The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Sources: sites.google.com/view/sources-vaccines
Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?
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May 12, 2019

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Dive into sources and further reading here: sites.google.com/view/sources-vaccines Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover - we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously. Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.
Get Pugger
Get Pugger 11 days ago
Clint Ofray did your brain kill itself because it knew you were no hope
Ese Callum
Ese Callum Month ago
vaccines are not subject to the safety rigors undergone by other pharmaceuticals in the FDA approval process. There are no large scale, double-blind, placebo controlled studies. And, in the one 1930 human study of thimerosal that predated its use in vaccines, all the subjects injected with thimerosal died. In 2004, an FDA official acknowledged in testimony before a Congressional committee, that no government or privately funded study has ever demonstrated thimerosal’s safety. On the other hand, there is plenty of science suggesting that thimerosal is NOT safe. Several hundred studies available on PubMed link thimerosal exposure to the neurodevelopmental and immune system diseases that are now epidemic in the generation of American children born after the CDC dramatically increased childhood thimerosal exposure starting in 1988. My book, Thimerosal- Let the Science Speak, summarizes these studies. The scientific literature inculpates increased thimerosal exposure as a culprit in the explosion of ADD, ADHD, speech delay, narcolepsy, SIDS, ASD, seizure disorder, tics and anaphylaxis, including asthma and food allergies. According to the CDC, one in six American children-the so called “thimerosal generation”-now suffers from a developmental disability. We have published a compendium of 80 published, peer-reviewed studies that strongly suggest a link between thimerosal exposure and autism.
jsmyth024 Month ago
I'm sorry, but we are the sickest species ON THE PLANET. Just think about that for ONE minute. Our gut microbiome is being sterilized by pesticides like round up, and we are told they are safe(yes, they kill the bacteria in your gut - shocker), but DON'T WORRY, they have something you can buy for that. We are developing autoimmune diseases left and right. A study was just released that shows how millennials health plummets at around age 27, and no one is concerned that it's something to do with out healthcare? "healthcare" - that's a misnomer at this point. The SAME people that push round-up as being safe(now proven to cause cancer in a court of law), "provide" us with cancer treatments and vaccines. The same people who sell us vaccines, treat our children of these chronic illnesses. NO ONE is brave enough(or intelligent enough) to raise an eyebrow to that? Oh, wait, they are, but then they are told they are just crazy conspiracy theorists who are probably literally hitler and voted for trump. And people fall for it because it makes them FEEL safe. Meanwhile over FIFTY PERCENT of our youth(YOUTH!) have chronic illnesses that the AMA says they will NEVER recover from. And it's not enough for these mega corps to make millions or billions, now they are pushing for trillions. That's not fishy to you guys? I swear, people have thrown common sense directly out of the nearest window for, "double blind published data" We will NEVER get it. There are too many variables involved and you know this, that's why you keep asking. Honestly it makes me sick and people who are working for them should be ashamed of themselves. They aren't, because they have money in the bank, but one day, people are going to have had enough and they will be found and prosecuted. How many more of our loved ones have to suffer and die before it gets to that point?
frick ajit pai
frick ajit pai Month ago
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell epic
joel marin
joel marin Month ago
thank you for making this video, its been a great help for my social justice project. I hope to use this as a source to help write my letter to a politician, (who is undecided as of writing this), I really hope to make a change and to make vaccinations more mandatory in the united states!
rammenstein 2 hours ago
I remember a few years ago, there was a commercial airing on TV about Whooping Cough. The first time I saw it, my only thought was 'Whooping Cough? Who the fuck gets Whooping Cough?! I thought we all but eradicated that!" It's really sad that this anti-vaccination BS is bringing back diseases that had been practically unheard of for generations.
