The Subaru SVX Is the Weirdest Subaru Ever

Doug DeMuro
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The Subaru SVX is the weirdest Subaru ever. Today I'm reviewing the Subaru SVX to show you why it's so weird -- and I'm showing you all the ins and outs of the SVX.
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Feb 5, 2019




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Comments 4 987
Travis Allen
Travis Allen 3 hours ago
I'm on team Subaru.... I have one and it is awesome..... but nowhere near as cool as this one..... I want this car..... but.... it should have a 5 speed manual transmission
Uncle BS
Uncle BS 5 hours ago
Always loved Subarus, even work at a Subaru garage in the early 2000's. In the salt belt, they rusted out fast. My score is an 8 all the way around!
Gabriel De Santis
Gabriel De Santis 10 hours ago
Is it pronounced "Subru" ou "Su-ba-ru"?!
Julio Soto
Julio Soto 16 hours ago
I rode this car many times throughout NY/NJ in the early 90's, it was amazing on corners and curves ans FAST!!!. Too bad they took the original radio CD, it was Panasonic and it was a HiFi marvel, loud and crisp
R.J. Bedore
R.J. Bedore Day ago
First off, Subaru did make a six cylinder boxer engine before this one for the XT6 sport coupe. The engines in both cases were made by literally adding two cylinders to the end of an existing four cylinder design (the 1.8L EA82 became the 2.7L ER27 in the XT6 and the 2.2L EJ22 became the 3.3L EG33 in the SVX). Second, the SVX only came with the 4 speed automatic transmission because Subaru did not yet have much experience making a manual transmission capable of handling the torque the EG33 delivered. Though the WRX debuted in 1992 like the SVX and had a manual, it also weighed roughly 800 pounds less. That extra weight combined with the greater low end torque of the SVX's six cylinder engine would have put a lot of stress on the manual transmission during AWD launches, so Subaru went with the 4 speed automatic since it could handle the extra torque, though just barely. Hence the frequent transmission failures the SVX suffered. It also suffered frequent wheel bearing failures, as it was the heaviest car Subaru had ever built up to that point and they didn't have any reference for how much that extra weight would affect things like the wheel bearings.
Ryan Daniel
Ryan Daniel Day ago
I'd love to see you do a review of this car's predecessor, the XT!
ESFitnessSavage 2 days ago
The SVX was built to be a "loss-leader" because they didn't expect to make a profit on it and it was developed to display Subarus technology at the time, hence airbags AND the retractable seatbelts and Alcantara, when usually only Alcantara was seen in luxury sports cars at the time. Surprised Doug didn't mention that "quirk".
Brian Banks
Brian Banks 3 days ago
1993 Saturns had driver airbag and motorized seatbelts.
when I was younger I loved this ride... very futuristic look at time. I'd still get one just for memories )
Grenville Phillips
No hot rear-wiper action - how very unHubNut!
Auto Obsession
Auto Obsession 6 days ago
Ahead of their time
Alex Linden
Alex Linden 6 days ago
Car company pronunciations are so different in the USA. Honestly how can you pronounce Mitsibishi "Mit-sa-beee-sheee". That doesn't even make phonetic sense.
Stephen Garcia
Stephen Garcia 6 days ago
I inherited one. Purple and 92 just like that one. I love it.
Richard 7 days ago
I remember when this car came out. The reason for the window in window design was to allow the driver to open the window even if it was raining. It was to keep out rain or snow while driving.
Madeline Monahan
It was to be able to drive with the windows open without wind turbulence
Goblintom 7 days ago
At some point in my life, i'm gonna buy SVX or XT.
Stormy D.
Stormy D. 8 days ago
Doug doesn't know that Lesburu's target market was/is.....lesbians.
Dav Liedel
Dav Liedel 9 days ago
This car always fascinated me. I know where a pristine example of one can be found close to where I live. I love seeing it out in the drive on fine days when its owner is caring for it. It is the weird 1990's dark green/blue color of that era. Were it ever to come up for sale, I'd purchase it without hesitation. I would use it exactly for what it was intended for. Touring. I imagine taking long, laid back cruises to places with gorgeous views which I would observe through its fantastic, iconic, unusual windows.
Aunt Givafok
Aunt Givafok 9 days ago
Doug DeMuro "Here's why (fill in the blank) your mom!"
VGM 9 days ago
You make it sound like 92 was full of Neanderthals, a bunch of backwards car loving people who didn't know or appreciate technology. Such a strange tone.
Tomi Slav
Tomi Slav 11 days ago
230hp =Accerelation = 1 ?!? Really?
Will 11 days ago
I want one
daniel velez
daniel velez 11 days ago
Deffently not as odd as the 3cyl bubble 3 wheeled 360
WeaponeG 12 days ago
i own a 04 impreza 4door rally and i love it
Froze Rekmeyata
Froze Rekmeyata 12 days ago
hopefully the VhS tapes weren't stored in the trunk, if they did the tapes are shot. I almost bought one of those, I'm glad I didn't with the transmission being a major issue.
Steve g.
