The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

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Sources: sites.google.com/view/sources-vaccines
Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?
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Comments 100
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Dive into sources and further reading here: sites.google.com/view/sources-vaccines Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover - we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously. Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.
Jarley 7 days ago
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell you forgot one thing that vaccines cause: adult hood I don’t want that happening to my children
GodmanBG 7 days ago
It would be nice if you had touched upon, or at least mentioned that we vaccinate against a multitude of other diseases besides measles.
Austin Yang
Austin Yang 7 days ago
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell The only person to actually have sources in the entire comment section.
BrettC11B 7 days ago
+Rox Paid people or bots, the lot of these post aren't even real people. 0 subs.
Shibha Alam
Shibha Alam 18 minutes ago
The IQ of anti-vaxx mums' is lower than the life expectancy of their children
Morgster 20 minutes ago
These animations continue to impress me🤦‍♂️
Joseph Pentony
Joseph Pentony 28 minutes ago
VACCINATE your f***ing kids. Or else natural selection will occur.
fraudiepie Hour ago
Karen : I’ll never vaxx A year later Karen: RIP Timmy 2014-19 Literally everyone: just vaxx Karen: no it’s just a coincidence Literally everyone: *face palms*
AireDrew _
AireDrew _ Hour ago
My sister and mom recently went anti-vax, thank Christ this happened later and not earlier in my life so I already have my vaccines and a strong immune system 👍
Vox3l-Gl1tch 46 minutes ago
I recommend not communicating with them anymore.
Zengn Draws
Zengn Draws 2 hours ago
Well, you can’t win an argument with an idiot, so good luck beating the anti-vaxxers...
c0ast 2 hours ago
Vaccines are mirco-transaction
TheMarioManiac 2 hours ago
Saying vaccines cause autism is like saying video games cause violence
AlexBlackFire 2 hours ago
Not very educational because all he did was talk about ONE disease. Measles. You are aware that kids are usually getting 100 vaccinations and they get more and more as they get older for monthly checkups? Let's just go ahead and multiply that number by ONE vaccination he talked about. Oh look at that, the numbers went from 1 million to 100 million... This video is honestly a joke. Excited to see some mad little kids come at me with little facts they found off the internet. Come at me.
Vox3l-Gl1tch 21 minute ago
+Artful Nihilism Nah, his mom took away his USvid account because she saw him watching this video.
Artful Nihilism
Artful Nihilism 32 minutes ago
did your mommy set you up for this?
lyrehc the bran man
lyrehc the bran man 41 minute ago
-calls out people for getting facts off the internet but probably got these "facts" off the internet too
Vox3l-Gl1tch 43 minutes ago
100? You're kidding me, right? People would only have 100 vaccines in total after the time they've matured into an adult. If you actually took your kids to get vaccinations, you would know this. But no, you're just a fucking idiot.
Lady Emery Draven
Lady Emery Draven 2 hours ago
I am not an anti-vaccer. However, there are some unnecessary vaccines that people are being told ( and and some places forced ) to give to their children. There are also some negatives that are not considered in this video, including increased population over natural amounts. As well as vaccines, we should also be promoting the idea of less children, as part of the reason for having more than two children per couple is because of child death rates. Also these things we are vaccinating against, if they do not actually get killed off, but instead effectively killed off ( as the case with measles) they can learn to defeat the antibodies. Creating the necessity for a new vaccine for the same old problem. That being said it should not be something someone has no choice but to do under penalty of law. To take someone's choice to vaccinate or not is to take away someone's choice. And as everyone knows choice is a freedom. Please note my children's vaccines are up-to-date.
Vox3l-Gl1tch 41 minute ago
Fuck your freedom. When it has to do with the actual life of a person, you can't choose if you want to protect them from a disease or not.
Ian Erickson
Ian Erickson 2 hours ago
Vaccines cause autism Because antivaxx children die before they can get autism
FDN 2 hours ago
That MCU reference.