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera Hour ago
rammenstein exactly
Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips 5 hours ago
when the adults who don’t vax their kids are vaccinated
Ayden Racco
Ayden Racco 6 hours ago
This needs to be shown and shared everywhere
Jazz Santana
Jazz Santana 7 hours ago
You could make a great Pixar movie with those memory cells
Evanston Conner
Evanston Conner 10 hours ago
the mipisecond that someone says vaccines cause autism or any mental disability they are gonna be hit in the face
Terrifying Blaze
Terrifying Blaze 11 hours ago
antivaxer:vaxines have a DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECT Me:yeh the side effect is ANTI VAX SHAAAAME
Terrifying Blaze
Terrifying Blaze 11 hours ago
For those who don’t get the joke the anti vax shame is the vaxinated kid lives lol
Carl Heffner
Carl Heffner 12 hours ago
Karen: well....it still has sideffects so i will never use it
Elbereth Varda
Elbereth Varda 13 hours ago
I will never understand why people believe that their amount of hours spent in Google are more valuable than the several years their doctors spent at the university. Human life has improved a lot since Science and progress took over, so many people have bleed in order to achieve what we have right now. So, please, someone explain to me: Why are these idiots insulting our doctors, our historical memory and their own intelligence? It must have something to do with narcissism: since the actual knowledge doesn´t register properly in their brains, instead of making the effort to learn, they choose to follow a shortpath to "knowledge" so they'd feel better with themselves? Boh. At least both the video and your comments are awesome. Thank you! XD¡
Lil Phil
Lil Phil 15 hours ago
It’s kinda like if everybody eating food and one person at random assumes it’s poison in the food
Thorn'Tooth 16 hours ago
You know, when my cousin got vaccinated, she got HORRIBLE symptoms like not getting sick, not dying, not fainting and not coughing as much when she did get sick!! HORRIBLE!!! (This is a joke, if you want to argue argue with someone else 😗)
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera Hour ago
Thorn'Tooth can i plz argue with you?
Hoani Borrie
Hoani Borrie 19 hours ago
This video was published on my birthday, and it's about diseases. Oh Dear...
Hanna Weronika Kaczanowska
Anti vaxers: vaccines cause addiction to heroin! Studies show that vaccinated children are 90% more likely to use heroin! Me: that’s because they live long enough to find out what it is
irina lmao
irina lmao 20 hours ago
It insane that people are being brainwashed by all of this nonsense. Your just mad that my child will be hellthy forever😚
Corey Playz
Corey Playz 51 minute ago
Hellthy? XD Yes, they will be goign through living hell
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 2 hours ago
dahbul ki oh ok
dahbul ki
dahbul ki 3 hours ago
@Adrian Vera I was meaning that I wasn't sure if I can trust her statements and knowledge if she can't spell healthy.
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 4 hours ago
dahbul ki wait what?
dahbul ki
dahbul ki 4 hours ago
the fact that you can't spell healthy makes me wonder if I should trust you on if vaccines are safe or not.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 20 hours ago
News: Vaccined man killed by father for getting vaccinate Anti-vaxxers: THIS MUST MEAN VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM, HOMOSEXUALITY, AND EVEN MORE DISEASES.
Isaac Simpson
Isaac Simpson 21 hour ago
I'm believe in vaccine and everyone should get them but don't you guys think the immune system we get weak if we rely on vaccinations?
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 18 hours ago
Isaac Simpson no. Vaccines create memory cells, memory cells are part of the immune system. Memory cells help the immune system to identify any harmful bacteria or viruses
Ady Wijaya
Ady Wijaya 23 hours ago
Anti vaxxers Vegans Transgender Feminist What time to be alive
1987 Ferrari F40
1987 Ferrari F40 7 hours ago
@irina lmao found the libtard
Ady Wijaya
Ady Wijaya 18 hours ago
@irina lmao nothing wrong with all of them. They just had one thing in common.
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 18 hours ago
irina lmao nothing wrong with them its just that like a vegan, most of them tend to make a big deal out of those that eat meat and feminists who get offended over little things
irina lmao
irina lmao 19 hours ago
Whats wronh with feminists?? Whats wrong with trans people?? Whats wrong with vegans?? You seem like you dont belong in the 21st century..
Badnametag 23 hours ago
Vaccines don’t cause autism- Karen: *BUT DO THEY?*
Brunson III Films
This was an excellent video bravo to your team 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
syzシーズ Day ago
잘못된 정보를 전파하는 동영상.