Steve g. 12 days ago
One of my car shops wanted to give me one..... if I would pay him for a rebuilt tranny in 2003. The cost was 3 grand, and I turned it down. This was also going to be my daughter's car. I do like the style though.
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo 12 days ago
Burned Noodle
Burned Noodle 13 days ago
The front looks like a Toyota Corolla and the Back looks like a Buick .
Alex Gray
Alex Gray 15 days ago
Doug, you need to feature the Subaru XT6. The forgotten Subaru sports car.
pirellli83 15 days ago
hey doug, cool video loke always. but maybe you should think about a new way of talk as it gets quite aggressive after the first 3 minutes. Also the speed of your talk ca make someone tired...
Jeffrey Mom
Jeffrey Mom 16 days ago
This car kinda reminds me of the Dodge stealth .
Saim Khokhar
Saim Khokhar 19 days ago
Amateurs, my dads 1987 Subaru Leone had all that....
joji powell
joji powell 19 days ago
I've always loved the odd look of the SVX. I remember reading somewhere that the inspiration for the odd windows was a fighter jet canopy.
Anthony Pearce
Anthony Pearce 22 days ago
Well it might be weird, but at least the parking brake is mechanical, right?
Andrei Dumitru
Andrei Dumitru 23 days ago
great car.
Ross Kramer
Ross Kramer 24 days ago
The absolute first thing you should have mentioned is that the SVX was designed in Italy by Giugaro, who's split-window design influence appeared on several cars in the 1990s - usually much more exotic cars like Aston Martins. It was a design fad, but you could drive with the windows down without any turbulence. Also, the SVX came in AWD or FWD only. But no RWD option as you mentioned. The SVX was a true oddball but was extremeley unique and clever. I've had nearly 50 cars and the SVX is still one of my favorites. Driving it was an event and you always felt special driving it!
JerseyJoe 24 days ago
Subaru’s even to this day have always had lousy styling !!
Wayne Bong
Wayne Bong 24 days ago
Lowest tone of "Thiss..." from Doug ever..
Wayne Bong
Wayne Bong 24 days ago
Sounds weird when it's the lowest tone ever thoughout the vid by Doug, especially "Thiss....."
John Crusader
John Crusader 25 days ago
Anybody else noticed he was not really in a good mood on this one?
James Adair
James Adair 26 days ago
I work for a weird Foreigner that has four of these and they're all broken in their own weird way all of them have transmission problems
drgonzo 26 days ago
I'm a lesbian, can I still drive it?
SubaruGf8 28 days ago
please do the Subaru XT6 the first subaru with pop up lights
Nikoxion 23 days ago
And it's actually the first Subaru with an H6 engine
Mythic _.
Mythic _. 28 days ago
Doug, the type of guy to get dog food out the bag in his hand put it in the dog bowl and lick his hand after to see how it tastes.
The Voice Of Reason
Need to review a mid to late 80's Buick Riviera. Those things had a touchscreen that lookes like it was from some 70's F.B.I. spy movie. Kinda funny to todays standards.
Bobby the IT Guy
Bobby the IT Guy 28 days ago
my Doug score for this channel is 0 out of 10
Jett Rink
Jett Rink 29 days ago
Aren't Subaru's just for University professor's.
Pissed Qff American
i changed the timing chain on one.. it took me a whole day. 10+hours... other than that.. great cars!
Deams Larrabee
Deams Larrabee 29 days ago
I have always wanted one of these there hard to find. Plus not really hard core looking either. Just if one falls into my lap
Colonel Lige
Colonel Lige 29 days ago
More like the biggest piece of trash in the world
Steven Williams
Steven Williams Month ago
Doug please review an XT6, the interior is a treasure trove of quirks.
Josef Holzer
Josef Holzer Month ago
I've never seen vhs before.
Keshawn Harkoo
Keshawn Harkoo Month ago
Subaru svx: I'm the weirdest Subaru ever! Subaru baja: hold my beer
JOSUE DAVILA 13 days ago
*Subaru Brat enters the chat*
creativeProjects720 CLRG
You dont have to explain " awesome ". Yes its awesome. Thats it
creativeProjects720 CLRG
Very very very special collectors item And hard to find. Very awesome and only seen rarely on the roads SVX very soecial. Theres also the acura NSX which is the high end one
wesman92 Month ago
I love your videos, but starting around 6m 58s, you begin touching the car in a way I will never unsee. It will haunt me for the rest of my days.
Coopdog 10000
Coopdog 10000 Month ago
Look up a 1980's Subaru XT. Makes this car look like a Buick.
Steven Williams
Steven Williams Month ago
Miss my 88' XT
Bart VanAllen
Bart VanAllen Month ago
Why the auto trans? Easy - they did not have a 5 speed strong enough to handle the torque. But that can be remedied now with using the 5 speed from a WRX - the 6 speed takes a lot of fabing, but the 5 speed is bolt in and handles the torque easily.
Brian Lane
Brian Lane Month ago
Do Suzuki vitara
Jason Carpp
Jason Carpp Month ago
I remember the Subaru SVX. At the time I thought it was the most beautiful car Subaru ever offered. I was more than disappointed when it was discontinued.
Zach Rozema
Zach Rozema Month ago
woah power mode!
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