Desu_troyer 2 hours ago
hurr paid by BigPharma durr
Richard Benz
Richard Benz 3 hours ago
Thanks to all the anti-vaxxer IDIOTS and conspiracy theory morons, measles epidemics are now a reality again. Way to go, you ignorant fools.
TRITZ005 3 hours ago
Actually Vaccines cause very harmful side affects
Vox3l-Gl1tch 40 minutes ago
+TRITZ005 If you're going to make a joke, at least try to make one.
TRITZ005 2 hours ago
I don’t actually think that just to lazy to put “staying alive” at the end
Tautologist 2 hours ago
Very harmful side effects are extremely rare. Vaccines frequently cause insignificant side effects that can be attributed to your immune system getting trained by the weakened disease, but those side effects are exponentially less serious than the real disease. Measles, on the other hand, causes way more harmful side effects than any vaccine.
Aaaaand then you remember child murderers will not even watch first 30 seconds.
DragonNess 3 hours ago
im not an anti vax person i even highly encourage people to vax but i had this one fax but im afraid of needles i cant stand some metal thing or whatever the needle is made of entering my body and injecting things into my body it makes makes me feel weird and usualy i do take the vaccines but then the vaccine against sorry i cant rember wich but i haven't had a needle injected into my body for a long time and i just freaked out of being scared and without thinking the minute before getting the vaccine i freaked out and didn't took it now i already feel guilty for risking my own saftey just because i couldn't calm my self but then 9:09 and now i feel even more quilty im gonna ask my parrents if im still the right age to get it but i really dont want to but i really should
Nirwana 3 hours ago
Imagine disliking this video and be a total piece of shit.
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz 4 hours ago
This is fucking why I don’t have any children. Just don’t fucking have them in general. Problem, there isn’t one.
Reed Boucher
Reed Boucher 4 hours ago
Aren't you the guy who did the videos for the Royal Tyrell Museum?
Matthew Molson
Matthew Molson 4 hours ago
Wonderful video, it was a pleasant experience and interesting to learn from. It wasn’t biased and felt comforting in correcting wrong behaviour that most anti-vaxer’s would experience. I.e, little brain syndrome
Virgin1008 5 hours ago
Memory cells are like battle-hardend war veterans and Sergeants.
Brain Dead
Brain Dead 5 hours ago
Anti vaccer logic; You’re in a swimming pool The smart people put life jackets on their kid so they can learn to swim and stay safe The anti vaccers just let their kid go in the pool so they can learn to swim. They think that life jackets can suffocate kids or they can be allergic to the material. There’s a very small chance they might be but theres never been a case of a kid being suffocated by one Luckily there’s a lot of kids with life jackets so they hold up the unvaccinated kids They could literally be unable to drown yet they decide not to because of fake news If they go to a poorer area where they can’t access a life jacket the kid from the rich area will splash too much since they can swim without the support of others The waves were calm until the kid came This will cause them to drown since they can’t swim After hundreds of years this one kid with stupid parents made the waves violent again and they will cause others to splash around, creating a cycle Hope that makes sense
John Blatzheim
John Blatzheim 5 hours ago
Great video! However, I think it would benefit from something that a few other Kurzgesagt's videos might also be enriched by, particularly ones like this and the most recent EU video which, I presume, are meant to serve a sort of public service role by educating folks on a topic of current debate--more engagement with the humanities and social sciences. (I know, you all already put in SO much work! And areas outside of the "hard" sciences might seem beyond the scope of what you're doing, but I do think there are cases where it is really important for a full understanding). Here specifically it is important to consider the difference between a negative effect resulting from innaction and one from action. People, at least in westernized cultures, seem feel very differently about these. There are three fields of study that might help elucidate the issue--philosophy, psychology and cultural anthropology. The first is useful for considering how ethicists--again, primarily in the west--have actually dealt with this quandary. These are people who have spent a lot of time developing normative responses to the issues--that is, what an ethical approach *ought* to be when weighing the costs of inaction versus that of action. Psychology, on the other hand, can shed light on how and why people have the affective responses that they do. It might also offer insight into how we might overcome any cognitive and affective bias against taking risky action, even when the risk of inaction is vastly more serious. Lastly cultural anthropology--and as an anthropologist I might be a bit biased here!