Addison Higbe
society vary extra
Annouk Day ago
My boyfriend is anti vax :(
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 18 hours ago
Annouk break up with him,
Dan Torrino
Dan Torrino Day ago
You can't fix stupid
Pixelart Animations
Dan Torrino h
E-Dern Chew
E-Dern Chew Day ago
6:19 UNDERTALE REFERENCE "Here's a better question for you. D O Y O U W A N T T O H A V E A B A D T I M E ?"
E-Dern Chew
E-Dern Chew Day ago
Also 2 weeks is about the time it takes to finally get past sans.
Beanie_boos _are_best
Can't wait untill an antivaxxer has an unvaxxed baby that has autism
Sanctus Baal
Sanctus Baal 12 hours ago
The Grim Reaper: they allredy had...
Kiran Rajpurohit
One doubt I had. Why did nature put these monsters in the first place if they were meant to be eradicated? 😯
awesome guy 21
What do you mean ”meant to be eradicated”? A virus is a living being that lives for the same readon you do. They just happen to exist to live inside our bodies.
Pixelart Animations
Kiran Rajpurohit because nature is nature. It sucks
Raylo Day ago
it sucks that this video has 7.8K dislikes, like... what is there to even dislike about this, please tell me, if you disliked this video... Why?
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 3 hours ago
The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe i subscribed to your channel
The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe
One word. KAREN.
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 18 hours ago
Raylo cause they cant handle the truth
NardyNite 251891419812314
7.8 k antivaxxers
chooba chia
chooba chia Day ago
hear that, karen?
epic memer boi
i think the future curer of cancer was already born, but now is dead because the mom was an anti-vaxxer
Peanut butter and Jellyfish
Just a curiosity, if we get immunization from getting sick, why do I need to get booster shots every year/ couple of years?
Vary Olla
Vary Olla Day ago
As Richard noted there are different reasons. Sometimes as noted the pathogen mutates. Also it depends on the type of vaccine. As an example the Tetanus vaccine is what is known as a toxoid vaccine. That is because Tetanus is caused by a bacteria which releases a toxin into your bloodstream = and it is the toxin that causes cellular damage. So the vaccine imparts temporary immunity against the toxin - but you must get booster shots every 10 years as that immunity wanes for your average person after 10-20 years. It also can depend upon how "strong" your body reacts to the antigen. As an example. The Pertussis bacteria is a nasty one which can trigger a harsh reaction in the body. So the old Pertussis vaccine was what is referred to as "whole cell" = meaning it used the entire bacteria. Accordingly it also used to sometimes trigger harsh side effects in susceptible people - although it generally imparted good immunity response. Some years back however we saw the development of an "acellular" Pertussis vaccine - or recombinant DNA technology. Now a "piece" of something can still trigger immunity while not resulting in as harsh side effects = making it better tolerated by all. The downside however if you will is that the immunity it precipitated does not necessarily last as long as the older whole cell vaccine version. So vaccination science is as much a "tradeoff" as it is about science. Some pathogens are harsher on the body than others and thus impart immunity which lasts longer than others. Meanwhile we sometimes opt for a vaccine which can be tolerated better by all over an older one = even if that means the immunity does not last as long. It just depends. Have a nice day.
Richard Gregory
Because not all infections (or vaccinations) result in lifelong immunity. Norovirus, for example: your immunity only lasts for 3-6 months. Lifelong immunity can also weaken even if it remains. And lastly, you have to have flu shots every year because the virus rapidly mutates and whlst you remain immune to the old one, you have noprotection against the new version. That is also why there is no vaccine against the common cold: there are just too many viruses and they change too rapidly. It is an example of the eternal war between the immune system and viruses.
Ithiltor Kingslayer
the fact this has 7.8k dislikes is just straight up sad
AetherResonant 2 days ago
*our memory cells are just our immune system's weaponized vietnam flashbacks*
earth you are here
please kill viruses
MacroManiaPlays 2 days ago
Vaccines cause adults
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 18 hours ago
MacroManiaPlays ew
DownEpic 2 days ago
A side affect is not getting diseases
Lucian 2 days ago
I chose be an autistic rather than dead
Janet Donald
Janet Donald 2 days ago
No you've watched this, watch the film on USvid called Vaxxed.
