Auto AC, Auto radio antenna, Auto CD changer and cool looks.
Nice! Too bad there isn't a manual option
AnimeTo You
AnimeTo You 21 day ago
gta sa anyone?
Damien Smith
Damien Smith 23 days ago
Dude looks like the younger version of Jay Leno
Brian Ford
Brian Ford 24 days ago
I love my '96 SVX but here's a caveat worth mentioning I don't see talked about. The #3 O2 sensor on the exhaust pipe in the center of the already low car has a threaded mount on an angle downward which places the sensor only 3" above the flat ground! The SVX is already low to the ground but speed bumps and gravel roads, or even smaller fallen rocks can take off an O2 sensor!
gus h
gus h 28 days ago
Subaru = Intellectual Burgundy = pain. 😯 Doug Demuro
Unkwon Malaysian Guy
That engine bay is cleaner than my car's interior 😬
reno cool
reno cool Month ago
best car ever built. Why can't we have these kind of cars anymore?
The Onyx Viper
The Onyx Viper 19 days ago
Economy over quirky these days. No one is willing to take risks anymore.
Psychopath ِ
Psychopath ِ Month ago
I'm the 1M viewer 😂😍😍😍
AdamG1983 Month ago
If it was a LaserDisc, it would be even more 90s
maggot238 Month ago
I've had 5 SVX. Still my favorite car to drive but just to hard to get parts for or I would still have mine. Truly amazing cars though
i, Scotticus
i, Scotticus Month ago
Regarding the amber fog lamps: Researchers had determined ages ago that amber was the most serviceable color under fog conditions ─ both in terms of being seen by other drivers and also in terms of fog scattering light beams and hazing a driver's vision (just like why you never use hi-beams in fog).
i, Scotticus
i, Scotticus Month ago
@Richard Lanouette Heh. It is weirder.
Richard Lanouette
SVX was also available in 2WD. The reason for the split windows was to a achive a Cx of 0.29. As far as weird looking Subaru, for my taste the XT was weirder. It's not weird to have yellow fog light, here is a reason for it. Google it.
_Chainz _
_Chainz _ Month ago
This car suits you well I could see you driving around in this writing down your gas mileage in the homemade gas log creeping on people out that weird-ass looking window. Good review though.
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3
I think its actually sexy
KiratCan Kerem
KiratCan Kerem Month ago
For whatever the reason? Uhm maybe to minimize the blind spot? Since ‘92 was not the year you could buy sensors to implement in mass produced cars!
zep head
zep head Month ago
Another odd car from Subaru during this period is the XT6.
Zoomzabba Month ago
The svx supercedes the xt6.
Jared Young
Jared Young Month ago
Guy looks like he's ready to go on his first "away team" adventure.
Steve Reynold
Steve Reynold Month ago
The body is an Italian design.
Tasilo von Heydebrandt und der Lasa
I saw this car at the 1991 Auto Show, and the purpose of the inset windows was that you could lower the window in the rain while driving and no rain would get into the cabin of the car.
Chad D
Chad D Month ago
I owned an SVX Lsi for several years. It was great car. The AWD was fantastic, it had enough power to be fun, and strange enough to get lots of looks. The only real issue I had was rear wheel bearings going out about every 8 months.
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold Month ago
I used to work at a Subaru dealership back in 1992 and absolutely loved the SVX. I was a salesman and always looked forward to taking customers out for a test drive in one. Great performance.
Nick Channing
Nick Channing Month ago
Windows just like a Senna
David Bradley
David Bradley Month ago
owned 2 of these, they are sweet rides.
i Chief
i Chief Month ago
got lucky and got one of these from my dads shops because they didn't pay what they owed us , so now we have the title , as of now im driving a mercury sable , can wait to switch over after i mod this SVX out , i will definitely post videos from start to finish , and dedicated a whole channel too it , not sure what itll be callled yet , but hope the youtbe community can help me out with some choices and what not to do !!! thanks for posting this !!!
Donald Mei
Donald Mei Month ago
I was fresh out of college and working as a car salesman at a Subaru / Saab dealer when this car came out. This was quite a big push upmarket for Subaru and the fact that we had a Saab store meant that more upmarket car owners got a chance to see it than at a normal Subaru dealer. For some it was well received. I actually took a trade in from a Saab owning Obstetrician on an SVX. He thought it was great. In another circumstance, a woman was dropped off to pick up her Saab by her Lexus LS400 driving husband. Upon seeing the SVX, she said with disgust "Ugh, a $27,000 SUBARU??? I looked at her confused and asked, But I guess your Husband really likes his $60,000 TOYOTA??? Huh? She asked. I responded, you do know that a lexus is made by Toyota, right? Shocked and dismayed, she shuffled to the service dept to pick up her Saab.
Midwest DankAlumni
Fuck your Doug score dude
Midwest DankAlumni
Xt6 was h6, and came out before svx
dwilsonjr78 Month ago
I actually like the SVX. I thought the XT/XT6 coupe from the 80's was more weird than the SVX.
Nate Staub
Nate Staub Month ago
Charlie Bowman
Charlie Bowman Month ago
The batmobile? this is loch ness abortion! LOL excellent video Doug.
John Gee
John Gee Month ago
I forgot how cool/beautiful those 90's cars were
Nic Mon
Nic Mon Month ago
Wow, very detailed review.
Pekka Kilpeläinen
I don't think I've ever seen a rear window wiper without a washer... P.S. The Subaru XT had a six cylinder engine starting from 1988 apparently...
Alain Guillemette
It's like the McLaren Senna
John Christopher Lansang
*Upon seeing the window* Me: S-Cargo who?
Stefan Kesting
Stefan Kesting Month ago
Subaru just wanted everything in that car XD i would buy it
Zachary Armstrong
Who else thinks the brat is weirder than the svx?
Parker Janelle
Parker Janelle Month ago
Doug the type guy to buckle his seatbelt in a stationary car.
Bob by
Bob by Month ago
i thought the svx was 2wd
Christo Cheeramvelil
hey you should do a review on a honda element
Rory Cahill
Rory Cahill Month ago
Everyone hates on that thing, but I really like it. There was one in my old neighborhood, along with a Z32 300ZX, and it was the most interesting car for miles. Yeah, it's not great looking, but it's not that bad, either, and isn't it nice when a car comes out with its own distinctive style?
Schlomo Ubermann
17:18 - not a surprise, this is for US market
Mihai Petre
Mihai Petre Month ago
Gliding belts or Airbag? Subaru : yes
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