--can serve as a good reminder that neither normative ethical claims or psychological processes are as universal as we might like to think. It helps us understand the cultural values systems that inform both the kinds of ethical systems that philosophers develop and how our psychological reactions are shaped by out sociocultural contexts. Admittedly, each can also raise some thorny issues for the prospects of educating anyone already invested in anti-vaxxer conspiracies. Philosophy, at least in its more positivist and universalistic modes, can smuggle in the very normative value systems that may need to be challenged in order to effectively confront these conspiracies. On the flip side there are ethicists--and I would include myself in this group--grounded in the dreaded feminist and postmodern traditions who outright any universalistic truth claims, instead emphasizing particularity and contingency. This has its own difficulties--namely, how do you make normative claims about what we ought to do in the absence of universally applicable value systems? Psychology can undercut the very purpose of educating people when it suggests that they aren't inherently rational and thus are unlikely to be persuaded by logical reasoning. And anthropology is often reluctant to make normative claims, preferring instead a relativist approach that tries to understand the cultural underpinnings of a society's ethical thought rather than passing judgement. All that said, I think they offer two strengths. For one, they enrich our understanding of the issue. I enjoy these videos regardless of whether they might convince anyone already resistant to their thesis. Their value can reside simply in enriching the viewer, even if they likely already agree with premise and only want a deeper understanding. Second, they can point to possible systemic responses. While we might not be able to overcome the cognitive and affective biases of those already committed to the anti-vaxxer cause, we can try to deal with the systemic factors that lead to such conspiracy theories in the first place. This is often more difficult than giving all the facts and scientific research to your goofy uncle, but I think it's worth it, especially because these systemic issues often have a number of other negative effects. Anyways, sorry of the long winded comment! I just can't help but rep by own favorite mode of inquiry :-p
brunocerny 5 hours ago
i am an antivaxer and not because i think vaccines dont work. i know they do. i understand the process and i believe its well thought off and works to protect the body.. what i dont believe is the manufacturers. i think vaccines nowadays have a different formula/quality and ingredients as 20-30 years ago. i believe they put shittier chemicals . things that may cause the autism. or make you sick from other things in life, so you have to buy other drugs/medicine that they make. after all, how do you know? there can be only few molecules or micro-grams of something which can do a lot of harm to your body(especially to a small baby body). i dont trust them , sorry. they are very rich companies and they can pay any lab to say the vaccines are pure/not harmful. they are huge pharma companies that are richer then many countries. im sorry, but today same way as food is not same quality as before - full of chemicals, preservatives, not grown on sun- and usually controlled/manufactured by the same companies (mosanto, bayer , PG etc..). this companies work for profit and they dont give a shit about your health, believe me that. and the skeptic people around here making jokes, how old are you? do you remember food from 20 years ago? i bet you dont...if you tasted real nice sun grown food , meat from cows and chicken from outside, on a nice farm eating grass... not what you eat today... then we wonder why the whole society is sick both in body and mind... "if you tolerate this, then your children will be next " - look it up
Tautologist 2 hours ago
Vaccine products today are MUCH safer and effective than they were 20-30 years ago. I'm surprised you would think the opposite of this, since back then they used thimerosol as a preservative, and while it hasn't been shown that it was harmful at all, I know what anti-vaxxers think of that stuff. Also, vaccines don't cause autism. There has been absolutely zero evidence that's true. Speaking of food, you get FAR more "shittier chemicals" from your daily intake of food than from vaccines, and that even includes "real nice sun grown food". If you're concerned with the amount of aluminum, mercury, etc in vaccines, why are you not concerned with the massively higher amounts in everything we eat and the amount we absorb from the environment? I'm not going to make any jokes, and I don't know what age has to do anything, but I'm certainly old enough to recognize that even the healthiest of diets is not sufficient to protect yourself from the nightmare diseases that vaccines prevent.
likira111 5 hours ago
Then that would be an America centric conspiracy. Most places you won't have to pay to get vaccinated.