Lets do gaming Boyyy
I knew it
0:10 I was positive he would say "The internet is full of complete idiots".
mimi lili
mimi lili 2 days ago
the researchers studied a sample of 1,100 healthy children and young adults in Rochester, as well as over 1,000 participants from the U.S. Naval Health Research Center in San Diego as the control group. The Navy members, aged 18 to 40, were all healthy and recently vaccinated, and represented a cross-section of ethnic groups. The study also looked at a subset of a recent immigrant population from Somalia in Rochester. The Minnesota case studies were done in cooperation with the Rochester Epidemiology Project. "The significance of the findings is that in the future we may be able to create vaccines for specific groups or even individuals based on their genomic and other characteristics," says Dr. Poland. "That may mean adjusting doses for some or being able to treat larger populations with the same vaccine if the dosage is less." if you are a refugee you are more vulnerable to be experimented on !!!!!!!!! be aware of these rats.
mimi lili
mimi lili 4 hours ago
@Zhanna Reich wow you really are stupid right because your trash are not in my mother land ?
Zhanna Reich
Zhanna Reich Day ago
Refugees free to go back since there are no military conflicts in somalia and such.
James Wall
James Wall 2 days ago
No one noticed that at 4:54, they showed the MCU as the developed world? In the Comics the MCU is Earth 199999. And you can see the help arrived and stark tower if you look closely.
Mr. Duck
Mr. Duck 2 days ago
7800 anti-vaxxers disliked this
Tucher97 2 days ago
side effects of vaccines, improved immune system downside, the list is smaller than a gnat's penis or smaller than a unvaccinated child's life expentency any longer then that luck should be used with the lottery
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 2 days ago
Tucher97 thx
Tucher97 2 days ago
@Adrian Vera I will try and keep it in mind, remember that if that doesnt work then some people are down right ignorant and indirectly admit it
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 2 days ago
Tucher97 ok
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 2 days ago
Tucher97 if you can find comments with the name “micheal lucas” youll know what im dealing with
Tucher97 2 days ago
@Adrian Vera ask them what prevents a grocery store clerk that sells food that only makes you sick
roblox games
roblox games 3 days ago
and why didn't you explain a bit more about pneumonia? edit:same with encephalitis
roblox games
roblox games 3 days ago
in the thought experience, what happened to the other 2% you didn't mention?
Reni Corlatesla
Reni Corlatesla 2 days ago
They don't get infected But I'm not sure so just take it as a possibility
Lady Birds
Lady Birds 3 days ago
Cyboy Gaming
Cyboy Gaming 3 days ago
Humans: *Creates vaccines* Universe: Sorry. Too OP. Gonna have to nerf this. Universe: *Creates anti vax people* Humans: Excuse me what the fuck
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 2 days ago
Trying to deal with the worst antivaxxer
Cyboy Gaming
Cyboy Gaming 2 days ago
Adrian Vera *And what would that problem be good sir/madam?*
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 2 days ago
Cyboy Gaming i have a problem
Axale 3 days ago
I swear i was about to go on a killing spree when i saw that title
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera Day ago
Axale what are you gonna do?
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera Day ago
Axale idk
Axale Day ago
@Adrian Vera Why am i hearing a final boss battle theme all of a sudden ?
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 2 days ago
Axale yeah. Im gonna make a man out of him
Axale 2 days ago
@Adrian Vera Understandable but arguing with them will leade to nothing they are just SO FUCKING STUBORN.
LazyPie Lastnamedontcount
I remember I hated going to the hospital before first day of school as a child. Obviously the waiting room was boring but I hated getting a shot that 2 or 3 nurses had to hold me down because I was freaking out over a needle. But I later learned I been vaccinated throughout my life and am proud of my mom. Sorry for being a huge bitch over a needle.
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera 2 days ago
LazyPie Lastnamedontcount yeah needles are scary
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