The Setup Tour Project 2014!

Marques Brownlee
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Hundreds of setup tours. Submitted by you. Enjoy!
Desktops: 0:35
Laptops: 1:10:37
Unique setups: 1:53:21
Pixel lovers: 2:28:23
MKBHD mini setup: 2:46:43
Video Gear I use: amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM
Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over
google.com/ MarquesBrownlee

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Apr 6, 2014




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Comments 3 753
William LeTourneau
why is this not a thing again?
Kyle Peterson
Kyle Peterson Year ago
Yooooo 2:05:43 is siiiiiick skip ahead!
Piyush Bhakat
Piyush Bhakat Year ago
2018 anyone?
Zaran Desai
Zaran Desai 2 years ago
What's the song at 8:00?
JohnnyRebel 2 years ago
how come half these kids have lispsss
Ned- Egg*
Ned- Egg* 2 years ago
I am still watching this in 2017
Armando Gurfinkel
Armando Gurfinkel 3 years ago
That upside down setup is awesome!
Ian Mahaney
Ian Mahaney 3 years ago
55:15 !!
Noah Blanchard
Noah Blanchard 3 years ago
You should make a 2017 version
Likhit Reddy
Likhit Reddy 3 years ago
Did anyone notice Laptop setup no.3 he tried to mimic Marques
luukz023 3 years ago
2 hours and 40+ min and not a single add c:
Noc 3 years ago
Anyone else here wanting a "setup tour project 2017?"
Thomas Alcaraz
Thomas Alcaraz 3 years ago
Why is this in my recommended in 2017
Freyja Arnason
Freyja Arnason 3 years ago
Yo it's 2016
Nurses Rock
Nurses Rock 3 years ago
The monitors are what let most people down in their setups...
iamattw 3 years ago
DO A 2016/2017 DESK SETUP!!
YOJOLOW 3 years ago
this is ma man cave!
Karim Jovian Vlogs
Karim Jovian Vlogs 3 years ago
Whats the music at 4:44 its beautiful
Muhammad Zafar
Muhammad Zafar 3 years ago
please make this video again this is 2014 we want 2016 please make one about it
LeeBoy 3 years ago
Do a 2016 setups
Sagar Gujarathi
Sagar Gujarathi 3 years ago
Muath Alhendi
Muath Alhendi 3 years ago
This is a Dark White Guy can you tell from his accent? lol funny
neji hiashi
neji hiashi 3 years ago
I want to know what is the best height to table or the desktop so the chair can slide under the desktop without being too high for gaming.
SswithS 3 years ago
What's the point of Apple computer setups?.. they're all look the same anyway.
I'macat 3 years ago
thats racist dnt judge b nice
LSK Apocalyptik
LSK Apocalyptik 3 years ago
These setups are nice, but they could have improvements, not saying that mine is perfect... But still many of these setups could be fixed with little nit picky shit that affects the aesthetics. Other than that, if it is functional and clean, than that is a great setup...
Sherlock 3 years ago
my wall of posters, and i did not subscribe after that.
MK RIII 3 years ago
watched for 15 mins, brother goes to room and starts researching what he saw. great idea with a great follow up, will be coming back for more.
Jackson SHANG
Jackson SHANG 3 years ago
ewwww what the fuck did you show at 12.10
Svegarn 1
Svegarn 1 3 years ago
wow all setup are shit wtf
Fatih Cevik
Fatih Cevik 3 years ago
3 hours for a setup?
Fatih Cevik
Fatih Cevik 3 years ago
but, really it deserves a 3hours presentation ^^
Justin Cross
Justin Cross 3 years ago
Multiple setups
Engei 3 years ago
Matt would shit on so many of these setups.
Gudni FB
Gudni FB 3 years ago
i mean if he didn't do it the setups wouldn't be improved
Gudni FB
Gudni FB 3 years ago
BlissinthemiX 3 years ago
do a 2016 of this
Just Fortnite
Just Fortnite 3 years ago
Matt Philie?
Church 3 years ago
Everything seems so different from 2014 and its only 2016
Miklรณs Bremer
Miklรณs Bremer 3 years ago
damn, how the fuck do these guys have so much money
I'macat 3 years ago
bcus they have life u r shit
Josh LeRose
Josh LeRose 3 years ago
Jobs and/or rich parents lol
cbass 3 years ago
They have jobs.
Xtianz 3 years ago
Setup Wars - MKBHD edition.
Xtianz 3 years ago
+Josh LeRose It already happens two years ago. That is the longest setup wars in one video.
Josh LeRose
Josh LeRose 3 years ago
This needs to happen
Zoeyinterface 3 years ago
Jago 3 years ago
its funny how the older ones have to worst setups
Sylvester Gomes
Sylvester Gomes 3 years ago
HI this is Sylvester Gomes hear i am from india i like all you video in youtube but the want a suggestion from you i had made a gamer pc which is really go with dual screen Led of 19 inc but i love your white computer table with duel screen on it so can u please give me the size of the Table so that i came make a replica of it and i have to add to speaker on the top so please i need your help thanks and keep up the good work
Apollo Kryptek
Apollo Kryptek 3 years ago
What is that wallpaper
InfiniteCircle 3 years ago
25:20 Lo-Gee-Tech
InfiniteCircle 3 years ago
1.39.10 tho ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ong
TECINTOSH4 3 years ago
android fanboy ??? or anti apple ??? jajajaja
Kushagra Gautam
Kushagra Gautam 3 years ago
what is your wallpaper? i am your fan! please let me know which is your wallpaper!
C A D C D 1
C A D C D 1 3 years ago
VivektheGamer 2
VivektheGamer 2 3 years ago
Very long video
ph4nt0m 3 years ago
When are you doing this again?
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Jonathan & Taffy
Jonathan & Taffy 3 years ago
legend192x 3 years ago
what is the name of that desk at 38:13
RyanTR Caton
RyanTR Caton 3 years ago
2:45:00 That music and that penguin is creeping me out
Joel Harawa
Joel Harawa 3 years ago
2 xbox 360's??? 1:18:00
Apex Designs
Apex Designs 3 years ago
2:03:48 is the best
BigBaba 3 years ago
2 hours and 47 minutes of bad setups ๐Ÿ˜‚
Kai Bracey
Kai Bracey 3 years ago
who is the very first person?
G. Eorgios
G. Eorgios 4 years ago
i noticed that every owner has a playing youtube vid of you (thats obvious i know,but:) Are you a faggot that asked everyone to do that or all of them admire you that much?jesus man what the fuck?
Gustav Gille
Gustav Gille 3 years ago
Smells like 13 years old
Willy Lane
Willy Lane 4 years ago
Yo Dawg, I got 2 dedicated desktops for slideshows
HyerJohn 4 years ago
I use the exact same thing as the guy at 1:58:25
Pratik 4 years ago
Wadazupp gys ..
Dan Coconut
Dan Coconut 4 years ago
2:03:27 wtf i thought they were girls
Max Schwarz
Max Schwarz 4 years ago
what wallpaper is this? I WANT IT
Pistols 4 years ago
what is with everyone getting within 2 inches between their comeputers or something?! i could nearly guarantee every setup featured here at least had a macbook air/pro or anything running osx lion! lol
rabe3 alsett
rabe3 alsett 4 years ago
holy fuck
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