John Thomas
John Thomas 5 hours ago
Ok genius glad to see you definitely lack a lot of knowledge
Dunno What to put here
Sorry, facts don’t care about your feelings. Where is the proof that he lacks knowledge or is on the wrong side of the argument? P.S work on your grammar.
likira111 4 hours ago
Found the emotion user.
John Thomas
John Thomas 5 hours ago
My point is your stupid or your being payed to be obnoxious
Vox3l-Gl1tch 38 minutes ago
+Redditor Reddit *Curb your Enthusiasm theme plays*
Redditor Reddit
Redditor Reddit 3 hours ago
Arthur Vas
Arthur Vas 5 hours ago
Thank you to try keep people informed in a very rational way without falling in the trap of overreaction and personal feelings! I do really love every single one of your videos !
Tuoff 6 hours ago
I think the anti-vaxx bs stems from a total loss of faith in the institutions of the status quo. It's a side effect of mistreatment and neglect of the common man.
Lucien Richardson
Or just facebook moms believing that they're the smartest people in the world?
MrPaul84279 6 hours ago
Thank you so much for this video. It easily explains the basic concept and easily the risks of non vacation
ur mom gay
ur mom gay 6 hours ago
I'm not putting antivirus software on my computer because it could be a scam
Ocarinaot 4
Ocarinaot 4 6 hours ago
4.4 million views in a week. Impressive. Good on you for using the power of having an audience wisely
Ray Grenade
Ray Grenade 6 hours ago
also, anti vaxxers do not care about facts. i commented on a page educating them (they told me to do research "sheep"), and got blocked instantly
Tuoff 6 hours ago
Me and all my siblings have matching scars from when we got vaccinated against swine flu as kids; the injection point became infected and there was a terrible wound with tons of pus and it left a nasty scar.
Vox3l-Gl1tch 34 minutes ago
Know what that means? You were taken to an unlicensed doctor, with no regard for health and safety regulations. A licensed doctor wouldn't use the same needle multiple times.
Video Judge
Video Judge 6 hours ago
You’ve been awarded 10,000 Nobel prizes
Nick Lapallo
Nick Lapallo 6 hours ago
10:10 shots fired man, shots fired.
Joshua Jobi
Joshua Jobi 6 hours ago
anti vaxers are retards like if u agree they are looking at the wrong side , at the 0.01% risk vs the other good side . they are literally killing their children or putting them at risk of death
Millicent Dagworth
Millicent Dagworth 7 hours ago
Gunna share this on antivaxxers groups on facebook. Not an antivaxxer myself but I know people will believe anything they read on the internet. You're doing a great job trying to get people informed!
Daetwaan uchiha
Daetwaan uchiha 7 hours ago
Bruh, just use an anti virus.😤
Alexandre A
Alexandre A 7 hours ago
This video is just amazing, every one should watch this ! That was an enormous job, but of high quality. Thank you !!
Hassan Voyeau
Hassan Voyeau 7 hours ago
This video is pinned on one vaccine BUT there are hundreds? of vaccines. So what I wanted to hear was there are rankings of vaccines (we are dealing with parameters). Some countries just can't afford all vaccines and all the time BECAUSE other budget amounts will dwindle. So, the formula and decision making is more than what this video has covered.
likira111 4 hours ago
There are more than one vaccine because there are more than one disease.
Piekenier 8 hours ago
I liked the video however I noticed you guys were really uncomfortable to say that in extremely rare occasions vaccines do appear to kill children. We really shouldn't shy away from naming those things as it would allow a better comparison with the number of children killed in the non-vaccine scenario.
Ripclowe 8 hours ago
4:45 I love how you made a reference to the MCU
Zarghoen Tanay
Zarghoen Tanay 8 hours ago
Alpha Ceph
Alpha Ceph 8 hours ago
an Anti-AntiVax video which uses a GTA V meme in 3:07 , can you be cooler than Kurzgesat ? never .
Ali Akber
Ali Akber 8 hours ago
A child just contracted polio in both legs after taking the polio vaccine, he has healthy before taking the vaccine. India is not polio free for sure.
Valrath823 4 hours ago
cVDPV cases aren't considered when deciding if an area if polio-free or not. The polio virus is only endemic to two countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan.
mrmousecat 8 hours ago
Your source?
Minetendo 8 hours ago
Ali Akber proof or it didn’t happen
Bullz Eye
Bullz Eye 8 hours ago
when youre autistic and you get another vaccine level up!
Karenni Boy
Karenni Boy 9 hours ago
Thank god my parents aren’t anti vaxxers
Louis Ruiz
Louis Ruiz 9 hours ago
So I guess I was just born with minor autism
Vox3l-Gl1tch 32 minutes ago
Yep, Autism is a genetic disease. If Vaccines were able to change genetics, then we'd already have superhumans.
Lucien Richardson
likira111 4 hours ago
Adam Bond
Adam Bond 9 hours ago
Help us, science sources, Americans don't understand the difference between correlation and causality.
Lucien Richardson
Oh shut the fuck up with your generalizations, 'Americans'. Really?
Mummnic Mummnic
Mummnic Mummnic 9 hours ago
With a hugeee magnefying glass... MAGNEFYING GLASS TILTED RIGHT🔎 Only legends will get that joke
Señor Quack
Señor Quack 9 hours ago
lol earth-199999 reference to the mcu I just noticed it even has the avengers tower lol
The Little Potato Productions
*BREAKING NEWS* Anti-vaxxers expose their children to measles to prevent it. Also people are facepalming more.
I'm Bored
I'm Bored 9 hours ago
The 7.2k who disliked this were anti-vaxxers
xorizontal 9 hours ago
this video was very necessary
Kali Ope
Kali Ope 9 hours ago
kurzgesagt went off
Dorothy Isidro
Dorothy Isidro 10 hours ago
The first few scenes looked like a video game.
Vox3l-Gl1tch 31 minute ago
+Tom Jones Photoshop can't edit videos, dumbass.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 2 hours ago
it's photoshop crap. it is called "science" these days. a couple hundred years ago some guy was trying to turn urine to gold. He was the first modern scientist. Unfortunately not the last.
Chantel Chandler
Chantel Chandler 10 hours ago
Yes. Because I'm going to believe the very same government who's been sterilizing women without their knowledge in Africa for the past 30 years through vaccines. The very same government who purposely makes people sick so they can make more money on our illness. I love America, but I don't trust the government and I don't trust the CDC. They would rather us be sick. They inject you with at least 5 different things 30 seconds after you're born. These vaccines have mercury in them. You're not supposed to eat salmon because it contains mercury, which according to the exact same governing body will cause a slew of health problems... but it's okay to inject MERCURY in your bloodstream where crosses the blood-brain barrier? A pregnant woman isn't supposed to eat sushi because of the Mercury, but it's okay for her to get mercury in her bloodstream. It's okay to give a newborn baby up to 60 different shots of mercury before it's 3 years old? No. I'm an anti vaxxer I will not vaccinate my children unless I absolutely need to and I will take each and every single vaccine into Deep consideration about my local situation at that time. If there's an actual need for it I will weigh the risk of my child and all the shit that's going to be injected into my child. I'm not going to not vaccinate my all the shit that's going to be injected into my child. I'm not going to not vaccinate my kids Purely out of stubbornness. I will take everything into consideration. But they will not be vaccinated for certain things at all. Ever. The flu? No. Chickenpox? No. but there will be things I will consider depending on where I live at the time
Vox3l-Gl1tch 26 minutes ago
+Chantel Chandler You're endangering the people who literally cannot get vaccinations due to allergies. If you did any research, you would know this.
Chantel Chandler
Chantel Chandler 52 minutes ago
+Dunno What to put here oh so somehow me and my children are going to affect you even though you're so "protected" right? If you're so "protected" how come we are a threat? How come you're so scared? I thought those magical little chemicals you inject into your newborn's bloodstream would protect you because isn't that what the whole point of vaccines is for??! Giving yourself a small dose of the virus so when your body comes in contact with it you don't get sick? If they don't do the very exact thing that we're being told they're supposed to do then you're just purposely injecting yourself full of poison. But if they do work then other people with illnesses are not a threat. I mean, unless someone goes around sticking their fingers in your mouth. But obviously, normally not. Lol.
Dunno What to put here
You are risking everyone by not vaccinating. Do more research next time
likira111 4 hours ago
There is more mercury in fish meat than vaccines.
Ray Tanner
Ray Tanner 5 hours ago
I found the anti vaxxer
Assasin Bear
Assasin Bear 10 hours ago
My 2 kids are beautiful Edit: 1 kid
Andrew MT
Andrew MT 10 hours ago
Let's see. I have a fear of needles or something and ya know what? I still get myself vaccinated even though I almost faint and sometimes barf when i get the shots. Please, anti-vaxers (and everyone), get vaccinated to make the world a better place.
ShadyXV 10 hours ago
Bassem B.
Bassem B. 10 hours ago
You should have went more detail into the alleged link between vaccination and autism since that's a major talking point for anti-vaxxers.
Attractive Status
Attractive Status 10 hours ago
please make a game with this art style.....
Will Van Moss
Will Van Moss 10 hours ago
Educate the crap out of the people!!! YES Kurzgesagt! Anti-vaxxers, anti-medicine folks, people who fear migration all have one thing in common: they are highly emotional and have a fixed belief that is hard to shatter. We can try to educate them, but that's all. If they still don't belief what is real, then we best just let them be and not pay them ANY attention.
John Thomas
John Thomas 11 hours ago
Da Phoenix how’s it feel to be put down boy
Ømega !
Ømega ! 11 hours ago
Unvaccinated kid: *exists* Anti-vax parents: I'm about to end this *kid's* whole *life*
Kool Guy
Kool Guy 11 hours ago
Ahh, the controversial content I crave for here on USvid 😊
BigNewGames 11 hours ago
The video does not mention several autoimmune diseases that result from being vaccinated, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Colitis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc. Sure those diseases do not kill a person but they can be severe, lead to debilitating conditions which causes the child to suffer throughout their life, become disabled and dependent on welfare, costing taxpayers trillions of dollars to foot their medical expenses. It's like playing Russian roulette with your child's health.
likira111 4 hours ago
That last sentence is so close to being self aware...
BigNewGames 8 hours ago
+Minetendo The US government is trillions in debt. One day prior to 9/11/01 Donald Rumsfeld announced that the pentagon was missing 2.3 trillion dollars from their books. He said they were going to do an investigation. Today the US total debt is almost 74 trillion dollars. Out of that debt as of Dec. of 2018, 21 trillion is missing from their books. Note: I wrote "costing taxpayers trillions" was totals for life long healthcare not a yearly cost. A person with such a disability would suffer for years on end. Not just one year!
Minetendo 8 hours ago
You say trillions when most governments don’t even reach a trillion dollars in taxes a year
DuckCrisis 8 hours ago
+Candy and Darkside also the chances of getting these side effects are minor; if you expose your children to life-threatening illness, rather than a small chance of these child effects, you're an asshole.
Candy and Darkside
Candy and Darkside 9 hours ago
Those aren't caused by vaccines, they're caused by your immune system accidently recognizing your body as a threat.
Morbi Bros
Morbi Bros 11 hours ago
Kurzgesagt should make a video game. Like if you agree.
Everything Cool
Everything Cool 11 hours ago
amsyar zerø
amsyar zerø 11 hours ago
"Feelings are often immune to facts." Ben Shapiro would like a word with you
Everything Cool
Everything Cool 11 hours ago
People should have to have had all their jabs before entering England that is my personal opinion especially as we're leaving the EU or be forced to have them when they get here
absaar alam
absaar alam 11 hours ago
Sam The Mountain Egg Lim !
a n t i - v a x m o m s
TBalpha22 11 hours ago
so what I’m getting at is that memory cells are basically Vietnam veterans but microbial?
farefouse olly
farefouse olly 11 hours ago
I wish they would just address the other sides concerns rather than just throwing numbers at them.
likira111 4 hours ago
So you wish they would address their concerns instead of just addressing their concerns?
Ray Tanner
Ray Tanner 5 hours ago
They did
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 11 hours ago
Is that not one in the same. They used numbers to address the concerns. Massive shock: the risks of contracting measles MASSIVELY outweigh the risks of vaccines.
darthvincor 12 hours ago
A very predictable opinion, Kurtzgesagt. Let's not forget the fact that vaccines are made by companies, that alone makes it fishy. Think of what an awesome product they have: something everyone believes you ought to have, billions of customers, often mandated by governments. Have you ever looked at the ingredients of a vaccine? I have, and it generally contains three items: 1. vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Great. 2. deactivated disease. Necessary. 3. Formaldehyde. A known carcinogen. And more of them are 'required'. There are simply too many vaccines and too many boosters, because selling them once isn't enough.
likira111 4 hours ago
If you want to call yourself an expert on vaccines you should at least research enough to know you don't have to pay to get vaccinated most places. Contrary to popular belief the world exists outside America.
Ray Tanner
Ray Tanner 5 hours ago
A lot of vaccines are free. And companies even provide those vaccines for free in developing nations. Also, vaccines dont contain any toxic chemicals, or at least, not toxic in the dose you're receiving. Too much formaldehyde is toxic, yes. But so is Oxygen. If you suddenly start breathing higher concentrations of oxygen, you will die. That's why astronauts breath a combination of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, rather than just oxygen.
Pbbt Kms
Pbbt Kms 9 hours ago
The ingredients don't exactly matter. Just a heads up, EVERYTHING can be poisonous and deadly depending on the dosage. Most deadly things in vaccines are either not even there anymore (like mercury), or are in such a low dosage it doesn't even matter
Cade-o 11 hours ago
So? When you are younger you usually need more than one periodically because your immune system builds on itself over time. Now if you cant split a couple of necessary bucks for your child, that means you probably shouldn't have had a child in the first place. Look, I can see your concern otherwise about big companies being greedy, (that is true) but there isn't too much you can do at an immediate time other than vaccinate your child! Not just for the safety of your own child, but also for everyone else's children!
Brian Tepper
Brian Tepper 12 hours ago
Please upvote antivaxxer comments so I don't have to search myself, THANKS!
Vox3l-Gl1tch 22 minutes ago
Nah, just sort by new.
mr.kitloin 12 hours ago
100% of people who drink water die, stop giving it to your kids 100% of bridges collapse at some point, better swim in the crocodile infested waters You can choke and die on food, dont give it to your kids 100% of people who breathed o2 die, dont let your children breathe Anti vax logic.
Nihal Nair
Nihal Nair 12 hours ago
The actual video starts at 3:55. Thank me later
Zooer 12 hours ago
Children: *exist* Anti-Vax Parents: I'm bout to end the man's whole career
maichel fox
maichel fox 12 hours ago
Suck on these 🥜🥜 anti-vaxxers
Lauren Marsland
Lauren Marsland 13 hours ago
this video is produced amazingly. the animations are eyecatcbing and the narrator kept me interested
Pleasant Tapsilog
Pleasant Tapsilog 13 hours ago
likira111 4 hours ago
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson 13 hours ago
I'm an anti vax mum with 5 healthy kids Edit:4 kids Edit:3 kids Edit:2 kids Edit:1 kid
Lucky the German Shepherd
Mhmm, you definitely came up with that by yourself.
Tia Melancholy
Tia Melancholy 13 hours ago
7.2k antivaxxers disliked this 💀
Pleasant Tapsilog
Pleasant Tapsilog 13 hours ago
Yeah, Cells at works can help a lot in this vid
TheLynx409 13 hours ago
The fact that this has so many dislikes genuinly worries me...
Jelly Man
Jelly Man 13 hours ago
Sr. Rice
Sr. Rice 13 hours ago
4:51 wtf am I drunk or that is the world in Lavos Day fused with the MCU
Flaming_shadow Killer
Ohhh boy time to report some comments Before posting please watch all the vid first
SWARM Music 13 hours ago
9:53 "Facts don't care about your feelings" - Ben Shapiro
John Thomas
John Thomas 14 hours ago
The last shot I got the Pharmacist told me it had mercury in it bitch so go fuck your self and the toxins that give roe cancer are in there
likira111 4 hours ago
When the hell was that? Vaccines don't use mercury anymore. Fish meat has mercury, I guess you gotta be anti fish now.
mrmousecat 8 hours ago
Fish comtains mercury too and yet they're still in market lmao what's your point
Candy and Darkside
Candy and Darkside 9 hours ago
Dosage. Literally any toxin won't do anything if it's given in a non-lethal dose. If there's even mercury in there, it's way too low to even do anything, your body won't give a Scheiße and just ignore it. Besides, there are a few types of mercury, chances are the one in your vaccine is not even the deadly type.
12keystofreedom 14 hours ago
It isn't the idea of vaccination that is the problem, it's what else is in the vaccine. There have been too much correlation between getting vaccinated and lifelong problems (including autism), to just drink the Kool-aid without asking questions. Now a days, they give babies way too many vaccines before their immune system can develop (which is at age 2), and their immune systems remain forever messed up by giving them that many shots at such a young age. To NOT have reservations about vaccinations at this point has me confused.
likira111 4 hours ago
Did you skip the part of the video about the whole autism thing being based on one disproved paper?
Cade-o 11 hours ago
yeah there isnt a correlation with autism and vaccines as shown by EVERY DOCTOR EVER. And are the doctors part of the big conspiracy to HURT YOUR CHILD? No. Calm the fuck down and vaccinate your child, like wtf.
Keyboard runner
Keyboard runner 13 hours ago
+12keystofreedom More claims and even less sources. Just give me a -fucking- link! Google doesn't necessarily show me the same result as you see. If you are unable to provide ANY links we have to conclude that you are just talking "out of your ass".
U 2
U 2 13 hours ago
+Keyboard runner lmao ikr
12keystofreedom 13 hours ago
+Keyboard runner because it is too easy to google vaccine autism correlation, and a CDC member actually came out and said they are designing vaccines as weapons against people. Also there are tons of stories about the HPV vaccination and how a lot of young women became sterilized after being vaccinated, (oh yes, there is also how they are using vaccines to sterilize women in Kenya - doctors there found sterilization compounds in the vaccines there). But go ahead and keep drinking the cool-aid. I'm sure its sweet taste must be soothing to your illusion.
Marco Siu
Marco Siu 14 hours ago
Can you add merch? P.S, when you add merch can you also add bedsheets all sizes king, queen, double and single. (Also add plastic cups!)
Is This A Pigeon
Is This A Pigeon 14 hours ago
vaccinated my testicle and it swole up like an orange. ARE THESE RISKS JUST NEGLECTED!?
Luka Dobrota
Luka Dobrota 15 hours ago
The moment he said "is there a risk?" Every karen in the world started typing in their facebook group "I HAVE PROOF"
Pure Dog Bread
Pure Dog Bread 15 hours ago
My mom is an anti vaxxer *help me*
Lucky the German Shepherd
Well if you're not bullshitting, which I'm not sure why you wouldn't; it's the Internet- then I'd recommend calling child protective services
Finn Allenby
Finn Allenby 15 hours ago
2:10 Noob.
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